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The Winter '14 Playoffs came to an end earlier this week, thus marking the end of the final Brawl playoffs of AiB. Aside from a seeding error at the start of playoffs, things went on almost flawlessly this time around. For those of you that placed high enough for monetary prizes, your names have already been forwarded to JV. Keep a look out for a PM from him in regards to how you'll be receiving your money. Aside from the monetary rewards, there's also the matter of site prizes. If you'll be receiving any sort of site prize, I'll be getting in contact with you in the near future. But what good are prizes if you don't know who won them? Why don't I go ahead and fix that. Without further ado, I present the winners of the Winter '14 Playoffs.

Singles Playoffs
First Place: SlayerZ
Second Place: Nairo
Third Place: Wusi

Doubles Playoffs
First Place: Maleficent and SlayerZ
Second Place: Zak and Eden
Third Place: Bureza and Repair man man man

Low Tier Playoffs
First Place: Tairbear
Second Place: 3ST Admiral Pit
Third Place: Waldo

Project M Playoffs
First Place: Zerudahime
Second Place: Darky Shiranui
Third Place: Bstuk

Congratulations to all of you!

Aside from announcing the playoffs winners, I want to take this time to briefly talk about the future of the ladder, seeing as how the Brawl servers will be going offline in 19 days. Smash 4 for 3DS is slated to come out sometime during the summer, sometime in August most likely. Between then and now however, we do plan on having other events running. We still don't have the specifics of what we'll be doing, but we'll let you know once we do. A possibility is that we bring back the Smash 64 Ladder that we ran in the past. We could also always make an event out of an entirely different game. As I mentioned, we're still in the process of talking things over, but I figured I should inform you that something WILL be happening between Smash games.

Once everything is hammered out, I'll make an announcement to inform all of you. Until that time, I hope you all enjoy the final days of online Brawl.

Keep on Smashing!
The results are in from round 1 of the competition and it's time to get round 2 under way, but first of course it is time to reveal the 4 contestants who will be moving on to round 2.

The top 3 voted by the community who will advance are:
  • Super_Wario
  • Reiena Grayson
  • heytallman
  • Karaoke_Man
**There was a tie between heytallman and Karaoke_Man for 3rd place, and so we the judges have opted to make one of the two count as the 3rd community pick, and the other count as our pick.**

Congratulations to those who made it through to the next round, and to those who didn't, we thank-you for your participation and great job!

For those who made it through, please submit your round 2 entries here by Sunday, October 14th at 11:59 PM EST.

Thank-you to all who voted in round 1, and now let's get ready for round 2!
Greetings everyone, it's been a long road since I announced the 2011 Smash Election back in late April, and I'm pleased to announce that we have our winners for the election chosen. It was a very tight race, and really did come down to the last competition, but the ticket that managed to come out on top to win the election is Vermanubis and dmbrandon!

I would like to congratulate these two on their hard work this election, and for being the new AiB President and Vice President of course. I had a lot of fun hosting this election and I hope everyone who participated had fun as well. I hope you all look forward to having a new President/Vice President, and also look forward to having another Smash Election in the future (If we end up having another).

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this from the candidates to supporters, and I hope you enjoyed the final AiB 2011 Smash Election Update.
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I announced the Beach Ball Creation Contests a few weeks ago, but I'm happy to announce that I finally have the results ready for you all. It took a while after I got all of the submissions gathered to get the admins to decide on which ones they would want to add to the site, but after some deliberation, they finally decided on the 10 new additions we'll be making. Three of the winning submissions had their descriptions changed, so I hope the creators don't mind this slight altercation too much, but otherwise all of the other winning submissions are unchanged.

That being said, here are the 10 new beach balls you can look forward to being added to AiB, in no particular order:

PSN Ball
It only does everything, which apparently now includes identity theft and lawsuits.

Snake's Box
It's show time!

AAAAA . . . C?

Tanooki Ball
The only time a grown man should ever wear a raccoon suit.

Green Luma Ball
Every Green Star started somewhere.

Sandvich Ball
What was that, Sandvich? "Kill them all"? Good idea!

Spellman Ball
I'd hit that...

The one time it's okay to play with your food.

Samus' Gunship
Because every bounty hunter needs one.

Shine Sprite
Gotta collect 'em all!

To be expected, the creators of these beach balls will be the first ones they will be passed to. Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest, and I hope everyone enjoys these new additions to the site.
A few weeks have passed since I announced the 2010 AiB awards, and since then I’ve gotten a ton of replies from the community for what they wanted to see on this year’s awards, we’ve done our staff voting, and now I’d like to announce that the results are in and we have our winners!

Please remember that these awards are made solely for fun and to give our members a few laughs, so don’t feel offended for winning or not winning any awards. These are also made to inspire our members to be more active on the site so maybe next time you’ll be voted as the winner of one of these awards, but without further ado here are your 2010 categories and winners!

Friendliest AiBer: GOG – If you ever enter a chat this is the first person to greet you and ask how you’re doing. From greeting and helping new members, to talking to any member in the chat like he’s known them forever, GOG is definitely an easy pick for Friendliest AiBer. Rickety and lightlanayru came in tied at second for this award.

Biggest Lurker: Umbre – Whether you’re in a Skype group, on a chat, or posting on the forums. This guy always seems to pop in at the most unexpected times as if he was there the whole time. When it comes to not being noticed by appearing with a bang, Umbre’s got this down to a science.

Most Active AiBer: Zork – You see his forum posts, his multiple daily blogs, you see him chatting it up in the forum, entering tourneys, and even on other Allis sites. No matter what part of the site you visit you’ll have seen this guy posting or talking somewhere there.

Most Notorious AiBer: typh - nealdt - Carls493 - Kennispam – Yes..that’s a 4 way tie! This category was a tough one to choose a winner for since we have so many people you hear about daily, but we were able to narrow it down to 4. These members are talked about a lot on a daily basis, sometimes for good things sometimes not, but either way you can’t go a day without hearing about something one of these guys are up to.

PokéManiac: Midnite – This was a pretty easy pick. The holder of the Zorua and Jirachi unique badges, mod of the Pokémon board on the AiB forum, frequent tourney goer, and all out Pokémon fanatic, Midnite is a clear choice for this award. If someone’s talking about Pokémon or there’s some new news about a new game you’ll be sure to find this guy in the middle of the conversation.

Biggest Geek: jarvitz – He sure knows how to make a name for himself. This guy can be seen frequently talking about all things Pokémon or Smash related, currently hosts Scavenger Hunts on AiB, and is one of the co-hosts of Smash Trivia. From these activates he’s been given the title biggest geek by those who know him, so if you need any info about any of these topics then this is the guy to hit up.

Biggest Ego: Jem – The winner of the last award’s biggest ego category takes it for a second time! His ego was described to be the size of the moon last time, and although I think it’s gone down a bit since then, he still remains notorious for his title of having the Biggest Ego.

Best TO: Alex Strife – The host of the Viridian City tourneys as well as the Apex series doesn’t have the certified host badge for nothing. He’s shown his skills as a TO from hosting a ton of great and well run tourneys last year and this earns him the Best TO award for 2010.

Most Mysterious AiBer: Umbre – To follow suit with his Biggest Lurker award, Umbre bags himself the Most Mysterious AiBer award this year too. It can be pretty obvious from all of the lurking he does that a lot of the members who see him doing this would also think he’s a bit mysterious at times.

Chatty Kathy: jarvitz – He didn’t earn the Biggest Geek award by doing nothing. If you go to any chats or are a part of any AiB Skype groups, this guy’s always talking when he’s online. Sometimes people complain that he talks too much, but this can’t be helped for someone who’s so chatty all the time. Carls493 was a close second in this category, but jarvitz just managed to beat him out for it.

Best Run Tournament: Apex 2010 – Wins for Best Run Tournament of 2010. With MLG picking up Brawl this past year, and all of the other well run tourneys of the year, this was a tough choice, but it seems like the community run tourneys still managed to pull out the award in comparison to the professionally run tourneys of MLG. Good stuff Smash Community!

Cutest Couple on AiB: Tearbear & Shaybear – This matching names couple pulls out the Cutest Couple of 2010. Both ladder refs and on their spare time like to do..all those things couples do, but that’s why we voted them for this category. Who says dating people you work with isn’t good? It got these two the Cutest Couple award.

Best Dressed: __X__ – I think this award has a lot to do with how well he was dressed in his MLG Promo Card, but this pulled him off the best dressed award for 2010. Keep looking your best at tourneys, and you might be able to pull off this award next time, but if you don’t go to tourneys no one will see you, so make it out to more people!

Most Creative Username(s)
: Mango – I think this award was solidified after getting super mod powers and being able to freely change around his user name, but for those who know him they’ve seen the slew of names this guy has come up with, each one being more creative than the one before.

AiB Contributor Ninja: TheEnigmaLiesBroken – With the idea and creation of the AiB TCG, and all the work he’s put into this and other things around the site behind the scenes, Enigma really does deserve the Contributor Ninja award for 2010. Anyone who’s participated in the TCG so far has been effected by him, so it’s a pretty easy pick. That being said, a majority of the staff does a lot of behind the scenes work and contributed a lot, and I’d like to acknowledge Enrish for all of his work he’s put into the site this past year as a close second in the category.

Best Unique Badge: not THAT Mango – This was a close category, but Mango’s badge pulls off a win for the second time in a row. For those of you who thought of another Mango when I announced the winner of the Most Creative Username category then that’s proof of this awards validity.

Most Humble Member: GOG – The friendliest Member of the year also comes on top as the most humble member. He doesn’t ask for anything in exchange for the things he does for the community or for his efforts he puts in to try and make AiB a more friendly place. __X__ and Midnite were tied for second in this category.

Funniest AiBer: TheEnigmaLiesBroken – From his jokes he makes in the chat, to his funny avatars, and the things you can find on his profile, Enigma pulls of the award for Funniest AiBer of 2010. This was a really close category and two other hilarious members, Malcolm and Fats, came in tied at second this year.

Most Intelligent AiBer: HyugaRicdeau – With a Master’s Degree in physics, and an overall intelligent member, Hyuga takes this award. He’s always up for debate, so if anyone is every interested in a intellectual talk, feel free to hit him up.

Strangest Member: Admiral Pit – Everyone knows this members name, and some more than others. I think to the members who don’t know him too well, they find him a little strange until they get to know him, but either way Admiral Pit comes out on top for the Strangest Member of 2010.

Most Improved Smasher
: Nairo – Everyone should know this players name by now. First place in doubles at MLG DC, a consistent top placer in his region, and on his region’s PR. ksizzle’s little brother has definitely made a name for himself this past year and has earned the Most Improved Smasher award.

Favorite Writer
: Sumer – It feels a little weird writing about myself, but I guess I won this award from how much writing I’ve done this past year. I’m glad everyone enjoy my articles and everything else I wrote this year to vote me Favorite Writer from last year, and I’ll keep it up to hopefully win again next year!

Best Avatar(s)
: Zork – For those who don’t pay too much attention to his avatars, I don’t really know too many people who change them as much as this guy. He even made a blog to keep track of all of the avatars he’s gone through once, and the list was longer than most people would have gone through in 5 years.

Artist of the Year
: ninoflors – She definitely deserves this award from all of the contests she’s entered this year. She’s won SotW contests, Banner Contests, and other art contests as well. I even got the pleasure of teaming up with her for a SotW collaboration contest and saw firsthand how skilled of an artist she is.

Most Helpful/Reliable Member: Enrish – If you ever need help with anything, have a question, or just want a nice person to talk to about a problem, this is the guy to go to. He’s helped out this site and its member a ton this year and really does deserve this award for all of the hard work he’s put into this site.

Best Troll: nealdt – This was a pretty close category, but an unexpected pick comes up on top! Everyone knows nealdt, and he’s pulled some pretty wacky pranks on us in the past from changing all of our avatars, reversing our names, and a list of other things. He might not be a troll in the sense of making people angry, but he surely wins the category from how much he likes to mess with all of us.

I’d like to congratulate all of this year’s winners and thank everyone who took the time to vote and help decide on the winners. Remember that these are just for fun and I hope you got some enjoyment out of reading this. I look forward to another wacky year on AiB with all of you and hope to see some new names make it on the awards list next year!

One last thing; As a special reward to all of the winners this year, I’ll be giving out card packs for the TCG to all of the winners as a thank you for making AiB such a fun and unique place to be a part of.

On February 14th, All is Brawl’s second Artistic Expression ended with an amazing total of 44 entries! The judges finished judging the entries last night, and we came to this conclusion:

2 Winners:

Pain is Love-Chichi Hilton

Balanced Valentine-M-God

There were quite a entries with the same level of quality, so instead of selecting just one winner, we picked two! Congratulations to Chichi Hilton and M-God!

Details and the rest of the entries are here: VIEW RESULTS!

If you missed this opportunity to participate in the Artistic Expression, no worries, number three will begin soon.

Art News:

SOTW #25: Food: Be sure to cast your vote to get your voice heard![Click HERE]

SOTW #26: Anime: Entries are still being accepted! [Click Here]

Graphics Team Applications: Read this thread for more information![Click Here]

A couple of weeks ago, the 2008 AiB Smash Election was held. The AiB community voted in two categories: 2008 AiB Smash Character and 2008 AiB President/VP.
Although a bit delayed, the results to the 2008 AiB Smash Election are here!

We are proud to present to you the 2008 AiB Smash President & VP:

Valdens & Praxis 

Make sure you congratulate both of them on winning a very close election against Kirrrby and TlocCPU!

Continue reading to find out who won the character election and the ad contest!

Continue reading 2008 Smash Election Winners + Ad Contest Winner!