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Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to design a card for the TCG? Well, here’s your chance now!

Because the MS Paint wildcard condition for the Duo Card Contest was so popular, we decided to adapt it and make it into a whole new contest! We will be asking you to draw the cards for the next Vending Machine series.

DOWNLOAD THIS IMAGE (right click this link, save as) AND GET TO WORK!!!

-MS Paint only! Cards must be 100% hand drawn BY YOU in MS Paint.
-Your card should look similar to cards already available (same general shape and location of emblems, point values, etc;). Draw the template as well as the snapshot.
-The subject of your card can be anything Nintendo related! (Keep it appropriate though, of course)
-Your card doesn’t have to look derp (ex: the old VMs). But it can if you want.
-Include name, artist credit, quote, Series V2 and the game series of your subject somewhere on the card.
-Do NOT include point value, weight, rarity, or numbering your card. But DO leave space for it. After deciding winners, we will designate those values for the winners to add in (or we will do it).
-The size of the card has to be the same size as existing cards (Standard is 250 px x 360 px - pleAse use the frame image provided as your base)
-Save in PNG or BMP format only
-You can submit as many cards as you want, but keep in mind only the best will be chosen
-Judging will be done by the TCG design team
-The contest will end when we have enough submissions for the series (For reference, the past Vending series had 39 cards)


If chosen, your card(s) will be made into a new card
You will get a copy of your card(s) when the series is released
500 coins per card that wins
Artiste Badge
All participants will receive 500 coins for effort

Post your submission in this thread.

If you aren’t sure what exactly you are supposed to be doing after reading all that, here are some examples for reference:

Version trying not to derp

Version derp

Note: Volke (Version derp) forgot to put Series V2 somewhere. Don’t follow that part of the example. Also for those that are easily confused, despite the examples both being FE: Awakening based, you can and are encouraged to make cards from other series.

Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to post below or in the submission thread.

So after my crack at recording the live video of the bracket generation came back corrupt and several other tries where I was explaining it all I decided to just use screenshots to officially announce our grand prize winner was "Emoney6198". Screenshot of the final bracket is below (entries list here). Thanks for taking part everyone.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic



Make sure to follow TioPro on Twitter and like us on Facebook today for your last chance to win a $200 Gamestop giftcard. Contest ends at 11:59 PM EST today Monday, the 14th. We will be taking the names of all the people and putting them into a TioPro bracket and randomizing. First person that shows up on the bracket (ie the guy/gal on the very top) will be our grand prize winner. You are eligible for two entries to make sure you use both twitter and facebook.

Also as mentioned in our "Welcome to 2013" article we will be holding a user round-table this week. It is officially taking place Friday, the 18th, at 8:00 PM EST, 5:00 PST in Tournament Chat 3 running for at least an hour. You will find the sites co-founders as well as many key staff members on this chat. It is your chance to give us your feedback, ask questions, get concerns addressed, toss out ideas for improvement, convince us why you should be on staff, get badges, and more. You are a part of this community, and this is just one of the things we plan to do make 2013 the best AiB yet.

P.S. Shout-out to Dr. PP for repping NC and getting 2nd in Melee. And TioPro invitational winner Salem for is 1st place finish at Apex. If you havent you already you should check out his AiB interview here

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he didn’t have the guts!

Hello everybody! Aside from my Halloween humor, I am back with another event. Halloween is approaching shortly, so we have been trying to make this year filled with activities. Aside from stocking up on hoards of candy, have you done anything fun? 

Halloween Costume Contest: First, there’s the Halloween Costume Contest, where you can dress up and show us your spooky and crazy costumes. More information about the Halloween Contest can be found here. 

Get-Together: Next, what would Halloween be without a little get-together? You can’t miss this year's Halloween party! At this event, we can all hang out and talk about spooky Halloween stories, play some Brawl, trade cards, and do whatever you feel like it as long as it remains within the site rules. So make sure you keep this weekend open, because it's going to take place on Sunday, November 4th. 

Smash Trivia: Along with socializing and brawling, Yoshinendo will also be there hosting his special trivia. These trivia question aren't as easy as you'd think, so you'd better be studying up on anything Smash related( and keep Google ready). Those who answer the questions correctly will get points, and at the end, will be awarded with badges and/or cards. 

Signature of the Week: It's been awhile since we had one of these, but Kawaii Desu Otter has returned to launch another Signature of the Week contest... this time, Halloween themed! Please participate here


: Sunday, November 4th 2012 

Time:8:00-12:00 EST 
         7:00-11:00 CST 
         6:00-10:00 MST 
         5:00-9:00  PST 

Location: Social chatroom 

So everybody, bring a good attitude, some fun conversation starters, and a fresh brain (we don't want zombies taking those) to prepare for the party of your life!

Hey guys! You may have already been preparing your house with spooky decorations and pumpkins, buying loads of candy for the innocent trick-or-treaters, but make sure you don't forget your costume because Halloween is right around the corner, which makes this the perfect time for our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

The rules are simple. Put on a costume of your choice, take a picture, and submit it to one of the judges on our panel. It's that easy!

For simply participating, you will receive the Participant badge. If you costume is good enough to make it to the finals, however, you will receive the Finalist badge. Lastly, if you're the chosen winner out of our group of finalists, you will receive the Costume Contest Winner badge.

We will be grading each of the costumes on the following categories. Make sure you meet all of the following criteria so you can make it to the finals!

Originality: Is it a costume you made yourself? If you're cosplaying, how well do you look like the person you're cosplaying? In other words, try to be creative, don't just be another vampire/zombie/mummy (though a mummy would be pretty cool).

Flexibility: Is this a costume that anyone can wear, or is it something restrained to skinny people, fat people, tall people, etc? Dressing in pieces instead of layers will help you accomplish this.

Appeal: Is it pretty or ugly? Or rather, is it interesting to look at, or will people turn away because it's hideous? When you're thinking about this, try to remember something along the lines of "kids and adults" so you don't do anything drastic.

Panel of Judges:
SVK Skyviper

All entries must be submitted by 10/31 at 11:59 PST. Any entries after that will not be added. To submit an entry, PM one of the above judges with the subject line as "costume contest" or something along the lines of that.

Hello everyone! I know there hasn't been a ToTW in quite some time now, and I really did enjoy those. So I decided to host one and try to bring the ToTWs' back to life. So, without further ado, I give you, The Texture of the Week! In this contest, your goal is to try and make the best texture you can make, based of the theme, which is Robotic. The rules of the contest are quite simple.

1. Don't submit someone else's work as your own.(Automatic disqualification.)
2. You can't submit something already made and uploaded to a brawl hacking site. (Like KC-MM for example.)
3. Don't troll/flame someone else's texture.
4. Textures Submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Below are the 2 panel judges. PM your entry/submission to one of them:


Now I'll cover the layout or setup for the contest.
Subissions can be turned in to one of us from Monday 8am - Sunday 12am.
From 12am - 1pm, me and Poke will go through and see which ones meet the requirements for voting.
Then from 1pm - 10pm, me and Poke will tally all the votes, and announce the winner. (Runner ups and so forth.)
Winners will be announced at 10pm.

And that's about it! I hope to see some Creative and Unique textures. Good luck and have fun!
Hello everyone! It's that time yet again. The entries are in and now it's time for you, the people to vote and voice your opinions on the banners. Yes, you, the community will get to decide the official banner of the upcoming huge international Smash tournament, Apex 2013! There's a total of 14 entries. The rules are very simple and they are as follows:

(01) Voting will be done numerically in descending order (For example: "1" being for the top/first entry and "14" being for the bottom/last entry)

(02) You may only vote for one entry

(03) Participants may not vote for their own entries (If I find out, you will be automatically disqualified)

(04) No biased voting, please

(05) You will have an entire week to vote (Voting will end on Sunday, September 30th at midnight, eastern USA time)

Please place your vote in this thread here.

Good luck to all participants and have fun everyone!
Hello everybody! As you all know, we have a big and exciting Smash event soon approaching us. With Apex 2013 taking place about five months away, we've come up with a little contest to try and get some pre-hype for it. Without further ado, I present to you the official Apex 2013 Banner Contest! In this contest, participants will compete to make the most hype banners for the upcoming Apex 2013. The rules for this contest are very simple:

(01) Keep your banners within topic (the topic being Apex 2013.)
(02) Do not make/submit any kind of entries that may be deemed inappropriate by the site rules.
(03) Only one entry submission is allowed per contestant.
(04) The banner must be 964 x 175 pixels.

With that said, I'm really hoping to see some great and awesome looking banners. Be creative, take your time and please don't rush. You will have ample time, as the deadline for this contest will be September 21st at midnight (PST- west coast time), or 3 am (EST - east coast time) for those of you who aren't good with time zones. And yes, of course, badges will be awarded for participation, runner-up entries, and the winner. You've got nothing to lose! Join up and compete to be in next year's Apex spotlight with your awesome banners!

Below is a list of our panel of judges. PM your entries/submissions to one of these fine members below:

(01) FF_Ori_bro
(02) Prosecutor Yoshinendo
(03) Fandangox
(04) Zano
(05) Alex Strife

Remember now, the deadline for entries/submissions is September 21st at midnight PST, so you all have a month and a day. Let's make it happen! Good luck and have fun everyone!

P.S. If you want access to top-quality, rendered pictures of Smash characters, check out this link:
Introducing All is Brawl Idol!

Essentially this competition will work in a very similar fashion to that of the previous karaoke contests, mainly being that this is also a singing competition.

However, unlike the karaoke contests, this event will be spread out over the next little while, starting with auditions, then cut-downs, and finally elimination rounds. (Just like with American Idol!)

That being said, the auditions have now officially started, and we, the judges, are in search of AiB’s best vocal super stars! We’d also like to stress that although this is a competition it's of course all in good fun, so even if you aren’t the greatest singer, feel free to audition anyway.

So without further adieu, let’s introduce this year’s panel of judges!

Kakashi of the Sharingan



And your host this year is none other than Yoshinendo himself!
How the competition works:
-We will be accepting auditions from now until May 25th.
-All auditions must be submitted by posting a Youtube/AiB video link in the audition thread of the official All is Brawl Idol group.
-If an audition receives at least 2 yeses from the judges, said user will move on to the next round, however 1 yes or less means you have not made the cut.

-The video may be of you singing on camera, or simply and audio file with a picture, lyrics, etc. to go with it.

-In compliance with site rules, no inappropriate pictures/video content should appear in auditions.

-Instruments are permitted. This means you may play an instrument, have someone else play one for you, or use and instrumental of the song you have chosen in the background, as long as your voice is completely audible.

-Plagiarism is strictly against the rules and will result in immediate disqualification, you have to win with your own voice!

-Background vocals are also permitted, but they must not obscure the lead vocals.

-Songs containing coarse language and/or other vulgarities that are offensive or normally censored by the site must have a warning denoted with the submission post, for example:
(WARNING: course language)

-Autotune and other such voice-altering techniques are also against the rules, we want to hear your voice just as it sounds.

-If at any time during the course of the competition you are banned from the site, you will be disqualified.

-Have fun and stay relaxed! Getting worked up will only hurt your voice, so be chill icon_wink

Once all auditions have been submitted, we will review all of the entries and post our decisions on who made the cut and who did not.
Following that decision, all entrants will be expected to submit a second video which we will then review to cut down the competition, afterwards remaining entrants will submit a video each week and the community will vote for who should go on to the next round. Every competitor will also receive a critique from the judges which will be available to the community to assist their decision.
The two competitors with the least amount of votes are in what is known as the bottom two, and the judges will then decide which of them goes on (each judge picks their favorite and the person who receives two or three of the judges votes will advance). This bottom-two rule will not be in effect once the competition has been cut down to three remaining vocalists.
Prizes will be awarded for participating and for ranking at a certain level in the competition, but these prizes are still in the works.
Good luck to all entrants and let the competition begin!
Hello AIB, and welcome to another event of Karaoke... or shall I say Karaoke and Dance!
First of all, sorry for being a bit late with the new event, IRL and college got me busy!

Now let’s start with the newest addition for this Karaoke Contest: The Dance Contest!
Due to many requests by a lot of people we decided to give it a chance to see how people would react (hopefully positive). While I’m fully aware this is a step further than the Karaoke Contest, I have good hopes for the people who actually are interested and want to do something like this instead of singing!

So people, without further ado, scroll down below for all the details and good luck to everyone who joins!

First of all, what is the Dance Contest?
Simply put, you can record yourself dancing and we judge the performance!
You are free to do anything you want, be it some kind of anime dance or imitating Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.
In both contests, like the one before, we allow up to 2 entries per person for both the Karaoke & The Dance Contest!.
Judges will not hand out extra points for having 2 entries of course, but it might increase your chances if one out of the two entries is very good.

Want to know how to send in your entry?
Check out the steps below~!

Step one:
Karaoke Contest: Record yourself, be it audio file or video, singing karaoke to ANY song. Any genre is fine, but due to the nature of AiB, explicit entries will be discounted (we aren’t strict, but keep it nice people).

Dance Contest: Record yourself via a video dancing to whatever you want, be it some kind of anime dance or imitating a well known dance etc. The best way would be to put them on youtube (for the people that are shy, change it in a private video and delete it after the contest is over).

Step two:
Submit it to This Article AND send it through PM to -GoV-, lightlanayru (Back-up judge: Invinciboy) and Kakashi of the Sharingan <--- That means all 3 of them, before the deadline.
*We will begin judging after the deadline so any entries sent after the deadline won’t count!*
Step three:
Upon all entries being received somewhere after the deadline, The judges shall begin judging the songs. The judges will write their comments on every entry and give a grade (0 – 100). These comments and grades will be posted when the judges are done so everyone can check. In the mean time the people of AIB can vote on their favorite singer on a special poll which will open up when the deadline has been reached and all entries have been received! This poll will be open to vote for everyone in the special Karaoke and Dance Contest group!

The votes will be used as extra points for every participant to judge their performance, so it’s not only the judges who choose the winners!
For example, Mr. *Insert name * will get an average of 50 out of 100 for his performance, but he got 75 votes on the poll, his average could end up at 75!
You see, it’s all very easy, so be sure to support your favorite entry by your favorite participant and vote for them in the upcoming poll after the deadline!
*A small announcement announcing all entries are submitted will follow so do not forget to vote!*

So again, the judges will be: -GoV-, Kakashi of the Sharingan and lightlanayru (Back-up judge: Invinciboy).

                                                           *The Deadline will be October 7th 12:00 EST!*

The winners and 2nd/3rd placers will get a badge for their performance and everyone else will get a badge for entering the Karaoke Contest!
That’s about it!
We are looking forward to judge the many entries that will be posted. So don’t be too shy to enter because you might end up winning with your favorite song/dance performance!
*Last reminder, convince others to join up as well to make this even more popular!*

Good luck everyone!
Greetings everyone! The election is coming to an end soon, and I'm here to announce the final event for the AiB 2011 Smash Election. This will be the popular vote competition where all of the hard work and campaigning the tickets have put into this election so far shows. The rules are pretty simple, I'll have a poll put up on the front page this Friday (with the help of Neal), and it'll be closed Sunday at midnight PST. The tickets with the top three votes will earn points for their team, so get the word out for your campaigns and tell all your supporters to vote for you!

Also, I'd like to announce the results of the last competition, the Card Creation Contest. I had a lot of good submissions for this, but only 3 tickets can receive points from this contest. The top three tickets are Verm/Diem earning 100 points, Bloodynite/Zano came out in 2nd place earning 60 points, and 3rd place was hard to choose, but it ended up going to Afro/Gardex earning them 40 points. With the new points assigned, here is the current standings for the Smash Election:

1. Carls/Pavel - 260
2. Vermanubis/Diem - 200
3. Bloodynite/Zano - 160
4. AfroTwist VanillaPie/GardoTwist ChocolatePie - 120
5. Meek/Salem - 100
6. Eggz/BoJ - 60
6. Ivy73/HavocReaper48 - 60
7. Raffi/Sak - 40

This last competition will be the deciding factor in this contest! And don't forget about the points that will be rewarded for the winners of the Mascot Tourney (which I'll be announcing sometime this week). I hope all of you vote for the ticket you want to win this election, and I'll see you all in the next and final update.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I announced the Beach Ball Creation Contests a few weeks ago, but I'm happy to announce that I finally have the results ready for you all. It took a while after I got all of the submissions gathered to get the admins to decide on which ones they would want to add to the site, but after some deliberation, they finally decided on the 10 new additions we'll be making. Three of the winning submissions had their descriptions changed, so I hope the creators don't mind this slight altercation too much, but otherwise all of the other winning submissions are unchanged.

That being said, here are the 10 new beach balls you can look forward to being added to AiB, in no particular order:

PSN Ball
It only does everything, which apparently now includes identity theft and lawsuits.

Snake's Box
It's show time!

AAAAA . . . C?

Tanooki Ball
The only time a grown man should ever wear a raccoon suit.

Green Luma Ball
Every Green Star started somewhere.

Sandvich Ball
What was that, Sandvich? "Kill them all"? Good idea!

Spellman Ball
I'd hit that...

The one time it's okay to play with your food.

Samus' Gunship
Because every bounty hunter needs one.

Shine Sprite
Gotta collect 'em all!

To be expected, the creators of these beach balls will be the first ones they will be passed to. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest, and I hope everyone enjoys these new additions to the site.
Greeting everyone, it's time for another announcement for the AiB 2011 Smash Election! I hope you've all been enjoying the election so far. I've been having fun hosting the mascot tourney and seeing all of the tickets rallying for support for their causes. I'd like to apologize about not being able to have the Doubles Tourney everyone has been looking forward to last week, but I'll for sure be hosting it tonight at 8 PM EST, so no need to wait any longer for that. I apologize for all the date changes, and I know some people might have issues with this date; however no date (including the original one I made) works for everyone, so just try your best to make it and if you can't there are still more events to make up points in, so no need to worry.  Also, just an idea I was recently mentioned. If only one team member can show up, I'll allow the other to enter with a level 9 computer reprsenting their mascot. That should make things a little interesting. lol

Furthermore, I'd like to announce this week's contest. I'll be hosting a group decoration contest in collaboration with Miles of SmashWiki. This contest will involve you and your supporters customizing your support groups to advertise your tickets to the members of AiB. You'll be judged on creativity, effort, theme, and overall satisfaction. You can throw a bunch of cool pics of your mascot on your group page, make up cool slogans, or think of anything else that will make your groups shine over the other ones. Each ticket will have until this Friday, June 3rd at midnight EST, to have their groups finalized. We'll judge them over the weekend and reveal the winners in next week's update.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how creative you can get with your groups this week, and even more so to tonight's Doubles Tourney. Good luck to everyone and I hope you have fun!
by -GoV- May 25 2011, 6:26PM
Ladies and gentlemen, since Shiro, the original host, is on vacation, me and Kyleisreal will be your hosts for the next Karaoke Contest! This contest will bring a few new things!
The most important one will, of course, be the deadline for the entries.

The deadline for this contest will be June 8th 12:00 midnight EST.
As you will notice, the deadline will be close!
But we are 100% convinced everyone can come up with something good before the deadline!
So start with looking for your favorite song(s) and prepare your entry, because before you know the deadline will be here. As for the theme this contest: Anything goes, so you can choose whatever song you want to do!

And before we forget, we mentioned that there will be a few new things!
In this contest we allow up to 2 entries per person!
Now you can choose your 2 favorite songs if you are willing to send in 2. But we as judges will not hand out extra points for having 2 entries of course, but it might increase your chances if one out of the two entries is very good!

Want to know how to send in your entry?
Check out the steps below!

Step one:
Record yourself, be it audio file or video, singing karaoke to ANY song. Any genre is fine, but due to the nature of AiB, explicit entries will be discounted.

Step two:
Submit it to this Article or send it through PM to (-GoV-), (Kyleisreal) and (Kakashi of the Sharingan) before the deadline. *We will begin judging after the deadline so any entries sent after the deadline won’t count!*

Step three:

Upon all entries being received, The judges shall begin judging the songs. The judges will write their comments on every entry. These comments will be posted when the judges are done so everyone can check. In that same post the judges will announce the 3rd and the 2nd place. That day the judges will get together and discuss who will be the winner. The winner shall be announced the next day!

Judges will be: -GoV-, Kakashi of the Sharingan and Kyleisreal.

The winners will get a badge for their performance and everyone else will get a badge for entering the Karaoke Contest!
That’s about it!
We are looking forward to judge the many entries that will be posted. So don’t be too shy to enter because you might end up winning with your favorite song!

Good luck everyone!
It's been a while since we've had any new beach balls on AiB, so I've decided to run a contest to let our members create some new ones for the site! The rules are pretty simple and the process is pretty easy, so I'm hoping to see a lot of submissions for this.

Here's what you have to do:
  • Create a 50x50 px (maximum size) PNG image with transparent background [upload to imageshack, tinypic, etc.]
  • Provide a name for the ball, as well as a witty, funny, or clever description
  • PM your entry to my inbox
  • Submit your entry before Midnight PST on May 16th

You don't have to be an expert at photoshop, or be super artistic to enter an awesome beach ball idea to this contest, so I'm hoping everyone who's interested in seeing their beach ball added to the site will participate.

Here's an example of an entry to get you all started:


Name: Rammus Ball
Description: Power Ball Da Bes!

I'll only be adding 1 ball per person, but you may submit up to two entries. I'm looking to add 10 new balls to the site, so I need all of your help to get as much entries as possible! Good luck, and have fun creating.

P.S. Please try to avoid revealing which beach balls you create until after winners are chosen.

by Zolga Mar 14 2011, 6:51PM









Red Skin









Blue Skin














Rising Sun











1. You may not reveal who made each banner. The letters are there for a reason.
2. You may vote for up to 2 banners per skin(though it's fine to just pick one)
3. These will also be looked at by staff members so just because a banner isn't LOVED by the majority of the community doesn't mean that it can't go up ascwell.
4. Do not complain about ANY of the entries if you didn't submit your own. (You know who this is addressed at)


Voting Ends Sunday, March 20th.