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Every year in January Azn Lep hosts Socal's largest tournament, Winter Game Fest! This Saturday and Sunday will hold the sixth year for WGF and the third year for Brawl.  People from all over the west coast come down to UC San Diego for this two day event.

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by Dannykat Dec 25 2009, 8:40AM
Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! I'm here to give you guys another look into how the AllisBrawl Playoffs are going along. Although a bit late, it seems like we are finally at the semi-finals in the winners bracket of both singles and doubles! So let me give you guys a bit of statistics on what's going on right now: 

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Hello everyone! Dannykat here to bring you guys an exciting update on the AllisBrawl Playoffs! As we take a look into the current brackets, it seems like we are moving along quite well. The winners bracket is currently in the quarter-finals and the losers bracket is pretty scrambled for both the singles and doubles bracket. I'm going to give you guys a bit of statistics of what's going on right now:
  • So far in the singles winner's bracket, the person using the lowest tier would be -Ensis- (Toon Link), but still, everyones' characters are pretty high on the tier list.
  • The lowest seeded player still in the singles winner's bracket is Sean.
  • In the doubles winner's bracket, we have the team For AKiRA and Emily making it to the semifinals, and waiting on the rest of the bracket!
  • As for the lowest seeded team, that would have to be Mexico and Norway, who are facing Aqua Teeeeeeeeeeeen in round 2.
Winner's Singles Rounds

1. Ally vs Dannykat

2. AstralSoul vs Sean

3. Haloman800 vs -Ensis-

4. ChocoNaner vs Nessee

5. HolyNightmare vs Winner of 3

6. dabuz vs Winner of 4

Winner's Doubles Rounds

1. Midwest Ra*e vs Team Pink

2. For Mother Russia vs Somo

3. Aqua Teeeeeeeeeeeen vs Mexico and Norway

4. _ vs Auraboner

5. For AKiRA and Emily vs Winner of 1

6. Unholy Allies vs Winner of 2

I'm sure there have been a lot of questions going around from participants asking why they have lost to whoever they were facing. The rules are strict when it comes to this, and if you do not PM The740 with the results, or show up in the chat on the scheduled time without notifying him that you can't make it, you will suffer a loss. That's the rules.

Even with everything said, there are still people not following the rules and not showing up, which is why the bracket looks pretty messy. Right now, we should be in Round 5 but people seem to have other things occupying their time, such as tournaments, family problems, friends, etc. I would say the tournament is running well, but the participants are what's mostly slowing it down. Here are some things the participants should know and be clear on:

  1. When you see your next opponent that you need to play, please contact them via PM or shoutout, or whatever you need to do to get a hold of them. Don't be lazy and hope they do the work for you. We need to get this tournament rolling!
  2. When you do play your match and finish, both you and your opponent (or the leader from each team) need to PM The740! If only one person sends him a message, he cannot decide who won because he can assume one is lying.
  3. DO NOT message The740 in any other way, except for PM. If you try to send him a message through an IM service, he can forget, which could cause problems
  4. If you have something else to do rather than play your playoffs match (IRL tournament / Family / etc.), please make sure that The740 is notified, so you wont be automatically disqualified.
  5. If you are around when a certain round is up, be sure to go into the chat so you do not suffer a loss.
So anyways, be sure to follow the rules and the playoffs will run smoothly as we would like to finish them ASAP! Hopefully this leaves a little impact on what needs to be done. There is money at stake for all the players which I'm sure no one wants to lost just because they were not in a chat room. Silly right? But anyways, we as the AllisBrawl Staff would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and congratulate all the players who are still in the playoffs!
by nealdt Jul 14 2009, 4:49PM

Looking for a single-post wrapup of (most) everything that went down at GENESIS this past weekend? Look no further! (For full brackets and results see the AiB tournament page.)

Top Brawl stories:

  • Singles event size: 294 entrants, the second largest Brawl tournament ever.
  • Ally takes Brawl singles after losing the winners finals match to Mew2King. After moving the grand finals matches back to the hotel, Ally triumphs in two sets over M2K to take top placing of GENESIS Brawl. Videos are available here!
  • In similar fashion, Mew2King and Fiction come back from losers bracket to beat Ally and Sean in two sets to win doubles grand finals. (Still waiting on videos!)
  • Only 3 of the top 8 placings were from Metaknight mains, and those placings were from arguably the 3 best MKs in the nation.
  • A big argument/controversy over excessive stalling broke out during the losers bracket set between DEHF and Dojo. The Smash Back Room held a private discussion and held a vote to give the set to Dojo.
  • Due to the delay over the DEHF/Dojo incident, the tournament did not finish at the venue. The singles and doubles grand finals had to be played out back at the hotel.
  • Several crew battles were run during the 3 days but no conclusive winner was found. Pacific Northwest (OR/WA) lost to Puerto Rico and Midwest beat NorCal. SoCal and Atlantic North had to stop due to time constraints but Atlantic North later forfeitted. South demolished the International team.

Top Melee stories:

  • Singles event size: 290 entrants, the largest Melee tournament in history.
  • Armada lives up to the hype with flying colors, taking winners bracket sets against DaShizWiz, Mew2King, Mango, and others. His incredible Peach -- a character that no one has considered a tournament winner in a very long time -- impresses greatly and will likely inspire a new generation of Smashers.
  • Mango bounces back and takes grand finals from Armada in two of the greatest sets ever played in Melee. 
  • East Coast defeats West Coast in crews, Canada beats International, and South takes out Canada. EC vs. South doesn't happen because no one feels up to it after the amazing singles grand finals events.
  • Mew2King and Jman come back from losers bracket to defeat Scar and Darc in doubles grand finals, giving East Coast the top 2 doubles placings and Mew2King a clean sweep of the doubles events at the tournament.
  • The Mew2King/Armada winners semifinals match is marred by controversy when the two players play a best of 3 set when the rules call for a best of 5. DBR decides that the match stands, as in general any game played with improper rules can only be objected to during the game/set and not after. (This is a summary argument; both sides of the debate had excellent points and this tournament organizer is glad he did not have to make the final decision, and would also like to thank all parties involved for (mostly) keeping their cool during the discussion. Just watch out for Tonberry, that dude is scary when he's angry :))
  • Zhu later defeats Mew2King in losers bracket, making him only the second West Coast player to take a set off off M2K in the modern Melee scene. Zhu ends up placing fourth overall.
  • Florida represents with a ton of talent at the top of the Melee bracket, including dark horse Hungrybox at 3rd.
  • Tope ruins the Silent Spectre vs. darkrain hype by defeating SS in bracket. GOOD GOING TOPE :P.
  • Melee videos are slowly being released via this YouTube channel.

Top community/miscellaneous stories:
  • Ramada Inn Antioch is overrun by Smashers. Other guests flee the area facing the onslaught of foul-mouthed teenagers. Miraculously, no one is arrested.
  • Douchebag pricks who are likely from this very community break into Idaho/Churro's car in the parking lot and steal several TVs and Wiis. Rot in hell you pieces of trash.
  • CreepyFingers' prosu burgers sell like wildfire, with people having to wait up to 30 minutes for their order to come in.
  • Registration for 500 people takes about 90 minutes thanks to 7 registration stations and some tio additions to support multi-laptop event registration.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Hey ya'll. Check out t0mmy's TourneyPlay 2 montage below. You get a cookie if you can count the number of times he lies in the vid ("Millions of people watching..." + "This is live stream..." -- that's two).

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*Updated with characters for top 64*

The Fall Ladder has finally come to a close and what an exciting season it's been! Three months have passed since the start of the ladder and it's finally time to reward the top finishers for their hard work. This season's winner might come as a bit of a surprise, as Sean managed to rise over 15 positions from a week ago to take the top spot-making the leap to first in the final hours of the ladder last night. These are the badges that will be distributed this week to all of AiB's top players.

  • 1st Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Champion Badge
  • 2nd-4th Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Top 4 Badge
  • 5th-8th Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Top 8 Badge
  • 9th-16th Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Top 16 Badge
  • 17th-32nd Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Top 32 Badge
  • 33rd-64th Place: 2008 Fall Ladder Top 64 Badge

The players who finished in the top 8 will been sent invitations to join the AllisBrawl Pro Lounge and the top 3 players will have beach balls made in their name. Overall 3,107 players signed up for the ladder and competed in 43,456 sets, that is approximately 7,250 hours of online Brawl or the equivalent of running sets back to back for over 300 straight days. There was an 18% increase in the number of participants and a 42% increase in number of matches played over the Fall Season.

Click "continue reading" to learn who finished where, some interesting statistics about the ladder, and some information regarding the AiB Fall Playoffs.

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Match Making SymbolWelcome to the fourth Weekly Ladder Update! This week there are two new names in the top 5 (Ally and HolyNightmare) but Clouderz is still holding on to the top spot for the 4th week in a row. Ally is fast on his heels though, could we see last seasons Ladder Champion take over the top spot now that he was switched from Falcon to Snake? Most of last weeks top 32 have remained in tact, but with almost 2,000 having joined the ladder the competition to retain those positions will be extremely high. For the first time ever a female has appeared in the rankings, ScarletRose is undefeated at #14. Keep a look out for these players and others as they compete for playoff positioning, badges, and ultimately $370 in prizes!

Ladder Rankings

  1. --[1]Clouderz (33 – 6): Meta Knight
  2. Arrow Up[13]Ally (103 - 20 ): Snake
  3. Arrow Up[8]HolyNightmare (90 – 10): ROB
  4. Arrow Up[5]bloohaha (79 – 21): Meta Knight
  5. Arrow Down[2]samboner (24 – 2): Fox
  6. --[6]Weruop (66 – 18): Olimar
  7. Arrow Down[4]Jumpman__ (60 – 13): Wolf
  8. Arrow Down[7]Snakeee (37 – 11): Zero Suit Samus
  9. Arrow Up[22]Meltdown_XYZ (54 – 8): Game and Watch
  10. --[10]Amari (16 – 5): Toon Link
  11. Arrow Down[9]Aphro (44 – 20): King Dedede
  12. Arrow Up[15]Tapion (49 – 12): Snake
  13. Arrow Up[14]ViceGrip (136 – 20): Ness
  14. Arrow Up[NR]ScarletRose (18 – 0): Meta Knight
  15. Arrow Up[NR]SK92 (20 – 1): Falco
  16. Arrow Down[11]Vex Kasrani (19 – 6): King Dedede
  17. Arrow Down[16]Master Raven (48 – 14): Meta Knight
  18. Arrow Up[NR]KishSquared (32 – 7): Bowser
  19. Arrow Down[18]Jbandrew (57 – 25): King Dedede
  20. Arrow Down[12]Znake (57 – 27): Snake
  21. Arrow Up[32]Dazed_and_Confused (38 – 10): Fox
  22. Arrow Down[21]Dannykat (64 – 8): Marth
  23. --[23]Zuji (66 – 12): Lucario
  24. Arrow Down[20]Sean (84 – 24): Meta Knight
  25. Arrow Down[19]OS1 (42 – 12): Meta Knight
  26. Arrow Up[27]AlphaZealot (33 – 7): Diddy Kong
  27. Arrow Down[26]NickOfTime (59 – 20): Wolf
  28. Arrow Up[NR]hunger (51 – 37): Wario
  29. Arrow Up[NR]Basic Sausage (38 – 11): King Dedede
  30. Arrow Down[17]co18 (59 – 19): King Dedede
  31. Arrow Down[25]UnholyDeath123 (31 – 7): Snake
  32. Arrow Up[NR]Atomsk (47 – 13): King Dedede
  • Arrow Up: Moved up from last week
  • Arrow Down: Moved down from last week
  • --: Retained the same position from last week
  • [NR]: Was Not Ranked from last week
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Match Making SymbolWelcome to the third Weekly Ladder Update! Bloohaha is the only new name in the top 5 after he moved up 5 positions from number 10. Over 1,500 people have now signed up for the ladder and a chance at $370 in prizes. Here are the top 32 for this week.

  1. --[1]Clouderz (28 – 4): Meta Knight
  2. --[2]samboner (24 – 2): Fox
  3. Arrow Up[4]Jinx101 (56 – 0): Wolf
  4. Arrow Down[3]Jumpman__ (60 – 13): Wolf
  5. Arrow Up[10]bloohaha (54 – 17): Meta Knight
  6. Arrow Up[11]Weruop (36 – 10): Olimar
  7. Arrow Down[5]Snakeee (30 – 8): Zero Suit Samus
  8. Arrow Down[6]HolyNightmare (35 – 4): ROB
  9. Arrow Down[8]Aphro (43 – 20): King Dedede
  10. Arrow Up[16]Amari (13 – 4): Toon Link
  11. Arrow Down[9]Vex Kasrani (19 – 5): King Dedede
  12. --[12]Znake (45 – 17): Snake
  13. Arrow Up[15]Ally (41 – 11): Falcon
  14. Arrow Up[25]ViceGrip (104 – 16): Ness
  15. Arrow Down[14]Tapion (46 – 12): Snake
  16. Arrow Down[7]Master Raven (46 – 14): Meta Knight
  17. Arrow Down[13]co18 (48 – 8): King Dedede
  18. Arrow Down[17]Jbandrew (51 – 20): Luigi
  19. Arrow Up[27]OS1 (41 – 11): ROB
  20. Arrow Down[18]Sean (79 – 18): Meta Knight
  21. Arrow Up[24]Dannykat (64 – 8): Marth
  22. Arrow Up[NR]Meltdown_XYZ (32 – 4): Game and Watch
  23. Arrow Down[20]Zuji (60 – 10): Lucario
  24. Arrow Up[26]Recipherus (79 – 21): Snake
  25. Arrow Up[NR]UnholyDeath123 (26 – 5): Snake
  26. Arrow Up[32]NickOfTime (48 – 14): Wolf
  27. Arrow Up[NR]AlphaZealot (28 – 6): Diddy Kong
  28. Arrow Down[22]Silfer (34 – 26): Sheik/Zelda
  29. Arrow Down[19]ANTi23D (27 – 2): King Dedede
  30. Arrow Down[23]bassem6 (39 – 30): Wario
  31. Arrow Up[NR]kolbie232 (82 – 19): Meta Knight
  32. Arrow Down[28]Dazed_and_Confused (31 – 8): Fox

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Match Making Symbol

Match Making SymbolWelcome to the second Weekly Ladder Update! This update is a few days late because I've been moving into a new apartment, the next one will occur on schedule this coming Friday, September 19th. There was a lot of movement at the top of the ladder this week, including two new names in the top 5-Jumpman__ and Snakeee. Almost 1,500 people have now signed up for the ladder and a chance at $370 in prizes. Here are the top 32 for this week.

  1. --[1]Clouderz (27 – 4): Meta Knight
  2. --[2]samboner (24 – 2): Fox
  3. Arrow Up[21]Jumpman__ (58 – 13): Wolf
  4. Arrow Up[5]Jinx101 (52 – 0): Wolf
  5. Arrow Up[NR]Snakeee (27 – 5): Zero Suit Samus
  6. Arrow Up[10]HolyNightmare (35 – 4): ROB
  7. Arrow Down[3]Master Raven (45 – 11): Meta Knight
  8. Arrow Down[4]Aphro (38 – 15): King Dedede
  9. Arrow Up[11]Vex Kasrani (19 – 5): King Dedede
  10. Arrow Up[NR]bloohaha (36 – 15): Meta Knight
  11. Arrow Up[NR]Weruop (21 – 5): Olimar
  12. Arrow Up[14]Znake (38 – 14): Snake
  13. --[13]co18 (48 – 8): King Dedede
  14. Arrow Down[7]Tapion (44 – 12): Snake
  15. Arrow Down[9]Ally (39 – 11): Captain Falcon
  16. Arrow Up[NR]Amari (10 - 3): Toon Link
  17. Arrow Up[NR]Jbandrew (44 – 15): Luigi
  18. Arrow Up[NR]Sean (72 – 13): Meta Knight
  19. Arrow Up[28]ANTi23D (26 – 0): King Dedede
  20. Arrow Down[8]Zuji (55 – 10): Lucario
  21. Arrow Up[NR]KishSquared (21 – 2): Bowser
  22. Arrow Down[16]Silfer (34 – 26): Sheik/Zelda
  23. Arrow Down[18]bassem6 (39 – 30): Wario
  24. Arrow Down[12]Dannykat (50 – 5): Marth
  25. Arrow Down[20]ViceGrip (71 – 15): Ness
  26. Arrow Down[15]Recipherus (54 – 21): Snake
  27. Arrow Up[NR]OS1 (27 – 6): ROB
  28. Arrow Up[NR]Dazed_and_Confused (30 – 8): Fox
  29. Arrow Up[NR]hunger (44 – 31): Wario
  30. Arrow Up[NR]Renegade TX2000 (11 – 1): Ike
  31. Arrow Up[NR]Masknight (10 – 1): Meta Knight
  32. Arrow Up[NR]NickOfTime (37 – 12): Wolf

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The first week of Smash Trivia is over. A lot was learned from the first session held tonight at 9:00pm EST and next week there will be some changes and improvements! Here are the questions and winners from this week.

  • (Q1): Who were the top 3 players in Singles at Melee FC:D in order of placements (1st-3rd)? (A): Mew2King, PC Chris, ChuDat. (Winner): Hot_ArmS
  • (Q2): Approximately how many live tournaments have used the tio program for bracket management (answer within 20 tournaments)? (A): 1015-1055. (Winner): ALLSTAR41
  • (Q3): What was the second team to ever defeat Ken and Isai in a set and at what tournament did it happen? (A): Wes and PC Chris at MLG Meadowlands (or New York) 2006. (Winner): None
  • (Q4): What are the only two tournaments ChuDat defeated Ken at? (A): MLG Chicago and Super Champ Combo. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q5): How many people were at the largest Smash tournament, Axis? (A): Depending on your source, either 302 or 303 is acceptable. (Winner): Big_Black
  • (Q6): Approximately how many online tournaments have been held through AiB? (A): Between 1000-1200 was accepted. (Winner): Olimarman
  • (Q7): Name the first national tournament Mew2King won in singles? (A): Melee FCD. (Winner): Sean
  • (Q8): When was Brawl released in the US? (A): March 9th, 2008. (Winner): Duff
  • (Q9): What move of Donkey Kong’s does not suffer from stale moves? (A): His F-Throw. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q10): Who defeated M2K at XIIesticle and what characters did they use? (A): Ninjalink with Diddy and ChuDat with Kirby. (Winner): Nintendude1189

All the winners listed here should have recieved the Smash Trivia Amatuer badge! If you for some reason did not, then please send AlphaZealot a PM to have it corrected.

Next week will be held at a different time and a different room!