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Hello, everyone! With that spooky holiday everyone knows and loves around the corner, we figured there should be some contests to get everyone hyped. Hopefully you all won't be too busy munching on candy, scaring little kids, or hunting ghosts in a creepy mansion with a Poltergust 3000 strapped to your back, to participate. So, without further ado, I present to you the two contests for this year!

1. Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011

This has been featured on the Art District corner of the front page since October 3rd, so I'm sure many of you noticed it. If not, here is the link I speak of. Basically, you take a pumpkin, hack it up, and make a pretty scene from anything Smash-related. Badges are given to those that participate, as well as those that are finalists and winner. So what are you waiting for? Go on out there and find that Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I mean...interested reader! (P.S. If you have any questions, send a private message or leave a shoutout to Cyanoctopus.)

2. 1st Annual Halloween Costume Competition

A new addition to our contest repertoire. This was something I wanted to give a try last year, but it never got off the ground...until today! The rules for this contest are very simple:

1. Get your Halloween costume together. (No need to buy another one just for this contest; use the one you have. And please don't make your costume inappropriate. Any costume that breaks the site rules on that kind of stuff will be discarded, so keep it PG or so.)
2. Take a picture of yourself in it.
3. Submit it to me, Candyboy, via private message. (If you're dressed as a certain character, say who it is. Including a picture of that character would also be a good idea.)
4. Profit!

After the deadline of November 1st, midnight PST (when the day turns to November 2nd, for those that aren't good with time), an esteemed panel of judges will begin to evaluate the entrants for their effort, creativity, and a couple other categories. Badges will definitely be given out to those that participate and win, and depending on how many participants there are, there could also be one for finalists. I hope you all send in some crazy, cute, or creepy costumes for us to get a good laugh or scare out of!

Well, that's about it for this year. Good luck to those that plan to participate, and Happy Halloween to all you smashers out there!
Greetings everyone, it's been a long road since I announced the 2011 Smash Election back in late April, and I'm pleased to announce that we have our winners for the election chosen. It was a very tight race, and really did come down to the last competition, but the ticket that managed to come out on top to win the election is Vermanubis and dmbrandon!

I would like to congratulate these two on their hard work this election, and for being the new AiB President and Vice President of course. I had a lot of fun hosting this election and I hope everyone who participated had fun as well. I hope you all look forward to having a new President/Vice President, and also look forward to having another Smash Election in the future (If we end up having another).

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this from the candidates to supporters, and I hope you enjoyed the final AiB 2011 Smash Election Update.
Greetings everyone! The election is coming to an end soon, and I'm here to announce the final event for the AiB 2011 Smash Election. This will be the popular vote competition where all of the hard work and campaigning the tickets have put into this election so far shows. The rules are pretty simple, I'll have a poll put up on the front page this Friday (with the help of Neal), and it'll be closed Sunday at midnight PST. The tickets with the top three votes will earn points for their team, so get the word out for your campaigns and tell all your supporters to vote for you!

Also, I'd like to announce the results of the last competition, the Card Creation Contest. I had a lot of good submissions for this, but only 3 tickets can receive points from this contest. The top three tickets are Verm/Diem earning 100 points, Bloodynite/Zano came out in 2nd place earning 60 points, and 3rd place was hard to choose, but it ended up going to Afro/Gardex earning them 40 points. With the new points assigned, here is the current standings for the Smash Election:

1. Carls/Pavel - 260
2. Vermanubis/Diem - 200
3. Bloodynite/Zano - 160
4. AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie - 120
5. Meek/Salem - 100
6. Eggz/BoJ - 60
6. Ivy73/HavocReaper48 - 60
7. Raffi/Sak - 40

This last competition will be the deciding factor in this contest! And don't forget about the points that will be rewarded for the winners of the Mascot Tourney (which I'll be announcing sometime this week). I hope all of you vote for the ticket you want to win this election, and I'll see you all in the next and final update.

Hey everyone, it's time for another update on the 2011 Smash Election! Today I have a new event to announce for all of our participants to take part in. I talked to a lot of the participants, and most of them requested we host 1 more event, so I'm here to bring you 1 last event before the final popular vote. This event is going to be a Card Creation Contest. Each ticket will be asked to create a TCG card supporting their side. This can represent anything from your ticket having your mascot, a slogan, etc. The rules are pretty simple:

1. You must create your own template for the card. (No using any of the existing TCG ones)
2. You will be judged on effort, creativity, and card composition (how it's set up)
3. Only 1 submission per ticket, but feel free to make as many as you would like.
4. PM your submissions to my inbox please.
5. As far as the layout (points, rarity, etc.), you will need a title, picture, point value, and rarity, but everything else is up to you.
6. Entries must be in by Saturday at midnight, EST.

I hope you guys all enjoy this new event we through together for you, and I'll be looking forwarding to seeing what types of cards you can think up for your entries.

As far as the current standings of the election. I have the updated standing for you all, reflecting the changes from the Smash Trivia event. In Smash Trivia we had team Carls/Pavel come out on top with 10 points, team Ivy73/HavocReaper48 in 2nd place with 7 points, and Gardo/Afro rounded up the top three after a three way tie breaker question with 5 points. Here are the current standings to reflect these results:

1. Carls/Pavel - 260
2. Meek/Salem - 100
2. Bloodynite/Zano - 100
2. Vermanubis/Diem - 100
3. AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie - 80
4. Eggz/BoJ - 60
4. Ivy73/HavocReaper48 - 60
5. Raffi/Sak - 40

Good luck to everyone with your card creations, and I'll see everyone in the next election update!

Hey guys, we're coming down to the wire with the 2011 Smash Election! It's been a couple weeks so far, we've had some fun events, and we only have two more to go before we decide the 2011 president and vice president. This past week I hosted the Ad Competetion, and I had some pretty hood entries, but only three groups can earn points for their tickets. It was pretty hard to pick, but the top three placers in the Ad Competition are Bloodynite/Zano earning 100 points, Carls/Pavel in 2nd picking up 60 points, and Verm/Hyuga at 3rd with 40 points. I really liked all of the ads, and hopefully you guys use them to advertise your tickets in these last few weeks.

As far as this week goes, I'll be hosting the Smash Trivia Competition. This event will be hosted Thursday June 16th, at 9pm EST. I'm sorry this can't be on a Friday or Saturday, but I'm busy these days, and I'm sure most people are out of school by now or will be soon. This will be hosted in the Smash Talk chat room. I hope everyone shows up and studies up on some smash knowledge for this competition. I'll have a few people asking questions with me, so look forward to a variety of questions, and although this competition is only open to the ticket members, I'll still add on points for those of you who guess correctly toward earning Smash Trivia badges; so you can earn points for your tickets and possible badges for yourself from this event!

I'd like to close this announcement with the current standings of the 2011 Smash Election after the last contest. The standings as of now are:

1. Carls/Pavel - 160
2. Meek/Salem - 100
2. Bloodynite/Zano - 100
2. Vermanubis/HyugaRicdeau - 100
3. Eggz/BoJ - 60
4. Raffi/Sak - 40
4. AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie - 40

Keep up the hard work everyone and I'll be looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday night!
Hey everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the AiB 2011 Smash Election so far! I'm here with another announcement for our nominees as to what they'll be asked to do this week. This week's competition is going to be an Ad Competition. I'm asking each ticket to produce some sort of advertisement promoting their ticket. This can be a commercial, banner, flyer, anything. You can talk about what your ticket represents, use your mascot to draw in more support, or use a witty slogan or video to gain followers who prefer that sort of approach. You'll have until the end of this week, Friday June 10th at midnight PST to have an advertisement ready. You can place this ad in blogs, on your support groups, or where ever you would like, but you MUST PM me your ad as well. You'll be judged on creativity, clarity of the message, effort, and overall satisfaction with the ad. Please follow all site rules when making the ads, and I hope you guys have fun with this challenge.

Also, since the last announcement, I have the results of the last two events, and have an updated list of the current standing in the election. Here's a link to the final bracket image from the doubles tourney last Monday for those curious as to how that played out:

We has Meek/Salem coming out on top, undefeated, and earning their ticket 100 points. Eggz/BoJ has a run in with Meek/Salem causing their first lose, but managed to fight through loser's bracket to earn 2nd place, and 60 points. Raffi/Sak round up the tourney at 3rd earning 40 points.

As far as the Group Decoration contest, we had a lot of groups fighting for first, but only one could come out on top. First place in this contest goes to the Carls/Pavel ticket, with an average score of 82.6, second place goes to Vermanubis/HyugaRicdeau with an average of 79.4, and round out the top three is AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie with an average score of 72.5

This puts the current standings at a 2 way tie for the top three places currently being:

1. Meek/Salem - 100
1. Carls/Pavel - 100
2. Eggz/BoJ - 60
2. Vermanubis/HyugaRicdeau - 60
3. Raffi/Sak - 40
3. AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie - 40

There's still a ton of events left, and a lot more chances to earn points. Good luck to everyone in the ad competition this week, and I'll be looking forward to giving the next Smash Election announcement soon.
Greeting everyone, it's time for another announcement for the AiB 2011 Smash Election! I hope you've all been enjoying the election so far. I've been having fun hosting the mascot tourney and seeing all of the tickets rallying for support for their causes. I'd like to apologize about not being able to have the Doubles Tourney everyone has been looking forward to last week, but I'll for sure be hosting it tonight at 8 PM EST, so no need to wait any longer for that. I apologize for all the date changes, and I know some people might have issues with this date; however no date (including the original one I made) works for everyone, so just try your best to make it and if you can't there are still more events to make up points in, so no need to worry.  Also, just an idea I was recently mentioned. If only one team member can show up, I'll allow the other to enter with a level 9 computer reprsenting their mascot. That should make things a little interesting. lol

Furthermore, I'd like to announce this week's contest. I'll be hosting a group decoration contest in collaboration with Miles of SmashWiki. This contest will involve you and your supporters customizing your support groups to advertise your tickets to the members of AiB. You'll be judged on creativity, effort, theme, and overall satisfaction. You can throw a bunch of cool pics of your mascot on your group page, make up cool slogans, or think of anything else that will make your groups shine over the other ones. Each ticket will have until this Friday, June 3rd at midnight EST, to have their groups finalized. We'll judge them over the weekend and reveal the winners in next week's update.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how creative you can get with your groups this week, and even more so to tonight's Doubles Tourney. Good luck to everyone and I hope you have fun!
Hey everyone, it's been a couple weeks since I announced the AiB 2011 Smash Election, and I'm happy to present you with this year's nominees, as well as the mascots who will be representing them, for this Smash Election:

Bloodynite/Zano and their mascot, Meta Knight.
Kennispam/Tutu and their mascot, Sheik.
Vermanubis/HyugaRicdeau and their mascot, Ganondorf.
Dazwa/Fats and their mascot, Pokemon Trainer.
Meekspeedy/Salem and their mascot, Jigglypuff.
Ivy73/HavocReaper48 and their mascot, Captain Falcon.
Carls493/Black Star – Pavel and their mascot, Fox McCloud.
Eggz/mrb0jangle and their mascot, King Dedede.
AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie and their mascot, Marth.
Raffi-X/Sakram3nt and their mascot, R.O.B.
Chris Holmes/PentaUmai and their mascot, Peach.
Alucard/Beaver and their mascot, Solid Snake.

This looks like it's going to be a fun election, and to kick it off, we'll be holding the first event this Friday, May 27th. This is going to be a Doubles Tournament where each ticket will pair up together to earn points for their team. The team who comes out in first place will receive 100 points for their ticket, 2nd place will be awarded 60 points, and 3rd place will be 40 points. Anyone is welcome to come to the chat and cheer on a ticket, no bad mouthing other tickets please, however only the nominees will be allowed to participate in this tournament. For rules of the tourney, check out the tourney page here:

Good luck to everyone who will be competing this Friday, and I hope everyone involved in this election will have a lot of fun, win or lose.
I hope you guys have all been excited since the announcement of the AiB 2011 Smash Elections last week. Today's I'll be telling you all just hope you can compete for a chance to be this year's Smash President and Vice President as well as explaining all of the events you'll be competing in during the election process to get you there.

Let's start off with the rules on how to be an official nominee:
  • Create a ticket with another non-staff AiB member.
  • Private message me a list of (at least) your top 10 mascot choices from the Brawl characters.
  • Create a campaign group and obtain at least 20 supports for your ticket.
  • Post a link to your group in the official AiB 2011 Smash Election Group "Tickets Thread" and include the number of supporters you have in your group in the post until you reach at least 20.
  • Have all of this done by Midnight of May 22th.
With the rules out of the way, I'll get to an explanation of the events you'll be competing in and just how you win the election. There will be 5 major events, along with a few side events that will earn you points for your ticket. First place in an event will get your ticket 100 points, 2nd place gets you 60 points, and 3rd place bags you 40 points for that event. Here's a list of the events and a tentative schedule of when each event will be held.
  1. May 27th: Ticket Doubles Tourney
  2. June 3rd: Group Decoration Contest
  3. June 10th: Ticket Ad Competition
  4. June 17th: Smash Trivia Competition
  5. June 24th: Final Popular Vote

At the end of these events and the 5 week election period, we will have our new AiB 2011 Smash President and Vice President! If you want to be a part of this election make sure to find a running mate as soon as possible and start getting supports to join your groups. I'll be looking forward to seeing all of the groups popping up this next week, and all of you make sure to join the official AiB 2011 Smash Election group to keep up with updates and anything else concerning the 2011 Smash election:

Have fun making your tickets and good luck to everyone!

You should note the following implications if you are considering running:

  • Live events will be scheduled for a time convenient to North America. Sorry to those who are not in a NA time zone, but there's no way to run a live trivia contest or live tournament without making it difficult for half the world to attend. We will do our best to accomodate as many participants as possible, but it is your reponsibility to make sure you can attend any scheduled events on time, or you will have to forfeit any potential points from said event.
  • This is not solely a popular vote. You cannot rely on just spamming groups and funny blogs to win.
  • Yes, you and your running mate will have to participate in a Brawl wifi doubles tournament against other candidates.
  • The Smash Trivia contest will take place in one of our chat rooms.
  • We will do a weighted random select to assign mascots that more than one team requests.
  • Follow all rules to the letter.
Have fun!
Greetings AiB, Sumer here, and I’m pleased to announce the start of the 2011 AiB Smash Election! It’s been a few years since we held the last one, but this one is going to be bigger, better, and much more fun to be a part of than the previous election. This year's election will have nominees competing in:

-A Doubles Tournament with each ticket being one team.
-A Smash Trivia event exclusively for candidates.
-A Group Decoration Contest.
-An Ad competition.
-A regular popular vote.
-And many more events!

Each of these events will come with a point reward, and at the end of the election, the ticket with the most awards will be the winners. For those who weren't around for the last election, where our very own Valdens/Praxis ticket managed to take first place, you won't want to miss out on this election. Anyone who was able to participate in the last election can tell you just how much fun they had doing it, and we're going to be pushing that fun to extremes and providing an even more exciting and enjoyable election for you all to be a part of!

Things you should know about this year’s Smash Elections:

-Each ticket will have two AiB members on it.
-You cannot run with a Staff member, sorry.
-Each ticket will also have a mascot (character) from Brawl representing them.
-Each ticket will have a support group to strategize and campaign.

Once we have the nominees figured out we’ll be having them participate in a slew of events and activities to earn points for their ticket. The nominees with the most points at the end of the race will win the honor of being the 2011 President/Vice President of AiB! Let me assure everyone that this election will in no way be a simple popularity contest, so don’t let this deter you from wanting to participate in the election.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the groups popping up for this election, and I’m hoping you all look forward to my next article announcing exactly how to enter the election.

Until then, let the elections begin!


by Zolga Mar 14 2011, 6:51PM









Red Skin









Blue Skin














Rising Sun











1. You may not reveal who made each banner. The letters are there for a reason.
2. You may vote for up to 2 banners per skin(though it's fine to just pick one)
3. These will also be looked at by staff members so just because a banner isn't LOVED by the majority of the community doesn't mean that it can't go up ascwell.
4. Do not complain about ANY of the entries if you didn't submit your own. (You know who this is addressed at)


Voting Ends Sunday, March 20th.

It's been a while since we had some new banners on AiB, and although we all like the Holiday themed ones, I think we would all agree that it's about that time to go back to some neutral banners for now. However, instead of just putting up the old ones we had, since it's a new year I think we should have new banners to go along with this. That being said, I'd like to announce the 2011 Banner Contest!

I welcome everyone to submit an entry for this new contest. Along with having your banner displayed on AiB for everyone to see, you also get to earn some cool badges just for entering. I look forward to seeing what AiB can put together for some awesome 2011 banners!


1. Banner must be 964x175 pixels.   
2. The banner should have a color scheme that compliments/fits with the skin it is for.
3. The banner does not have to be completely Smash related(doesn't have to have the Smash Symbol everywhere/all Melee/Brawl renders etc)
4. Preferably the logo should be displayed near the middle of the banner in a decent size. You may use this logo or create your own: [click here for logo] (original, not rendered )  
        [click here for logo v2]  (rendered and edited by Spellman)


1. Each entrant may submit up to two entries(per skin). Once a banner is submitted, it cannot be changed.   
2. The banner MUST be new work. I'd like to see what the site can do.  
3. Entrants will be penalized accordingly for plagiarism, faked votes, and other inappropriate conduct.  
4. The process in which the winner is decided will depend on how many
entries we receive. It will most likely involve public voting as well
as admin panel selection.   
5. The admin panel reserves the right to rule that the banners will not be changed for this banner contest if
the quality of the banners are not up to our standards.   
6. Contest entry must be via private message to Zolga with
“2011 Banner Contest Entry - (Skin that it is for)” as the subject before Midnight of February 25th, 2011.

Resources: – Register for a free account for access to good quality Smash character renders and other resources!  

Brawl logo rendered: [click here for rendered Brawl logo]  

As you work on your banner, you may post it in this thread to gather opinions from other artists. Zolga will also be offering his opinion on banners. Just PM him with a work in progress banner with the subject “Banner Contest ADVICE.” He will most likely share these with the other Art District Staff members for more constructive feedback.