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Firstly, I must say that I am extremely hyped for the tournament this weekend.

The Big Hit is Socal's next regional, a two day event taking place this weekend.  Most of the West Coast will be in attendance, with a few speical East Coast guests joining as well.  Ally, Bloodcross, xZax, and Doom will all be in attendance for a chance to take home the West Coast crown.

view flyer here (HTML not working :( ):

We are happy to announce that we will now be offering extended tournament registration at the door.  Registration will occur from 9:00AM-12:00PM on 4/20/13. The pricing is as follows:

Pricing Structure:
Singles Event - $15
Doubles Event - $10 Each
Venue Fee (Must be paid one time to enter any event) - $15
Spectator - $10 for one day, $15 for both.

You can also still register online to avoid the line the day of the event – To register, please visit -

The current schedule is for the tournament is:

Saturday April 20th 2013
9:00AM – 12:00PM – At the Door registration begins/warm ups
12:00PM - Brawl Doubles begin
2:00PM – Melee Doubles/Singles begin
4:00PM – Brawl Singles Pools begin
8:00PM – Side Event Begins

Sunday April 21st
11:00AM – Brawl Pro Bracket Begins
For more information on the event check out our All Is Brawl tournament page, or our facebook event page.

Additional questions can be messaged to me, or email me – [email protected]

SoCal’s next regional, run of course by MikeHAZE, is next weekend! February 9th at Desu Nation you can go and compete with SoCal’s finest!

Now, for everyone who’s been keeping up with SoCal’s tournament track, it’s common knowledge that the E4 tournament track is fantastic. Just the announcement of another regional is reason enough to get hyped, but there are some extra exciting things about this event!
Out of Region Attendance – SoCal’s regionals often attract players from NorCal, Vegas, Tijuana, and Arizona, but next weekend you can also expect attendance from several players from slightly farther out. East coast’s Xzax and Chibosempai and Chile’s own Zero are all confirmed for E4U: Remix 3. Along with more hype from more regional events, this leads us to the next highlight.
Clash Tournaments Coverage – Chibosempai from Clash Tournaments will be streaming and recording the main matches of this tournament. All those unfortunate enough to miss out on this tournament can go onto the stream (which will be up on and watch from home.
Raffles! – Raffles are fun. Last time an E4 tournament held a raffle I won a tri-wing screwdriver. I used it to split open a silver and a black gamecube controller and I put them together and named it Obama and I still use it to this day. All sorts of stuff will be raffled off so a lot of people will walk home with something.
Frigate, Delfino, and Halberd are NOT legal at this event. I bring this up every time but it’s nice because there’s no dealing with sharking or untimely stage flips.
For more info involving E4U: Remix 3, check out these links!
Tournament Stream:

ReveLAtions 2012 is taking place this weekend from August 17-19.  If you don't already know, ReveLAtions is a Fighting Game National hosted in the beach city of Santa Monica, California.  This year will have both Brawl and Melee featured as a main event!  The level of competition for every game is top calibur.  For example, last year's tournament included talent such as Justin Wong, Daigo, and Mago.  

Both Brawl and Melee will be main events at this and Brawl actually received a $2,500 pot bonus courtesy of Tournament Legacy, the main organizers of the event.  Top players for Smash will of course be gathering.  Some expected entrants include:

Rich Brown

I will be running the tournament and am extremely hyped for the matches I'm hoping to see.  

Registration was actually supposed to close on August 12th, but we are actually going to have registration available all the way up until the event at the same price! 
 That's right, it's not too late to register. 

The current price structure is:

One time venue fee (Friday - Sunday) - $25
Brawl or Melee Singles - $10
Brawl or Melee Doubles - $10 per team mate ($20 per team)

The venue fee will rise at the door to $40 so be sure to register online to save money.   Pools will be run at the event to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  

Pools will be posted on Wednesday, so anybody that registers online after Tuesday 8/14/12 will not be able to see their pool online and will have to wait until Saturday morning.  

Go to
Click Register
Input your information
Select the tournaments you wish to enter under the drop down menu
*If registering for 2v2, PLEASE include your teammate in the comments section*
Click registration confirmation. 

Please message me if you can help out with equipment!  We are specifically looking for Wii's at this point.  We won't be able to offer any sort of discount but we are planning to do a raffle for gift cards to compensate.

I hope to see everybody this weekend! If you have any other questions feel free to message me or post on the tournament page

The Socal regional series is hosting the grand finale to their circuit on June 23rd 2012!  This is going to be an awesome event as always but there are a few things that are bringing some extra hype for you.

With the help of the smash community we've raised funds to help both Mr. R and Vinnie make it out to the tournament.  That's right - both the European swagmonster and East Coast grabguy will be at this event.  Neither one of these players have set foot on the West Coast before and with the high skill level at this tournament I'm positive pride will be broken.

Just to give you an idea of the difficulty here is a list of players confirmed to make it out:

Mr. R
Mike Haze


We're having a special promotion for new players as well.  If you're new to the offline tournament scene you can save money.  If you print out the flyer posted in this article you will receive $5 off of your 1v1 entry fee.  This won't be a tournament you'll want to miss so hopefully that will serve as an extra incentive for you.

The tournament will be hosted at a Anime/card shop in Temple City, California called Desu-Nation.  They have an awesome collection of anime merch so even if you don't enter feel free to come by and check out the event/store.  The address is as followed:

Signups for both 1v1 and 2v2 begin at 11:00AM and end at 12:00 PM.  This is running on a strict schedule so do not be late, otherwise you may not be able to enter. 

We hope you make it out to the event, this will definitely be a great one.  If you have any other questions, feel free to post here or on the tournament page!  CLICK HERE TO BE LINKED TO THE PAGE

Are you ready for an action packed summer of Brawl? The action kicks off with CLASH of the Titans 6 in June!

This summer is arguably going to be one of the best we have ever had for Brawl. These three months will be packed full with quality events from a wide assortment of top tournament organizers. The events are a must for every competitive Smasher! Some of the key events this summer include IMPULSE, SKTAR, Dissention, SRT, WHOBO 4, and the event to kick off the summer - CLASH of the Titans 6!

CoT6 is the next entry to the series that brought you the very first Brawl national, and CoT6 aims to provide the same quality experience you all expect. On the first weekend of June you will get to experience a 2 day Brawl only event, right in the center of the Atlantic North region in New Jersey. Start to make your travel arrangements, as the tournament is coming up in less than two months!


CoT4 marked the first time many regions met under the same roof - Atl North, Atl South, Midwest, Southwest, Canada, and more. CoT5 featured some of the strongest Canada support outside of Apex 2012. CoT6 aims to match this, and go even further! Among our attendees will be all the heavy hitters from the Atl North region you've grown to love, along with a great assortment of other players. Notably absent from the last two events was any solid attendance from the West Coast, and I'm proud to say that Mike Haze and Tyrant should both be attending this event! Canada also appears to be jumping on the bandwagon as well following their support of CoT5 and coming out once again! I am currently in the works of reaching out to more areas as well.


One thing I've never enjoyed about hosting tournaments is relying on attendees to provide equipment for the tournament. It's great that we have a community so willing to help out and it cuts down on equipment costs, though I believe it's a great step forward that for CoT6 we will not require any attendees to bring any TVs. The staff of CoT6 and Apex will be providing 32 TVs ready for tournament at the event, so attendees don't need to worry about lifting heavy equipment and can use that extra car space to travel with more friends. We will still have incentives for people who bring Wiis and a copy of the game, which we will be announcing in the near future.

Events and Ruleset

CoT6 will feature your standard Singles and Doubles events like most events, and will also feature two more. All Brawl will be a side event, though the rules won't be the same you're used to at events like KTAR and Apex. The ruleset was originally thought up by players of the UFB crew and has been played throughout Philadelphia for years. It features more frequent items, stage counterpicking, and more! You can find the rules for that on the tournament thread. The fourth side event will be crews. This will be a crew tournament more similarly based off of similar tournaments ran at older Melee events. Crews may contain 4 or 5 players, and players must choose their roster of characters prior to each match.

The ruleset for Singles and Doubles has been under a lot of discussion, and I have made sure to talk to the community and do what I believe is best for everyone. If you have been following my recent blogs, you'll know that a decision has been reached. Unlike when it was first announced, Meta Knight will be legal at CoT6, and we will be using the Apex stagelist. On the contrary to Meta Knight being legal, double MK will be banned in teams.

Enhancements Over CoT5

CoT5 didn't go over as well as hoped, but still showed to be a solid tournament. The unfortunate change in venue at the last moment hurt the event, though I was sure to fix that for this event. The venue for CoT6 is larger than the 5th one, and is already 100% confirmed and set in stone. The venue will not change, and it is in a better location for players. If you are familiar with traveling to Apex, you'll have no problem getting here as it is just a shot drive away. CoT6 aims to run faster than CoT5, use a more organized layout, and feature more events.

Livestream and Media

You can certainly expect CoT6 to feature a top notch livestream, hosted by yours truly of CLASH Tournaments. I will be working for weeks on pristine production quality leading up to the event, and testing the stream both on my own and at the venue itself. All of this guarantees that the livestream experience will be great, and all tournament videos will be uploaded quickly after the tournament in HD quality.


Working with a 2 day event for one game gives us a lot more time to do certain things we want, and one of those things is that registration will ONLY be in done in-person. Don't know if you're coming to the event until the night before? No problem there, and you'll be paying the same price as everyone else without a price increase.

More Announcements?

In these final two months leading up to the event, you can definitely expect more announcements to come. The staff for the event are working on some great promotions and bonuses for the players that haven't been done at any event before! Be sure to keep a close eye on the tournament pages, and the CLASH Tournaments website and Twitter.

Be sure to click that you are attending on All is Brawl. Links to the tournament page and everything else related to the event are located below. Start practicing for the event, make your travel arrangements, and I hope to see you there on June 2nd!

For more information on CLASH of the Titans 6 and CLASH Tournaments:

Smashboards page -
All is Brawl page -
Check out our website -
Follow our Twitch TV stream channel -
Subscribe to us on YouTube -
Follow us on Twitter -
Like us on Facebook -
The Socal regional series is finishing up another circuit this Saturday, December 10th Temple City, California.  

This event is being sponsored by T MOBILE |Blackberry so expect a lot of awesome all around!  The venue is at an awesome anime store called Desu Nation - Check out the tournament page for pictures.   

Here are a few reasons you should get your butt off of wifi and make it out to Champion: 

1) New Player Discounts - Players new to the offline tournament scene will receive $5 off of their Singles Entry Fee!  All you have to do is print out the flyer below and bring it to the tournament. 

2) Raffles - We will be giving away over $200 in raffle prizes!  All of this stuff is free to win - we will not be selling raffle tickets!    

You will receive a raffle ticket for entering the event. 
You will receive a raffle ticket for bringing a full setup. 
You will receive a raffle ticket for entering the cosplay contest.   

Prizes for the raffles include: SD Cards, Tri Wing screw drivers, Shirts, Anime Merch, a new White Gamecube Controller, and  much more!

3) Cosplay Contest - You heard it right!  A full on Cosplay Contest will be taking place during the event.  The winner of the  cosplay contest will receive a copy of Skyward Sword 

4) Pools and Amateur Bracket- Pools ensure you get your moneys worth by playing a minimum of five different people, which is great because nobody likes to go 0-2 in bracket.  An Amateur Bracket will be offered to those who don't make it out of pools but still want vengeance!  The top 3 players in Amateur Bracket will receive pot money :). 

5) The Players - The best in the West will be attending and hype matches will ensue.  You won't get the same feel from watching these hype matches on computer screen.  We are expecting lots of tough competition including:  

-Rich Brown  

On top of the singles payout being top 8, there is also a $100 pot bonus!  

As you can see there will be a lot going on all day - this isn't an event you'll want to miss out on!   For more information, be sure to check out the tournament page or email us at [email protected]

Hey guys its Shiro again,

  Well, if you are from SoCal you must know the E4K series that MikeHAZE has been running. These tournaments can be described in one word, AMAZING! Shoutouts to Mike for being the only host (for now) in SoCal and not letting up, and also manages to host both Brawl and Melee at his events. 

  Let me tell you a little more about this series. The tourneys are Bi-Weekly so that means (for people who don't know) they’re held every other week. There are four regular tourneys and every 5th tourney is a championship tourney that more or less a regional in SoCal. I'm just trying to hype this up for SoCal and trying to get people to come out and support Mike, this tourney series, and SoCal. The upcoming E4K will be the 5th and final one, so expect a regional size event. If you are near-by come on down to this, Mike says he could get someone to fly in if enough people show interest, so let’s get the word out about this tourney and hype it up guys.   SoCal is known for having some great players and every time I have gone to Mike’s tourneys, I don't think I've missed one, but they all turned out really really great! 

  Some down sides right now are just the heat, but it is SoCal so get used to it :3

  Another great thing about this is that there is plenty of time for friendlies and plenty of time to talk and get to know the other smashers. Mike sells soda and food at times which makes it easy for people to stay content, happy, and energized to play at their best (There is also a 7-11 down the street and a mcdonalds as well).

  But anyway, these tourneys are run pretty smoothly and with Pools /Amature Bracket at almost each tourney, and makes it so people get their money’s worth each time. This makes it really great so it doesn't mean you are just playing twice then having to wait about 2 -3 hours to do friendlies on an open tv. 

  Over all this tourney in SoCal coming up, so please show your support and let’s make this event a great one like all of the others!

  E4K: CHAMPION Top 7 Pay Out!!  This is the Fifth and Final E4K Tourney and Mike wants this to be a Regional. First off, let me say that these tourneys are great and are run amazing. We always have a stream!  All info can be found on the tourney page but if you are too lazy to click on that well.. I'll just state some basic info  Venu Opens at 10:00 am this is for warm-ups and friendlies so get there early!  Sign-ups for Singles and Doubles starts at 10:30 and Single pools start at 11 am! (Most of the time these will be held back an hour or so, but don't be hoping on that!)  So let’s show some love to MikeHAZE! And If you are near or just want to come down to the next regional come to this one. 

MLG Dallas, the final tournament for the 2010 MLG Circuit, officially has its 16 top players. Throughout the MLG Circuit, 8 players have made it into the championship bracket based on their previous performances. To join them, 8 additional players have worked their way through the MLG Dallas open bracket. The final 16 seeds in order are:

Lee Martin
Nick Riddle
Rich Brown

Each player's first round opponent and the general bracket is shown below.

Now, for all you spectators keeping track of what's going on at MLG, here's your chance to give your predictions for how the top 16 will place! You can send in a list of your predictions for the final rankings of these players in order as a pm to Falln, and the the people with the three closest guesses will get a badge showcasing their knowledge of the top players at MLG. In addition, our good buddy Neal has offered to award the person with the most accurate list either a Virtual Console or Steam game on the PC of $15 worth or less if we get 15 or more submissions.
     Of course, in the interests of fairness, you must submit your top 16 predictions before the start of the championship bracket, which begins at Sunday, 10:00 am central time. Good luck, and let's see who comes closest for the top 16 finishers!
Hello to all! 
     Welcome to All is Brawl Tournament Analysis: Segment 1.  My name is Mike HAZE, and I’ll be your tournament result analyzer.  What that means, is that I’ll basically be going through major tournament results from coast to coast on a weekly basis, guiding you through results, who beat who, and any upsets that may have occurred during in-person Smash events.

     Last weekend was a pretty exciting weekend here on the West Coast.  We had a tournament with 55 entrants, but that’s not what was exciting.  We had a special guest flown into our coast by the 2GG Grant (which is basically a fund sponsored by 2 Good Gaming as well as by players from our community).  Our special guest?  None other than Chudat!  Chudat is considered the best Kirby player in the nation, and the results from this tournament pretty much solidified it.
Here were the top 9 players from the tournament:
1: TKD
2: Tyrant
3: Tearbear
4: ChuDat
5: mikeHAZE
7: Hall
7: Choice

(View Results from Champs 2GG  triweekly feat. Chudat) 

     Pretty surprising results if you ask me.  Tyrant lost to TKD, a player we haven’t been seeing too much of in the past months.  He lost going 2-0 in terms of sets.  Now, not only did TKD win, but he won using mostly Fox, while Tyrant went all Meta Knight.  TKD did switch to Meta Knight once or twice on stages like Brinstar.  

     Our special guest Chudat did really well.  We saw a pretty hyped rematch during the tournament, DEHF vs. Chudat (a rematch of Pound 4, where DEHF lost 0-2).  This time, DEHF overcame the power of Kirby, defeating Chudat 2-0, in what were some really close, clutch matches.  

     Tearbear did really well once again, taking out a good number of notable players.  After losing to Tyrant 1-2 in winners bracket, Tearbear proceeded to take out Sean, Hall, DEHF, and Chudat.  His sets vs. DEHF and Chu were really hyped and really close, Terry going 2-1 vs. both of those competitors.

     It’s kind of weird looking at the results and not seeing DSF in the top 5.  DSF lost 0-2 to mikeHAZE in winners bracket, then lost to Hall 1-2 immediately after.  

     In East Coast, players attended G.R.O.A.T., a tournament held in Massachusetts…WHICH HAS YET TO UPLOAD TIO RESULTS. GET AT THAT EAST COAST SO I CAN UPDATE YOU GUYS.
Well fortunately, I know the top 9

1: Ally
2: Fatal
3: Atomsk
4: BloodCross
5: Koolaid
5: Dazwa
7: Black G
7: Bizkit

     Ally lost winners finals to Fatal 2-3.  Ally went Snake and Wario.  The 5th game was played on Frigate Orpheon, and the players decided to do Snake dittos.  Both players were even, until the stage flipped, causing Ally to lose his stock. 
Bloodcross sent Atomsk to losers bracket using only Falco, but Atomsk got the best of him when they rematched in losers bracket, going all Meta Knight.  Atomsk then lost to Ally, with the set going 3-2 in Ally’s favor, both players playing an array of different matchups, including Ice Climbers vs. Meta Knight, and Mr. Game & Watch Vs. Meta Knight.  Ally then proceeded to Grand Finals, where he defeated Fatal 3-1 both sets, using Snake and Meta Knight.

(View Results for G.R.O.A.T.)  

Pretty interesting weekend in terms of results, check back next week and I’ll run through some more brackets and upsets.

If you would like to submit your tournament for potential analysis, please do the following:
Private Message me with a link to your AIB tournament page.
Have your results uploaded; I don’t know what I’m looking at otherwise.
Make sure your tournament had at least 30 players, including players ranked in your region.
If your tournament has any videos that you would like to be linked, please link me to those as well.              

Check out t0mmy's video montage of some fantastic players at EVO 2k9:

Continue reading SMASHScene: EVO 2k9 Montage
A lot is riding on the results of Genesis. Players will be flocking from all over to prove their might.
Among these players stand the best of the best, the pros. M2K, Ally, Tyrant, FICTION, NinjaLink, Typh, and many others will be attending. There will be so much talent all in one place. Anything can happen!
Will M2K once again rise above all others? Will Ally knock him down?
Today I bring you an interview with three top players. Two come from the East and one from West!

Atomsk-Don't get grabbed!
Zolga: To start things off, who are you?
Atomsk: I'm Atomsk. I'm mostly known for my King DeDeDe but I'm trying to play the Ice Climbers more because I find them more fun.
Atomsk: I still have a very good King DeDeDe though. People tell me I look like I'm thinking really hard when I play him.
Zolga: You put on your serious face; Brawl is serious business remember?
Atomsk: I guess you could say that.
Zolga: Now to a topic that we all are interested in. How do you feel about the huge amount of Brawl talent that will be attending Genesis?
Atomsk: I think it will be an interesting experience.
Even when I was just starting out, I always wanted to meet out of state players. Just to meet new people. I loved to see the difference in playstyles.
Zolga: Thats good, do you feel you made a good impression?
Atomsk:Yeah, I'm glad that most people have liked me so far.
Zolga: Spread the love Atomsk.
How do you feel the international players will do?
Atomsk: For Brawl?
Zolga: Both Melee and Brawl please.
Atomsk: I believe that the ones playing Melee will do well, but I'd expect America to out place most of them.
Japan scares me though.
Zolga: Do you think our talent will be too much for them?
Atomsk: Whenever you go into enemy territory its natural to feel overwhelmed. As long as you keep calm and play smart you will do just fine.**
: What do you think about the low tier mains?
Atomsk: To be honest I know I'll get hate for this.
Low tiers are nothing but gimmicks in this game.
Few low tier characters have potential.
Zolga: You know I main a low tier *ANGER*
Zelda/Shiek kicks butt.
Atomsk: Good, I think that they are underrated.
Zolga: Most low tier mains moan and whine about how high tiers are cheap. Personally I like the challenge.
Atomsk: Most of them are scrubs. To be honest in this game being challenged by characters like Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Wario, and the Ice Climbers are actually really fun.
Zolga: I love playing Meta Knights actually.
Atomsk: Me too, NJ has so many scrub Meta Knights.
Zolga: I feel that to beat high tiers you just need to learn the matchup.
Atomsk: Yeah, if you don't feel like putting in the effort to learn matchups you shouldn't call anything cheap.
Zolga: My fellow low tier mains will hate me for this, Go learn a high tier! Stop crying and moaning!
Atomsk: That'd honestly be a good thing.
Zolga: What do you think about the Melee talent?
Atomsk: I think there will be a good amount of it.
I want to see M2K beat Mango for once.
I gotta believe in my East Coast buddy.
Zolga: East Coast for the win!
Zolga: Which region do you think brings the most to the tournament?
Atomsk: In Brawl, I think EC is bringing a lot of talent.
In Melee WC is bringing the skill.
Zolga: Who do you think will triumph in Brawl Singles?
Atomsk: M2K or Ally to be honest.
I hope I do well though.
Zolga: A couple more then we are done.
What do you prefer Brawl or Melee?
Atomsk: I like both equally, I'll play Brawl more only because I am better at it.
Zolga: What do you think are the chances of some unknown player rising to the top?
Atomsk: For Brawl it's possible. Often WiFi players do good in tournaments.
Zolga: Last one.
Will Genesis even finish?
Atomsk: Hell no.
Zolga: Any shoutouts?
Atomsk: I love you Mike Haze! Eggz and his "ADD"!
I'm looking forward to meeting FICTION.
Zolga: Thank you for taking time to be interviewed.

Jem-Fear the Tornado!
Zolga: Let's get this started! Who are you?
Jem: I'm Jem, a MetaKnight main from Washington.
Zolga: A MetaKnight main? How original!
Jem: PLAY TO WIN! No, I'm kidding he is just fun.
Zolga: How do you feel about the boatload of talent that is going to be at Genesis?
Jem: I think it will be really exciting. Every character has a few really good representatives. Even the low tiers, I have a feeling that a lot of the top tier players will be caught off guard. It's cool that even Australians are coming.
Zolga: What about our players?
Jem: I'm very excited for Ally/M2K/DSF/Tyrant/DEHF/Fiction and all the other pro talent to be at one tournament to see who's the best.
Zolga: How do you think the international players will adapt to our style?
Jem: I personally haven't kept up with the out of country talent. I know Japan is really good, but I'm not sure if Australia is any good. I guess we will find out. I feel that our talent will be too much for them though.
Zolga: What do you think about the low tier mains?
Jem: I think because most low tier mains study the high tier matchups, they can cause some upsets.
Zolga: I'm a low tier main myself, but even I don't think they have much of a chance agianst the high tiers.
Jem: M2K, Ally, DSF, and Tyrant are too good.
Zolga: At the top of the crop we have your very own main, MetaKnight. How do you feel the non-Meta players will do?
Jem: Everyone studies the matchup so it's hard to win even as a MetaKnight main like myself
Zolga: I just feel if you learn the matchup you have a shot at winning; don't whine about how they are so cheap
Jem: Yeah that's pretty much how I feel too. A lot of people just want tournaments to be easier. I still don't see Metaknight getting banned though even if he wins. Sure some of us play this at or near a pro-level, but there's never been a character ban in Smash before. Everyone knows Smash is considered a party game forced competitive, so I don't see it happening, its still fun.
Zolga: What do you think about the Melee talent?
Jem: I think that the Melee talent is incredible.
I personally don't see anyone beating Mango though. I am rooting for some underdogs, particularly from Washington. I hope Silent Wolf and Eggz do well. I see M2K maybe taking a set in finals if Mango sandbags, but not the final set.
Zolga: Which region do you think brings the most skill to the tournament?
Jem: California, hands down. California has the best melee player in the world, and arguably the best brawl players(s) in the world. I think most the regions showing up to Genesis are strong, considering all that's on the line. We're about to show you that Washington is a strong region too.
Zolga: Gotta represent your region.
Jem: I love Washington!
Zolga: Do you think M2K will rape singles?
Jem: I've been talking with M2K lately. I think it's fifty-fifty on if he'll win. Ally proved it's possible to beat M2K, even when he's trying. I know DSF has been practicing hard to reach the top again. I'm going to go ahead and say that I do think M2K will win singles. Though I think a few can give him a good run for his money.
Zolga: A few more questions.
Do you prefer Brawl or Melee?
Jem: I prefer Brawl but I think Melee is the better game.
I'm pretty good at Melee too and I do think it is more fun.
Zolga: I like that attitude; I feel both bring different things to the table.
Jem: Absolutely. It's too bad the communities hate each other.
I'm a big fan of both.
Zolga: I suck at Melee but I still think it's fun.
Last one.
Zolga: Do you think Genesis will even finish?
Jem: I predict it will finish at 4 AM in the morning.
Better reschedule those Sunday morning flights.
Jem: I'm confident in Sidefx and D.B.R. to do a good job.
Zolga: Thanks for taking time to talk with me. Do you have any shoutouts?
Jem: Shoutouts to Eggz, Washington, my SoCal friends, and everyone who's rooting for me! Thanks a bunch and everyone COME TO GENESIS. And come to TOURNEYPLAY in October! Tyrant/M2K/DSF are coming! You'll have fun in Washington!

Inui- Master of Doubles
: Let's get going! Who are you?
Inui: Inui (Lucas DeLorenzo), I main Meta Knight, Snake, and Ike.
Those are the characters I use in tournaments.
Zolga: I heard you prefer doubles to singles; Why is that?
Inui: I find doubles to be a lot more fun, so I'm more motivated. I think it takes a lot of actual skill instead of just abusing top tier characters and camping the whole time. I like teamwork and having a lot of things happening at once.
Zolga: Who would you say has been your best partner?
Inui: Mew2King and Atomsk by far. I almost always team with Atomsk. We have opposite play styles and know the other's style so well. It works out. I can play any role and team with anyone good and be pretty successful, though. I've been with ksizzle, ChuDat, teh_spamerer, Bum, to name a few.
Zolga: What are you excited for at Genesis?
Inui: Brawl doubles and regional crews. I'm the captain for Atlantic North, so there's a lot of pressure on me to lead my team to victory. I'm worried that if we lose, West Coast will think they're better even though we're using a lot of B team players and are deprived of many powerhouses while they won't be. In Brawl doubles, I need to make cash because I'll be far in the hole if I don't make my money back.
Zolga: What do you expect from Brawl Singles?
Inui: No idea, really...I'm going to actually try this time, even if it means camping and being all boring. I'm hoping Atomsk, NinjaLink, Mew2King, ADHD, and the other powerhouses from my region do well. I'm especially hoping they stop the Meta Knights from taking all of the top spots. I expect Mew2King to win and for Ally to place extremely well, but everything else is up for grabs between the top players.
Zolga: What about Melee Singles?
Inui: I really hope Mew2King finally beats Mango, but he probably won't because he plays way too much Brawl.  Mew2King needs to realize that his 2007 skill won't beat Mango. So, I'm expecting Mango to win and for Mew2King to take second. After that, I don't have any idea. I want to see Kage win because I love Ganondorf and admire the way Kage plays and his sportsmanship.
Zolga: What do you think of all the international players coming to Genesis?
Inui: I'm really excited about that!  I want to see how they stack up against us. I got into the SBR not too long ago and got to know and interact with some of the best minds in Europe and Australia. I'm looking forward to meeting them.  Their metagames are different, so I want to see how they play.
Zolga: Do you think that any international players will place well?
Inui: I don't really expect it, to be honest. They might, and I'm not saying they're bad, but I just believe that the skill level here is higher. Their lack of high level Meta Knight experience may hinder there ability to place.
Zolga: Speaking of Meta Knight, how do feel about his potential ban?
Inui: I'm extremely anti-ban. I'm even working hard on the anti-ban team in the SBR right now. Because I see him lose so frequently to other characters here, I don't believe he should be banned. I'm hoping that our Meta Knight slayers take out all of the Meta Knights at Genesis to prove it. Go Atomsk, ADHD, NEO, Pierce, Vex, Malcolm, and NinjaLink!
Zolga: Meta Knight slayers, the community will love that.
You don't expect any Ganondorf's to be winning?
Inui: Um...he's the worst character by far. All of his moves are slower than reaction time, meaning he can't ever win against anyone with a brain. It's really sad since he's my favourite character ever. At least he's usable in Melee.
Zolga: Which region do you feel brings more to the tournament?
Inui: West Coast because it's their home region. They will have all of their powerhouses there and have a big advantage.  Mew2King also said their top players are a bit better than ours. I'm excited to see what happens. I hope Atlantic North brings a strong anti-Meta Knight metagame to their attention and wins.
Zolga: What do you think are the chances of some unknown placing well?
Inui: It's almost impossible. The established top players are too good and too numerous
Zolga: Do you even think Genesis will finish?
Inui: Yeah. The hosts seem to really know what they're doing, and I'll gladly help them if they need it.
Zolga: Which game do you prefer?; Melee or Brawl.
Inui: I have more fun playing Melee, but Brawl has more people and more money right now.
Zolga: What do you think of people calling Brawl a party game?
Inui: It is. Just like Melee and 64. They're all party games than we limited and created rules for in order to make them competitive by our own definition of competitive.
Zolga: That was a very well thought out answer. I expected you to go into "rage mode".
Inui: I try to be logical.
Zolga: Well we are done here, do you have any shoutouts?
Inui: Well... I've already shouted out my Atlantic North homies, no? I'm looking forward to meeting people like Praxis, Fiction, SK92, and other West Coast pros. I'm super excited for this weekend.  SHOUTOUT TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY!  LET'S MAKE THIS THE BEST TOURNAMENT EVER!

**Very Good Advice
Special thanks to UmbreonMonarchy for proofreading this.

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