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Hi everyone! I’m here to announce the start of a new doubles ladder event – Doubles Day! We couldn’t really think of anything more creative to call it than that, sorry. Anyway, this event was designed to improve doubles ladder activity, since that has been a bit lacking as of late.

Here’s how it works: every week, there will be a day designated as doubles day.  On that day, whichever team plays the most matches (winning isn’t necessary) will earn the new Duo Dueler badge! It comes with a new name color: Black with a Red and Blue Shadow. The color will likely change in the future (when Enigma gets database powers) because Shadows were supposed to be mod only colors and it looks a bit ugly right now anyway. But it will still be a new color.


The schedule of the event is tentatively scheduled to rotate from Mondays to Fridays (Fridays may be skipped over if there is a major tournament going on that weekend). You can find out when the designated day is each week by checking the Doubles Ladder Partner Finder group. For the first few events (or as necessary), we will send out a group PM reminder on the designated day for convenience - we might also designate a time that day for mod teams to show up for a chance at the Double Danger badge (depends on availability, of course).

The first event will start on Monday, May 13th.

Fine print:
-Your team must have played at least 3 matches that day to earn the badge
-In the event that there is a tie in number of matches played, the badge will be awarded to the team with the highest score. However, if the score happens to be tied too, each team will get the badge.
-If a team that has the badge already plays the most matches on that day, no one gets the badge for the week. That team will instead receive TCG cards (including ones from the Duo card category).

Special thanks to xMARx for the idea initially, Skyviper for making the badge, and Enigma for adding the color.

P.S. If you are having difficulties joining doubles ladder, follow these instructions to get past the glitch:
Care to join Allisbrawl's amazing content team and see your work on the front page? We are now accepting applications for becoming part of content! This time around Allisbrawl will be featuring a heavy emphasis on offline tournament play, so expect to see in the future:
-Hype for regional and national tournaments.
-Interviews with top players.
-Various matches with commentary on how given match-ups are played
-A look into the various rivalries between top players and how they've performed against each other in recent tournaments.
-Tips on improving your game play.
-Clawing, Advanced Techs, infinites, ruleset opinions, counterpicks, and many other techniques and concepts that appear in tournament play.
-Much more!

If you are interested in being a part of this massive addition to Allisbrawl, you may simply follow the steps below.

1. Contact Cheese in a PM detailing who you are and why you would like to join.
2. Include any qualifications, writing examples, or past experiences with news coverage.

After that we will quickly get back to you and we hope to see you in the future!
Interested in art? Want to create something cool? Then enter the Artistic Expression right here on All is Brawl!

This is the first Artistic Expression contest and the theme is "Unity of Opposites." If this seems difficult, don't worry, because it's not. Your artwork just has to display two subjects frequently seen as opposites, such as night and day, summer and winter, good and evil, angels and demons, etc. And any level of artist is welcome to participate.

There are going to be prizes for entering this contest. Badges will be awarded to all participants and a special badge will be awarded to the winner.

Deadline for the contest has been extended past the previous deadline to October 12, 2008.