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Hello, AIB! It's been a while since I last made an announcement, but I can assure you I've been working on a LOT of new things along with the rest of the wonderful staff. As far as things that have been announced in the past, I promise they're coming. We've had Series 5 take off not too long ago and now we're going to have a collaboration event featuring several contests thrown together from AIB Ladder and TCG. I'm talking of course, about The Perfect Week! For those of you that missed out on the announcement, The Perfect Week is an event that takes place 7 days straight. The goal of the event is to beat 1 NEW/DIFFERENT opponent every day in the ladder, which is slightly modified from Barney's Perfect Week (if anybody here watches HIMYM). The same rules apply to Doubles Perfect Week. On top of all of this, it will be the same week as Singles Weekend and Doubles Weekend!


Oct 15- Oct 21: Singles Perfect Week 
Oct 19-Oct 21: Singles Weekend 
Oct 22-Oct 28: Doubles Perfect Week 
Oct 26: Doubles Night 
Oct 26-Oct 28: Doubles Weekend 



The Perfect Week: Beat 1 DIFFERENT person, every day, for 7 days straight and you will be rewarded for The Perfect Week.

Singles Weekend Warrior: Play 2 matches, every day, during Oct 19-21. You do not have to win these matches.


The Perfect Week: Same rules above apply; beat 1 DIFFERENT team, every day, for 7 days straight and the badge is yours.

Doubles Weekend Warrior: Play 2 matches, every day, during Oct 26-28. You do not have to win these matches.

Doubles Night: Play 3 matches on Oct 26. You do not have to win these matches.

***Staff teams will be showing up from 7-9 EST.

We are very limited on staff members, so we have another special announcement! If you manage to beat a team of staff members (regardless if they are teamed in doubles ladder) you will receive the Double Danger badge. This is mainly because most staff members are on teams with a regular member and aren't able to hand out this badge specifically for this reason. LADDER RULES APPLY; this means you may only challenge once per day, 2/3, etc. We are keeping a list of the people that we will play, so we'll know if you try to switch teams to steal the badge away (when you could just practice overnight and try again ;P lol).

SVK Skyviper and Foodies will count as staff members for this event!


You may play YOUR respective timezone and still qualify for the badge. This is mainly addressing England, Germany, Norway/Sweden, and other EU territories, but people in USA can still do it. AIB is hosted from the west coast, so we have to go by west coast time on pretty much everything (ladder updates, daily cards, etc). I want this to be a fair event, and I would like it if everybody is able to be a winner. There's a 5-12 hour difference depending on where you live, and what part of Europe you're referring to; pretty much, I don't want them up at 7am the next day trying to get the badge just because AIB is biased.

Next up, Foodies has an announcement on behalf of all you card folks out there!


There will also be card rewards for this event! Completing each event will give the following rewards:

Singles Perfect Week - series 5 cards: 3C, 2UC, 1R
Singles Weekend - 6 cards from all series (chance of what you get depends on rarities).
Doubles Perfect Week - series 5 cards: 9C, 6UC, 3R
Doubles Weekend - 18 cards from all series (chance of what you get depends on rarities).
Doubles Night - 3 cards from series 5 (Rarities by % chance)


Singles Perfect Week
Doubles Perfect Week
Double Danger
Double Dater
Singles Weekend Warrior
Staff Slayer
Doubles Weekend Warrior
Wifi Warrior

***All badges will be given out at the end of each week. If you qualify for a badge and have not received it, please PM Mocha, Sakram3nt, SVK Skyviper, lightlanayru, or Foodies. Please provide your ladder history as well. 

That's all on our end, and we hope to see all of you at the event!

Hello everyone! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of the Official AIB Trading Card Support Group. I can't say which day testing on the TCG actually began, but the official release was marked on September 27, 2010.

I'm glad that the project was taken so well by the community. There was originally a lot of bad energy floating around the idea when I presented it. Many members and staff believed that the TCG wouldn't take root in the AIB community very well and that the idea was just one more unnecessary addition to the site to keep members from playing Brawl itself.

However, the TCG has flourished even better than I originally imagined that it could. It has been used as a means of entertainment for many of you, a means of rewarding participants in various parts of the site including the Ladder, Contests and various other events over the past year. It also unintentionally became somewhat of a deterrent for users who tended to break the rules more often than necessary.

Overall it's been a good year. I'm happy to have created something that provided a measure of novelty for everyone of AIB and I'm proud that I've provided the site with something that could potentially outlast me as a member and still bring the community together. It's been tough keeping everything up to date as much as possible and work with members in order to manage the system and I'm thankful for those of you who have put time and effort into it and have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I'd like to thank the following people:
  • Nealdt: Without him, none of this would be possible. He did an amazing job of applying it to the site so that everyone could have access to the system. He's done more than I ever expected, and then some, to keep this thing fresh and user friendly. I'm thankful that he even considered my idea and I'm glad to have been allowed to do the things that I've done with it.
  • Midnite: He's done a large number of tasks with helping me manage the system, create new cards and take snapshots. He's had some great ideas that lead to new card designs, and he's helped a ton with users and problems that arose early on in the initial creation of the support group.
  • Hazeo, ASF1ink and Dramakidd: These three did quite a bit of work creating icons, emblems and full card templates for me. Without them, none of the new card designs you see today would even be slightly possible. Sadly, Hazeo and ASF have pretty much left the designer group. I haven't heard much of them lately and I hope they're doing good.
  • Volke Aeno, Sumer and Foodies: These three have provided me with TONS of snapshots in the past and I really would like to say thank you to them. Their work has given us way more than I could have dreamed to work with as far as unique card images and themes. I really do appreciate all the time you must have put into taking so many shots.
There are many of you who have contributed to the TCG in one way or another. I've been sent hundreds of ideas, suggestions, and the occasional snapshot or ten. Xyless allowed me to use his derpy images for the vending machine cards. Chookie, Sakram3nt, Silly, and others have worked with templates or various smaller images we wanted to put on the cards. NinoskaFlores has helped in the design room, and there are many of you who I can't name due to sheer mass that have contributed various smaller tasks. I'd like to thank you all.

Now, to celebrate this year's TCG Anniversary I've created a new category on your MyCards page.

This new Keepsakes category is an expansion on the original TCG idea where members will be able to collect various items that aren't directly TCG related but still are worth the collectable.

Many of you have suggested in the past that the TCG get a category where we create Moderator trading cards and cards that relate to the various aspects of the site. Until now, I've had a hard time with this. Trying to create trading cards and templates with new designs on them that only relate to the site is much harder than you'd think, but last night I had a great idea and so I've planned another approach to remedy this.

This new Keepsakes category will allow members to collect other small tokens about the site that aren't trading cards. These objects will include Booster Pack wrappers, posters, dolls and an endless possibility of new items.

For example, when you buy a booster pack, you will have a 1 in 10 chance that the pack's "wrapper" will still be in tact enough to collect them. Full Wrappers can be recycled for a few points back. Trashed wrappers will be recycled for only 1 point. Then in the future I might make a forge for them .

Other items, such as Posters and different Smash memorabilia that aren't necessarily trading cards, will be collected through different means other than just buying booster packs. As of right now, these items aren't added to the TCG yet and the means of collecting them hasn't been put into work yet, but in time they will be.

Thanks again everyone! I'm glad that this year has been as good as it has, and I hope to keep it going.