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Hello everyone! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of the Official AIB Trading Card Support Group. I can't say which day testing on the TCG actually began, but the official release was marked on September 27, 2010.

I'm glad that the project was taken so well by the community. There was originally a lot of bad energy floating around the idea when I presented it. Many members and staff believed that the TCG wouldn't take root in the AIB community very well and that the idea was just one more unnecessary addition to the site to keep members from playing Brawl itself.

However, the TCG has flourished even better than I originally imagined that it could. It has been used as a means of entertainment for many of you, a means of rewarding participants in various parts of the site including the Ladder, Contests and various other events over the past year. It also unintentionally became somewhat of a deterrent for users who tended to break the rules more often than necessary.

Overall it's been a good year. I'm happy to have created something that provided a measure of novelty for everyone of AIB and I'm proud that I've provided the site with something that could potentially outlast me as a member and still bring the community together. It's been tough keeping everything up to date as much as possible and work with members in order to manage the system and I'm thankful for those of you who have put time and effort into it and have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I'd like to thank the following people:
  • Nealdt: Without him, none of this would be possible. He did an amazing job of applying it to the site so that everyone could have access to the system. He's done more than I ever expected, and then some, to keep this thing fresh and user friendly. I'm thankful that he even considered my idea and I'm glad to have been allowed to do the things that I've done with it.
  • Midnite: He's done a large number of tasks with helping me manage the system, create new cards and take snapshots. He's had some great ideas that lead to new card designs, and he's helped a ton with users and problems that arose early on in the initial creation of the support group.
  • Hazeo, ASF1ink and Dramakidd: These three did quite a bit of work creating icons, emblems and full card templates for me. Without them, none of the new card designs you see today would even be slightly possible. Sadly, Hazeo and ASF have pretty much left the designer group. I haven't heard much of them lately and I hope they're doing good.
  • Volke Aeno, Sumer and Foodies: These three have provided me with TONS of snapshots in the past and I really would like to say thank you to them. Their work has given us way more than I could have dreamed to work with as far as unique card images and themes. I really do appreciate all the time you must have put into taking so many shots.
There are many of you who have contributed to the TCG in one way or another. I've been sent hundreds of ideas, suggestions, and the occasional snapshot or ten. Xyless allowed me to use his derpy images for the vending machine cards. Chookie, Sakram3nt, Silly, and others have worked with templates or various smaller images we wanted to put on the cards. NinoskaFlores has helped in the design room, and there are many of you who I can't name due to sheer mass that have contributed various smaller tasks. I'd like to thank you all.

Now, to celebrate this year's TCG Anniversary I've created a new category on your MyCards page.

This new Keepsakes category is an expansion on the original TCG idea where members will be able to collect various items that aren't directly TCG related but still are worth the collectable.

Many of you have suggested in the past that the TCG get a category where we create Moderator trading cards and cards that relate to the various aspects of the site. Until now, I've had a hard time with this. Trying to create trading cards and templates with new designs on them that only relate to the site is much harder than you'd think, but last night I had a great idea and so I've planned another approach to remedy this.

This new Keepsakes category will allow members to collect other small tokens about the site that aren't trading cards. These objects will include Booster Pack wrappers, posters, dolls and an endless possibility of new items.

For example, when you buy a booster pack, you will have a 1 in 10 chance that the pack's "wrapper" will still be in tact enough to collect them. Full Wrappers can be recycled for a few points back. Trashed wrappers will be recycled for only 1 point. Then in the future I might make a forge for them .

Other items, such as Posters and different Smash memorabilia that aren't necessarily trading cards, will be collected through different means other than just buying booster packs. As of right now, these items aren't added to the TCG yet and the means of collecting them hasn't been put into work yet, but in time they will be.

Thanks again everyone! I'm glad that this year has been as good as it has, and I hope to keep it going.
Sumer: Hey AllisBrawl, I’m joined today by the one and only Plank! For those who don’t know, Plank will be hosting a tourney on the East Coast this weekend a few of you might have heard about, *Pound* V, and it’s looking to be not only one of the best tourneys of this year but one of the best tourneys of all time. I’d like to start off by asking what got you interested in hosting tournaments in the smash community, and where the idea for *Pound* originated from?

Plank: Hey, I actually got interested in hosting tournaments because my friend Travis had hosted the original *Pound*. It was the very first tournament I ever went to, and where I first decided I really wanted to play the game. So when he wasn't making any more *Pound* tournaments I asked if it was okay if I ran with the series, and he said it was cool.  A lot of people don't know Travis (Chinesah) actually ran the first one.

Sumer: Oh, cool. I had no idea until just now. lol Did you ever think *Pound* would grow into what it is today after you took it over?

Plank: No definitely not, when I hosted the second *Pound* I ended up getting MLG sponsorship which really sent it through the roof in attendance, and I guess with it just being fun and running well and hype they continued to grow.

Sumer: It hasn't seemed to disappoint anyone to this day, from my knowledge. The venue looks simply amazing this time around, and there’s so much to do in D.C. or even just in the hotel at night when tournament events aren’t happening. Can you talk a little bit about the venue, why you choose it, and how well you think it’ll help the tourney run smoothly and efficiently?

Plank: Sure, the venue is definitely the most incredible thing about the tournament.  Last year I had a huge problem with organizing transportation because the venue was an hour away from any airport.  It was such a stress to manage everyone rides from the airport to the venue and back, so this year I really wanted a venue very close to an airport. I found this venue which is .3 miles from the airport and an official hotel of DCA.  It has the flight arrival/departure information in the hotel itself along with the ability to print out boarding passes at the hotel and a free shuttle to the airport. It also has a free shuttle to the dc metro which gives perfect cheap access to anywhere in DC which has tons of stuff to offer. Along with the venue being 24 hours for people to play in and over 20,000 sq. feet, I really thought it was the full package.

Sumer: I'm definitely planning to take advantage of that while I'm there. lol

Plank: Good :-) I hope a lot of people do.

Sumer: *Pound* started off as a Melee tournament series back in 06’ and hasn’t disappointed Melee fans since with a record breaking attendance of 347 Melee entrants at *Pound* IV. This is partly due to the fact that the *Pound* series has grown so popular that each tourney is now attracting international attendance as well. For those who haven’t been keeping up on smashboards, the international players have arrived and are ready to represent their countries. How do you think the international players are going to stack up this time around against the US players? Do you think we’ll have even more upsets this time around, or have the US players been preparing themselves for revenge on the International players?

Plank: I think that the international players are going to do even better this time.  I really think that they have more drive than we do; after all they are the ones travelling to us to prove themselves.  I think that we will have a lot of upsets this year, the way Melee is progressing it really seems like it is more anyone’s game than it ever has in the past.  There have been 4 *Pound* tournaments for Melee and only 2 different winners, I'm very excited to see if the final one will be taken by an international player, or if perhaps we will only have 2 unique winners for Pound Melee ever.

Sumer: I fully agree with you on the international players have more of a drive, and think it'd be interesting if one of them took the title this time around as well. As far as Brawl goes, what kind of upsetting are you hoping to see happen at this tournament and what players do you think are going to surprise us? You’ve even entered this tourney, so how far do you think you’ll get given the fact that you’re probably pretty rusty from not playing in a while?

Plank: I really hope to see some sort of low tiers do some damage at the tournament.  I enjoy seeing a player get hype for wrecking groups of top MK players.  I just hope we can have some fun upsets; hopefully my boy Coney can rape some OOS players.  He's mad good.  As far as I go I think I’ll probably make it into brackets but get raped there or something.  I am rusty but I am also Metaknight with a B button and a brain, I'll be fine enough to get out of pools but I don't think I’ll beat anyone beyond that.  I’ll surely try though! lol

Sumer: You got this! I kind of want to see Coney vs. M2K again. I like the inclusion of Amateur Buy-In tournaments and other side events to keep players who don’t have a chance to make it into the main bracket of the game they enter entertained. How are you planning to run these smoothly while still giving your full attention to the main tournaments going on?

Plank: The amateur buy-in tournaments are going to be more self-run.  I'm going to make the bracket and draw it out manually and have someone specific run the event in a specific area of the venue.  I've also got projectors and such to communicate schedules at the venue of when we will be doing specific events since the event is 24 hours.  A lot of these events may have to occur at odd times late at night or something, but we will make it work.

Sumer: Sounds like things should work out with so much room and time to work with.

Plank: Yeah, the 24 hour venue gave me confidence to implement the amateur buy-in idea that I’ve wanted to do for a while but was afraid to.

Sumer: I really like the idea and look forward to seeing how it plays out. lol This is going to be the 5th and final *Pound* tournament in the series. Do you have plans to continue hosting more tournament in the smash community after this, perhaps start up a new tournament series, or step back and let others follow in your hosting footsteps while you move back into simply attending tourneys or maybe something else?

Plank: I'm most likely going to be leaving the smash scene as a whole.  I have been playing for about 5 years and spent a lot of time and money on the game,  I have a full time job and a girlfriend as well as trying to go back to school, I just don't have the time. Really probably mostly though Starcraft To be honest.

Sumer: Can you give some advice to people who are planning or want to start hosting tournaments in their area as to how to get their tournaments as successful as yours, or at least some pointers for beginners for common mistakes to watch out for that maybe you even made yourself when starting out?

Plank:  Well like I said my very first tournament got sponsored by MLG, I really got lucky.  I never had to work at gaining a crowd; I’ve only had to work on maintaining and increasing my crowd.  I don't think I would have been successful at all if I wasn't given that by MLG.

Sumer: It’s fortunate that you were given that opportunity to create such a successful event and bring so many people from not only around the nation, but from around the world together to participate in the enjoyment of a game we all love to play.

Plank: As far as mistakes it's hard to say.  STAY ORGANIZED!!!  It is so important to be organized.  It's easy to just become swamped with taking money for registrations, pool sheets everywhere to record, people calling your phone, it gets tough.  It's very important to be organized so that you can even begin to balance these things.

Sumer: I’d like to finish off with any shout outs you might have for people who’ve helped you get as far as you have today or just anyone, and some hype for what everyone who’s not going to be able to make it to *POUND* V is going to be missing out on this weekend.

Plank: I would like to thank Team Arlington for being amazing and we are going to have an amazing farewell in Arlington this weekend! We are going to try and get updates out to people who couldn’t make it but you will have to be here to believe how hype its going to be.  IT'S ANYONES GAME!!!!!!

Sumer: AW YEAH! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with your busy schedule, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and having an amazing weekend with everyone at *Pound* V!

Plank: Great and I'm looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces who continue to come back and support Smash and hopefully convincing some new people to do the same :-)
by vVv Sumer Feb 14 2011, 3:13PM
What is *POUND*?

Pound is a tournament series which was started back in January of 2006 and was Melee only. A few tournaments later and hundreds and hundreds more players, we're now at *POUND* V which is looking to be the best *POUND* in the history of the series.

When is *POUND* V?

*POUND* V is going to be held THIS WEEKEND. Here is the current tentative schedule for the smash events that will be held there:


11:00 Melee teams Pools r1
11:00 Brawl teams Pools r1

2:00 Melee Singles Pools r1
2:00 Brawl Singles Pools r1

5:00 Melee teams pools r2
5:00 Brawl teams pools r2

8:00 Melee Singles pools r2
8:00 Brawl Singles pools r2


11:00 Melee Teams Bracket
11:00 Brawl Teams Bracket

4:00 Melee Singles pools r3
4:00 Brawl Singles pools r3

6:00 Melee Singles Bracket
6:00 Brawl Singles Bracket


11:00 AM Melee Singles Finale
11:00 AM Brawl Singles Finale

Where is *POUND* V going to be held?

*POUND* V is going to be held in Arlington, Virginia at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel. This venue is going to be almost TWICE as large as the *POUND* IV venue measuring in at 23,000 square feet. The venue is also a 10 minute metro ride away from Washinton D.C., so if you've never been to our capital city and want to do some tourism on your off time from the tourney then this will be the perfect chance!



What other events are being held at *POUND* V?

Along with the standard Brawl and Melee singles and doubles tourneys being held, you will also have a ton of other entertaining events you'll be able to watch or participate in. *POUND* V will have multiple set ups with the recently released Project M demo available for play, so if you haven't had a chance to test that out yet, this is a perfect time to give it a try. There will also be Amateur Buy-In Tourneys starting up after each round of pools, so if you do bad in your pools match or don't make it into the next round, no worries! You still get a chance to play in a tourney and make some money with people more near your skill level. There will also be regional crew battles held for your enjoyment and so you can cheer on your region against the other ones.

The tourney is this weekend, so registration is probably closed, right?

Wrong! Plank has stated that since he wants this *POUND* to be the best it can be, he has extended registration for a 2nd time. There WILL be at the door registration, the only downside to this is that you'll have to be seeded into a pool at the spot, so there won't be enough time to take into consideration what the best pool to put you in would be, but it's still better than not being able to enter at all.

I still need a little more convincing. Why should I go to *POUND* V?

This is going to be the last, biggest, and best *POUND* tourney to date! If you've never been to a national size tournament before then this is a great opportunity to finally make it out to one. You get to meet all of the other players from around the country as well as all of the international players coming in just for this tournament. This is definitely a tournament you don't want to miss! Also, I'll be at *POUND* V, so I would like to meet as many AiB people here as I can. Hope to see all of you there! ^^

Finally, here's the smashboards thread with all the information you need to know for this tourney:

And here's the *POUND* 5 trailer for a little more hype if that wasn't enough:

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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It's been a while since we had some new banners on AiB, and although we all like the Holiday themed ones, I think we would all agree that it's about that time to go back to some neutral banners for now. However, instead of just putting up the old ones we had, since it's a new year I think we should have new banners to go along with this. That being said, I'd like to announce the 2011 Banner Contest!

I welcome everyone to submit an entry for this new contest. Along with having your banner displayed on AiB for everyone to see, you also get to earn some cool badges just for entering. I look forward to seeing what AiB can put together for some awesome 2011 banners!


1. Banner must be 964x175 pixels.   
2. The banner should have a color scheme that compliments/fits with the skin it is for.
3. The banner does not have to be completely Smash related(doesn't have to have the Smash Symbol everywhere/all Melee/Brawl renders etc)
4. Preferably the logo should be displayed near the middle of the banner in a decent size. You may use this logo or create your own: [click here for logo] (original, not rendered )  
        [click here for logo v2]  (rendered and edited by Spellman)


1. Each entrant may submit up to two entries(per skin). Once a banner is submitted, it cannot be changed.   
2. The banner MUST be new work. I'd like to see what the site can do.  
3. Entrants will be penalized accordingly for plagiarism, faked votes, and other inappropriate conduct.  
4. The process in which the winner is decided will depend on how many
entries we receive. It will most likely involve public voting as well
as admin panel selection.   
5. The admin panel reserves the right to rule that the banners will not be changed for this banner contest if
the quality of the banners are not up to our standards.   
6. Contest entry must be via private message to Zolga with
“2011 Banner Contest Entry - (Skin that it is for)” as the subject before Midnight of February 25th, 2011.

Resources: – Register for a free account for access to good quality Smash character renders and other resources!  

Brawl logo rendered: [click here for rendered Brawl logo]  

As you work on your banner, you may post it in this thread to gather opinions from other artists. Zolga will also be offering his opinion on banners. Just PM him with a work in progress banner with the subject “Banner Contest ADVICE.” He will most likely share these with the other Art District Staff members for more constructive feedback.

Alright, so as some of you may know, over a year and a half ago I started something called "Get Togethers" on All is Fighter. Essentially I was on MSN chatting with GoV on new ways that we could help AiF gain activity, and thinking of how AllisCrossing had K.K. Slider social events based on the night K.K. performs in AC: CF (Saturday), I got to thinking, "is there a way to import something like that onto a site like AiF? The answer I came up with was, yes.

So I said to GoV, what if we did something called "Get Togethers"? A social event that gives the community a chance to get together and discuss ways to improve the site, play some games, and just chat/have a good time.

Together we started to shape up the idea and started the AiF social Get Togethers (or just AiF Get Togethers). We started notifying all the people we could about the event in hopes for a good turnout, I got a hold of JV to tell him, and in the end it was a huge success that continued on for some time after.

Now I'm not going to go into details as to what's going on with the AiF Get Togethers these days, but I will say that Get Togethers are a great way to get the community together and make the site even better or more active than it already is (or at least have fun anyway).

So in brief I had been thinking of more ways I could help AiB, and well among a few other things, I finally came to this conclusion, and went to Enrish asking for his take on this, which was essentially, a yes.

Now then, onto the first AiB Get Together.

Well, being that Get Togethers obviously require organizational time and advertising time before the event actually happens, I figured since Valentine's Day is the next big holiday coming up, why not make the first one based off of that?

Anyway here is all the info on the All is Brawl V-Day Get Together!
Date: Friday, February 11th.
Whichever chat wins the front page poll (votes will be counted only until 11:59 PM EST on February 1st.)
Social Chat Event Info:

Just like with the Get Togethers on AiF there is always the main chat event where we come together as a community have some convos, discuss ways to improve AiB, play some friendlies, or whatever else. Also being that this is a special social event, during the Get Together, users may also make trades while in the chatroom =)
Starting Times:

1:00 AM Netherlands
12:00 AM GMT
8:00 PM Atlantic
7:00 PM EST
6:00 PM CST
5:00 PM MST
4:00 PM PST

*If your timezone is not above please contact Kakashi Of The Sharingan.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the Hosts/Organizers:

~Kakashi Of The Sharingan

For more information, visit the Get Togethers group!

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!!
A few weeks have passed since I announced the 2010 AiB awards, and since then I’ve gotten a ton of replies from the community for what they wanted to see on this year’s awards, we’ve done our staff voting, and now I’d like to announce that the results are in and we have our winners!

Please remember that these awards are made solely for fun and to give our members a few laughs, so don’t feel offended for winning or not winning any awards. These are also made to inspire our members to be more active on the site so maybe next time you’ll be voted as the winner of one of these awards, but without further ado here are your 2010 categories and winners!

Friendliest AiBer: GOG – If you ever enter a chat this is the first person to greet you and ask how you’re doing. From greeting and helping new members, to talking to any member in the chat like he’s known them forever, GOG is definitely an easy pick for Friendliest AiBer. Rickety and lightlanayru came in tied at second for this award.

Biggest Lurker: Umbre – Whether you’re in a Skype group, on a chat, or posting on the forums. This guy always seems to pop in at the most unexpected times as if he was there the whole time. When it comes to not being noticed by appearing with a bang, Umbre’s got this down to a science.

Most Active AiBer: Zork – You see his forum posts, his multiple daily blogs, you see him chatting it up in the forum, entering tourneys, and even on other Allis sites. No matter what part of the site you visit you’ll have seen this guy posting or talking somewhere there.

Most Notorious AiBer: typh - nealdt - Carls493 - Kennispam – Yes..that’s a 4 way tie! This category was a tough one to choose a winner for since we have so many people you hear about daily, but we were able to narrow it down to 4. These members are talked about a lot on a daily basis, sometimes for good things sometimes not, but either way you can’t go a day without hearing about something one of these guys are up to.

PokéManiac: Midnite – This was a pretty easy pick. The holder of the Zorua and Jirachi unique badges, mod of the Pokémon board on the AiB forum, frequent tourney goer, and all out Pokémon fanatic, Midnite is a clear choice for this award. If someone’s talking about Pokémon or there’s some new news about a new game you’ll be sure to find this guy in the middle of the conversation.

Biggest Geek: jarvitz – He sure knows how to make a name for himself. This guy can be seen frequently talking about all things Pokémon or Smash related, currently hosts Scavenger Hunts on AiB, and is one of the co-hosts of Smash Trivia. From these activates he’s been given the title biggest geek by those who know him, so if you need any info about any of these topics then this is the guy to hit up.

Biggest Ego: Jem – The winner of the last award’s biggest ego category takes it for a second time! His ego was described to be the size of the moon last time, and although I think it’s gone down a bit since then, he still remains notorious for his title of having the Biggest Ego.

Best TO: Alex Strife – The host of the Viridian City tourneys as well as the Apex series doesn’t have the certified host badge for nothing. He’s shown his skills as a TO from hosting a ton of great and well run tourneys last year and this earns him the Best TO award for 2010.

Most Mysterious AiBer: Umbre – To follow suit with his Biggest Lurker award, Umbre bags himself the Most Mysterious AiBer award this year too. It can be pretty obvious from all of the lurking he does that a lot of the members who see him doing this would also think he’s a bit mysterious at times.

Chatty Kathy: jarvitz – He didn’t earn the Biggest Geek award by doing nothing. If you go to any chats or are a part of any AiB Skype groups, this guy’s always talking when he’s online. Sometimes people complain that he talks too much, but this can’t be helped for someone who’s so chatty all the time. Carls493 was a close second in this category, but jarvitz just managed to beat him out for it.

Best Run Tournament: Apex 2010 – Wins for Best Run Tournament of 2010. With MLG picking up Brawl this past year, and all of the other well run tourneys of the year, this was a tough choice, but it seems like the community run tourneys still managed to pull out the award in comparison to the professionally run tourneys of MLG. Good stuff Smash Community!

Cutest Couple on AiB: Tearbear & Shaybear – This matching names couple pulls out the Cutest Couple of 2010. Both ladder refs and on their spare time like to do..all those things couples do, but that’s why we voted them for this category. Who says dating people you work with isn’t good? It got these two the Cutest Couple award.

Best Dressed: __X__ – I think this award has a lot to do with how well he was dressed in his MLG Promo Card, but this pulled him off the best dressed award for 2010. Keep looking your best at tourneys, and you might be able to pull off this award next time, but if you don’t go to tourneys no one will see you, so make it out to more people!

Most Creative Username(s)
: Mango – I think this award was solidified after getting super mod powers and being able to freely change around his user name, but for those who know him they’ve seen the slew of names this guy has come up with, each one being more creative than the one before.

AiB Contributor Ninja: TheEnigmaLiesBroken – With the idea and creation of the AiB TCG, and all the work he’s put into this and other things around the site behind the scenes, Enigma really does deserve the Contributor Ninja award for 2010. Anyone who’s participated in the TCG so far has been effected by him, so it’s a pretty easy pick. That being said, a majority of the staff does a lot of behind the scenes work and contributed a lot, and I’d like to acknowledge Enrish for all of his work he’s put into the site this past year as a close second in the category.

Best Unique Badge: not THAT Mango – This was a close category, but Mango’s badge pulls off a win for the second time in a row. For those of you who thought of another Mango when I announced the winner of the Most Creative Username category then that’s proof of this awards validity.

Most Humble Member: GOG – The friendliest Member of the year also comes on top as the most humble member. He doesn’t ask for anything in exchange for the things he does for the community or for his efforts he puts in to try and make AiB a more friendly place. __X__ and Midnite were tied for second in this category.

Funniest AiBer: TheEnigmaLiesBroken – From his jokes he makes in the chat, to his funny avatars, and the things you can find on his profile, Enigma pulls of the award for Funniest AiBer of 2010. This was a really close category and two other hilarious members, Malcolm and Fats, came in tied at second this year.

Most Intelligent AiBer: HyugaRicdeau – With a Master’s Degree in physics, and an overall intelligent member, Hyuga takes this award. He’s always up for debate, so if anyone is every interested in a intellectual talk, feel free to hit him up.

Strangest Member: Admiral Pit – Everyone knows this members name, and some more than others. I think to the members who don’t know him too well, they find him a little strange until they get to know him, but either way Admiral Pit comes out on top for the Strangest Member of 2010.

Most Improved Smasher
: Nairo – Everyone should know this players name by now. First place in doubles at MLG DC, a consistent top placer in his region, and on his region’s PR. ksizzle’s little brother has definitely made a name for himself this past year and has earned the Most Improved Smasher award.

Favorite Writer
: Sumer – It feels a little weird writing about myself, but I guess I won this award from how much writing I’ve done this past year. I’m glad everyone enjoy my articles and everything else I wrote this year to vote me Favorite Writer from last year, and I’ll keep it up to hopefully win again next year!

Best Avatar(s)
: Zork – For those who don’t pay too much attention to his avatars, I don’t really know too many people who change them as much as this guy. He even made a blog to keep track of all of the avatars he’s gone through once, and the list was longer than most people would have gone through in 5 years.

Artist of the Year
: ninoflors – She definitely deserves this award from all of the contests she’s entered this year. She’s won SotW contests, Banner Contests, and other art contests as well. I even got the pleasure of teaming up with her for a SotW collaboration contest and saw firsthand how skilled of an artist she is.

Most Helpful/Reliable Member: Enrish – If you ever need help with anything, have a question, or just want a nice person to talk to about a problem, this is the guy to go to. He’s helped out this site and its member a ton this year and really does deserve this award for all of the hard work he’s put into this site.

Best Troll: nealdt – This was a pretty close category, but an unexpected pick comes up on top! Everyone knows nealdt, and he’s pulled some pretty wacky pranks on us in the past from changing all of our avatars, reversing our names, and a list of other things. He might not be a troll in the sense of making people angry, but he surely wins the category from how much he likes to mess with all of us.

I’d like to congratulate all of this year’s winners and thank everyone who took the time to vote and help decide on the winners. Remember that these are just for fun and I hope you got some enjoyment out of reading this. I look forward to another wacky year on AiB with all of you and hope to see some new names make it on the awards list next year!

One last thing; As a special reward to all of the winners this year, I’ll be giving out card packs for the TCG to all of the winners as a thank you for making AiB such a fun and unique place to be a part of.
Happy New Year to all of you here on AllisBrawl. This year has been one of the biggest for AiB and Smash in general. I’ll be joined by Rich Brown and Zolga to re-cap all of this year’s happenings on AiB, the Smash Scene, and give you all another New Year’s resolution challenge to try out for 2011.

This past year on AiB has been one with a lot of changes and improvements that’s made the site much more fun and given our members a lot more to do around the site. We’ll try to improve and add on to the site even more in the future, but I’ll touch on just some of the cool new things added to the site during 2010.

A major change we all went through early this year was a new layout introduces to AiB. It was a little different at first, but I’ve definitely gotten more use to it, and really like how it displays all of the current featured content all in one place without too much looking or scrolling. We even introduced an art panel to it and might even make more additions to it next year to make it even better.

Blogs have always been a popular function of this site, and they’ve only become more popular this past year with more members blogging more frequently. The featured blogs feature was added so members could check the front page and keep up to date on important or interesting topics from blogs they might not have otherwise seen without it and I really like this addition.

With a new year comes new mods, and we’ve had a fair share of new mods this year as old mods retired as well. I even became a mod this year and it’s been an interesting year on AiB seeing how things are run behind the scenes as well as being a part of making the site better and more fun for the members, so I’m glad I’ve had a chance to do that this year.

After joining the staff I helped in introducing a cool new group for all of the Pokemon fans on this site with the creation of the AiB Pokemon League. This group allowed our members to take on Gym leaders and earn badges just like a real Pokemon League, and I’ve been having a lot of fun taking on the league as well as being a gym leader myself and taking challenges from members.

How many of us remember back in the day when trading cards were big and all of your friends were collecting cards and got you into it too. Well, AiB introduced its very own TCG this year with the launch of the AiB trading card game system. This allows members to collect and trade Smash cards with other members and gives a nostalgic feeling of the good old days at the same time.

We even had an unexpected surprise this year with the launch of a brand new Allis site when AllisCoD was announced. This is a cool new site for CoD or first person shooter fans in general, and although it’s still starting out it’s looking like a promising site that will let members compete to see who has the best CoD skills among AiB and AiCoD members.

Our members got to enjoy the release of a brand new skin for AiB this year with the introduction of the Rising Sun skin. This is a cool new skin created by Amethia who has announced the launch of two other skins he has created, the Volcanic and Acid skins, which will be launched sometime early this year, so keep an eye out for those while you enjoy the Rising Sun skin for now.

Along with all of the new features and groups we’ve added here on AiB for our members also comes a plethora of contests and challenges to keep our members entertained and having fun while visiting the site. Along with the regular contests frequently hosted this year we brought back the Halloween Pumpkin Contest this year, started up Scavenger Hunts again to challenge the knowledge of our users, introduced a new challenge in the form of the Who’s That User? Competitions, and also created the brand new Holiday Cookie competition. Look forward to participating in these contests again in 2011 along with any new contests or competitions we can think up for next year to make the site even more fun for everyone who visits it.

With all of the new happening on AiB this past year out of the way, here’s Rich Brown’s review of Smash’s influence offline and on the community during this past year:

2010 was an incredible year for Smash. The MLG Circuit,
Japan’s first time in the US, and the various new challengers to M2K’s
dominance were just a part of the highlights from the national tourney scene
this year. Here’s a quick recap of some of the nationals that took place this
year, as well as a look ahead to 2011:  

January 17th: POUND IV:


1: ADHD (Diddy)
2: Mew2King (Metaknight)
3: Ally (Snake/Metaknight)
4: KSizzle (Metaknight/Lucario)
5: Shadow_111 (Metaknight)
5: Judge (Metaknight)
7: Havok (Metaknight)
7: Logic (Olimar)

Summary: The new year kicked off with a national
hosted by Plank which attracted nearly the entire right side of the United
States, as well as So Cal pros DEHF and Havok. The top 8 featured 6 MKs, with
the only non MK mains/secondaries being ADHD with Diddy Kong (1st)
and Logic with Olimar (7th). Ksizzle came out of nowhere and beat
Ally, ultimately taking 4th place, while Shadow took out many top
players including NEO, Lee Martin, and Judge. ADHD ultimately won the
tournament, beating Mew2King in winners and grand finals.

Most Memorable Moment: Just about anyone who thinks
of Pound IV thinks of what happened at 8:15 in this match of DEHF vs. Chudat:
. Prior to the tournament, many people considered DEHF a legitimate threat to
win the tournament. He seemed poised to advance to the next round, but Chu
stayed patient and was able to force an unbelievable off stage gimp. Would DEHF
ever recover from such a heart breaking loss at a national?…..

(Fun Fact: Chu came to So Cal for a regional a couple months
later, and faced DEHF again. The same exact thing almost happened again. Link:

Notable Upsets:

Chudat over DEHF:
Ksizzle over Ally:

April 16-18: MLG ORLANDO:


1: Mew2King - $2,500
2: Ally - $1,500
3: Tyrant - $1,000
4: ESAM - $700
5: DSF - $500
6: ADHD - $350
7: DEHF - $250
8: Big Lou - $200

Summary: One of the biggest happenings for Brawl this
year was getting picked up on the MLG circuit. The MLG circuit attracted just
about every top smasher from every region in the United States. MLG Orlando was
the first tournament in the series. The top 2 was somewhat predictable with
legendary smashers Mew2King and Ally taking 1st and 2nd,
as well as West Coast’s number 1 player Tyrant placing 3rd.

Final match of MLG Orlando. Mew2King vs Ally:

Most Memorable Moment: The most memorable moment of
this tournament is really more of a completely unexpected tournament run by two
players who were previously relatively unknown at the national level: ESAM
(pikachu) and Big Lou (Luigi). ESAM’s pikachu got sent to losers early by ADHD,
but he then charged through a losers bracket which included Fatal (New
England’s number 1 player), Big Lou (one of Georgia’s top players) and DSF (top
West Coast MK). Big Lou’s Luigi beat MikeHaze twice (best Marth in the US) and
Atomsk (one of NJ’s top players) to slide into the top 8.

Notable Upsets:

MK18 over Ksizzle
Chaz over Lain
Big Lou over MikeHAZE
Big Lou over Atomsk

June 4th-6th: MLG COLUMBUS:


1: Mew2King (MW) - Meta Knight - $2,500
2: Ally (CAN)- Snake - $1,500
3: NickRiddle (SE)- Zero Suit Samus - $1,000
4: LeeMartin (SW)- Meta Knight/Lucario - $700
5: -Dojo- (SW) -Meta Knight - $500
6: Gnes (SW)- Diddy Kong - $350
7: Tearbear (WC)- Meta Knight - $250
8: ESAM (SE)- Pikachu - $200

Summary: MLG Columbus was the second stop on the
circuit. Mew2King and Ally once again took the top spots, reinforcing the fact
that they are leagues above the rest of the community. Nick Riddle, however,
did take an impressive 2-0 win against Ally in winners semis, after which he
announced at the end of this
that he is “kinda the best in the world.” Lee Martin had an
impressive 4th place finish after a series of large tournaments
where he was unable to quite break into the top 8. TX’s top 2 players Dojo and
Gnes took 5th and 6th respectively, while Tearbear
(ranked Metaknight from So Cal) surprised a lot of people with his 7th
place finish. ESAM proved his Orlando placing wasn’t a fluke by once again
placing into the top 8.

Most Memorable Moment: The Most Memorable Moment from
this tournament actually came from a match very early in losers bracket
MikeHAZE vs Ook:
. Ook counterpicked Green Greens in game 3, so MikeHAZE switched to DDD to
counter Ook’s DK. The rest is history.

Notable Upsets:

Nick Riddle over Ally:
Ook over MikeHAZE:
Arty over Dojo
San over Rich Brown

Aug 6th: APEX 2010:


1st - DEHF (Falco)
2nd - Brood (Olimar)
3rd - Mew2King (Meta Knight)
4th - Lee Martin (Lucario/MK)
5th - Ally (Snake)
6th - Lain (Ice Climbers)
7th - Atomsk (Ice Climbers/D3/Wario)
8th - Rain (Falco/MK)  

Summary: This was the most incredible tournament of
2010. Hosted by Alex Strife, this tournament brought Japan’s top players,
including Rain (Falco) and Brood (Olimar), to the United States for the first
time. There were so many incredible matches, including Rain vs Lee Martin going
last hit (
and DEHF beating Mew2King for the first time (
DEHF had a death bracket which included Gnes, Sweetpea (top Japanese diddy),
Atomsk, Mew2King, and Brood, but he tore through every one of them like a pro,
ultimately becoming the champion this incredible national event.

Most Memorable Moment: While DEHF was the champion
over everyone, the most memorable moment unquestionably was Mew2King vs Brood,
game 5 of losers finals:
The live stream swelled to about 3,000 viewers during this set. Prior to this
tournament, Japan hyped Rain as their best player, while Brood flew under the
radar. Brood went from getting 3 stocked game 1 to adapting and ultimately
securing a completely unexpected losers finals victory over the nation’s top

Notable Upsets:

Brood over M2K:
Brood over Ally:
DEHF over M2K:
San over Gnes:

August 27th-29th: MLG RALEIGH:


1: Mew2King (MW)- Meta Knight - $2,500
2: LeeMartin (S) - Toon Link/Meta Knight/Lucario - $1,500
3: Felix (WC) - Diddy Kong - $1,000
4: Seibrik (S)- Meta Knight - $700
5: NickRiddle (S) - Zero Suit Samus - $500
6: TyRaNt (WC)- Meta Knight - $350
7: DEHF (WC) - Falco - $250
8: Havok (WC)- Meta Knight/Marth - $200

Summary: While Mew2King continued his unprecedented
dominance over the competitive scene, the rest of the results at MLG Raleigh
were nuts. There was also plenty of controversy to go around. One of the
stories which grabbed headlines was the pause DQs which took place during
Cheese vs Nick Riddle and Cheese vs Will. Both Nick Riddle and Will were forced
to forfeit games due to inadvertently pausing. Ally, Atomsk, ADHD, and
NinjaLink were all DQed from winners due to being late for their match, which
made for some interesting results. On the positive side: Havok, a top player
from the West Coast, finally broke into the top 8 after receiving extremely
difficult brackets at the first two MLG events. Havok surprised everyone by
knocking out Ally very early on in the loser’s bracket, causing Ally to place 17th.
Felix, one of the top players from the Pac NW, also came out of nowhere and
took names including MikeHAZE, ESAM, Tyrant, and Seibrik.

Most Memorable Moment: Lee Martin had an amazing
weekend at MLG Raleigh, building upon his impressive showing at MLG Columbus by
taking out a myriad of top players including Sean (top Nor Cal player), Zex (1st
in Nor Cal), Big Lou, Tyrant, Seibrik, and Felix, only losing to Mew2King.
However, the best moment probably came in Grand Finals, where Lee Martin
decided to display his knowledge of characters and pick Toon Link. His TL
caught Mew2King off guard and brutally destroyed him, drawing quite a laugh and
much appreciation from the crowd.

Notable Upsets:
Cheese over Nick Riddle
Havok over Ally
Felix over Tyrant

Oct 14th-16th: MLG D.C.:


1: The_ADHD (EC) - Diddy - $2,500
2: RichBrown (WC) - Olimar - $1,500
3: Mew2King (MW) - Meta Knight - $1,000
4: ESAM (SE) - Pikachu - $700
5: FatalMatt (EC) - Snake - $500
6: MikeHaze (WC) - Marth - $350
7: HavokZ (WC) - Meta Knight/Marth/Snake - $250
8: AllyOrNotAlly (CAN) - Snake - $200

Summary: MLG D.C. found a way to top the insane
results of the previous MLG events. The top 8 featured some fresh faces with
ADHD, Rich Brown, Fatal, and MikeHAZE all placing into the top 8 for the first
time. MikeHAZE beat Anti (one of the best Metaknight mains in the nation) and
also beat Ally early in the bracket, continuing his dominance over Ally which
dates back to Evo 2009. Fatal beat Tyrant to get revenge from their set at MLG
Raleigh. ESAM was knocked into losers early by Havok (who got another
impressive top 8 finish) but then tore through the most horrific losers bracket
ever seen, beating Nick Riddle, Lee Martin, Tyrant, Ally, and MikeHAZE (and
nearly beat Mew2King) to finish 4th.

Most Memorable Moment: Rich Brown and ADHD both stole
the show and made history by becoming the first players ever to hand Mew2King a
loss at an MLG Brawl event. ADHD and Rich Brown probably had the most
impressive runs of all throughout the tournament, with ADHD beating Lee Martin,
Havok, MikeHaze, and Rich Brown, while Rich Brown beat Tearbear, Mew2King,
Atomsk, Fatal, and ADHD in winners bracket.

M2K vs Rich Brown:
M2K vs ADHD:

Notable Upsets:

Rich Brown over M2K:
MikeHAZE over Anti:
JuneBug over DEHF:
SlikVik over NickRiddle:

Nov 4th-6th: MLG Dallas:


1st (9) Gnes -Diddy Kong - $12,500
2nd (3) TyRaNt - Meta Knight - $7,500
3rd (2) ESAM - Pikachu - $5,000
4th (1) Ally - Snake - $3,500
5th (11) Espy - Sonic - $2,500
6th (12) _X_ - Sonic - $1,750
7th (4) LeeMartin - Meta Knight/Lucario - $1,250
8th (7) Atomsk92 - King Dedede/Ice Climbers/Meta Knight$1,000

Summary: Prior to this event, there was some serious
controversy involving Mew2King and ADHD. Apparently both players agreed to a
split of some sort, which was highly frowned upon by MLG, causing both players
to be banned from MLG Dallas. With the only two MLG winners both banned from
the final event, everyone knew the results would be interesting. Gnes, who had
been quietly destroying his local scene since getting 6th at MLG
Columbus, beasted through the entire tournament, only losing one game (ESAM,
who yet again got an impressive placing) the entire tournament. Tyrant also had
a very impressive run, returning to the top by beating DEHF, X, Ally, and ESAM
after losing to Espy early in losers. Ally also earned a solid placing, beating
Lee Martin and Espy to secure 4th place. Atomsk also finally placed
into the top 8 after placing just outside top 8 at every single MLG event.

Most Memorable Moment: No one prepared for was the
complete rampage Espy and X went on at MLG Dallas. Both Sonic mains tore
through some intense brackets to shock the entire smash world by taking 5th
and 6th. Espy’s victories included DEHF, Rich Brown, and Tyrant,
while X’s victories included Seibrik, Dojo and Lee Martin.

Notable Upsets:

Espy over Rich Brown:
Espy over Tyrant:
Espy over DEHF:
X over Dojo:
X over Lee Martin:

What 2011 has in store for smash
Feb 19th-21st: POUND V:

Location: Arlington, VA

Plank is bringing his legendary smash series back for
another round! Plank is doing some pretty amazing things for this tournament,
and many top pros from around the nation will be in attendance? And if you’re
worried about being eliminated too early because so many pros will be there,
there is also an amateur buy-in tournament for people who got eliminated from
pools, so everyone has a shot to go home happy!

March 18th-20th: WHOBO 3:

Location: Houston, TX
Xyro’s largely successful World Hobo tournament! Many top
pros who don’t travel much, including Gnes, Dojo, Razer, and Espy will all be
in attendance. They will all no doubt be ready to defend their home turf!

July 11th-13th: Genesis 2:

Location: Antioch, CA
In summer 2009, DBR brought us one of the most epic smash
brothers tournaments in history, and this summer they plan to make it even
better! If you only go to one tournament all summer, make it this one. Just do
it, this is a can’t-miss-absolutely-must-attend-tournament. Take my word for

There you have it smashers! We had an amazing year, and we
have plenty more to look forward to in 2011. Support your local scene, practice
up, and come out to these big events!

Now that you’ve caught up with everything on AiB and in the Smash Scene that’s happened in 2010 we would like to leave you all with another Zolga’s New Year’s Challenge for this year to give you something to strive for in 2011:

"It's that time of year again! The New Year is upon us and it's a good time to make some changes.

This year I propose that everyone makes an effort to get involved in their area's offline scene. There are a vast amount of users on AiB that haven't really tried to do this. How often have you passed up a tournament just because you didn't feel like it or didn't want to travel a little bit to get there? There are some out there that legitimately can't but that can't be true for every WiFi player and casual player out there. I am also guilty of not really trying that hard (which I hope to rectify in the coming year).

As you can see by Rich's review of Smash over the past year there were a ton of great moments in the community this year. You can be a part of the new ones too!
No one is forcing you to become more involved but honestly, what have you got to lose?

2011 is looking to be a good year with a lot of great upcoming events. Do your best to get out there!"
That's right ladies and gentlemen. The AiB Awards are back in action to show the highlights of 2010, as we move forward in life. Brawl and the community has developed so much such our last awards. Brawl became a part of MLG? SAY WHAAAT?! Gnes made how much money at one event? Who dat Booty Warrior be? M2K and Ally still wiping the floor with everyone? And who dis ADHD guy be? Many things have happened on this site and in the community in general. From Valdens losing 65 lbs while the community supported him*ego fed*, to the AiB Trading Card System being introduced, and us getting new staff. 2010 is just one of the many great years we've all spent together, and let's hope there's many more to come, so let's remember and cherish these memories than with the second annual AiB Award Ceremony! Just like last time, we'd like your input. We already have categories we're bringing back, and new categories we're introducing, but I want to see what you guys can come up with. You, the community, mean so much to us that we are asking for your help in deciding categories for the awards. An example would be “Laziest Admin of AiB” (which we hope Neal would win, but you never know…) Any and all ideas you have, we will take. I hope you all look forward to this exciting end of the year entertainment! I know I can’t wait!

Credit goes out to Enrish for the great intro you all just read; unfortunately he’s a pretty busy guy, so I’ll be running the awards this year and announcing the winners when they’re decided upon. For those of you who weren’t around or too active around the time of the previous AiB Awards, here’s a list of some of the categories from last time for you to get an idea of what we’re looking for as far as potential new categories go for this year:

Friendliest AiBer
Most Notorious AiBer
Biggest Geek
****iest AiBer (overconfident lol)
Biggest Ego
Most Mysterious AiBer
Chatty Kathy
Best Run Tournament
Cutest Couple on AiB
Best Dressed
AiB Contributor Ninja
Funniest AiBer
Most Intelligent AiBer
Strangest Member
Favorite Writer
Artist of the Year
Most Helpful/Reliable Member

As Enrish stated above, we want community input on which categories you might want removed or if you have a great idea for a new category. I'm hoping to see some cool and creative new ideas out of all of you, and be sure to look forward to the announcement of this year’s AiB award winners!
I reccently had a chance to sit down with winner of the Fall '10 AiB Singles Ladder, Ally, who also managed to pull off 2nd place in the AiB Fall '10 Doubles Ladder, along side his brother HolyNightmare, to talk about his achievements as well as some of his plans for the future.

I’d like to start off the interview by thanking you for taking the time to do this interview and to congratulate you on your recent accomplishments in the AiB Singles and Doubles Playoff tournaments.
We can start with an introduction for those who don’t know you and for others to become more familiar with you. Who are you on AiB and what character(s) do you main?

Ally: I am Ally, Mad Ally on Smashboards, I use Snake since I unlocked him from Brawl but Metaknight is sharing my main spot with Snake right now.

Sumer: I know you've pulled out your Wario against Mew2King in tourney before, and you're probably the best Falcon in North America. lol Are there any other characters you've been experimenting with, or might consider using in tourney soon, or do you think Meta Knight and Snake are more than enough?

Ally: I've been practicing some Marth and Ice climbers, and I could probably use a ton more characters but I'm really not confident enough to use em. Metaknight and Snake will most likely suffice.

Sumer: For those who are unaware, you teamed up with your brother HolyNightmare for this last playoff season, and managed to place 2nd in the Doubles Playoffs. I’d like to ask what you think helped you do so well in the Doubles Playoffs aside from both of your obviously impressive singles skills, and if perhaps any offline practice or strategies helped get you so far in the bracket?

Ally: Nothing really, we don't even play much together except if it's a tourney doubles tourney (offline) What didn't help us though is the lag coming from various people. Especially when we get WC people. It's unplayable =l johns lol

Sumer: lol Speaking of that.
Your team managed to beat the team of Tairbair and ChocoNaner in the Winner’s Bracket, but they ended up taking the tourney in the continuation set of Grand Finals. I’m sure lag was a huge factor in this outcome with both of them being West Coast players, but do you think any other factors like their team work or frustration from having to play so many sets resulted in the final outcome?

Ally: No, it was just lag, there was one game where we were winning with a big lead, lag came out , like REALLY bad + lag spikes and I think I couldn't do much for the whole stock till I died. Same happened some game where I buffered a BAIR and then a fair after being pushed off stage.

Sumer: You guys still did great regardless, although that's unfortunate. @.@
Ally: Yeah, it's w-e.

Sumer: Let’s move on to the Singles Bracket. You managed to take first place in this tournament. You haven’t played too much online since the last Winter Playoffs on AiB I believe, and yet you started late into this season and ended up getting first on the ladder and in the Playoffs. What do you think helped you pull this off, and was it as easy or hard as you thought it would be?

Ally: Ummm I did start kinda late, almost end of the ladder like usual, I didn't play much wifi until 3 days before Ladder finished. After that, I guess I got lucky for not choking.
I don't think anything really helped me.

Sumer: Nice.
Some people believe that a few of your past national performances weren’t as good as your previous ones due to you quitting wifi, but some are optimistic that you’ll start placing at the top consistently like you were in your prime when you were a top contender both online and offline. Do you think you’re future national and regional performances will benefit from you getting back into practicing regularly online and offline again?

Ally: Maybe, I will find out by playing wifi of course, I'm taking a break right now though and will be coming back on SiiS4 Ohio tournament 8th of January, I hope I win but I won't have practiced for it for sure.

Sumer: I'll probably be attending that as well, so we might get a chance to play against each other there. lol

Ally: Oh right, you're going. XD Michigan. Forgot you were from there.

Sumer: XD
It seemed like you and your brother did pretty well when you teamed at the last APEX, so I think you’d easily place in the top again if you teamed at a large offline tournament again. Are you planning to team up with him in any upcoming offline tournaments and maybe carry your online success from this playoff season offline? Or are there any other top players you’d like to or look forward to teaming with in any future tournaments?

Ally: If I do well through this year, I will probably team with my brother again for Apex 2012. I still team with him for Canadian tourneys and always win doubles nowadays. I don't know about teammates, I don't really have someone I want to team but I do like teaming with M2K, Anti, ADHD. Lee is awesome with me in teams too. Hmm I'm probably forgetting someone else... but that's all I remember.

Sumer: Those all sound like great team combinations. lol
I remember playing you and M2K first round of MLG Columbus. @.@
You mentioned attending SiiS4 next month, but which other upcoming offline tournaments currently have your attention and have you considering attending them? And is there any reason for this other than it probably having a large number of players so a possibility of winning more money? Maybe it being in a state you’ve never been in before or to see some friends from another coast that you don’t see too often?

Ally: lol it sucks for me because I have to bus everywhere, it costs me minimum 124$ RT the bus ticket to go to ANY U.S tournaments, so yes, attendance is important for me. If I was a millionaire, I wouldn't mind flying to Delaware and meet that one smasher. But that's not the case. My schedule right now is SiiS4 then KTAR4 then Pharaoh's tournament (Canada) then VC9 for January.

Sumer: Sounds like a busy schedule. lol

Ally: Nah, not that bad :-P

Sumer: Would you have any tips or advice you’d like to share with up-and-coming smashers to the scene or veteran players who are trying to improve in either singles or doubles play?

Ally: Yeah, expect cheap things to happen in tournaments, a lot of players play to win. Also if you think you've got all of your technical down. Try learning players habits if possible and possibly abusing them, you will get much more chances of winning, same goes with being patient sometimes and read.

Sumer: Sounds like some pretty good advice. :3
Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, and good luck in all of your future online and offline competitions! Would you like to share any shout outs to any players you respect or would like to acknowledge for helping you get to where you are today or for any other reason?

Ally: hmmm..Shoutouts to everybody who housed me/helped me with rides and fed me, I don't think I'm a big disturbance anyhow to house ;)
the end

It’s that time of the year again, when you come together with your family and friends to share in the wonders of the Holidays.

We here at AllisBrawl would like to wish each and every one of you who make up our amazing and unique community a safe and Merry Christmas! We hope your year so far has been better than you hoped and that you look forward to an even better upcoming year; but for now, enjoy the time with you get to spend with the people you care about as well as a few new presents and some time off of school to kick back and unwind.

Feel free to stop by here on AiB after your holiday festivities to share your experiences, relax after a big meal, or spend time with your friends from AiB that you won’t have a chance to see in person today.

Hey there AllisBrawl reader, it’s that time of the year again, and I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. The time to relax from school, spend time with family and friends, and check out AiB for the latest contests and competitions to take part in with all your new found free time.

Following suite with all of the Halloween contests we hosted not too long ago, we here on the AiB staff are proud to bring you all a slew of fun and entertaining contests this holiday season as well! Whether you’re into arts and crafts, a puzzle solver, or someone who likes creating things, we’ve got something for everyone to take part in that I’ll be talking about for this AiB Holiday Contests write up!

First up, the traditional contests we see frequently while visiting AiB are having a holiday themed twist thrown on to them.

Weekly Screenshot Contest

First up on the line up of contests is the ever popular Screenshot of the Week contest. If you think you have an artistic eye, or enjoy taking snapshots and pictures whenever the urge hits you, then this is definitely the contest for you. Screenshot of the Week #39 will be sporting a Holiday theme brought to you by Admiral Arban.

Signature of the Week

If you’re big on graphics design, and like making your own art work and signatures, then the Signature of the Week contest is where you’ll want to compete. Doro will be hosting SotW #59 with a Holiday theme this time around, so show off your best artistic skills in this week’s competition.

Texture of the Week

There’s a hacker in all of us, and whether you’re a seasoned haxor or a homebrew rookie, you might be interested in this week’s Texture of the Week #15 is giving you a chance to make some holiday themed textures to enjoy while battling it out with your friends. Look forward to texture experts Silent Nite and HyperKeeby to host a great competition and to possibly include some awe-inspiring submissions themselves.

Who's That User?

Jingleboy is back with another Who’s that User? Contest, but this time around is a little different. He’ll be sharing the holiday story from one lucky user with all of us. If you have a hilarious or amazing story to share from a past holiday experience then make sure to drop Jingleboy a PM with your story so it has a chance to be chosen when this edition is published.

With the regular contests out of the way, time to get to talking about the not so frequent contests that we’re hosting specifically for the holiday season here on AiB!

Holiday Cookie Competition

Jingleboy is introducing a new contest this year unique to these AiB Holiday Contests. This will be a Holiday Cookie Contest where members will be asked to create a cookie desert item of their choice in this competition for a chance at some brand new badges! If you’re into baking or making Holiday treats that you’d enjoy eating after all the hard work you put into it then feel free to give this competition a shot.

AiB Winter Banner Contest

We all enjoyed the Halloween banner contest, but I think we’ve all enjoyed the winning banners from that contest for a while now. Zolga is bringing us all a Winter Banner Contest for us to enjoy some Winter themed banners for this time of the year. If you want your banner to be seen by everyone on the site, then don’t hesitate to enter this contest for any or all five of the current AiB skins.

Stage Contest

Jarvitz is bringing back the Stage Builder Contest that we all enjoyed for Halloween, but this time we’re presented with a Holiday Custom Stage Contest. Just like last time, there will be two different categories you can enter to win in, a regular stage contest and a contest with hacks. If you enjoy making your own stages, or want to give it a shot, then you’ll enjoy this contest.

Decorative Profile Event

The Decorative Profile Contest started last year for the Holidays, and it makes its grand return with the ’10 Holiday Decorative Profile Contest. Check out the group to sign up to have your profile judged by Miles of SmashWiki and this season’s other judges, as well as read the rules for this season’s competition. Take the chance to get into the spirit of the Holidays by decorating your profile for this contest.

AiB Karaoke Contest

A contest we’ve only held once so far is being brought back with a Holiday spin on it. I’m talking about the AiB Karaoke Contest! Shiro The SnowWolf will be hosting a Holiday edition of the Karaoke contest where everyone will be asked to sing their favorite Holiday song. Check out his blog about it for more details regarding this contest, and to enter for your chance to win.

‘Tis the season for giving, and the AiB staff is being extremely generous this year with so many different opportunity for our members to compete and win so many badges and prizes, it’s almost impossible to not get into the Holiday spirit because of this.

We hope to see everyone compete, have fun, and enjoy themselves this Holiday season! ^^

Hey everyone, I’m Shiro, and in this article I’ll be discussing three upcoming SoCal tourneys this month. They are the UCSB tourney, the 2GG revival tourney, and the NoHo Winter Tourney.

2nd Valley College Fundraising Event! - Public :o
This event will be on Dec. 3rd (A Friday!). The host Senior Campos has put a lot of effort in hyping this. He’s been blogging, leaving people shout outs, and he even passed out flyers at other tourneys. SoCal was in a slump and is slowly coming back. These can be monthlies people! SoCal step it up and go to this. The venue is at a University, so expect a pretty chill environment. SoCal should show your support and go to this! The venue fee is $5. There will be Singles for $6 and Doubles for $6 (per person). This might be a Metaknight banned tourney depending on a poll being run, so make your opinion heard, vote and attend!

Battle Frontier presents 2GG - It's About Time

December 11th Guys it’s been a while! 2GG is back it had taken a summer break, but now it’s back and better than ever! Champ is really stepping it up. This tourney is at CSULB, and from what I've seen in the past, this is a very nice and spacious venue. We know Champ won’t let the community down. This tourney is also going to have a variety of games as well.

The events are:

Venue is $5!

Melee 1v1 & 2v2 (Run by Nealdt)
Brawl 1v1 (Run by Nealdt)
Pokemon 6v6 (Run by Zekey)
Super Street Fighter IV 1v1 (Run by Champ)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom 1v1 (Run by Royalflushz and Champ)
Tekken 6 (Run by MatrixMatt & Champ)
Blazblue: Continuum Shift (Run by Champ)

Sadly there will not be any doubles but it’s still going to be a hype tourney. The venue no longer closes at 8! It closes at 10 now and that gives two extra hours to run this. SoCal you have all the tools you just need to, so use them!

NoHo Winter Tourney

The date for this tourney is still undecided, so go vote if you’re interested in attending! It’ll be hosted in North Hollywood, pretty underground. This has to be on a weekday though! So if your free go vote on the day that is best for you! The venue is pretty expensive for a back yard tourney, so bring some set ups people! ($3 for a backyard venue). The date of this tourney will be from the 27th – 30th, so go to the polls and vote!

This is all that has been posted for December, but look forward to something huge coming up in January!

Winter Game Fest!
Hey, everyone. I got a chance to sit down with 2nd place finisher at the MLG Dallas Championship tourney, Tyrant, for an interview on his performance, his views on MLG, and a few other things. Hope you enjoy the interview! Like, comment, and tell me if you'd like to see more interviews like this on AiB!

Original Image © MLG
Hello guys and ghouls, and welcome to a special Halloween edition of "Boo's That"...I mean, "Who's That User?"! What better way to start off a day filled with candy, parties, and impersonating a cornucopia of characters than with a little contest? I'll answer that for you: there is none! But before we start...

Last edition's results: Who was that user? *dramatic pause* It's DEFCON! He joined the site on December 9, 2009, mains Marth in SSBB, and has a friend code in which all of the numbers add up to 56. The vet winners are Sumer, HyperKeeby, and RaffiX. New winners are Akiro and Loser6665 (who isn't a loser at all icon_smile). Great job to all of you, and I hope to see your names again in the answer PMs! By the way, if you wish to see the results of the contest the day after, check this group out!

1. I will tell you the Halloween story that this user sent to me and have you try to guess who it is. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your
WTU Featured User badge.
2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.)
4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
5. Everyone has until midnight tonight (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
6. The first five that send the correct username get the
WTU Winner badge! Keep in mind, however, that some veterans may come back to compete. Work fast, but don’t give up!

And now, my pretties, let us start this ghastly game!

Many years ago, this user dressed up as a Pikachu for Halloween.  ______ had fun using ______ extreme speed to go to different houses, get candy from complete strangers (hopefully not from ones in vans), and try to imitate that adorable little rodent with an electrifying personality. Later that night, this user arrived at a particularly spooky house with all sorts of yard decorations, lights, and a scarecrow near the front door. ______ went to the front door, determined to get candy, and reached for the doorbell with ______ little yellow arms. Little did this user know that the scarecrow wasn't fake, so before ______ could ring, the scarecrow jumped up and put a shock to this Pikachu's system. ______ ran away from the house crying (I didn't know Pikachu could use Fake Tears!), and the not-so-scary fellow dressed as the scarecrow felt so bad that he caught up to the user and gave ______ tons of candy. Ever since that day, this user has continued to go trick-or-treating...but also obtained a restraining order for all scarecrows. icon_razz

In addition to the story above, this user...
-is in the group Drug Free Smashers.
-has a "u" somewhere in the username or location.
-joined in Summer 2009.
-was born in 1991.

And the questions you need to answer are as follows:
1. When exactly did the user join the site?
2. What are this user's favorite cards?
3. Who does this user main in Melee?

So tell me...WHO'S THAT USER?! I wish you all the best of luck in finding the user...and Happy Halloween! ^^

By the way, if you want to try to be featured in an article of “Who’s That User?”, just send me a PM with a cool, unique thing about yourself that possibly no one knows about you. However, just make sure this thing can’t be found anywhere on your profile (About Me, videos, blogs, tournaments, etc.) There’s no guarantee that you’ll be chosen, but if the random name picker I’ll use selects your name, you shall receive the WTU Featured User badge (as long as you don’t say anything to the other users)! So what are you waiting for? Send in for play, and maybe get featured one day! (Note: those that already sent in something do not need to resend.)

Hey everybody, many of you have noticed the new "Rising Sun" skin for AiB, and I decided I will create more skins for the site, but I need YOUR help this time around. I usually only make what the community asks for, not what the staff wants. It would be appreciated if you give any feedback on what needs to be edited in my work-in-progress skins (Volcanic, Toxic, etc.). Here are the overviews of what the skins will look like and these pictures will be used to determine what should be edited:

Moving onwards, I would like to announce AiB's New Skins Banner Contest! The test banner I made for the Green skin will be excluded from being used after the contest, but my Volcano skin banner will be staying there. What's needed for these skins are 2 banners for the Volcanic skin, and 3 banners for the Toxic skin. Up to 2 entries may be allowed for each skin from each participant, by PMing me your entry with a generic subject like "AiB New Skins Banner Contest".

1. Banner must be 964x175 pixels.
2. The banner should have a color scheme that compliments/fits with the skin it is for.
3. The banner does not have to be completely Smash related(doesn't have to have the Smash Symbol everywhere/all Melee/Brawl renders etc)
4. Preferably the logo should be displayed near the middle of the banner in a decent size. You may use this logo or create your own: or

1. Each entrant may submit up to two entries(per skin). Once a banner is submitted, it cannot be changed.
2. The banner MUST be new work. I'd like to see what the Art District can do.
3. Entrants will be penalized accordingly for plagiarism, faked votes, and other inappropriate conduct.
4. The process in which the winner is decided will depend on how many entries we receive. It will most likely involve public voting as well as admin panel selection.
5. The admin panel reserves the right to rule that the banners will not be changed for this banner contest if the quality of the banners are not up to our standards.

The deadline for entries is [b]November 10th[/b]. That's 2 weeks from now, leaving you more than enough time to make a banner. Badges will be awarded to the people who participate, and of course, those who's banners are selected for each skin.

This next part is something I wanted to ask the community about, but has nothing to do with this contest particularly. If you need to look at some of these skins to get ideas for your the contest banners, then feel free to. I’m making lots of skins, but I don’t know what the community really wants because of my lack of internet access. However, you can still help me out in making these skins without entering the banner contest! Simply tell me which of the following skins you like, this will give me an idea as to what kind of skins the AiB community would like to see added, if I should work on new skins, or if I should finish skins I'm already currently working on.

*I make skins as gifts for my BEST friends. Rising Sun was a gift to Jill BSAA =P*
**Banners and names aren’t final and may be replaced at any time**
***Click on the images to see the full size of them***

AllisDrama (lightlanayru’s skin. renaming it in the future, don’t worry)

Waterfall (jarvitz’s skin.)

L.O.G. (for the ’08 originals that made AIB, “AIB”. You know who you are)

Other skins to look out for: Dropping Sky, Acid, XYZ (Metallic), Earth, Breath Bound