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Hello, tournament junkies! With Genisis 2 coming up, the hype levels are over nine thousand. Many players are heading out to California or already there, and all of us got a small glimpse of what's to come with the attendance prediction, detailed schedule, and even an interview. However, what we'd really love to see after the event ends on Sunday are some videos from it. This is where all of you come in!

We're looking for videographers that plan to go to Genesis 2 and get some great footage. There are myriad users out there that have the skills to pay the bills, and we'd love to see videos of their awesomeness in an article. I know Zolga once preached to the choir about this before, and he's a cool dude, but we've received no videos since then...and that was months ago! Maybe my attempt will give you all more motivation.

Those that do this will have their videos featured in aftermath articles. Recapping the winning that occurred over a short span of time is only legitimate when there are videos to back it up. And if that's not enough motivation, you'll get a special badge to let everyone know of your contribution. Who doesn't love merits you get on a website that can't really be used for anything but showing off, am I right? So what are you waiting for?! Grab your film equipment, head on over to Genesis 2, record masterpieces for all to see, and send them to the Content Team posthaste!

P.S. Feel free to send anything you get to me or [email protected] Remember that this applies to all other major offline tournaments as well, so don't be camera-shy!
Howdy, pardners! I've back on the saddle to discuss a three-day smashfest in Houston, Texas that's been hyped six says from Sunday. That's right, it's none other than...


WHOBO 3 (March 18-20)

From Humble Beginnings (A Brief History)

Before Xyro77's ever-popular series got the word "world" added on, it started with simple HOBOs (Houston's Official Brawl Ordeal.) The first tournament that would lead to many took place on April 26, 2008 at a Play N' Trade in Springs, TX. While the turnout was below half of what it is nowadays (in other words, 41 people showed up), the event was still a huge success and gave way to fifteen more HOBOs (with fluctuating attendance records ranging from the high 20s to low hundreds.) Then, almost a year after HOBO 1, the first of the World HOBO triplets was born. Unlike the other fifteen tournaments, WHOBO 1 took three days (April 10-12) and had an attendance record of 140! This was a triumph [I'm making a note here: huge success], and not many tournaments have reached this record of attendance. Numero two came after a few more HOBOs, and had slightly over a hundred players show up. HOBO 30 served as the last one of its kind before the final piece to complete the WHOBO family arrived. What can we expect this year?

The Distant Future (What to expect this time...)

Ah, spring break...a time for sun, sand, parties, and SMASH BROS.! WHOBO 3 is going to be a blast, and here are three reasons why:

1. At least 78 players plan to attend the tournament, including (but not limited to) top players like Ally, TyRaNt, and Rich Brown. Xyro hopes for a huge spike in numbers. Who knows? Maybe with the event scheduled for a holiday college kids exuberantly celebrate every year, that goal shall be realized and another record will be set.

2. Like the other two WHOBOs, this one will take place at an anime hotspot. Hot girls, anime characters, and video games galore...that's like heaven for the physically challenged yet mentally gifted! How could you not partake in such a glorious opportunity?!

And most importantly, 3. IT'S SPRING BREAK! WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! Homework? Get sunburns at the beach? Visit boring relatives? Make good use of your week or so off from school and come to a totally awesome tournament that'll blow your mind but still leave some bits necessary for living and gaming!

Where It's At! (Location, Times, and Costs)
Anime Matsuri's the name, and fun's the game! (Well, the games are Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl, but you get the picture.) The venue is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located at 8686 Kirby Drive.


There is a "venue fee" of $55 [it's basically a badge that lets you attend], unless dealt with online. Times and events for the tournament are as follows:

Friday (18th):
1 pm: Brawl Doubles ($20 for both players)
5 pm: Brawl Singles Pools ($15)

Saturday (19th):
11:30 am: Brawl Low-Tier Doubles (E/F/G only; $20)
3 pm: Brawl Singles Bracket
7 pm: Brawl Low-Tier Singles (above tiers only; $10)

Sunday (20th)
11:30 am: Melee Singles ($15)
1:30pm: Melee Doubles ($20)
6 pm: End of the awesomeness

Oh, and there are also going to be raves at 12 am for the first two days. Bring your glow sticks, fist pumps, and moves to show!

Let the Games Begin! (Competitions)

A three-day smashfest...what could be better? Nothing, that's what! 35 TVs will be set up for Brawl and Melee, but the first fifteen people to bring a full setup (console, appropriate smash games, and legit TV) will get into one side event for free. Brawl matches are 3 stocks/8 minutes/no items, and Melee matches are 4 stocks/7 minutes/no items. Singles payouts are 48% for first, 25% for second, 10% for third, 7% for fourth, and 5% for fifth (which will be given to two players). Doubles follows a similar fashion, except A. 60% is the payout for first and B. there is no fifth-place payout. Keep in mind, though, that these may change for low-tier events.


What's a good reason to NOT go to this tournament? Let me think...oh wait, THERE ISN'T ONE. I mean, it's tournaments like these that give gamers a reason to be...well, gamers! If you've got the ability to do so, head over to WHOBO 3 to see "what's so great about dumb ol' Texas." Best of luck to the all competitors, good tidings to everyone going, and see you next time to those that are reading this! ^^ (For housing details, special stages/rules for the games, and everything else that may answer your questions, check this page out!)

-P.S. A big thanks to heytallman and his
"A Look Back at the HOBO Series" articles for indirectly helping me with some of the background info for this article.
-P.P.S. Be on the lookout for streams on the site's new stream feature! (If it seems to have pulled a Houdini, don't fret; the box only shows when streams are up.)
Welcome back, tourney fans! I've got yet another guide to fun nationwide with a hot tournament coming soon to a venue near you. It is...

Viridian City 9: New year NEXT LEVEL

History of This Series

Nine whole don't see too many series as successful as that. It started off as "Road to Viridian City: Jersey City Monthlies", and was organized by the dynamic duo of Alex Strife and crismas. Players that attended varied with each tournament, but ranged from the 40s to 118 (RTVC 7). As soon as the eigth tournament was announced, "Road to" and "Jersey City Monthlies" were removed from the name (I guess they finally made it to Viridian City after seven tries!) crismas went south for the winter and left Alex to host VC8, which also happened to be his birthday party. What'll he think of next?

Not-So Distant Future

55 players plan to attend this tournament. Top players such as Rich Brown, Tearbear, DEHF, Tyrant, and Gnes signed up to go, so you should to if you wish to meet these and many more cool cats! Alex said he hopes that 128 players show up for pools, but we'll just have to see if that happens now won't we? Speaking of, for once he won't be able to attend due to work issues. Prince Maximillian will take his place, and he'll be joined by RJ, Keitaro, and ChiboSempai. VG Bootcamp may provide the food, and streams will be made for SSBB and SSF4 (see the bottom for details) with beastly commentary. What a glorious day it shall be!

Where, When, and How Much

VC9 will take place in the Hyatt Morristown Convention Center, which is located at 3 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown, NJ. 9:30-10:30 am is when registration starts, and 11 am is when the actual event begins. SSF4 doubles start at 3 pm, and singles start at 4 (these times might be a-changin', though, so be wary.) Single players pay $20 ($10 for venue and $10 for the event itself), teams pay $30 ($10 for venue and $20 for the event itself), and to reserve a room is $119 per night (but to do this, you must call 973-377-2424!) However, if you bring a full setup (TV, systems, controllers, etc.), entry is FREE! Well...for the first three players that do so; for all the rest, a discount will be given on your fees.

Zhe Games

As I said earlier, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Street Fighter 4 will be on the menu for this venue. The rules are the pretty much the same as other tournaments, but for other perks check out the tournament's page. Now remember those streams I mentioned? Well, here's how it's going to go down. Both SSBB and SSF4 will have live streams with dmbrandon, Coney, Doom, and TKO. As Alex said, "if you cannot be here (which you should) DO not miss the stream!" Since this unfortunately applies to me, I'll take his word for it!

All in All

You can't go wrong with this series. After all, a certified host and crew, as well as excellent accommodations for the tournament and service, ensure that your tournament experience won't be an unpleasant one. (At least, it shouldn't be if you do this correctly!) I wish all of the competitors the best of luck, and until next time, stay classy All is Brawl!

P.S. To all that plan to attend, watch out for old men hyped up on coffee and wild Weedles!

P.P.S. Here is the stream for the tournament:

Hey there, tournament fans! After doing my "Triple Spotlight" article, I decided to make a series that covered tournaments across the country. Sorry if it took so long to get this started; I had to get the cover image just right before it was released to the public. (I'm a perfectionist like that. Problem?) Anyway, enough about me and my needs. This particular edition of TT will cover...


A Little Background Info

The first tournament of the KTAR (short for Keitaro's Tournament at Rutgers) series took place on December 6, 2009, in the quaint town of Piscataway, New Jersey. Keitaro was the only host of the event, and 45 players attended. However, as the series progressed, more people attended and hosts added. The second KTAR had 65 players, and Chen Li Cha was added as a co-host. KTAR 3 had 74 players, and welcomed Alex Strife to the hosting squad to make solid triad. What can we expect this year?

What We Can Expect This Year

KTAR 4 will take place tommorow, January 15. Ninety players plan on showing up compete for $1600 payouts, including famous folk like ANTi, Nairo The Booty Warrior, DuhZex., and Gnes. As for co-hosts, Heavy Garbage and dmbrandon will replace the previous ones for this particular tournament. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will drink dozens of sodas and crash from the hardcore sugar rush? I'm not sure about the last question, but for the answers of the first two, you'll have to attend to find out!

Location, Times, and Costs

This particular tournament will be held at 90 Leonardine Avenue in South River, New Jersey. It lasts from 10 am to 1 am. Doubles will commence in the morning (an hour after the event starts), and singles takes place in the afternoon (2:30 or 3 pm). This gives competitors plenty of time to prepare, and those that don't plan on competing a chance to chill, meet/make friends, watch some epic matches, and eat to their heart's (and wallet's) content. The singles and venue fees are ten dollars, and the doubles fee is twenty (ten per person.) However, you'll get a pretty little discount if you bring your TV or Wii. Keep this in mind if you're short a few bucks.

Main Event(s)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the only game featured at KTAR. The matches will be three stocks, seven minutes, best two out of three for preliminaries, and best three out of five for finals. Items will be turned off, and share-stock is allowed. All other fancy rules and regulations (as there are way too many to list in this article) can be found on the tournament's page.


If you're in the area or know someone that can give a ride, you should definitely strive to attend this tournament. I mean, what smasher wouldn't want to gather with other smashers for the game series they love, meet pros to get pictures, tips, and/or autographs, or go to avoid laborious tasks or countless hours of doing nothing? The answer: any sane person that loves Smash Bros. and has money, can mooch off friends, or be like a ninja and sneak in. I wish all that are competing the best of luck. And for others...what are you waiting for?! Click on the link above and prepare your vessel to set sail for the sea of fun, intensity, and awesomeness that is KTAR 4!

P.S. <-Here is the link to the stream. Enjoy!