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Hey AiB! Zan here telling you the details about the upcoming SoCal regional this Saturday, Jan 11th. It's looking pretty hype as we have players from the east coast coming! We have NAKAT, Keitaro, and False all from Leap of Faith, and we have CT ZeRo coming as well! Of course, the best from west coast are coming as well with players like CT Tyrant, Rich Brown, WiR FOW, WiR K9, DEHF, and after a long break even mikeHAZE! This is definitely something you guys do not want to miss! Stream link and more info below!


AiB Tournament Page

Facebook Page

Smashboards Page

Also, hype for another week before Apex!!!
by aisight Jun 11 2013, 9:45AM

With the Elite 4 series come to an end (or maybe just a very long break?) and a month having passed since Vindication, the next large-scale west coast tournament will take place in Arizona, on June 22. With some big names from Arizona, Vegas, and SoCal all in attendance, you can expect some very intense matches! Here's a quick list of players to watch out for:
FOW (Vegas, Meta Knight)
K9 (Arizona, Falco)
KiraFlax (SoCal/Arizona, Pit/ROB)
Lycan (Vegas, Wolf/Snake/Meta Knight)
MJG (Kansas, Toon Link)
mikeHAZE (SoCal, Marth)
Rich Brown (SoCal, Olimar)
Tearbear (SoCal, Meta Knight)
Tyrant (SoCal, Meta Knight)
Z (Vegas, Pikachu)
In addition, watch for a clash in doubles between Vindication's top-placing WC-based team, Tyrant and Rich Brown, and the current team to beat, FOW and MJG! Be sure to catch it all live, in person or on stream.

But while Brawl is certainly the focus as far as regional attendance goes, it'd be unfair to say this tournament is for Brawl only. Be sure to also check out the Melee and Project M events. You can expect local favorites like Taj, Axe, Tai, and Wobbles to make an appearance!

Find out more on one of Salvation's event pages.

All is Brawl

The event itself will be streamed myself over here:

TwitchTV VGBC West
Summer time, It's Time for T-Shirts and Shorts...

Hey fellow AiBers! It's PokeMastr here with an update with the impending IMPULSE 2013, with it just around the corner on June 15th-16th! With how much of a success IMPULSE was last year on June 30th.
Topping 72 players in Brawl and Melee with Dabuz, Ally, Mr.R, V115, Zinoto, M2K, HBox, Mango, Dr.PP, Unknown522 all coming down! With M2K trying to time out HBox in Melee with Jigglypuff dittos,Ally whipping out a Marth for Dabuz, V115 taking down Zinoto,  Dr.PP vs Mango – A Classic, or even that one dude blowing up doubles with a Level 9 Luigi! Who WOULDN’T want a second Installment of the IMPULSE Tournament series ?!
Now some of you may or may not know, IMPULSE 2013 isn't just a Major Brawl/Melee tourney anymore... we have more games than that in the lineup~! Foremost, it's going to be a MASSIVE going away party for our beloved local host TinMan - Tinaye Dune, who is moving off to Australia on July 1st! The full article can be found here.

Next up is what games we'll exactly have.. We're having Smash 64, Melee, Brawl, Project: Melee, PlayStation Allstars: Battle Royale and Injustice: Gods Among us! So don't feel lucked out thinking it's JUST a smash tournament or going away party, it's way more than that!

If this isn't hype enough for you, there's more!

We're being sponsered by GDLK Apparel who will be selling T-Shirts during the tournament, we're also partnered up with ClashTournaments for a very very legit stream setup over here in Canada for all those who want to watch the big debut of IMPULSE 2013 and the player lineup we have for the Brawl HYPE!

Now for Brawl... listen carefully, and I mean carefully. You don't want to miss this, it's better off to be here!

The lineup you're all waiting for because I keep stalling! :3

For Brawl we have... Ally, Leon, ADHD, Keitaro, Nakat, Zinoto, False, Bleachigo, JBandrew, Will, Dabuz, Alphicans, V115 are all confirmed for IMPULSE 2013. We have people all over from Canada and America and Leon confirming from all over! Don't expect this to be a small tourney you can blow off.
There’s even more, but TinMan is keeping his mouth shut for the time being. All I know and can tell you is that he’s got some surprises lined up that will blow our minds. His words, not mine. Hope to see everyone here, or watching on stream!
The Impulse Site can be found here for full information.

The Smashboards Thread can be found here for upcoming hype!

If you follow Texas smash at all, then you're familiar with the Hobo series already, but you're also thinking, wasn't 38 supposed to be the last one? It was, but after Xyro saw that he was needed back, he decided to host Hobo 39, and managed to get over 50 players to attend, which is the most a Texas tournament has had in a long while outside of a national.  Due to the success of Hobo 39, we're now going into the possibly supposedly final hobo (he just wanted to end it with an even number or something).  Anyways, being the last Hobo, this one will be a bit special, as the winners of each event will receive this medal.

There will be 4 events for you to try and win one of these medals at: Brawl singles and doubles, and Project M singles and doubles.  I believe if there is enough interest, there will be low tier teams as well, but I'm not sure if that one will have a medal or not.  For more info on the tournament itself, please visit the Smashboards page here and click attending if you're going.  Also, remember to click attending here on AiB if you're going.  Also, this will be a Road to Whobo 5 event; formerly known as the Lone Star Circuit 2, but due to complications with other cities, that has been cancelled and switched to this, so don't get it mixed up.

LSC 2, no.

Road to Whobo 5, yes.

Basically, all this means is that part of the venue fee used towards the events in the series will be added towards the pot for Whobo 5, so you don't have to attend all of them or accumulate circuit points.  Hope anyone who can will attend this and that Hobo ends on a great number, thanks for reading.


The Second Installment of Michigan's Newest Tournament Series is only less than 2 weeks away. On May 11, 2013, Michigan’s premiere Stream Team and Crew, Fish Flop, will be hosting the next event of their series OUTRAGE 2. This time around and it features Brawl Singles and Doubles as well as a FULL Project: Melee Tournament including both Singles and Doubles! 

Attendance looks strong already with expressed interest from all parts of Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, and Kentucky. Expected turnout is looking to be 50+!

This event will be using the Apex 2013 Ruleset and Stagelist for Brawl. The ruleset for P:M is on the SWF thread.

• 10:00am: Doors Open 
• 11:30am: Registration begins for Brawl Doubles/Brawl Singles/P:M Singles 
• 12:00pm: Doubles begins. At this time we will also end Project M Sign-ups 
• 12:30pm: P:M Doubles begins 
• 2:30pm: Brawl Singles Registration ends 
• 3:00pm: Brawl Singles Pools Wave 1 Begins
• 3:15pm: P:M Pools Begin
• 4:30pm: Brawl Singles Pools Wave 2 Begins 
• 6:00pm: Brawl/P:M Singles Bracket Begins 
• 11:00pm: Venue Closes

Like all Michigan events, this event will be livestreamed by Fish Flop Streams! Be sure to follow us on Twitch and Twitter throughout the day for constant updates! 

Following the Tournament, as always, Michigan players will go to Buffalo Wild Wings for a post tournament celebration! Be sure to join for a good time. 

Hope to see you all out there! And Hope all of you tune in on Twitch.

• AllisBrawl 
• Smashboards 
• Twitch  
• Twitters: Fish Flop's|Ori_bro's

Team OXY is back with another amazing Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. “Kings of Cali 2” takes place this Saturday and Sunday, Apri13th-14th, in Pasadena, CA starting at 12:00 PM PST. The tournament will feature the best players in the Pacific West; such as MaNg0, S2J, Axe, Fly Amanita, Westballz, SFAT, PewPewU,, Shroomed, Scar, Eddy Mexico, Wobbles, and more! The King of Smash, Ken, will be Re-returning to competitive Smash via this event. In addition, Him and Scar will be doing a very serious Vs. to 5 set that will be streamed.

The stream will be provided by VGBootCamp: 
VGBC | GimR is being flown out by Team OXY to stream the tournament alongside VGBC |aisight of VGBC West.

And don’t forget to check out Team OXY’s site for updates on the West Coast smash scene! 

King’s of Cali is sponsored by Jake's of Pasadena!
As you may know, The Big Hit is one month away! To help increase attendance and hype, the organizers are raising funds to help out of state players make it out to the tournament.

For every $5 donated, you will earn a raffle ticket for a chance to win the following prizes:

Emerald Blue Gamecube Controller
Pearl White Gamecube Controller
Spice Orange Gamecube Controller
Clear/Indigo Gamecube Controller

The raffle will close this Saturday 3/23/13 with winners announced on Sunday.

Instructions to donate:

1)Follow this link - ---
2)Add the "Fundraiser Donation" to your cart, then checkout your purchase.

You may enter as many times as you would like to increase your chances of winning.

SoCal’s next regional, run of course by MikeHAZE, is next weekend! February 9th at Desu Nation you can go and compete with SoCal’s finest!

Now, for everyone who’s been keeping up with SoCal’s tournament track, it’s common knowledge that the E4 tournament track is fantastic. Just the announcement of another regional is reason enough to get hyped, but there are some extra exciting things about this event!
Out of Region Attendance – SoCal’s regionals often attract players from NorCal, Vegas, Tijuana, and Arizona, but next weekend you can also expect attendance from several players from slightly farther out. East coast’s Xzax and Chibosempai and Chile’s own Zero are all confirmed for E4U: Remix 3. Along with more hype from more regional events, this leads us to the next highlight.
Clash Tournaments Coverage – Chibosempai from Clash Tournaments will be streaming and recording the main matches of this tournament. All those unfortunate enough to miss out on this tournament can go onto the stream (which will be up on and watch from home.
Raffles! – Raffles are fun. Last time an E4 tournament held a raffle I won a tri-wing screwdriver. I used it to split open a silver and a black gamecube controller and I put them together and named it Obama and I still use it to this day. All sorts of stuff will be raffled off so a lot of people will walk home with something.
Frigate, Delfino, and Halberd are NOT legal at this event. I bring this up every time but it’s nice because there’s no dealing with sharking or untimely stage flips.
For more info involving E4U: Remix 3, check out these links!
Tournament Stream:

Coming this weekend is the next big Socal tournament in the ever popular Elite 4 series.  If you follow this series, then you already know what to expect, but for those of you that don't, you have the finest from Socal and Vegas in attendance here, and possibly others from out of state/Tijuana.   If you're a new player, be sure to print out this flyer and bring it with you so you get $5 off your singles entry


Everything you need to know info wise is on the flyer as well, so it's convenient in that way too! As you can see by the flyer, there's a lot of money on the line, meaning a lot of competition will be there to make it fairly tough to win, so bring your best (and you better know how to swim).  Make sure you click attending here if you're going, and on the facebook page as well. Update! Unlike the other previous SoCal events, this event will be using the Apex ruleset found here. If you have further questions that cannot be answered with the information provided, then you can contact MikeHAZE and get everything straightened out, thanks.

Ever since the end of the Hobo series, Ascension has been the newest series in the Houston smash scene, and it's been going pretty well so far, but AiB hasn't been that informed about it so here I am to give you the details on this new series.  First off, it's at a new permanent location at the Cafe Luxor.  The cool thing about this place, is that the employees are made up of a lot of smash players, with Sync and Asa pretty much running the place.  

Another cool note is that the venue fee is absolutely nothing, but outside food and drinks are not allowed of course, so show your support by buying your food and drinks there! Also, if you're a new player, you will get half off on singles and doubles, so if you've never been to a houston tourney, now is your chance! There will also be an amateur bracket for those who do not make it out of pools.

If you still don't have enough motivation, you should know that this is an Apex qualifier as well, and as far as I know, the only qualifier Texas is going to have.  Another important note is that this IS a hookah bar, so if you are underage, you will obviously not be allowed to smoke any of it, please be sure to follow that.  For more details, check out the Facebook page here or the tournament page on Smashboards found hereSync will also be able to answer any other questions. Thanks for reading!

Team OXY is back with another amazing Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. The Road to Apex event, “Kings of Cali” will be taking place this Saturday, November 10th, in Pasadena, CA starting at 11:45 AM PST. The tournament will feature the best players in the Pacific West; such as MaNg0, S2J, Axe, Fly Amanita, Westballz, SFAT, Lucky, Lovage, Strong Bad, Shroomed, Zhu, Bob$, and more! Dr. PeePee is also flying all the way out from North Carolina to participate in the event! In addition, an 8v8 Norcal vs. Socal crew battle will take place at the event on the livestream, so make sure you don’t miss it!

The stream will be provided by VGBootCamp:

VGBC | GimR is being flown out by Team OXY to stream the tournament alongside aisight and StabbedByaNipple. In doing so, GimR and aisight are introducing “VGBootCamp West". In the near future, aisight will be streaming more West Coast tournaments on VGBootCamp’s channel in order to give the West Coast more exposure. Stay tuned for more from VGBootCamp in the future on that subject!

And don’t forget to check out Team OXY’s site for updates on the West Coast smash scene!

Kings of Cali is sponsored by Gamestop and Jake's of Pasadena!
Hello all, I'm here bringing you an article on behalf of Clowsui, who would like to make sure you all have a good idea of what to expect at his upcoming tournament.

First, we had REVENGE. Taking place on November 20 of 2011, this tournament featured 67 singles entrants and 23 teams, with Metaknight legal. In doubles, Kain and MJG took first, Lie and Logic took second, and Seagull and Fino took third. In singles, Lie and Logic split for first and second, with Fino at third, Kain at fourth, Lain and Krystedez at fifth. 

Then, we had VENGEANCE. On April 20, 2012, 77 smashers and 32 teams competed for prizes with Metaknight banned. Logic and Ally took first in doubles, followed by Bpow and Fino, then Kain and MJG. In singles, Ally, Kain, MJG, Fino, Reflex and Logic took first through fifth respectively. 

And now, on this weekend – on Saturday, October 20, 2012 to be precise, we have RETRIBUTION, also MK banned. 

With an estimated 90 entrants for singles, what should viewers and attendees expect? 
Zinoto was apparently overhyped the last time around, as he took 17th place. But now the Michigan Diddy returns as a legend, having taken out Shugo several times recently and even going toe to toe with Ally’s MK and Snake. With his trusty scarf and banana infinite combo, will Zinoto go far? Or will he fail to live up to expectations once more? 

Speaking of Zinoto, Player-1 has challenged him to a $100 Diddy ditto, claiming himself as the true rising Diddy, the real master of the infinite. Who will win in this best of 7 series? Tune in and find out – part of the MM will definitely be streamed! 

This tournament will feature some of the fiercest competition for doubles the Midwest has ever seen. With formidable combinations such as BPOW and Seagull, Kain and MJG, Coney and Pink Fresh, Zinoto and Shugo, just who will grab the top spot? 

Raziek and Croi, top players from the (somewhat) remote Canadian region of Nova Scotia, are coming down for a visit. Looking at past records, these two have had relatively weak performances at tournaments with US players in attendance (RoS and Impulse). Perhaps this tournament will be their time to shine? 

Krystedez, Coney, Nicole, Judo, Lain. These five players have remained far from the limelight recently, and at this tournament they return. Just how well do these players hold up to the test of time: will they make way for the new crowd, or will they stand their ground? 


If you can drive down to Cincinnati this weekend, do it! This tournament will be amazing. If you can’t make it, be sure to join us at

Looking for the next biggest Smash Bros. tournament? Tournament organizer Juggleguy has something lined up.

The Big House 2 is a national Super Smash Brothers gaming convention taking place October 6-7in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Two of the top players in the world, Mango and Hungrybox, are among the giant field of competitors competing for Apex 2013 qualifier points and the title of national Super Smash Bros. Melee champion. Other notable attendees include: Scar, Westballz, SFAT, Lovage, Fly Amanita, Chillin, DoH, KirbyKaze, Unknown522, Kels, Duck, and CunningKitsune.

The schedule will be as followed (subject to change):

12:00pm - 5:00pm Melee Singles Pools Round 1
5:00pm - 8:00pm Project M Singles Bracket
8:00pm - 11:00pm Melee Doubles Bracket

10:00am - 1:00pm Melee Singles Pools Round 2
1:00pm - 2:00pm Exhibition Matches
2:00pm - 7:00pm Melee Singles Bracket
6:00pm - 8:00pm Friendlies

Tune in to VGBC's Twitch channel or UM Smash's secondary dual stream link here to watch the event live.

            The Smash scene has always been something of a mystery to those outside the community. It is often isolated from other gaming communities and as a result few realize the draw and staying power the games have had for over half a decade. One of the staples of the Smash community are the occasional community run, grassroots national tournaments. The roots of these tournaments go all the way back to 2003, when Matt Deezie ran the very first Smash national tournament, TG4. Since that time dozens more have occurred and a few tournaments have even risen to the international level in scope. 

            One of these tournaments is coming this weekend. As I mentioned a few weeks ago in “Super Smash Bros. Thriving Across the Country” over at, in just a few short days the Smash scene is looking forward to the international tournament Apex 2012. The last international tournament occurred in the summer of 2011 with over 400 people attending and over $22,000 in prize money. At that tournament, Genesis II, a Melee player from outside the United States won for the first time ever. The player Armada, hailing from Sweden, had traveled to the United States repeatedly over the years but until 2011 had not finished higher than second in singles at a major US tournament. Unlike many other competitive games, the US has typically dominated the international scene and is often considered the best at both Brawl and Melee. This history goes all the way back to former world champion Ken Hoang winning the Jack Garden tournament in Japan in 2005.

Many players outside the United States have proven they can achieve great heights, but until Armada’s victory six months ago none had proven they had what it took to be a champion. At Apex 2012 the saga will continue, with Armada once again coming to the United States –only this time he will not be the underdog, but the defending champion. Apex 2012 will have a plethora of high-level players attending for both games. Melee, having such a long history, offers an interesting diversity in talent. At the top of the list are all former and current national champions. Dr Peepee, the Falco main who won Pound 5 in early 2011, is by many considered the favorite to challenge Armada. To win though he will have to overcome other champions like Hungrybox and his Jigglypuff. Hungrybox’s time at the top has been steady for years; he won Apex 2010 and is typically in the top 3 at major national tournaments. Probably the most electrifying Melee player though will be Mango, considered at one point to be the most dominant player after Ken, he has won multiple national tournaments since 2009 and he is considered a threat with many characters.

Moving past these national champions though are former Melee players and legends in their own right. Isai, former Major League Gaming Doubles National Champion in 2004, 2005, and 2006 and widely considered the best Smash 64 player ever, will be attending. MLG 2006 National Champion PC Chris should also be showing off his, possibly rusty but certainly thrilling, skills. Other players from the days that MLG held Melee include Chillin, KoreanDJ, and Azen—two of which won MLG tournaments in 2005 and 2006. Captain Jack has reportedly booked his flight from Japan, he had placed top 3 at MLG’s 2004 National Championship.  Looking at these players, the talent at Apex 2012 is almost surpassed by the long and storied history and it is anyone’s guess who’ll come out on top. 

For Brawl the event looks to be just as exciting. Apex 2010 winner, DEHF, is set to defend his crown and shake off what was likely a bit disappointing 2010 MLG season. The player currently considered the best at Brawl will surely give DEHF one of his biggest obstacles in defending his crown. Since taking 4th place at MLG’s 2010 National Championship, Ally has been on a rampage, winning over 20 tournaments in the last year alone, including the national Pound 5. He is the first player since Brawl’s release to overtake Mew2King in the SWF Rankings, a catalogue of over 4,500 unique players and 500 tournaments occurring in the last year alone. Other challenges to DEHF include Mr. R, considered one of the best Marth players and the best player from Europe.


While the competition will be fierce from all the aforementioned players, probably the most exciting matches will come from the Japanese. So far over ten Japanese players are slated to travel to Apex 2012. Among them was the Apex 2010 Runner-up, Brood, who showed the US players that Olimar can compete on an entirely different level. He stands as one of the only players to ever defeat both Ally and Mew2King in the same tournament. Another Japanese player, Kakera, is believed to have a Meta Knight that rivals Mew2King’s and many are looking forward to a potential showdown between the two. Finally, there is Nietono, who’s Olimar is held as the best in the world and who is frequently referred to as the best player in Japan.

All of these international players will be fighting a slew of American goliaths. The best of the US includes ADHD (Diddy Kong), Anti (Meta Knight), Atomsk (everything), NickRiddle (Zero Suit Samus), and ESAM (Pikachu). Many of these players are considered the best in the country with their character. 2010 MLG National Champion and winner of $12,500, Gnes, will grace the tournament and hopes are high for his and other Texas’ player’s attendance. Likely the odds-on favorite to win the tournament is Mew2King though, who despite a surge from Ally is still the most consistent Brawl player of the last four years. Mew2King has mentioned Apex 2012 may be his last tournament and a competitor at his level will always want to go out on top. He will be entering both Brawl and Melee and stands to win upwards of $10,000 if he performs well in both games.

Though the tournament is just three days away and already records have been set. With 410 Unique Brawl entrances it will be the largest Brawl tournament in history. The experience lasts three days from January 6th-8th, and aside from all three Smash games will also include competitions for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and even Pokemon Black/White. If you live near the New Jersey area and don’t wish to enter a tournament but want to check it out, spectator passes are a mere $10. Registration will be taken at the door for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and Pokemon. This is huge considering the recently EVO2k12 announced that Apex 2012 will be its kickoff event for their Road to EVO. 

  • 410 Brawl Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 330 Melee Entrants (2nd Largest Ever)
  • 64 Smash 64 Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 84 (and counting...) Traditional Fighting Games
  • 3 Days
  • Over $15,000 in prizes
  • Professional quality stream so all the action can be watched from home
  • First Smash tournament to also be an EVO qualifing event
Brackets and Pools
Follow these Twitters
Interested in Apex 2012? Post who you think will win in the comments!

*Photo Credits: PBnJ,,

Genesis 2 is creeping up with less than a week to go! With only the online pre-registration, the attendance is already boasting 189 players for Brawl Singles from regions all over the US and beyond! Here's a look at just some of the notable players who pre-registered for Genesis.

New Jersey/New York




King of all that Mews


Atlantic South




Maple Syrup

For a complete list of those who pre-registered click here.
Remember, these are only consisting of players that pre-registered. There's still plenty of people who will sign up the day before at the Ramada! For those who can't make it make sure you check out who's going so you can root for your region!