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Hey guys its Shiro again,

  Well, if you are from SoCal you must know the E4K series that MikeHAZE has been running. These tournaments can be described in one word, AMAZING! Shoutouts to Mike for being the only host (for now) in SoCal and not letting up, and also manages to host both Brawl and Melee at his events. 

  Let me tell you a little more about this series. The tourneys are Bi-Weekly so that means (for people who don't know) they’re held every other week. There are four regular tourneys and every 5th tourney is a championship tourney that more or less a regional in SoCal. I'm just trying to hype this up for SoCal and trying to get people to come out and support Mike, this tourney series, and SoCal. The upcoming E4K will be the 5th and final one, so expect a regional size event. If you are near-by come on down to this, Mike says he could get someone to fly in if enough people show interest, so let’s get the word out about this tourney and hype it up guys.   SoCal is known for having some great players and every time I have gone to Mike’s tourneys, I don't think I've missed one, but they all turned out really really great! 

  Some down sides right now are just the heat, but it is SoCal so get used to it :3

  Another great thing about this is that there is plenty of time for friendlies and plenty of time to talk and get to know the other smashers. Mike sells soda and food at times which makes it easy for people to stay content, happy, and energized to play at their best (There is also a 7-11 down the street and a mcdonalds as well).

  But anyway, these tourneys are run pretty smoothly and with Pools /Amature Bracket at almost each tourney, and makes it so people get their money’s worth each time. This makes it really great so it doesn't mean you are just playing twice then having to wait about 2 -3 hours to do friendlies on an open tv. 

  Over all this tourney in SoCal coming up, so please show your support and let’s make this event a great one like all of the others!

  E4K: CHAMPION Top 7 Pay Out!!  This is the Fifth and Final E4K Tourney and Mike wants this to be a Regional. First off, let me say that these tourneys are great and are run amazing. We always have a stream!  All info can be found on the tourney page but if you are too lazy to click on that well.. I'll just state some basic info  Venu Opens at 10:00 am this is for warm-ups and friendlies so get there early!  Sign-ups for Singles and Doubles starts at 10:30 and Single pools start at 11 am! (Most of the time these will be held back an hour or so, but don't be hoping on that!)  So let’s show some love to MikeHAZE! And If you are near or just want to come down to the next regional come to this one.