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The first week of Smash Trivia is over. A lot was learned from the first session held tonight at 9:00pm EST and next week there will be some changes and improvements! Here are the questions and winners from this week.

  • (Q1): Who were the top 3 players in Singles at Melee FC:D in order of placements (1st-3rd)? (A): Mew2King, PC Chris, ChuDat. (Winner): Hot_ArmS
  • (Q2): Approximately how many live tournaments have used the tio program for bracket management (answer within 20 tournaments)? (A): 1015-1055. (Winner): ALLSTAR41
  • (Q3): What was the second team to ever defeat Ken and Isai in a set and at what tournament did it happen? (A): Wes and PC Chris at MLG Meadowlands (or New York) 2006. (Winner): None
  • (Q4): What are the only two tournaments ChuDat defeated Ken at? (A): MLG Chicago and Super Champ Combo. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q5): How many people were at the largest Smash tournament, Axis? (A): Depending on your source, either 302 or 303 is acceptable. (Winner): Big_Black
  • (Q6): Approximately how many online tournaments have been held through AiB? (A): Between 1000-1200 was accepted. (Winner): Olimarman
  • (Q7): Name the first national tournament Mew2King won in singles? (A): Melee FCD. (Winner): Sean
  • (Q8): When was Brawl released in the US? (A): March 9th, 2008. (Winner): Duff
  • (Q9): What move of Donkey Kong’s does not suffer from stale moves? (A): His F-Throw. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q10): Who defeated M2K at XIIesticle and what characters did they use? (A): Ninjalink with Diddy and ChuDat with Kirby. (Winner): Nintendude1189

All the winners listed here should have recieved the Smash Trivia Amatuer badge! If you for some reason did not, then please send AlphaZealot a PM to have it corrected.

Next week will be held at a different time and a different room!