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by JV_ Nov 9 2012, 8:52PM


The completely redesigned, graphically updated to now be the pretty and smart girl you get to look at, most feature fledged release of Tio ever is ready to be unleashed.

I could talk forever about all the features and updates. Full blown twitter integration, station manager, metric tools, etc. But the best way to hear about it all is to head over to the just launched site and read about it on your own as well as checking out our promo launch video.

So instead of getting into all the features stuff in this release article. I wanted to take this opportunity to do my deadication to all the people that have helped turn this project into a reality. It has literally been years in the making and there are so many people that have contributed in so many ways. I apologize ahead of time if I miss anyone in this post. I want everyone to know, no matter how big or small your contributions are deeply appreciated.

The biggest thank you goes to the big papa of Tio, Nealdt himself. Back many years ago when tournament hosts (including yours truly) were on hand drawn brackets rocking out the pen and paper this guy dreamed of something better. Tio would not be here today if it was not for him and his vision. Its been his baby ever since and the countless changes have all come through his development prowless.


The next biggest thank you goes to Spellman. This guy has been there since day one helping us along with graphics, icons, and the very look and feel of the program. The entire promo video spot was all his work and design. Cannot say enough on just how talented I think the dude is (you should really check out some of his work here ) and how much he has helped TioPro thing along.

I wanted to thank Shloka who not only did some translation work for TioPro (while not in this release, yes TioPro is coming to you in various langauges) but is working on a full blown technical guide for TioPro.

A thank you to people that beta tested for us. Your valuable feedback helped turn TioPro into what it is today. People like Aisight, MikeHaze, ChiboSempai, Keitaro, Jamnt0ast, Italian Falcon, Bowyer, vVvCheese, Xyro77, and more. In fact, a thank you goes out to the whole tournament group whom ive consistently messaged and gotten a helping hand throughout this whole process.


A thank you to all the people that provided quotes to help us let other people and communities know just how much Tio (and the new TioPro) will make a difference when it comes to running a tournament. We ended up using many of the quotes we got from you guys and gals (well by gals princess aura) all over the site. They are everywhere from the homepage to our full blown quotes page.

And last but not least a futurized thank you to everyone that uses the program, helps us spread the word about the program (we will have full details with some ways you can help promote TioPro in an announcemnt coming tomorrow talking about our special promo badges that can be earned), and helps us continue to improve upon it.


Popping champaign (or bottles of Pepsi for those not of age) to the future of tournament organization programs being our own. Its here!


P.S. Dont forget to follow along to our special inivte only launch wifi tournament tonight at 7 PM EST (bracket is here:, live updates at our twitter
TioPro is coming this Friday! The same day we are having our very special invite only launch tournament.  14 spots have been given out. 18 are still up for grabs. 
So its time to give you guys some ways to get your hands on the remaining tournament slots. Remember spots can be kept or gifted to any one individual. 
1. From 8-9 PM EST today Wednesday November 7th I will be in the freeplay room. Beat me in a match and win a spot.   *Note- I will accept the first match request challenge I get. Only one chance per person*
2. At 10 PM EST Wednesday November 7th and 6 PM EST Thursday November 8th we will take the first three people after each those times to tweet at us with "TioPro launch gonna be like hot sauce, straight fire.  _______ (the name you want to enter the tournament)"  and enter the name into the tournament. @TioPro
3. Make up a TioPro dance. Record yourself doing a dance in honor of TioPro. The dougie, chicken dance, whatever. Just hold up a piece a paper that says "TioPro" at some point. And pm me a link to your vid by Thursday at 9 PM EST. Best, or most hilarious, two get a spot.
4. If you see a blog from a staff member with the "TioPro" logo. Post in the comments "TioPro Launch Tournament. I want a spot". First person to do so gets a spot.
Remember homepage voting on what type of tournament it will be closes at midnight tonight. So get your vote in if you haven't already.
We will be posting full brackets on twitter at midnight EST Thursday night. Make sure you follow us on twitter (@tiopro) to be the first to know.
Another story will be going up Friday morning with a full dedication, a run-down of some of the biggest TioPro features, and complete information on how you can earn some of the very special launch promo badges.   
Tournament will start at 7 PM EST Friday November 9th. AiBs co-founder Mr. Nealdt will be running the whole thing on the brand new TioPro and be providing live updates on twitter (@tiopro). 


Our special invite only TioPro launch wifi tournament is tonight Friday the 9th at 7 PM EST (bracket is here: , live updates at our twitter If your are in the event be in tournament chat 3 at 7 PM EST sharp. We will DQ people on 15 minute intervals per round.

Pay-outs are top 3.

1st:  $85
2nd: $45
3rd:  $20 
by JV_ Nov 2 2012, 3:08PM
In an effort to bring back more activity to the TCG and help people complete their collections, I have written a guide for the TCG. Some of this information may be common knowledge to those who actively participate in the TCG, but I hope everyone can get at least something out of it. The guide is based on my experiences so there may be information that people might disagree with, heh.

Basic Information
First off, I’m going to assume most people know how to use the card system in general (ex: sending trades and replying to offers). If not, this thread covers most of it. Some other information that isn’t mentioned includes the fact that up to 8 cards at a time can be recycled at a time; in addition, only up to 3 cards can be offered in a single trade (per side), and more than one of the same card is not allowed in the same offer. As annoying as the restriction can be sometimes, it was implemented to prevent a glitch that would cause cards to duplicate.

A complete collection can be seen in the Card Display account, which was purposely created to display all the TCG cards. Don’t ask it for a trade – you will be ignored.

As mentioned in the thread above, there are site actions that allow you to get more cards. Here is a list of some of them. 
Logging on AiB – Currently awards 4 cards: one from each series.  The simplest of the ways to get cards, it can be argued that it doesn’t even count as a trigger. Occasionally, there will be more cards awarded by just logging on to the site (sometimes even limited addition ones). This can either be a holiday drop or Enigma trying to fend off complaints about the difficulty of getting cards. It should be noted that the system awards the cards at 3 am EST, so logging on any time after that will count for that day.

Voting on front page polls – Awards  3 cards. Yet another easy way to get cards, but one that is not consistent as other methods because the polls only appear every so often. Don’t miss out when they do come around!
Voting on TCG group polls – Awards vary. Unlike the front page poll, the cards from the TCG group polls awards cards instantly. Furthermore, you can still go to the thread for the poll and get the cards if you missed out when the poll was featured in the group.

Getting mentioned in a news post – Awards 2 cards. This is a bit harder to accomplish for obvious reasons. I would not specifically try getting this trigger since it really is something that just happens. However, one surefire way accomplish this is to win in the “Who’s that User” competition (whenever they come around) as the winners will always be mentioned in the subsequent WTU post.

Wins on the ladder – Awards cards based on the number of wins earned on the previous day. Every two wins on singles ladder awards one card. Additional cards can also be earned after a set amount of wins or having a winning streak.
Participating in a tournament – Awards cards based on participation and if a medal was won or not. When tournament results are uploaded, the cards will be awarded the next day. It works for offline tournaments only.

Blog recommended – Awards cards based on how many recommendations received. Blogs that are recommended usually have good information in them. They can be related to tournaments or have wisdom or tips; basically, entries people would be interested in reading. They may also be something that requires community attention. But one really should be writing for the blog itself, not the cards.
Participation in Stadium – Awards cards if your scores are approved and/or a record is set.

TCG Contests – Sometimes the TCG group hosts contests that will reward cards. Currently it’s the series 5 snapshot contest (go participate! /shameless plug). I’m also planning to run a weekly one in the future so keep an eye out for that.
Even with these all the triggers, you probably don’t have a complete collection. So let’s continue to the next section, shall we?

Trading is the most effective method of getting specific cards you need (with some exceptions). Where do you find people to trade with?
TCG group – The most obvious place: this group was created to facilitate trades. Leave a shoutout and see other people’s shoutouts. It’s pretty self-explanatory and quite useful.
TCG chat – Activity here has been dead recently, but checking it every so often doesn’t hurt. If there are trading events going on, they would be in here.  Midnite will be planning a get-together soon to help make the TCG more active.

Friends list
– These people aren’t ones you added randomly to get a badge are they? Help fill each other’s collections, there are likely cards someone has that the other person doesn’t. The people on your friends list are also less likely to ignore you (I hope).

Whoever is online
– Go to the bottom of the forums page to see who is online. Chances are they participate in the card system. However, it is also somewhat likely that people will ignore a complete stranger asking for a trade.
Profile shoutouts  – One of the more effective ways, if a bit stalker-ish. The main idea is looking to see if anyone else has traded with someone that you might be able to trade with as well.
Okay, you found people willing to trade with you. Now what? Make an offer! There should be some things to keep in mind when doing this.
Rarity/Weight –The rarity of the card is indicated by the circle and the weight is indicated by the squares on the bar (the higher the weight the rarer it is). Note that the rarity on the card might not correspond to how easy a card is to get, though it is generally the case. For example, a Munchlax card (common Pokemon) is exceedingly less common than a Wifi Waiting Room (stage common) due to the fact that Pokemon cards can only be acquired through forging a Pokeball or Premier Ball.  This is what I’d like to call “true rarity”. The true rarity can be determined by seeing how the card is acquired, and it should be considered over what the card says by itself; it is probably the most important thing to consider when looking at offers. Short list of cards whose true rarity is usually different than what is (or isn’t) displayed – Pokemon, Vending Machine, Promos, Keepsakes, and forging materials for hard to get cards.
Points – The point value of a card is usually related to its rarity. Commons typically range between 5-100 points, Uncommons from 100-300, Rares 300-600, Ultra-Rares (URs) 600-865, Legendaries 865-1000. Again, there are some exceptions: Red Charizard is an uncommon worth 95 points and Pichu and Poppant are rare cards worth -350 and 50 respectively. Some people are very picky about points, while others are not at all. Be sure to know who you are trading with when making an offer.

Quantity – The number of cards being offered. Not as important as the above two, but still something to consider. In some cases, you may find someone willing to trade an UR for a large number of non-UR cards. You also may have trouble trading a Jirachi for 100 S1 Marths even though the trade is clearly in the favor for the person receiving Jirachi (or is it?).
Dupes – Does the person have more than one of the card you are trying to trade for? Many people dislike trading cards they only have one of. However, non-dupe trading is still completely viable and quite necessary to get the harder to find cards. People are also less likely to accept a trade if it has cards they already have/they don’t need. You may have to over offer to get someone to trade their non-dupe or if you are offering cards they already have, but that goes both ways.               
Category – What category the card is in used to be more important (in the past people focused on completely specific category) but nowadays it does not matter too much. Sometimes you will still find people that only collect a certain category though (most likely characters). Characters are the most popular category so you may want to consider keeping a few of those around.

Series – Wait really? Yes. The main reason to consider this is as a more accurate judgment of card’s true rarity. If a series is just released the new cards are harder to find the cards that have been out for a while. Also, if a series has high demand cards (say, series 1 for Pokeballs and Smashballs), the other cards in that series become more common as people buy more and more packs. This means that even UR’s in that series drop in value. This usually doesn’t have a huge effect, and it does change over time.
It should be said that there is no perfectly equal trade other than trading the exact same cards to each other due to all the above differences. That does not mean people can’t come to an agreement (yay for stating the obvious!); Matching or balancing most of the above criteria usually results in an acceptable trade. The key to getting a trade done is knowing what the other person is looking for.

Stop! Example time!

Starting simple:
Fire Flower vs Food
In this case, almost everything about the cards is the same other than a 15 point value difference. The user with Food is losing 15 points in the trade, but if they are getting a card they need for something they have a dupe of, chances are the trade will happen.
That was so simple it felt like a waste of time typing it…next!

Name Entry vs Sector Z

These are both uncommons, but Sector Z has a much higher weight, and is harder to find than a Name Entry is. However, Name Entry can be used in forging! …which a lot of people don’t do. The 5 point difference is negligible. In general, this trade is in favor for the person trading Name Entry, but the person trading Sector Z is still likely to trade it if they have a dupe of Sector Z and/or they need a Name Entry.

Challenger Approaching vs S4 Galleom
In-depth analysis time! Both of these are URs, with S4 Galleom having 1 square higher weight and 30 more points. The trade seems to be in favor of the person receiving S4 Galleom, but I would argue that it’s pretty equal. Points on an UR shouldn’t matter as much because they shouldn’t be recycled anyway (but again, it depends on who you are talking to). Even though Challenger Approaching has less weight, the likelihood of getting it is lower than getting a S4 Galleom in a pack due to the fact that there are only 3 URs that you can get in a Series 4 special pack. Also, because Series 4 is a newer series, you are going to find people opening more of those packs compared to a Series 2. It’s easier finding someone with a dupe S4 Galleom than a dupe Challenger Approaching. But at this point in time, there are a few people who collects SSE bosses, so S4 Galleom has another pro going for it; on the other hand, there is also someone who wants a Challenger Approaching because it features Ness’ silhouette.  But most people don’t look so in-depth, so in the above case the person trading S4 Galleom could mention the weight and point difference and probably get the other user to add more cards to their offer.

Recycling/Buying Booster Packs
Recycling every dupe and buying packs is not the fastest way to get a complete collection (in fact, it is impossible), albeit it is the method to get most of the cards that takes the least amount of effort. Trading is exceptionally more effective than recycling, but there are some cases where it can be necessary to recycle. These cases are getting Ultra-Rare/Legendary cards and to pay for forging. But this is only if you can’t find someone to trade that has those, since Trading is forever better than Recycling!! Unless you happen to be super lucky, of course.  Just looking at statistics/using math, you can easily spend more than 5000 points trying to get a CD through packs, but you would probably get no offers if you tried trading a CD for 5000 coins. But for something such as newly released UR (where no one actually has it to trade for) it’s time to buy some boosters. It can also be a fast way to get a lot of cards in a new series, when you don’t have to worry so much about getting too many cards you already have (but trading is still better!).

What should you recycle?

Cards people do not want – This is subjective, but mainly commons and uncommons.  It’s usually not worth recycling a rare since you should be able to find someone that needs it, but sometimes people don’t feel like taking the time to do so.
Eh. A better question is what shouldn’t you recycle?
Cards that are used for forging – Something such as an Alloy is more useful as an ingredient than the 50 points it would give you.
Certain character cards – Quite a few people collect certain characters, so you will be able to get at least more points for them than you would by recycling. Keep an eye on the TCG group for these individuals.
URs, Legendaries, Promos - You can find someone that will trade more points for them quite easily.
Which packs should you buy?
The booster that has the UR card or wrapper you can’t find anyone to trade for- Self-explanatory. Look at Card Display to determine which series the card belongs to.
Series 1 Special Booster- For Pokeballs and Smash Balls, the two cards that are currently in the most demand. Assist Trophies are a slight bonus, as they are rumored to be needed for series 5.
Item Booster – For the items listed above. I find these to be worse than the series 1 specials, especially since s1 specials can also award a wrapper now, but if you are beyond lucky you may get multiple URs in a single pack. (Don't count on it, really.)

Series 4 Special Booster – For Smash Balls. There are only 3 UR cards in series 4, so it is more likely that you are going to get a Smash Ball from here than from any other pack.
Series 2 Special Booster – For SSE Bosses. Winged Tabuu is the rarest card you can get through buying packs so the S2 special gets a mention. SSE bosses are also somewhat popular.
The normal series boosters may give you a net point gain if you are lucky, but they don’t give URs so they are fundamentally not worth it (other than getting the wrapper for those boosters, but that goes under the first point).  I would also advise against recycling until you actually need to use the coins, as you never know if someone wants the card you just recycled. It’s better to have the card than to have some coins that are not enough for anything.

Forging is a great way to get specific cards, and sometimes the only way to get them. Each recipe has a cooldown, meaning the amount of time needed to wait before using the same recipe again. You can find a list of known forges in this thread. But certain forges are not actually worth it the cost. Sandbag’s Revenge for Sandbag, Home Run Bat, Home Run Contest, and 400 points? Ouch.  Here are the better ones:               
Pokeballs – Currently the only way to get UR Pokemon (1/6 chance).  Cooldown: 24 hours.

Smashballs/Chaos Emeralds/Varia Suit Pieces – The only way to get Final Smashes.  Cooldown: 24 hour.
Cheap Gift/Expensive Gift – The only way to get console keepsakes. Cooldown: 1 hour.
Promos- Promos were released to everyone before, but they have not been re-released recently, so they fall under the category of “the only way to get these” for now.  Cooldown: 24 hours.
Jyks – A rare and 300 points for an UR sounds pretty good. (However, this is a reported glitch that will probably be fixed later). They can also be used to make Smashballs, but 3 URs and 300 points for 1 UR (even if it is a Smashball) isn’t as appealing. Cooldown:  1 hour.

Premier Balls – The lesser version of Pokeball. There is no reason to forge these if you can find Pokeballs, but that’s usually the problem. Unfortunately, these only give up to rare Pokemon. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Team Characters – The value of the cards used in forging these is only slightly more (sometimes it’s equal or even less in one case!) than what you get out of them. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Rare SSE enemies – Arguably worth the slight point hike if one is feeling particularly lazy in finding other people to trade with. Cooldown:  1 hour.
There a few strategies that people use to try to complete the card collection, some of which are more deplorable than others. In any case, there are some listed below.

Red Paper Clip/Trading up –Start with a Wifi Waiting Room. Trade it to a person who needs it, and get another common; let’s say they had a dupe Red Marth they were willing to trade. Trade Red Marth to another person and get 2 Wifi Waiting Rooms. Ta-da, you have now doubled the amount of what you initially started with! (yes, even if it is just another Wifi Waiting Room) by doing reasonable trades. So just do this with better cards.
Stockpiler Delivery – Stockpilers are the people that collect multiples of the same card. Usually these people will collect multiples of the same character(s), but there exist stockpilers for non-character cards as well. They will usually give a fair (or better) trade for the card they’re stockpiling. Even better, you can usually go back to the same person for even more trades when you get more of the card they want.
Reputation – It’s not really a strategy as much as it is just something that can help (or hurt) you when trading. If you are well known, it will be easier for you to get trades. That would be with a good reputation, of course; if the general opinion of you is negative, it may be a bit harder. People are more likely to respond to you if you are not a nobody, but the user that logs on only every so often may not know famous (or infamous) people on the site, so this may not matter too much.  However, you should still be mindful of what you say and do on the site.

Misleading – It’s what it sounds like. Ex: trading a Mario Bros. card for a Munchlax and saying “They are both commons, but Mario Bros has a higher point value so it’s CLEARLY better and you should really do this trade!!11” This method preys on the other user’s ignorance about true rarity. Misleading other people makes you looks bad so use at your own risk.
A lot of users are turned off of completing the card collection because they feel they need to cheat others to get what they want. This is not the case. You can find people (who know values) willing to do “bad” trades. Here’s an example: Green Wario (95 point common) was recently released.  Several users were willing to use the S1 Wario, Green Alloy, and 500 points to forge the Green Wario. Just looking at values, why would anyone do that? People can be impatient or just want a card enough to over-trade for it. (Yes, this example was forging and not trading. But the idea is still the same: if Green Wario wasn’t able to be forged, you might find someone offering a rare for this common just to complete their character category). In addition, you always can be super-pro and get a lot of wins on the ladder or participate in offline tournaments to get more cards.

Other tips
~Even if the other person doesn’t accept your initial offer, negotiate!
~If you get banned, your rarest card will go poof. Follow the rules (but you shouldn’t need cards as motivation here right?)
~Having trouble sending an offer to someone with 3 or less characters in their name? Just type another character and delete it.
~If your proposed trade is straightforward, just send the offer right away to save time.
~If you want to offer more than 3 cards (let’s just say 4) for one card, send the first 3 cards in one offer and the last card along with a random card the other person has in a second offer. The other person should reply to the first trade with whatever card you wanted and the second trade with the random card you added. That way the trade is done without the other person trading more than they offered.
~On your birthday, you get an extra drop of 9 cards, one of which includes a UR/L. 

It will take quite a bit of time (and some luck) to complete the collection, but don’t give up! Also remember that the main purpose of the TCG is to have fun, so don’t get too stressed trying to complete it. There’s usually a lot of time between series after all.
I hope this has been a helpful or at least somewhat entertaining read for everyone. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. Happy card collecting!

Special thanks to: Volke Aeno for proof-reading and suggestions; TheEnigmaLiesBroken and nealdt for the card system. Also, thank you to everyone that has traded with me. I would mention everyone but it would probably take up a whole page (and the fact that I'd probably miss a few people).
Picture credit -お粥

Hello everyone! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of the Official AIB Trading Card Support Group. I can't say which day testing on the TCG actually began, but the official release was marked on September 27, 2010.

I'm glad that the project was taken so well by the community. There was originally a lot of bad energy floating around the idea when I presented it. Many members and staff believed that the TCG wouldn't take root in the AIB community very well and that the idea was just one more unnecessary addition to the site to keep members from playing Brawl itself.

However, the TCG has flourished even better than I originally imagined that it could. It has been used as a means of entertainment for many of you, a means of rewarding participants in various parts of the site including the Ladder, Contests and various other events over the past year. It also unintentionally became somewhat of a deterrent for users who tended to break the rules more often than necessary.

Overall it's been a good year. I'm happy to have created something that provided a measure of novelty for everyone of AIB and I'm proud that I've provided the site with something that could potentially outlast me as a member and still bring the community together. It's been tough keeping everything up to date as much as possible and work with members in order to manage the system and I'm thankful for those of you who have put time and effort into it and have enjoyed it as much as I have.

I'd like to thank the following people:
  • Nealdt: Without him, none of this would be possible. He did an amazing job of applying it to the site so that everyone could have access to the system. He's done more than I ever expected, and then some, to keep this thing fresh and user friendly. I'm thankful that he even considered my idea and I'm glad to have been allowed to do the things that I've done with it.
  • Midnite: He's done a large number of tasks with helping me manage the system, create new cards and take snapshots. He's had some great ideas that lead to new card designs, and he's helped a ton with users and problems that arose early on in the initial creation of the support group.
  • Hazeo, ASF1ink and Dramakidd: These three did quite a bit of work creating icons, emblems and full card templates for me. Without them, none of the new card designs you see today would even be slightly possible. Sadly, Hazeo and ASF have pretty much left the designer group. I haven't heard much of them lately and I hope they're doing good.
  • Volke Aeno, Sumer and Foodies: These three have provided me with TONS of snapshots in the past and I really would like to say thank you to them. Their work has given us way more than I could have dreamed to work with as far as unique card images and themes. I really do appreciate all the time you must have put into taking so many shots.
There are many of you who have contributed to the TCG in one way or another. I've been sent hundreds of ideas, suggestions, and the occasional snapshot or ten. Xyless allowed me to use his derpy images for the vending machine cards. Chookie, Sakram3nt, Silly, and others have worked with templates or various smaller images we wanted to put on the cards. NinoskaFlores has helped in the design room, and there are many of you who I can't name due to sheer mass that have contributed various smaller tasks. I'd like to thank you all.

Now, to celebrate this year's TCG Anniversary I've created a new category on your MyCards page.

This new Keepsakes category is an expansion on the original TCG idea where members will be able to collect various items that aren't directly TCG related but still are worth the collectable.

Many of you have suggested in the past that the TCG get a category where we create Moderator trading cards and cards that relate to the various aspects of the site. Until now, I've had a hard time with this. Trying to create trading cards and templates with new designs on them that only relate to the site is much harder than you'd think, but last night I had a great idea and so I've planned another approach to remedy this.

This new Keepsakes category will allow members to collect other small tokens about the site that aren't trading cards. These objects will include Booster Pack wrappers, posters, dolls and an endless possibility of new items.

For example, when you buy a booster pack, you will have a 1 in 10 chance that the pack's "wrapper" will still be in tact enough to collect them. Full Wrappers can be recycled for a few points back. Trashed wrappers will be recycled for only 1 point. Then in the future I might make a forge for them .

Other items, such as Posters and different Smash memorabilia that aren't necessarily trading cards, will be collected through different means other than just buying booster packs. As of right now, these items aren't added to the TCG yet and the means of collecting them hasn't been put into work yet, but in time they will be.

Thanks again everyone! I'm glad that this year has been as good as it has, and I hope to keep it going.

In one of the worst-kept secrets of all time, All is Brawl is proud to announce a new social feature for our members, the AiB Trading Card game! That's right, starting today -- okay, starting last Monday -- we are introducing a new, fun way to interact with your fellow users: Smash-themed trading cards!

The TC system is designed to be a supplement to our Badges and Beach Balls. Badges are great but you can only earn each once, and Beach Balls are hard to come by unless you know a lot of members. Trading Cards, on the other hand, are easy to earn: just participate in the site! There are dozens of ways to earn new cards, but the easiest is by visiting the site daily, contributing quality content and participating in the various sections of the site. Write some blogs, join forum discussions, post videos, play some online matches... all these things can earn you cards! But it still helps to have some friends who you can trade with to collect your favorite characters or attempt to complete an entire collection.

The Trading Card system is voluntary. If you don't sign up, you won't be overwhelmed by card images or trade requests -- period. So if you don't like the idea, simply don't participate!

Continue reading AiB's new Trading Card game!

Greetings everyone. I’d like to announce the launch of the official All is Brawl Pokémon League to all of you. This is a league open to anyone to participate in, and hope for it to be a great success in expanding and promoting the enormous Pokémon community on AiB.

The league itself consists of 9 gym leaders, and 1 champion. To defeat the league you must defeat 4 of the 9 gym leader’s mono-type teams. This grants you access to challenge the league champion. People who are defeated by the champion will have to wait 3 days before re-challenging gym leaders for another shot at the champion. However, winners who manage to defeat at least 4 gym leaders and the champion will be rewarded with the brand new Pokémon Master badge.

Allow me to introduce the league to all of you, so you know what you’re getting into before challenging the league: 

Clair - lightlanayru (Psychic)
Wallace - Dashing Professor Beef (Water)
Volkner - Faketime (Normal)
Falkner - TheMangoVaporeon (Flying)
Koga - Terios the Hedgehog (Dark)
Giovanni - Arban (Fighting)
Jasmine - Midnite (Ground)
Blue - HyperKeeby (Electric)
Arceus - nealdt (Steel)

Morty - Champion Valdens (Mixed)

Also, everyone wanting to challenge the league will have to join the official group for it to request challenges from the gym leaders, views gym rules and information, and so we can keep track of which gyms you defeat or any members who manage to triumph over the entire league.

We hope a lot of people enjoy this brand new addition to AiB, and have a lot of fun participating in the league along with earning a brand new badge at the same time!

Hi girls and guys! We felt that our old ladder rules were getting,well, old. As such we put our wise heads together to craft up a new and improved ruleset. So without further ado, lets have a look at the changes:

Neutral maps:
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Pokemon Stadium (Melee)
  • Smashville
  • Yoshi's Island

Pokemon Stadium 1 has been added to the list of neutrals, mainly to incorporate stage striking, which works as thus:

A stage striking procedure will be used, following a 121 format, as follows.  The lower ranked player will strike first, choosing a stage
from the neutrals list to be removed from consideration for the first game.  The higher ranked player then chooses two stages to remove from consideration for the first game. The lower ranked player then eliminates one of the two remaining stages from consideration, and the first game is played on the last remaining stage.

With the current ruleset, game 1 will be randomly chosen based on what both players picked as the starter map. This can basically result in a player being indirectly granted 2 counterpick maps for his character, (in my own case, it often grants me both Battlefield and Luigi's Mansion, stages both me and my character thrive on) thus potentially forcing players to ban a neutral for the first match(Diddy on FD, anyone?). Whereas stage striking ensures both players will be satisfied with the first match neutral.
Counterpick stages:
  • Battleship Halberd
  • Brinstar
  • Castle Siege
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Jungle Japes
  • PictoChat
  • Rainbow Cruise
Distant Planet, Luigi's Mansion, Norfair, and Pokemon Stadium 2 have been removed from the CP list, and PictoChat has been added.

The act of counterpicking a stage has also been polished, and now reads such as this:

The loser of the first game will ask the winner for a single stage they would like to ban. The loser must do so, or their counterpick is invalidated, and the counterpick process will be restarted. The loser may then choose a stage for the second game. The winner of the first game will now announce their character. Finally, the loser will announce their character and the second game will begin. This process is repeated for game 3, if necessary.

And last but not least, King Dedede's standing infinite and walking chaingrab are now banned. He will now have to dash before regrabbing his opponent,unless faced with the opportunity of a wall infinite.

Infinite grabs (aside from the earlier mentioned situation with King Dedede), jab locks, laser locks, suicides, wall infinites, etc. are not banned.

This concludes the changes for the ladder ruleset. We hope and believe you will all see these changes as a great and needed improvement! I sure do. Damn D3 can't infinite grab me no more!

Oh right, I almost forgot. Next doubles night will take place sometime during the week. We decided to make a twist this time. We will not announce neither date nor time for when it will occur. There are actually some good reasons for this. Reasons I shall not share! /evil laugh.

So be sure to check in on the doubles chat often, as there will be no way of knowing when it will commence! Everyone will get a new chance of obtaining the legendary and highly wanted doubles night exclusive badges that are as following:

Double Dater - Play a few ranked matches on doubles night to obtain this one
Wifi Johns - Take a ranked set off of either Cheese' team or The740's team

That's all folks. Enjoy the new ladder rules, and see ya at doubles night! (IF you can be at the right place at the right time,that is).
The playoffs are starting, check out the information about the first round here!

Continue reading Spring Ladder Playoffs - First Round Information
All is Brawl is proud to announce that we will be partnering with EVO to bring you Super Smash Brothers: Brawl at this year’s competition in Las Vegas. The event will feature both a singles and doubles competition over a two day period. The cofounders of AiB, JV and Nealdt, will be on hand to run the event from start to finish. Together they represent the most experienced pair of tournament organizers in the Smash community working with the most prestigious and longest running fighting game tournament in existence.

Many likely remember last year’s controversial Brawl event. In 2008, the EVO organizers rightfully stayed true to their own philosophies, especially for a newly released game, but in doing so many in the Smash community felt alienated. If you were among those who were less than enthused with last year’s event, fear not, this year will be different. 2009 represents a shift back to the same community rules and standards that made EVO’s 2007 tournament a huge success. That year, Melee’s 270 entrants set a record attendance for a Melee tournament that stands to this day.

Some words from the JV_

“We are extremely excited and proud to be a part of Evolution 2009. We are talking about the top long standing competitive fighting event out there. A stage I wholeheartedly believe Brawl deserves to be on. The guys behind EVO (Tony, Joey) that I have spoken with are committed to doing right by the community (I think it’s great of them to do so… we wouldn’t be involved otherwise). That means control over the ruleset, the necessary resources, proper setups, etc to really run a great event. All this means it’s a tremendous opportunity for us to not only really get to check out and appreciate different fighters but also for us to really show these different communities just how great Brawl and the Brawl community is. When it comes down to it we are all in the same boat, we are all gamers, all trying to learn, master, and appreciate a competitive fighter. Be a part of our community and have fun while doing it all. It’s important that everyone realizes this so we can grow together.

So what can you expect from AiB? Lots of sexy! Over the coming months we will be trying involve some sponsors. This means more money to the prize pool, cool stuff going on, maybe an AiB Rio Suite throughout the weekend for people to hang out at. On top of that we will be trying to put together some just general Vegas AiB community events. Be it at the pools, casinos, free sightseeing spots (I know Vegas well!), side events, shoot, even a Vegas scavenger hunt would be good times. Bottom line, we will put together some cool stuff. So be on the look out for some more exciting EVO/Vegas related announcements in the coming months.”

Why should you attend All is Brawl’s first sponsored national tournament?
1. Rules in line with the community standards
2. The tournament will be run by JV and Nealdt (with a little AlphaZealot on the side). This combination of tournament organizers is the best that Smash has to offer.
3. The partnership with EVO provides Smash with a great prime time venue the likes of which have not been witnessed since MLG’s 2006 season (unless you count other EVO events).
4. Multiple other games available to enter or spectate. View the best players from other games like Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Meet your traditional fighting game brethren. EVO isn’t just a tournament, it is a gaming convention!
5. This is the weekend after Genesis and Supercon! So let’s say you are heading out west to California for that national tournament, why not stop by Las Vegas while you’re in the neighborhood before heading home? That’s what I plan to do, at least. Make it a couple weeks to remember by hitting two top flight amazing tournaments in back to back weekends.

Tournament Details

Location: The tournament will be held at the RIO Hotel and Casino in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.
Date: Between Friday, July 17th, and Sunday, July 19th, with the competition to take place on Saturday (the 18th) and Sunday (the 19th).

You can register for this event here (note, you must enter online)
The entrance fees for this event are as follows:
Venue Fee (before May 31st): $30
Singles Registration: $15
Doubles Registration (per team): $25
Total package for just entering Brawl (before May 31st): $57.50
Total package for just entering Brawl (after May 31st): $77.50

The venue fee is raised from $30 to $50 after May 31st, so register early to save money on both airline tickets and registration fees. The cost of this tournament ($57.50 before May 31st) is in line with other national scale tournaments scheduled in the future like Genesis ($80 total package, $50 Brawl only) and in the past like Melee FCD ($75) and OC3 ($60).


Additionally, if desired, there are other games that you can enter for at $10 each if your interest is peaked, they are:
Street Fighter 4
Soul Caliber 4
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Street Fighter HD Remix
GGXX Accent Core
Street Fighter 3rd Strike Teams

Our goal attendance number is 200 entrants and 100 teams. If we make this goal there will be at least $5,500 in the pot for this event. We will be using a scaled payout system based on the number of attendees, the payouts are as follows:

Singes Payouts
100 entrants or less
1st: 60% = $900 (if 100 entrants)
2nd: 30% = $450
3rd: 10% = $150

Between 101-150 entrants
1st: 60% = $1350 (if 150 entrants)
2nd: 25% = $562.50
3rd: 10% = $225
4th: 5% = $112.50

Between 151-200 entrants
1st: 48% = $1,440 (if 200 entrants)
2nd: 22% = $660
3rd: 14% = $420
4th: 8% = $240
5th: 4% = $120
5th: 4% = $120

201 entrants or higher
1st: 46% = $1725 (if 250 entrants)
2nd: 20% = $750
3rd: 12% = $450
4th: 8% = $300
5th: 5% = $225
5th: 5% = $225
7th: 2% = $112.50
7th: 2% = $112.50

Doubles Payouts
50 teams or less
1: 60% = $750 (if 50 teams)
2: 30% = $375
3: 10% = $125

Between 51-100 teams
1: 60% = $1,500 (if 100 teams)
2: 25% = $625
3: 10% = $250
4: 5% = $125

101 teams or higher
1: 55% = $1,718.75 (if 125 teams)
2: 22% = $687.50
3: 10% = $312.50
4: 5% = $156.25
5: 4% = $125
5: 4% = $125





  • 3 Stock, 8 Minute Time Limit (If time does expire, the winner will be determined by first stock, then percentage. In the event both are tied Sudden Death will be played out.)
  • Best of 3 until Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket Semifinals are reached. Winners and Losers Bracket Semifinals and Finals are best of 5
  • No Items
  • No stalling (via ledge or otherwise). Any infinite chain grabs must be ended after 300% has been reached as to prevent excessive stalling. Avoiding a reachable position of combat to purposely run the timer is stalling.
  • Standing infinites are banned only when used to stall.
  • No player/team may counterpick a stage you have already won on earlier in the current set.
  • In the event of a dispute, controller ports, colors, and stage strike selection order will be determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Your controller, settings, and name tag are your responsibility prior to the start of the match. Always check you are using the correct settings and everything is working BEFORE a match is played. If a match is to be restarted due to controller functions or incorrect settings, it must be agreed upon by both parties.
  • Any action that can prevent an in progress game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, touching the equipment, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and will be held responsible for triggering one of these effects or any conduct preventing the match from finishing.
  • Metaknight’s Infinite Cape glitch is banned.
  • If a player successfully ends the match with either Bowser or Ganondorf’s over B attack by suicide, then the player who initiated the move wins. If a player ends the match by swallowing with King DeDeDe or Kirby, and it counts as a tie the player whom initiated the swallowing wins. Unless the character breaks out prior to death and is shown winning the match. In which case, that stands as the correct result.

Set Format (In Order of Procedure):

  1. Players choose their characters for the first match*
  2. Players start the stage striking procedure**
  3. The first game is played, using the stage chosen during step 2
  4. Each Player/Team may announce one stage to be banned during counterpicks
  5. The losing Player/Team of the previous match announces the next match’s stage from either the Starter Stage List or the Counter Stage List
  6. The winning Player/Team of the previous match chooses their character/s
  7. The losing Player/Team of the previous match chooses their character/s
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until the best of 3 or best of 5 set is complete.

*Double blind character selection may be called for the first match. In which case the players will each write down their characters on a sheet of paper and exchange them.

**One Player/Team will strike 1 stage, then their opponent  will strike another 2 stages, leaving 2 stages in which the first team will strike 1 leaving one to be played on.

Neutral Stages:

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Smashville
  • Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
  • Pokemon Stadium(Melee)

Counterpick Stages:

  • Delfino Plaza
  • Castle Siege
  • Battleship Halberd
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Rainbow Cruise
  • Brinstar
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Jungle Japes


Same standard rules and stages as singles.

  • Stock sharing is allowed.
  • Team Attack is on.
  • In team matches, the ports will be selected in a 1221 fashion. Meaning a player from Team 1 (if need be Rock/Paper/Scissors can be used to determine this Team) will select one port first, then both players from Team 2 will make their selection, then the remaining player from Team 1.
  • If a player on a team is using a character that might make it tough to determine the teams color (like Sonic, Lucario, or Pokemon Trainer), then either team is allowed to request an alternate color be used prior to the start of the match in order to limit any potential confusion.

It's that time again. We've got new additions to the AiB Content Team.

First of all, to everyone who applied, thank you. You remind everyone of why AiB is so great -- because it has a brilliant community behind it. Neal, JV, Peachy and I want to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to apply to write for this site. There were many incredible applications, hence the long time it took us to come to a decision about who to select.

Well, we've come to a decision, and all of the members you see below are simply fantastic. We were highly impressed by what they sent in, and we're excited to see what they'll bring to the site. They've got lofty expectations to meet. Let's cheer them on.

Without further ado... the brand-new members of the All is Brawl Content Team.

Continue reading The. New. Content. Team.

So without further ado we are extremely pleased to announce the newest Allis gaming community site.

We are always looking for great games and great communities to give a home to. This is just another example of our ongoing commitment to this and to gamers on a whole.

I am not going to say too much, nor get into too much detail. Going forward nothing will change our commitment to smash and the smash community. Thats where we got our start into competitive gaming and our first gaming community. It will always be extremely important to us. But we as gamers are very excited for SF and see a lot of the same great things we know and love about smash and the smash community with it. So for all you Street Fighter fans or curious individuals that want to see our brand new, oh so sexy looking site, click here.

You may have already heard this if you keep up with general gaming news via Joystiq or Kotaku. Bear with me if so.

It was announced today that and affiliated entities (EGM magazine,, and a few others) has been sold to the Hearst Corporation by their former owner, Ziff Davis Publishing. Not a huge deal; it happens all the time and business and you can't blame companies for trying to do everything they can to maintain profits in a sour economy. What sucks, however, is all the good people being laid off in the acquisition, including a few friends of All is Brawl.

I'm specifically talking about Matt Chandronait, producer of the 1UP Show, and Ryan Scott, editor of Games for Windows magazine. It was Matt's decision to do a 1UP Show segment about Brawl and bring in members of the community to talk competitive Smash with the show hosts; at the suggestion of show member Richard Li (whose fate is unknown), Matt and his team asked myself, Gimpyfish, and HugS to join them in San Francisco to film a 10 minute segment on what it means to be a competitive Smasher. The show went up the Friday after Brawl's release and was one of the few/only positive representations the competitive community has ever had in popular media. So we as a community owe a lot to Matt, Ryan (a big contributer to the 1UP Show and "star" of the Brawl segment), and their team for the exposure they brought to the community and their generosity in hosting us.

We as a website are additionally indebted to the show because it was our mention during the show -- "What's the new website?" -- that first brought many of our users to the site. We got thousands upon thousands of hits, and over 600 new members specifically mentioned the 1UP show as the reason they were joining. That kind of publicity is invaluable to a young site, and it's safe to say the AiB wouldn't be the same without that early boost in visibility.

So here's another "thanks" to Matt, Ryan, and the entire 1UP Show crew for that amazing video segment. Talented, intelligent people are never jobless for long, and we're sure they'll end up somewhere great soon.

A very special boy was born on this day. ;)

Happy birthday to you Neal!

Thank you so much for all you do for AiB!
It seriously would not be the same without you.
The AiB staff would like to present you with... this cake ------------>

The AiB community cannot thank you enough,
Happy Birthday!

P.S. - The cake is not a lie.

Make sure to check out the news post underneath this one for more on Neal!