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by Rich Brown Jun 29 2011, 12:36PM
Genesis is in just 3 weeks! (July 15th-17th). Registration ends on June 30th! That's just tomorrow! Follow this link: and sign up today!

Genesis 1 brought some of the most hype sets in both Brawl and Melee history. Genesis 2 will be featuring all the top players from around the nation, including household names such as M2K, Ally, Tyrant, and DEHF. In addition, RAIN and EARTH will be making a special appearance all the way from Japan! Words can't describe the amount of hype and energy that will be in the building in 3 weeks. This is a must have experience for every smasher out there.

Register today! And if transportation/housing is an issue, fear not! Here are some very helpful links which will assure that everyone who wants to go to Genesis can find a way to be there.

Transportation: ,


Also, for those wanting to get in some last minute practice before Genesis, be sure to come out to E4J: Champion ( ) the week before on July 9th! M2K and TKD will be in attendance!