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Hey AiB! Zan here telling you the details about the upcoming SoCal regional this Saturday, Jan 11th. It's looking pretty hype as we have players from the east coast coming! We have NAKAT, Keitaro, and False all from Leap of Faith, and we have CT ZeRo coming as well! Of course, the best from west coast are coming as well with players like CT Tyrant, Rich Brown, WiR FOW, WiR K9, DEHF, and after a long break even mikeHAZE! This is definitely something you guys do not want to miss! Stream link and more info below!


AiB Tournament Page

Facebook Page

Smashboards Page

Also, hype for another week before Apex!!!

Firstly, I must say that I am extremely hyped for the tournament this weekend.

The Big Hit is Socal's next regional, a two day event taking place this weekend.  Most of the West Coast will be in attendance, with a few speical East Coast guests joining as well.  Ally, Bloodcross, xZax, and Doom will all be in attendance for a chance to take home the West Coast crown.

view flyer here (HTML not working :( ):

We are happy to announce that we will now be offering extended tournament registration at the door.  Registration will occur from 9:00AM-12:00PM on 4/20/13. The pricing is as follows:

Pricing Structure:
Singles Event - $15
Doubles Event - $10 Each
Venue Fee (Must be paid one time to enter any event) - $15
Spectator - $10 for one day, $15 for both.

You can also still register online to avoid the line the day of the event – To register, please visit -

The current schedule is for the tournament is:

Saturday April 20th 2013
9:00AM – 12:00PM – At the Door registration begins/warm ups
12:00PM - Brawl Doubles begin
2:00PM – Melee Doubles/Singles begin
4:00PM – Brawl Singles Pools begin
8:00PM – Side Event Begins

Sunday April 21st
11:00AM – Brawl Pro Bracket Begins
For more information on the event check out our All Is Brawl tournament page, or our facebook event page.

Additional questions can be messaged to me, or email me – [email protected]

As you may know, The Big Hit is one month away! To help increase attendance and hype, the organizers are raising funds to help out of state players make it out to the tournament.

For every $5 donated, you will earn a raffle ticket for a chance to win the following prizes:

Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller
Pearl White Gamecube Controller
Spice Orange Gamecube Controller
Clear/Indigo Gamecube Controller

The raffle will close this Saturday 3/23/13 with winners announced on Sunday.

Instructions to donate:

1)Follow this link - ---
2)Add the "Fundraiser Donation" to your cart, then checkout your purchase.

You may enter as many times as you would like to increase your chances of winning.

SoCal’s next regional, run of course by MikeHAZE, is next weekend! February 9th at Desu Nation you can go and compete with SoCal’s finest!

Now, for everyone who’s been keeping up with SoCal’s tournament track, it’s common knowledge that the E4 tournament track is fantastic. Just the announcement of another regional is reason enough to get hyped, but there are some extra exciting things about this event!
Out of Region Attendance – SoCal’s regionals often attract players from NorCal, Vegas, Tijuana, and Arizona, but next weekend you can also expect attendance from several players from slightly farther out. East coast’s Xzax and Chibosempai and Chile’s own Zero are all confirmed for E4U: Remix 3. Along with more hype from more regional events, this leads us to the next highlight.
Clash Tournaments Coverage – Chibosempai from Clash Tournaments will be streaming and recording the main matches of this tournament. All those unfortunate enough to miss out on this tournament can go onto the stream (which will be up on and watch from home.
Raffles! – Raffles are fun. Last time an E4 tournament held a raffle I won a tri-wing screwdriver. I used it to split open a silver and a black gamecube controller and I put them together and named it Obama and I still use it to this day. All sorts of stuff will be raffled off so a lot of people will walk home with something.
Frigate, Delfino, and Halberd are NOT legal at this event. I bring this up every time but it’s nice because there’s no dealing with sharking or untimely stage flips.
For more info involving E4U: Remix 3, check out these links!
Tournament Stream:

Coming this weekend is the next big Socal tournament in the ever popular Elite 4 series.  If you follow this series, then you already know what to expect, but for those of you that don't, you have the finest from Socal and Vegas in attendance here, and possibly others from out of state/Tijuana.   If you're a new player, be sure to print out this flyer and bring it with you so you get $5 off your singles entry


Everything you need to know info wise is on the flyer as well, so it's convenient in that way too! As you can see by the flyer, there's a lot of money on the line, meaning a lot of competition will be there to make it fairly tough to win, so bring your best (and you better know how to swim).  Make sure you click attending here if you're going, and on the facebook page as well. Update! Unlike the other previous SoCal events, this event will be using the Apex ruleset found here. If you have further questions that cannot be answered with the information provided, then you can contact MikeHAZE and get everything straightened out, thanks.

Team OXY is back with another amazing Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. The Road to Apex event, “Kings of Cali” will be taking place this Saturday, November 10th, in Pasadena, CA starting at 11:45 AM PST. The tournament will feature the best players in the Pacific West; such as MaNg0, S2J, Axe, Fly Amanita, Westballz, SFAT, Lucky, Lovage, Strong Bad, Shroomed, Zhu, Bob$, and more! Dr. PeePee is also flying all the way out from North Carolina to participate in the event! In addition, an 8v8 Norcal vs. Socal crew battle will take place at the event on the livestream, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The stream will be provided by VGBootCamp:

VGBC | GimR is being flown out by Team OXY to stream the tournament alongside aisight and StabbedByaNipple. In doing so, GimR and aisight are introducing “VGBootCamp West". In the near future, aisight will be streaming more West Coast tournaments on VGBootCamp’s channel in order to give the West Coast more exposure. Stay tuned for more from VGBootCamp in the future on that subject!

And don’t forget to check out Team OXY’s site for updates on the West Coast smash scene!

Kings of Cali is sponsored by Gamestop and Jake's of Pasadena!
Hey guys its Shiro again,

  Well, if you are from SoCal you must know the E4K series that MikeHAZE has been running. These tournaments can be described in one word, AMAZING! Shoutouts to Mike for being the only host (for now) in SoCal and not letting up, and also manages to host both Brawl and Melee at his events. 

  Let me tell you a little more about this series. The tourneys are Bi-Weekly so that means (for people who don't know) they’re held every other week. There are four regular tourneys and every 5th tourney is a championship tourney that more or less a regional in SoCal. I'm just trying to hype this up for SoCal and trying to get people to come out and support Mike, this tourney series, and SoCal. The upcoming E4K will be the 5th and final one, so expect a regional size event. If you are near-by come on down to this, Mike says he could get someone to fly in if enough people show interest, so let’s get the word out about this tourney and hype it up guys.   SoCal is known for having some great players and every time I have gone to Mike’s tourneys, I don't think I've missed one, but they all turned out really really great! 

  Some down sides right now are just the heat, but it is SoCal so get used to it :3

  Another great thing about this is that there is plenty of time for friendlies and plenty of time to talk and get to know the other smashers. Mike sells soda and food at times which makes it easy for people to stay content, happy, and energized to play at their best (There is also a 7-11 down the street and a mcdonalds as well).

  But anyway, these tourneys are run pretty smoothly and with Pools /Amature Bracket at almost each tourney, and makes it so people get their money’s worth each time. This makes it really great so it doesn't mean you are just playing twice then having to wait about 2 -3 hours to do friendlies on an open tv. 

  Over all this tourney in SoCal coming up, so please show your support and let’s make this event a great one like all of the others!

  E4K: CHAMPION Top 7 Pay Out!!  This is the Fifth and Final E4K Tourney and Mike wants this to be a Regional. First off, let me say that these tourneys are great and are run amazing. We always have a stream!  All info can be found on the tourney page but if you are too lazy to click on that well.. I'll just state some basic info  Venu Opens at 10:00 am this is for warm-ups and friendlies so get there early!  Sign-ups for Singles and Doubles starts at 10:30 and Single pools start at 11 am! (Most of the time these will be held back an hour or so, but don't be hoping on that!)  So let’s show some love to MikeHAZE! And If you are near or just want to come down to the next regional come to this one. 

Hey everyone, I’m Shiro, and in this article I’ll be discussing three upcoming SoCal tourneys this month. They are the UCSB tourney, the 2GG revival tourney, and the NoHo Winter Tourney.

2nd Valley College Fundraising Event! - Public :o
This event will be on Dec. 3rd (A Friday!). The host Senior Campos has put a lot of effort in hyping this. He’s been blogging, leaving people shout outs, and he even passed out flyers at other tourneys. SoCal was in a slump and is slowly coming back. These can be monthlies people! SoCal step it up and go to this. The venue is at a University, so expect a pretty chill environment. SoCal should show your support and go to this! The venue fee is $5. There will be Singles for $6 and Doubles for $6 (per person). This might be a Metaknight banned tourney depending on a poll being run, so make your opinion heard, vote and attend!

Battle Frontier presents 2GG - It's About Time

December 11th Guys it’s been a while! 2GG is back it had taken a summer break, but now it’s back and better than ever! Champ is really stepping it up. This tourney is at CSULB, and from what I've seen in the past, this is a very nice and spacious venue. We know Champ won’t let the community down. This tourney is also going to have a variety of games as well.

The events are:

Venue is $5!

Melee 1v1 & 2v2 (Run by Nealdt)
Brawl 1v1 (Run by Nealdt)
Pokemon 6v6 (Run by Zekey)
Super Street Fighter IV 1v1 (Run by Champ)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom 1v1 (Run by Royalflushz and Champ)
Tekken 6 (Run by MatrixMatt & Champ)
Blazblue: Continuum Shift (Run by Champ)

Sadly there will not be any doubles but it’s still going to be a hype tourney. The venue no longer closes at 8! It closes at 10 now and that gives two extra hours to run this. SoCal you have all the tools you just need to, so use them!

NoHo Winter Tourney

The date for this tourney is still undecided, so go vote if you’re interested in attending! It’ll be hosted in North Hollywood, pretty underground. This has to be on a weekday though! So if your free go vote on the day that is best for you! The venue is pretty expensive for a back yard tourney, so bring some set ups people! ($3 for a backyard venue). The date of this tourney will be from the 27th – 30th, so go to the polls and vote!

This is all that has been posted for December, but look forward to something huge coming up in January!

Winter Game Fest!
Results from a few early Brawl tournaments in southern California:

Champ Combo Pocket: 1. Gimpyfish (Metaknight); 2. DSF (Olimar); 3. Champ (Snake/Fox); 4. PsychoMidget (Snake).
Smash at Noho 3: 1. Gimpyfish (Metaknight); 2. Blitz (Zero Suit Samus); 3. Nes (Peach); 4. DC (Marth).
Chapman III: 1. Gimpyfish (Metaknight); 2. PsychoMidget (Snake); 3. DSF (Olimar); 4. Lucky (Marth/Sonic).
Chapman IV (pending): 1. PsychoMidget (Snake); 2. Gimpyfish (Metaknight); 3. DSF (Olimar); 4. C0nn0r (Marth).

It should be noted that almost all the players above have imported copies of Brawl and thus are able to practice much more than the other entrants, with the exceptions of Gimpyfish*, Nes, DC, and C0nn0r. But we can clearly see a good amount of consistency from players like Gimpyfish, DSF, and PsychoMidget, and it's also clear that good Melee players are performing well in the new game (Gimpyfish, DSF, Champ, Blitz, DC, and Lucky all being current or former members of the SoCal Top 25 rankings).

That doesn't mean new players won't be able to compete, of course. We expect to see a TON of amazing players who never played Melee competitively!

*Yes, Gimpyfish is that amazing.