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by Linkz Jul 19 2014, 12:31AM
After spending countless hours researching if this would even be possible, I'm proud to announce today that we have launched our very first Mario Kart 8 Ladder! It wasn't easy trying to come up with a ruleset for a Mario Kart Ladder, but I've managed to put something together that I think will work out great. I would also like to give a big thank you to all of you who got an early preview of the rules, and gave valuable input on whether or not you felt something would work. Now, I'd like to give everyone a chance to look over the rules we'll be operating under, and give everyone a chance to voice their opinion on the ruleset. I will be carefully reviewing everything said regarding the ruleset, and will update the rules with any major discrepancies as needed. Click here to review the Mario Kart 8 Ladder Rules, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Please keep in mind that this ladder is considered a trial ladder. These rules are subject to change before being implemented in a normal ladder season. On that note, since this is a trial ladder, there will be no playoffs following the close of the ladder. There will however, still be prizes available to be won. Prizes will be announced in a future article, so keep your eye out for that!

Now, as I'm sure you all realize, we're mainly a Smash Bros website. As a result, I'm here to tell you that we have also launched another Smash Ladder alongside the Mario Kart one! This ladder will be run using similar rules to previous ladders. For those of you that still haven't had a chance to check out the alternative Smash server, directions on how to connect to it can be found here:

Aside from the individual ladder rules, the general rules for both ladders are the same. While the majority of the general rules are the same as before, there is one new feature that everyone that participates in either ladder needs to be aware of: the three minute cancellation rule is no more. There were too many cases these past ladders of this 3 minute window being abused, so it has been removed from the ladder altogether. This means that at all times both players must submit a cancellation request in order for a match to be successfully cancelled.

Just like the MK8 Ladder, the new Brawl ladder will not be having a playoffs at its conclusion. It will however, also have prizes associated with it. The prizes for the Brawl ladder will also be announced at a later date. Prizes may also change depending on the number of people which participate in the ladder.

It's been a while since we've had a ladder season up, so I'm very excited to be getting the ball rolling here again. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything, please make sure to mention them below.

Until next time, happy racing/smashing!

The regular season officially came to a close at midnight last night. Congrats to all our badge winners and playoff qualifiers. We have databased all the finishes as of last night. The process of running checks has started and we aim to get playoffs rolling by Friday April 4th. So stay tuned for all your playoff details.

In terms of the ladder reset and next season we are tossing around ideas internally but have yet to come to a hard decision. As most of you probably know Nintendo is planning to take down Wiis legacy wifi system come May 20th. Which would prevent us from completing another full regular season and playoffs. We have some ideas to talk over as a staff and will announce our full plan by the end of the week. But in the meantime if you have any ideas or preferences let us know in the comments below. A shortened season, one last go out with a bang huge tournament, the use of a third party server to continue on with normal ladders, a throwback smash 64 focused ladder, or anything else you would like to see. 

by God-is-my-Rock Jul 3 2013, 1:18AM

Keitaro is back with the continuation of his Famous Ktar Brawl Tournament Series. “Ktar 7” takes place on Saturday, July 6, 2013 in Somerset, NJ starting at 12:00 PM EST. The tournament will feature the best players in NY/NJ; such as CT | Mew2king, Salem, Nairo, Anti, Vinnie, Zinoto, Nakat, and more!

The Live-Stream will be provided by VGBootCamp: 

The side stream (Melee and Project M) will be provided by Clash Tournaments:
by aisight Jun 11 2013, 9:45AM

With the Elite 4 series come to an end (or maybe just a very long break?) and a month having passed since Vindication, the next large-scale west coast tournament will take place in Arizona, on June 22. With some big names from Arizona, Vegas, and SoCal all in attendance, you can expect some very intense matches! Here's a quick list of players to watch out for:
FOW (Vegas, Meta Knight)
K9 (Arizona, Falco)
KiraFlax (SoCal/Arizona, Pit/ROB)
Lycan (Vegas, Wolf/Snake/Meta Knight)
MJG (Kansas, Toon Link)
mikeHAZE (SoCal, Marth)
Rich Brown (SoCal, Olimar)
Tearbear (SoCal, Meta Knight)
Tyrant (SoCal, Meta Knight)
Z (Vegas, Pikachu)
In addition, watch for a clash in doubles between Vindication's top-placing WC-based team, Tyrant and Rich Brown, and the current team to beat, FOW and MJG! Be sure to catch it all live, in person or on stream.

But while Brawl is certainly the focus as far as regional attendance goes, it'd be unfair to say this tournament is for Brawl only. Be sure to also check out the Melee and Project M events. You can expect local favorites like Taj, Axe, Tai, and Wobbles to make an appearance!

Find out more on one of Salvation's event pages.

All is Brawl

The event itself will be streamed myself over here:

TwitchTV VGBC West
Summer time, It's Time for T-Shirts and Shorts...

Hey fellow AiBers! It's PokeMastr here with an update with the impending IMPULSE 2013, with it just around the corner on June 15th-16th! With how much of a success IMPULSE was last year on June 30th.
Topping 72 players in Brawl and Melee with Dabuz, Ally, Mr.R, V115, Zinoto, M2K, HBox, Mango, Dr.PP, Unknown522 all coming down! With M2K trying to time out HBox in Melee with Jigglypuff dittos,Ally whipping out a Marth for Dabuz, V115 taking down Zinoto,  Dr.PP vs Mango – A Classic, or even that one dude blowing up doubles with a Level 9 Luigi! Who WOULDN’T want a second Installment of the IMPULSE Tournament series ?!
Now some of you may or may not know, IMPULSE 2013 isn't just a Major Brawl/Melee tourney anymore... we have more games than that in the lineup~! Foremost, it's going to be a MASSIVE going away party for our beloved local host TinMan - Tinaye Dune, who is moving off to Australia on July 1st! The full article can be found here.

Next up is what games we'll exactly have.. We're having Smash 64, Melee, Brawl, Project: Melee, PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royale and Injustice: Gods Among us! So don't feel lucked out thinking it's JUST a smash tournament or going away party, it's way more than that!

If this isn't hype enough for you, there's more!

We're being sponsered by GDLK Apparel who will be selling T-Shirts during the tournament, we're also partnered up with ClashTournaments for a very very legit stream setup over here in Canada for all those who want to watch the big debut of IMPULSE 2013 and the player lineup we have for the Brawl HYPE!

Now for Brawl... listen carefully, and I mean carefully. You don't want to miss this, it's better off to be here!

The lineup you're all waiting for because I keep stalling! :3

For Brawl we have... Ally, Leon, ADHD, Keitaro, Nakat, Zinoto, False, Bleachigo, JBandrew, Will, Dabuz, Alphicans, V115 are all confirmed for IMPULSE 2013. We have people all over from Canada and America and Leon confirming from all over! Don't expect this to be a small tourney you can blow off.
There’s even more, but TinMan is keeping his mouth shut for the time being. All I know and can tell you is that he’s got some surprises lined up that will blow our minds. His words, not mine. Hope to see everyone here, or watching on stream!
The Impulse Site can be found here for full information.

The Smashboards Thread can be found here for upcoming hype!

If you follow Texas smash at all, then you're familiar with the Hobo series already, but you're also thinking, wasn't 38 supposed to be the last one? It was, but after Xyro saw that he was needed back, he decided to host Hobo 39, and managed to get over 50 players to attend, which is the most a Texas tournament has had in a long while outside of a national.  Due to the success of Hobo 39, we're now going into the possibly supposedly final hobo (he just wanted to end it with an even number or something).  Anyways, being the last Hobo, this one will be a bit special, as the winners of each event will receive this medal.

There will be 4 events for you to try and win one of these medals at: Brawl singles and doubles, and Project M singles and doubles.  I believe if there is enough interest, there will be low tier teams as well, but I'm not sure if that one will have a medal or not.  For more info on the tournament itself, please visit the Smashboards page here and click attending if you're going.  Also, remember to click attending here on AiB if you're going.  Also, this will be a Road to Whobo 5 event; formerly known as the Lone Star Circuit 2, but due to complications with other cities, that has been cancelled and switched to this, so don't get it mixed up.

LSC 2, no.

Road to Whobo 5, yes.

Basically, all this means is that part of the venue fee used towards the events in the series will be added towards the pot for Whobo 5, so you don't have to attend all of them or accumulate circuit points.  Hope anyone who can will attend this and that Hobo ends on a great number, thanks for reading.


The Second Installment of Michigan's Newest Tournament Series is only less than 2 weeks away. On May 11, 2013, Michigan’s premiere Stream Team and Crew, Fish Flop, will be hosting the next event of their series OUTRAGE 2. This time around and it features Brawl Singles and Doubles as well as a FULL Project: Melee Tournament including both Singles and Doubles! 

Attendance looks strong already with expressed interest from all parts of Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, and Kentucky. Expected turnout is looking to be 50+!

This event will be using the Apex 2013 Ruleset and Stagelist for Brawl. The ruleset for P:M is on the SWF thread.

• 10:00am: Doors Open 
• 11:30am: Registration begins for Brawl Doubles/Brawl Singles/P:M Singles 
• 12:00pm: Doubles begins. At this time we will also end Project M Sign-ups 
• 12:30pm: P:M Doubles begins 
• 2:30pm: Brawl Singles Registration ends 
• 3:00pm: Brawl Singles Pools Wave 1 Begins
• 3:15pm: P:M Pools Begin
• 4:30pm: Brawl Singles Pools Wave 2 Begins 
• 6:00pm: Brawl/P:M Singles Bracket Begins 
• 11:00pm: Venue Closes

Like all Michigan events, this event will be livestreamed by Fish Flop Streams! Be sure to follow us on Twitch and Twitter throughout the day for constant updates! 

Following the Tournament, as always, Michigan players will go to Buffalo Wild Wings for a post tournament celebration! Be sure to join for a good time. 

Hope to see you all out there! And Hope all of you tune in on Twitch.

• AllisBrawl 
• Smashboards 
• Twitch  
• Twitters: Fish Flop's|Ori_bro's
Hello AllisBrawl.  Any plans for summer?  Well, here is a stadium tournament going public on AllisBrawl and YouTube, the third installment of the Stadium Gaming Olympics series, Stadium Gaming Olympics III.  This “tournament” will span most of the summer; however you don’t have to compete in every single stadium mode from all three games of the Super Smash Bros. series, with the addition of Super Smash Flash 2.  The best thing of all, the stadium tournament is free and it’s all online.  All you need is your computer, a recording device, Internet, and your console.  You can basically go anywhere.

Stadium Gaming Olympics III is an international tournament where stadium gamers from around the world compete in stadium modes from Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Flash 2 (demo version).  This stadium tournament is hosted by TKDmaster6467, Treklink256, and the stadium community.

The last two installments were successful, but hopefully this installment of the Stadium Gaming Olympics series will prove more successful than the previous.

Here are all the events of Stadium Gaming Olympics III.  There are 135+ events.  The tournament begins on July 1 and ends on August 12, 2012.

July 1-8, 2012: Break the Targets

The goal of these modes is to break all ten targets as fast you can.  However, that’s not always the case.  There will be Screwed up Stadium, where you have to break all the targets using one move only or no jumps, etc.  Screwed up Stadium is basically a mode within a mode.  You do challenges in a stadium mode, in this case Break the Targets.  All Break the Targets for Brawl consists of 5 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Intense.  These will be the five separate categories for Brawl.  You can play just one, all of them, or none.  The events listed below include: 
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Break the Targets Level 1-5
    • Co-op Break the Targets
    • Screwed up Stadium Break the Targets
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Break the Targets
    • Mismatch Break the Targets
    • Screwed up Stadium Break the Targets
  • Super Smash Bros.
    • Break the Targets
    • Screwed up Stadium Break the Targets
  • Super Smash Flash 2
    • Break the Targets
July 8-15, 2012: Home Run Contest

The goal of Home Run Contest is to hit the sandbag as far as you can within ten seconds.  You have a home-run bat and a character’s move set.  Like Break the Targets, there will be Screwed up Stadium, except the challenges will be different.  There will be challenges that you may not use the bat at all to using all aerial attacks.  The possibilities of these challenges are endless.  In this stadium mode only, there will be multiple divisions for normal home run contest, so there will be more winners.  Your total high score determines what division you will play in. There’s also this sub-mode called Acrobatic Home Run Contest.  The goal of this is to make the most appealing run using a specific character.  There will be three judges for this mode.  The events listed below for Home Run Contest include:
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Home Run Contest
      • Iron - (less than 30480m/100000ft)
      • Bronze - (30480m/100000ft - 35052m/115000ft)
      • Silver - (35052m/115000ft - 39624m/130000ft)
      • Gold - (39624m/130000ft - 44196m/145000ft)
      • Platinum - (44196m/145000ft - 48768m/160000ft)
      • Emerald - (48768m/160000ft - 53340m/175000ft)
      • Diamond - (greater than 53340m/175000ft)
    • Screwed up Stadium Home Run Contest
    • Co-op Home Run Contest
    • Acrobatic Home Run Contest
    • No Double Bat Drops
    • No Triple Bat Drops
    • No Bat Allowed
    • Project M
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Home Run Contest
      • Iron - (less than 15240m/50000ft)
      • Bronze - (15240m/50000ft - 19812m/65000ft)
      • Silver - (19812m/65000ft - 25908m/85000ft)
      • Gold - (25908m/85000ft - 30480m/100000ft)
      • Platinum - (30480m/100000ft - 36576m/120000ft)
      • Diamond - (greater than 36576m/120000ft)
    • Screwed up Stadium
    • Acrobatic Home Run Contest
    • No Bat Allowed
July 15-22, 2012: Multi-Man Modes

The goal of these modes is to defeat a certain amount of alloys or wire frames as fast as you can or in a certain amount of time.  There are two modes where you have to defeat as many as you can without dying.  There is a screwed up stadium for two out of the twenty events in Multi-Man.  In 10-man Brawl/Melee, you have to defeat ten alloys/wire frames in a certain amount of time using one move only or “grabs”.  There are countless amounts of challenges for this mode as well.  The events for Multi-Man modes include:
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • 10-man Brawl, 100-man Brawl, 3-minute Brawl, 15-minute Brawl, Endless Brawl, Cruel Brawl
    • Co-op 10-man Brawl, 100-man Brawl, 3-minute Brawl, 15-minute Brawl, Endless Brawl, Cruel Brawl
    • Screwed up Stadium 10-man Brawl
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • 10-man Melee, 100-man Melee, 3-minute Melee, 15-minute Melee, Endless Melee, Cruel Melee
    • Screwed up Stadium 10-man Melee             
July 22-August 1, 2012: Classic, Adventure, All-Star, Subspace Emissary, Boss Battles

The goal of these modes is to get a high score or to get the fastest time as your abilities allow you to get.  There are no screwed up stadium modes for these modes.  There will be two separate categories for each event, except Subspace and Boss Battles.  One of them will be speedrun (calculate your time) and the other will be high score.  There will be separate divisions for all 5 difficulties for these modes.  All Brawl modes have a difficulty of Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Intense.  All Melee and SSB modes have a difficulty of Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard.  The events in these modes include: 
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Classic
    • All-Star
    • Co-op All-Star
    • Boss Battles
    • Co-op Boss Battles
    • Subspace Emissary
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Classic
    • Adventure
    • All-Star
  • Super Smash Bros.
    • 1-P Mode
July 29-August 5, 2012: Miscellaneous Modes (Part 1)

These modes comprise of Event Match, Board the Platforms, Escape from Brinstar, and Race to the Finish.  The goal is to get the fastest time for all of these modes in the Stadium Gaming Olympics. Events for these modes include: 
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Event Match
    • Screwed up Stadium Event Match
    • Co-op Event Match
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Event Match
    • Screwed up Stadium Event Match
    • Escape from Brinstar
    • Race to the Finish
  • Super Smash Bros.
    • Board the Platforms
August 5-12, 2012: Miscellaneous Modes (Part 2)

These modes comprise of Screenshot of the Olympics, Stage of the Olympics, Obstacle Course, End Credits Shooting, and Training.  In Screenshot of the Olympics, you take two screenshots that fits a certain theme.  In Stage of the Olympics, you assemble a stage that fits a certain theme.  In Obstacle Course, you have to complete a course as fast as you can with a certain character.  In Training, there is both acrobatic training and max combos.  Events for these modes include: 
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    • Screenshot of the Olympics
    • Stage of the Olympics
    • Obstacle Course
    • End Credits Shooting
    • Training
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
    • Screenshot of the Olympics
    • End Credits Shooting
    • Training
  • Super Smash Bros.
    • End Credits Shooting
    • Training

Stadium Gaming Olympics III is a ladder system, meaning the more points you earn and accumulate, the higher placing you receive.
Amount earned from placing: 
  • 1st Place: 5 points
  • 2nd Place: 4 points
  • 3rd Place: 3 points
  • Participation: 1 point
  • No participation: 0 points
  • Cheating: -10 points

Don’t cheat.  You will get caught.

You cannot submit previously uploaded videos as your entries.  The entry has to be done during the week of the event.

Entries are due at the end of the event’s week.  Make a video response to the event video to earn an automatic point.  These event videos will be uploaded by TKDmaster6467.  (

There will be a certain character(s) that you have to play for a certain event.  The challenges and the characters are randomized.  You can only submit one entry and you can only play that certain character, unless specified otherwise.

By the way, you don't have to participate in every event.  It's a ladder system.  It's like the Olympics.  You know how Michael Phelps participated in 8 swimming events.  You can participate as many as you want or just in one.  It's up to you! 


Be sure to check these prizes down here. (if you participated) (if you won an event) (if you won 5 events) (if you won 15 events) 

These prizes will be distributed at the end of each week.

Information for Stadium Gaming Olympics III:

Stadium Gaming Olympics III Group:
Stadium Gaming Olympics III Topic in the Stadium Forums:
TKDmaster6467’s Channel:

tl;dr?  Gamers compete in a free, online tournament composed of 135+ events.  If you participate, you get a stadium badge, once you respond to an event video uploaded by me.

Thanks to LinksDarkArrows for the image.

Hello AllisBrawl, FF Ori_bro here to bring you the latest and greatest for anything tournament related here in Michigan. Like Zano, I will be making a Seasonal article that will talk about big events happening here in Michigan during that Ranking Season. Ever since APEX 2012, Michigan has been pulling some amazing events when comparing to tournaments we held over a year ago. Our locals were in the teens to low twenties, but now we are seeing 30 to 40 man locals. I want to give this flourishing state the spot light it needs. Since Michigan’s Winter Smash Season has officially ended with the most recent Power Rankings being released, our Summer Smash Season will be kick off in May. I will be updating this when more events get announced so keep checking back! This summer entails a lot for the state and we want you there!


May 5th: SnooPingAsUsual

A new series started by JTSM in beautiful Ann Arbor. This series is looking to have a fantastic start. With a great turnout predicted to be in the high 30’s low 40’s it will be a great time. Carpools from Ohio, Indiana, and possibly Canada making the journey the hype will be there. Some of the big names that will be in attendance are Ally, SpartaKick, Zinoto, King Beef, Eddie G (KingBeef), Azure_Kenny, and many more. Join us in downtown Ann Arbor at Michigan’s favorite venue Mason Hall.
- Smashboards
- AllisBrawl

May 26th: B.A.M.F Remix #1

Michigan’s successful summer series from last year makes its return for summer 2012. This series is hosted by Ori_bro and is located in Sylvan Lake. Last summer, Ori brought Michigan’s Marvel and Smash community together and host 4 successful events. He wants to keep this streak going all summer long. Like last summer, he will be featuring Brawl (1v1/2v2), Melee (1v1/2v2), and UMvC3. To make this year different he will be throwing in everyone’s favorite Smash 64, and as a side event for the FGC guys I will be having the new fighter that is getting extremely popular, Skullgirls, there as well. All of Michigan’s favorite players will be in attendance so be sure to come on out! 
- This series will run all summer long. When more dates are announced they will be added. 
- Smashboards
- AllisBrawl

June 8th: RAGEquaza Monthlies

Rayquaza07 takes a step forward as a new tournament organizer. He presents his new monthly series in Garden City at the infamous Gameyard Venue starting in June. This tournament is gearing towards a good warm up for the event of the summer in Michigan that is one week later...
- Smashboards
- AllisBrawl

June 16th: The Phoenix Saga: Part 4

Michigan’s Must Attend Tournament Saga is back with another installment and is ready to provide more hype than the previous ones. Technical_Chase and his staff are ready to bring the magic back in downtown Ann Arbor at a new venue that will give us even more space. With Carpools from Ohio, Illinois, Kanas, and Canada confirmed the level of competition here should be through the roof. Players like MJG, Kain, Meekspeedy, Toronto Joe, Ally, Zinoto, Sparta Kick, Azure_Kenny, DLA, and more this is going to be a stacked tournament. Join us in downtown Ann Arbor for a day filled with upsets, hype, and of course Michigan’s after tourney tradition, Buffalo Wild Wings. See you at the tournament.
- Smashboards
- AllisBrawl


Each tournament will have a livestream, except RAGEquaza Monthlies. WuvS at MrAcidApple streams will be the one presenting the livestreams. I will post a link to stream in a blog the day of the tournament.


Remember, if you want your Tournament to be featured in this blog send me a Private Message or leave me a shoutout and I will add it to the list. The tournaments I have listed will be great and will provide a lot of entertainment for those in attendance. I see a lot of Michigan faces here on All is Brawl that haven’t attended a tournament yet. I want you all to come out to these, enter, and have a blast. It is going to be a great summer of Smash here in Michigan so try and make it out!

Until next time AiB,

- FF Ori_bro

Important Links for Michigan Players

- The Big Michigan Discussion Topic
- The Official Michigan Brawl Power Rankings Thread
- The Official Michigan Brawl Power Rankings Group
- MrAcidApple Streams

Zano here, bringing you the latest news in all things brawl across Texas! I'm going to be doing a monthly article to inform everyone of all the tourneys being hosted around Texas for your convenience. It seems we never get any advertising around here for such events, so I'm here to change all that! From now on, you'll be in the know about all the tournaments we have to offer across the state, and I'll even inform you of everything I know about them so you know what you're getting into. Keep in mind that some tournaments may not be announced yet, in which case, I will update this article to include them, so make sure to check this more than once. Alright, so we got a tournament coming up every week for the rest of the month, so let's get to it and see which ones are closest for you to attend.


April 14th:

Hobo 37 - Everyone knows Hobo, it's well know as one of the best series in Texas with the highest level of competition in Texas available each time, due to most of our best players living in Houston, and being close enough to travel to by some of our other top cities. Usually run by Xyro, Sync is now in charge of running this series and will be providing the same excellence you'd expect from a hobo, not to mention a really nice venue at Game Over Video Games. It's also important to note that this is not only a part of project WHOBO 4, but is also a part of the Impulse Circuit. For more info on those, check out the tournament page I've provided. Expect this to be the biggest tournament of the month with so much at stake.

DMT #16 Smash at TTU - Dakpo's Monthly Tournament series, and probably the only tournament series you'll find in North Texas. If you live in the area and you've been trying to find a scene, this is your chance to find some brawl action and meet some great players. Dakpo is known for being a top 5 ZSS, so a chance to play him is well worth the visit if you can find yourself in the area. The best part of this series is that it's FREE to enter, and has CASH prizes, how amazing! It may not give much incentive for out of city players to attend due to the low payouts, but anyone who lives in lubbock/amarillo should definitely check it out.

The Arena: South Texas Gaming League #9 - Can't say I know much about this series, but I'll provide you with what I do know. As far as I know, this is primarily a melee series, but this time they are holding brawl as well. The host is Skeith, and he's a pretty good TO down in south texas, so his tournament should be run quite nicely. It's in McAllen, so it's not too close to any of the major brawl cities in the state, but it shouldn't be lacking in players at all, and seems like a fun time, especially for anyone who is interested in both games!

April 21st:

Revolution 11 - Denti's monthly tournament series in Dallas, and is rapidly growing as one of the bigger tournaments our state has to offer. Denti is a top 5 Olimar and one of the best players in Texas, and the rest of DFW is filled with some of our highest ranked players, so competition will be anything but easy here. Recently, Infern and Y.b.M have moved to the area, so you can expect them to show up as well, adding to an already stacked tournament as it is. It's a great series worth checking out if you live in the area, $10 entry fee is also god incentive for OoC players to travel. Melee will also be hosted at this event for those interested. Oh, and one more interesting note, this tournament will be MK legal, so we'll see how things go with that.

April 28th:

Batou's Monthly 8 - Another great series in the DFW area. Batou has seen great success with his series in Fort Worth, bringing in notable names from all over Texas, and even at one point, Vinnie made an appearance while he was in Texas! This tournament will be held at Evolution Games, which is a great venue if you've never seen it before. Expect lots of hype and a great time if you show up. Not sure who all besides DFW will be in attendance, but you'll see pretty much everyone you see from Revolution attending, since it's in the same area pretty much.


Remember if you want to have your tourney listed, to put it in the southwest console tournament listing section of smashboards so I can include it. If you have a tourney you'd like to be added to this list, please message me so I can add it! So there you have it, all the tournaments available to you over the course of the month in Texas, all of them sure to be a blast, no matter which one you pick! I hope that this series will help you all to be in the know about every tournament this wonderful state has to offer. I know of quite a few Texas players that I see on ladder/free play quite often, and you all live well within the areas of these tournaments, so I encourage you to give them a try and prove yourself in the best way you can. Regardless of how you do, expect to have a good time and meet some friendlies people, you can even make quite a few friends, I'm sure of it. Until next time AiB, I plan on giving all of you plenty of articles worth reading from here on out!

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            The Smash scene has always been something of a mystery to those outside the community. It is often isolated from other gaming communities and as a result few realize the draw and staying power the games have had for over half a decade. One of the staples of the Smash community are the occasional community run, grassroots national tournaments. The roots of these tournaments go all the way back to 2003, when Matt Deezie ran the very first Smash national tournament, TG4. Since that time dozens more have occurred and a few tournaments have even risen to the international level in scope. 

            One of these tournaments is coming this weekend. As I mentioned a few weeks ago in “Super Smash Bros. Thriving Across the Country” over at, in just a few short days the Smash scene is looking forward to the international tournament Apex 2012. The last international tournament occurred in the summer of 2011 with over 400 people attending and over $22,000 in prize money. At that tournament, Genesis II, a Melee player from outside the United States won for the first time ever. The player Armada, hailing from Sweden, had traveled to the United States repeatedly over the years but until 2011 had not finished higher than second in singles at a major US tournament. Unlike many other competitive games, the US has typically dominated the international scene and is often considered the best at both Brawl and Melee. This history goes all the way back to former world champion Ken Hoang winning the Jack Garden tournament in Japan in 2005.

Many players outside the United States have proven they can achieve great heights, but until Armada’s victory six months ago none had proven they had what it took to be a champion. At Apex 2012 the saga will continue, with Armada once again coming to the United States –only this time he will not be the underdog, but the defending champion. Apex 2012 will have a plethora of high-level players attending for both games. Melee, having such a long history, offers an interesting diversity in talent. At the top of the list are all former and current national champions. Dr Peepee, the Falco main who won Pound 5 in early 2011, is by many considered the favorite to challenge Armada. To win though he will have to overcome other champions like Hungrybox and his Jigglypuff. Hungrybox’s time at the top has been steady for years; he won Apex 2010 and is typically in the top 3 at major national tournaments. Probably the most electrifying Melee player though will be Mango, considered at one point to be the most dominant player after Ken, he has won multiple national tournaments since 2009 and he is considered a threat with many characters.

Moving past these national champions though are former Melee players and legends in their own right. Isai, former Major League Gaming Doubles National Champion in 2004, 2005, and 2006 and widely considered the best Smash 64 player ever, will be attending. MLG 2006 National Champion PC Chris should also be showing off his, possibly rusty but certainly thrilling, skills. Other players from the days that MLG held Melee include Chillin, KoreanDJ, and Azen—two of which won MLG tournaments in 2005 and 2006. Captain Jack has reportedly booked his flight from Japan, he had placed top 3 at MLG’s 2004 National Championship.  Looking at these players, the talent at Apex 2012 is almost surpassed by the long and storied history and it is anyone’s guess who’ll come out on top. 

For Brawl the event looks to be just as exciting. Apex 2010 winner, DEHF, is set to defend his crown and shake off what was likely a bit disappointing 2010 MLG season. The player currently considered the best at Brawl will surely give DEHF one of his biggest obstacles in defending his crown. Since taking 4th place at MLG’s 2010 National Championship, Ally has been on a rampage, winning over 20 tournaments in the last year alone, including the national Pound 5. He is the first player since Brawl’s release to overtake Mew2King in the SWF Rankings, a catalogue of over 4,500 unique players and 500 tournaments occurring in the last year alone. Other challenges to DEHF include Mr. R, considered one of the best Marth players and the best player from Europe.


While the competition will be fierce from all the aforementioned players, probably the most exciting matches will come from the Japanese. So far over ten Japanese players are slated to travel to Apex 2012. Among them was the Apex 2010 Runner-up, Brood, who showed the US players that Olimar can compete on an entirely different level. He stands as one of the only players to ever defeat both Ally and Mew2King in the same tournament. Another Japanese player, Kakera, is believed to have a Meta Knight that rivals Mew2King’s and many are looking forward to a potential showdown between the two. Finally, there is Nietono, who’s Olimar is held as the best in the world and who is frequently referred to as the best player in Japan.

All of these international players will be fighting a slew of American goliaths. The best of the US includes ADHD (Diddy Kong), Anti (Meta Knight), Atomsk (everything), NickRiddle (Zero Suit Samus), and ESAM (Pikachu). Many of these players are considered the best in the country with their character. 2010 MLG National Champion and winner of $12,500, Gnes, will grace the tournament and hopes are high for his and other Texas’ player’s attendance. Likely the odds-on favorite to win the tournament is Mew2King though, who despite a surge from Ally is still the most consistent Brawl player of the last four years. Mew2King has mentioned Apex 2012 may be his last tournament and a competitor at his level will always want to go out on top. He will be entering both Brawl and Melee and stands to win upwards of $10,000 if he performs well in both games.

Though the tournament is just three days away and already records have been set. With 410 Unique Brawl entrances it will be the largest Brawl tournament in history. The experience lasts three days from January 6th-8th, and aside from all three Smash games will also include competitions for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and even Pokemon Black/White. If you live near the New Jersey area and don’t wish to enter a tournament but want to check it out, spectator passes are a mere $10. Registration will be taken at the door for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and Pokemon. This is huge considering the recently EVO2k12 announced that Apex 2012 will be its kickoff event for their Road to EVO. 

  • 410 Brawl Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 330 Melee Entrants (2nd Largest Ever)
  • 64 Smash 64 Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 84 (and counting...) Traditional Fighting Games
  • 3 Days
  • Over $15,000 in prizes
  • Professional quality stream so all the action can be watched from home
  • First Smash tournament to also be an EVO qualifing event
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Our second interview here on the Apex Smash is a special one! vVv Zero is an international player to us, but not just any international player - he is the best player in Chile! vVv Zero won the Apex 2012 qualifier in Chile, Showdown 2! vVv Zero was nice enough to allow me to conduct an interview with him about the upcoming Apex 2012 tournament on January 6th, 2012.
vVv ChiboSempai - vVv Zero, wifi master, Chile's #1 player, Meta Knight extraordinaire - how are you doing today?
vVv Zero - ¡I am doing great today! Thanks for asking! ¿What about yourself?
vVv ChiboSempai - I am doing great as well! I am excited about Apex coming up in just a few short months, getting ready for everything being both a member of the staff and a competitor. I want to start by saying congratulations by winning the Chile qualifer for Apex - Showdown 2! By winning you won yourself free entry into Apex 2012! Excited!?
vVv Zero - Extremely! Apex 2012 is going to be a Smash tournament that will make HISTORY. And I am extremely excited and happy that I will be able to form part of this!
vVv ChiboSempai - Have you begun to make your travel/flight arrangements yet? I've never flown out of the country myself but I imagine that it would take a lot of work! Do you plan to stay in the US only for Apex, or stay a little extra time to enjoy some of the surrounding areas, or perhaps stay for an extra tournament?
vVv Zero - I am planning everything related to my Visa papers first. This is something that requires time and a lot of requirements that I have to complete. My travel plans are related to my Visa papers. So at this moment, my Visa papers are the most important part to make my travel a possible one. I would love to stay in the United States of America for an extra tournament or two. Especially in the New York/New Jersey area! The chance to play with AMAZING players, like ADHD, Nairo, Dabuz and many others it's just a chance I wouldn't like to miss!
For Chile, it requires a lot of things. For example, as I'm not over 18 years old yet, I need a signed paper at a notary with both of my parents signature. I also need to sign and fill a lot of papers and tests on the embassy website. I need to be as clean as PictoChat in terms of "law" problems. I need to proove that I'm not going to stay ilegally in the United States of America, for which, I need a signed invitation from a resident of the United States of America inviting me to visit the United States of America with a CLEAR intention. In this case, compete at Apex 2012. I also need a special Visa, not a normal tourist one. As a competitor that is going to compete at Apex, I will have the "chance" of winning money, even from money matches. And for that I will have to pay taxes, which is something I can't do with a normal tourist Visa. Also, in some states of the United States, competing in a Video Game tournament is considered a "Gamble" and I can't "Gamble" with a normal tourist visa either. I need a special kind of Visa, such as a Visa that allows me to work, which allows me to pay taxes. Or, an athlete Visa, which allows me to compete without a problem. However, prooving that a 16 year old teenager is going to "work" or "compete" in the United States of America is something that I can't do without help. And that's where vVv Gaming helps comes in. Along with this, are everything related to my travel plans. Such as, travelling 450Km's to visit the Embassy in Santiago, travel costs, and language problems. My english if far from a native level, but I am trying my best everyday to keep improving it!
vVv ChiboSempai - That is quite a lot of work! I'm impressed, I really am. This shows the amount of dedication you're showing to attend this event, far more than your average smasher in the tri-state area that just has to hop into a car for a couple hours. I don't think any normal person would be making this travel like you are, and you are clearly the exception. To my understanding, you're one of the best, if not the undisputed best player in all of Chile! Why don't you talk about some of your tournament accomplishments from this year?
vVv Zero - Thank you very much for the accompliments! I am extremely dedicated for this game. This is truly something I love and care a LOT. The passion I feel for this game is very big. Well, I have won all the tournaments I have attended this year in Chile. In total, 11 Singles wins, and about 4-6 Doubles wins. I won the National Tournament without dropping from the Singles Bracket, and I won 3-0 in the Grand Finals. I won Showdown 2 dropping one game against Fabri, and one game to my best friend, Iori. I also, mastered the Diddy Kong match up, and now I can 3-2 stock consistently the second best player in Chil, Phantom who uses Diddy Kong. I have not dropped a single game in my last 3 tournaments, in singles and doubles.
One good memory I have is from Showdown 1. Where I lost to Phantom in WB2 2-1. I was extremely dissapointed after that. I rallied trough the losers bracket, beating Hb2 (best peach in Chile), Ferna (2nd best Falco in Chile), Dragon (3rd best overall player in Chile), Iori (my best friend, and the person I fear the most in a tournament! He knows EXACTLY what I'm gonna do!) and finally, I beat Phantom 6-0 in Grand Finals. This was an AMAZING experience for me. I just couldn't keep smiling after that!
vVv ChiboSempai - That is incredible! No one in the US has a record like that here. Granted we have more players, but not dropping a single game in 3 tournaments? Consistently 2 or 3 stocking the 2nd best player? No one in the US can match that sort of status, and I'm excited to see how you will perform with our best here. As I mentioned earlier, you are a Meta Knight main. Do you have any secondary characters you have prepared, perhaps even used in tournament?
vVv Zero - Thanks for that! I think there are players in the US who have reached this "status". Players like Mew2King, Ally or ADHD have won several tournaments without dropping games, or 2-3 stocking in Grand Finals. I'm a Meta Knight exclusive main in tournaments. But, I have been preparing a few characters for Apex 2012, such as Ice Climbers, Snake, Falco, Fox, Diddy Kong and even Donkey Kong. This way, I can counterpick the match ups I don't feel like I can perform really well with Meta Knight, or use them when I feel I need them. Having more options is better than not having many options!
vVv ChiboSempai - Which matchup could you possibly favor Donkey Kong in over Meta Knight??
vVv Zero - Definitely Lucas. I can't play Lucas with Meta Knight for a weird reason. I am going to have some good practice sessions with FernHadez, the best Lucas main in Chile before Apex 2012. I want to have my Meta Knight ready for any great Lucas mains, such as Mekos or PinkFresh. I'm gonna have a Donkey Kong ready in the Lucas match up just in case. I prefer to be ready for any situation than to be sorry after losing!
vVv ChiboSempai - Ah, good answer. That is definitely a matchup I can see you preferring to use Donkey Kong. What would you say is your best matchup for your Meta Knight?
vVv Zero - Definitely, Snake. The Snake match up is the match up where I am the most comfortable with, and also the match up where I have the most fun and experience! I love to play Snake in almost every single stage of the game. The better the Snake player, the more fun I have! For this, I am very excited to play Ally in a 50$ Dollar money match at Apex 2012!
It's like a dream to me. Play with the Snake who has beaten Mew2King, Anti, ADHD, and basically, everyone? It's just something I want to experience!
Ally, be ready for our Money Match! Because I am going to try my hardest to win! And I expect you to do so as well!
vVv ChiboSempai - Oooh, vVv Zero with the call out! I love it! I don't know if I would ever do so much money lying on a single set, but I certainly hope for the best.
Now despite living in Chile, I feel like your connected pretty well with the American Smash scene. You compete regularly on the All is Brawl ladder, and you have an account on Smashboards where you post at times. How would you say the Smash scene here differs from where you live?
vVv Zero - Haha, well, if you don't have the right mindset to compete with the best, then you wouldn't have chance, no? And thanks! I hope that aswell! The North American Smash scene is really different from the Smash scene of Chile. The most obvious and first difference is the language barrier. The second is the size and level of competition in the communites. The North American Smash scene is not only the biggest Smash community in the world, but also it has some of the best players in the world! I also think that a big difference is the economy.
Chile doesn't have the same reality as the United States, economically speaking. The tournaments over here are much cheaper and smaller in terms of prices and prizes. That's a big difference. For this reason I don't play Smash for money. I compete for the love and passion I have for the game! I am a very, very competitive person! I can even compete in "Who can eat the breakfast/lunch faster than the other!". That's a competition I usually compete with my mom or my friends, haha.
I also love and respect the compromise, professionalism and dedication of the persons who try to take Smash to a next level. Persons like AlphaZealot or you are a big example of this! I'm also very thankful of the persons who run websites like AllisBrawl and Smashboards. These persons are extremely dedicated to the Smash community, and they do it for FREE! Shoutouts to every moderator, super moderator, and admins in AllisBrawl and Smashboards! Also shoutouts to VideoGameBootCamp! They have done SO much to take the Smash scene to a new level, and again, for FREE! Shoutouts to everyone who runs VGBC! (GIMR, Bionic, Logic and you!). I am sorry if I forgot someone! Shoutouts to "you" as well, and thanks for taking the Smash scene to a next level!
vVv ChiboSempai - Quite an answer vVv Zero! I want to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with me, I'm sure everyone appreciates it. We all look forward to seeing you compete at Apex 2012!
vVv Zero - Thanks for having me, and thanks to everyone who reads this interview! And YES! I am so excited and hyped for Apex 2012! I just can't keep counting the days with my fingers! Shoutouts to my mom, my sister, my dad, my two dogs, my cat, my friends, and of course, the Smash scene! Also, special shoutouts to vVv Gaming for being a great sponsor and helping me to get to compete at Apex 2012! Make sure to check out the best professional gaming community in the world at:
by heytallman Apr 9 2011, 11:05AM
Well, WHOBO 3 has come and gone. 139 players came down to Houston, beating last year by 34 entrants, but falling short of the inaugural WHOBO's attendance by only one person. I'm sure that for everyone who came down, it was a weekend to remember.

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by JoeR Dec 27 2009, 6:06PM
It's finally here!!! Smash 64 has finally come to the virtual console on the Wii (In NA)!!! This is the game that started it all and is the reason this very community exists! It's been more than a decade since it's original release and now it's being released again. Who would have thought when it first came out that it would be re-released on the Wii!? From the N64, to the Gamecube, to the Wii this franchise has done little to disappoint (trippin) and has come through with it's promise to provide gamers with the action, excitement and fun they were looking for! As of December 21st Super Smash Brothers can be purchased off the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 Wii points. It's the 500th game to be released on the Virtual Console too! 

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