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If you've been around on All Is Brawl since its origin, then you may already know about Host of the Month. For those on the site who don't know, the Host of the Month award was given to exemplary tournament hosts for their proficiency in all aspects of running large tournaments. This March is the first revival of the Host of the Month, and the featured host is AzN Lep, known for his tri-weekly tournaments in SoCal, and even more for his management of the Winter Game Fest.

AzN's been hosting tournaments since '06, the first one being at his house. Even on his very first tournament, he had over 50 attendees. From there he started helping out CAOTIC with the UCSD Triweeklies. At the time, CAOTIC was in charge, but he eventually passed the torch to AzN Lep. From there AzN diligently hosted his tri-weeklies, but not without help. "Players like Edrees and Mango help me out with the tournaments. Edrees for Brawl, Mango for Melee," says AzN.

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For Smashers unfamiliar with the term "john," check out an explanation by HugS, Neal, and Gimpy.

My favorite quote? "No johns."

Smashers love saying "no johns." It's what we live by. When our friends cough up sissy excuses to "explain" why they got three-stocked into oblivion, we use "no johns." Its instant satisfaction and pwnage in one fell swoop.

But has "no johns" ever backfired on you? Like, you've been saying "no johns" to people left and right because they've been making sissy excuses all night, and you're pwning people left and right by telling them not to john. But then one time something slips out of your mouth along the lines of, "I lost because I'm using the Wii controller." Then you get slapped with, "No johns, you sissy." Damn.

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