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As our continued effort to improve in 2013 we have added some high level staff members. The individuals are all motivated and have ideas and goals to further things around here. Each of them have provided introductions to let you, the community, know about a bit about themselves and things they want to accomplish. 

Next to each of their names below you will find their department/realm. If you guys have ideas, feedback, or thoughts for their department I strongly encourage you to communicate with them. PMs, wall posts, interpretative dance, whatever works for you. Each of them cares about improving and wants to hear from the community as to ways we can do that. 

Also, in keeping with this improvement in 2013 theme we have a couple ways for you to get involved and or provide feedback. At the bottom on the page you will find a general staff applications and content team application procedures. We are looking for new people that have the desire to make a positive contribution and get involved in staff. If thats you head to the bottom of the page to apply now. 

We also have a Ladder Survey. Since our new ladder format announcement there has been some solid feedback that has given us additional things to think about and talk over. So prior to finalizing our full on ladder plan for the upcoming season we wanted to solicit some additional feedback. Let us know what you think here.

Staff Introductions 

TheEnigmaLiesBroken- Head of Staff

Dear Members,  

It is a priviledge to introduce myself as the new Head of Staff of All is Brawl. As a longtime member and somebody that has benefited immensely from the community which has gathered here over the years, I am looking forward to this new role as an opportunity to try to give back.    

I've been fortunate enough to work with several amazing people over the last 4 and a half years here. During that time, I have gained a ton of rewarding experience interacting with the Smash community, it's higher level players, tournament operators, smash modders, and those of you who just appreciate the series in general. During that time I've helped expand and maintain sections of the forums, created a skin for the site, managed a huge trading card game, helped organize certain events, wrote tons of guides in Smash Development, and had the opportunity to be a part of several other things across the site. Along the way I've become friends with a number of amazing people and I can't be any happier with the community as a whole.    

My new, expanded administrative role as Head of Staff will hopefully allow me to accelerate that momentum and carry us into a fulfilling beginning of the next generation of Smash and the next generation of AllIsBrawl.    I'm a firm believer in setting SMART goals and sharing those goals with the people that help us get there. That means YOU, AIB. I find that sharing goals is a great way to stay accountable and focused. There is no such thing as magic wand that we can wave and change the community without the help of our members. I feel like sharing the goals with the community and making a site wide group effort to achieve those goals will make it possible to achieve anything we want. 

I want to help strengthen our community by perhaps applying a new outlook on staff members ability to work together to help expand our sphere of influence, be organized and stay in the know with our members.    

Staff Factions - I want to try to organize our staff in such a way that is isn't impossible to reach higher level moderators whenever there is an emergency that needs to be handled. I want to try to create an environment where AIB users can feel free to approach staff openly without feeling like they're over stepping their boundaries through a chain-of-command type system that will allow quicker communication between the users, the staff, and the higher management so that we can get things done.    

Technology - At this point I can safely say that your pleas for change have been heard and I will do all in my power to help those wishes get granted. Slowly at first, but over time we aim to improve the community and make it easier for users to feel like their activity and contribution to the site are valuable to us and see their efforts rewarded. User name colors, more attention to the ladders and freeplay chats in an effort to prevent spam, fights, and other disruptive chat abuse from happening before it starts. Rewards for participation, community events and more. Your requests have been heard and I will be doing all that I can to help make those dreams a reality.    We want to attract new users to the site, bring a new spark of life to the ladders and the forums. 

We want to be an attractive community for users and possibly sponsors, which allows for better prizes from the ladder, creating a win-win for everyone involved. But at the end of the day, we can't come close to achieving these ambitious goals without you. Remember guys, the biggest help to the AIB community is, and will always be, the AIB community. You are our backbone. Without your input, your suggestions and your willingness to keep this place clean, we can only do so much. I want you all to want to improve the site, not just want someone else to do it for you.  

Please consider my inbox or the Site Feedback forum as an open line of communication and continue letting us know what we're doing right and what we could be doing better to make All Is Brawl a better site for you all. I will make it a habit to check the feedback forum each and every time I log in right alongside my now habitual checking of the Issue Resolution forum.    I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.    


Linkz- Head of Ladder

Fellow All is Brawl Users,

I’m very elated to introduce myself as the newest site Administrator, and more importantly, your new Head of Ladder. I’m looking forward to paving the way towards what will hopefully be a new chapter for the site ladder.

I’ve been involved with the ladder since my early days on the site and eventually joined the site staff as a ladder referee. From there, I worked my way up the staff ranks to ladder administrator, super moderator, and now administrator and Head of Ladder. I’ve gained a large amount of experience throughout my time on staff, and plan to use it to hopefully bring back some hype to Singles, Doubles, and any future ladders we may or may not add.  

I know that as of late the ladder has been the subject of much controversy, for lack of a better word. The overall idea of the new playoffs structure received far more negative feedback than was originally anticipated. I’m here today to tell you that your concerns have not gone unheard. I'm currently working on tweaking the system we presented to you in order to better suit everyone’s likes and dislikes.

Seeing as how the ladder is for everyone, it’s only natural that everyone gets to give some input on how they think things should go. This article contains a link to a survey in which you can provide further feedback on the ladder structure. Please take this as an opportunity to voice your opinion and possibly leave your mark on how the ladder works.

Of course, I don’t want your feedback limited solely to public announcements. If at any point you have a comment, concern, or if you even want to pitch a brand new idea for the ladder, whether it be for playoffs or for a new ladder altogether, please speak up.

The Site Feedback Forum and my Inbox are the best ways to make sure your opinions reach me, as I check both of those pretty much daily. As Head of Ladder, I also oversee the ladder staff, so if you feel someone isn’t doing their job properly (say you feel your dispute wasn’t handled correctly), please come talk to me about that as well. You can either PM me, or we can set up a time to meet on Skype.

I look forward to running the new ladder for you guys.




lightlanayru - Head of AiB Content 

Greetings to the AiB community,  

For those who may or may not know me, I am lightlanayru (mostly referred to as Trish). I have been working with the AiB staff for a little over three years now, and I have observed the many changes that have taken place over the years. Along with the rest of the higher-ups and staff, I will assist them in strengthening the site and its community as a whole through my duties. As Enigma stated, sharing goals is a great way to stay focused and connected with one another. Today, I would like to introduce myself as two of the main site positions I uphold onto: Head of Tournaments and Head of the Content Team.   

Tournaments → I watch over everything in the site regarding tournaments; from the hosting of tournaments, the beta testing of Tio Tournament Organizer and TioPro, to the uploading and processing of tournaments and its brackets. Yup, you name it! We will also find better uses of the tournament chats, too. If you have questions regarding on how to host tournaments, technical issues with the TioPro program or with your tournament's page, or if you have a request for us to process the results of your tournaments... you may message me, or I can direct you to a tournament admin of your tournament's region. We do not bite at all, and I promise you that it's a short process. 

Content → Since the retirement of Invinciboy and the inactivity of Miles of SmashWiki, I was the last one standing in what used to be the triumvirate of the Content Team. As the current site movement will go under way, I am announcing another Content Team open call! There's always more room to add to the flow of content. If you like to write to your heart's content, be creative, keep track of the ladder or the smash scene, or even host site contests for the community, this is the section for you. While we already have tournament coverage writers filled, we're definitely on the lookout for those who want to share new ideas and let the creativity flow! So if you are interested, follow the application process below!  

I believe that is all I can present to you. But hey, we all have our goals to accomplish here that will keep this site as lively as it should be! If you really wish for this site to improve for the next generation, we cannot do it alone. There is a reason why a community exists, and that is to work together. Believe me, your help will be very much appreciated and can definitely push AiB to the right direction. I will now conclude this with a certain lyric to keep in mind. (Props to whoever can figure out where this came from. xP)  

"Each of us holds the key to the Power of One." 

Yours truly,



Staff Applications - We have a staff application for you to fill out here. Simply do so by Wednesday April 17th and you will hear back from our new Head of Staff Engima within a week of the deadline. 

Content Team Applications - We are looking for people that want to contribute content. Videos, interviews, written pieces, and more. Any content that the community wants to see, we want to provide. You can provide content of your own ideas/creativity or our content team leaders can help provide direction in some content you could create. To apply simply email one example of a video or written piece you have done, your AiB username, and why you want to join the content team to [email protected] Submission Deadline- Wednesday April 17th

Ladder Survey - Use the following link to let us know what you think about the ladder going forward.Give us your ladder feedback here 

In an effort to bring back more activity to the TCG and help people complete their collections, I have written a guide for the TCG. Some of this information may be common knowledge to those who actively participate in the TCG, but I hope everyone can get at least something out of it. The guide is based on my experiences so there may be information that people might disagree with, heh.

Basic Information
First off, I’m going to assume most people know how to use the card system in general (ex: sending trades and replying to offers). If not, this thread covers most of it. Some other information that isn’t mentioned includes the fact that up to 8 cards at a time can be recycled at a time; in addition, only up to 3 cards can be offered in a single trade (per side), and more than one of the same card is not allowed in the same offer. As annoying as the restriction can be sometimes, it was implemented to prevent a glitch that would cause cards to duplicate.

A complete collection can be seen in the Card Display account, which was purposely created to display all the TCG cards. Don’t ask it for a trade – you will be ignored.

As mentioned in the thread above, there are site actions that allow you to get more cards. Here is a list of some of them. 
Logging on AiB – Currently awards 4 cards: one from each series.  The simplest of the ways to get cards, it can be argued that it doesn’t even count as a trigger. Occasionally, there will be more cards awarded by just logging on to the site (sometimes even limited addition ones). This can either be a holiday drop or Enigma trying to fend off complaints about the difficulty of getting cards. It should be noted that the system awards the cards at 3 am EST, so logging on any time after that will count for that day.

Voting on front page polls – Awards  3 cards. Yet another easy way to get cards, but one that is not consistent as other methods because the polls only appear every so often. Don’t miss out when they do come around!
Voting on TCG group polls – Awards vary. Unlike the front page poll, the cards from the TCG group polls awards cards instantly. Furthermore, you can still go to the thread for the poll and get the cards if you missed out when the poll was featured in the group.

Getting mentioned in a news post – Awards 2 cards. This is a bit harder to accomplish for obvious reasons. I would not specifically try getting this trigger since it really is something that just happens. However, one surefire way accomplish this is to win in the “Who’s that User” competition (whenever they come around) as the winners will always be mentioned in the subsequent WTU post.

Wins on the ladder – Awards cards based on the number of wins earned on the previous day. Every two wins on singles ladder awards one card. Additional cards can also be earned after a set amount of wins or having a winning streak.
Participating in a tournament – Awards cards based on participation and if a medal was won or not. When tournament results are uploaded, the cards will be awarded the next day. It works for offline tournaments only.

Blog recommended – Awards cards based on how many recommendations received. Blogs that are recommended usually have good information in them. They can be related to tournaments or have wisdom or tips; basically, entries people would be interested in reading. They may also be something that requires community attention. But one really should be writing for the blog itself, not the cards.
Participation in Stadium – Awards cards if your scores are approved and/or a record is set.

TCG Contests – Sometimes the TCG group hosts contests that will reward cards. Currently it’s the series 5 snapshot contest (go participate! /shameless plug). I’m also planning to run a weekly one in the future so keep an eye out for that.
Even with these all the triggers, you probably don’t have a complete collection. So let’s continue to the next section, shall we?

Trading is the most effective method of getting specific cards you need (with some exceptions). Where do you find people to trade with?
TCG group – The most obvious place: this group was created to facilitate trades. Leave a shoutout and see other people’s shoutouts. It’s pretty self-explanatory and quite useful.
TCG chat – Activity here has been dead recently, but checking it every so often doesn’t hurt. If there are trading events going on, they would be in here.  Midnite will be planning a get-together soon to help make the TCG more active.

Friends list
– These people aren’t ones you added randomly to get a badge are they? Help fill each other’s collections, there are likely cards someone has that the other person doesn’t. The people on your friends list are also less likely to ignore you (I hope).

Whoever is online
– Go to the bottom of the forums page to see who is online. Chances are they participate in the card system. However, it is also somewhat likely that people will ignore a complete stranger asking for a trade.
Profile shoutouts  – One of the more effective ways, if a bit stalker-ish. The main idea is looking to see if anyone else has traded with someone that you might be able to trade with as well.
Okay, you found people willing to trade with you. Now what? Make an offer! There should be some things to keep in mind when doing this.
Rarity/Weight –The rarity of the card is indicated by the circle and the weight is indicated by the squares on the bar (the higher the weight the rarer it is). Note that the rarity on the card might not correspond to how easy a card is to get, though it is generally the case. For example, a Munchlax card (common Pokemon) is exceedingly less common than a Wifi Waiting Room (stage common) due to the fact that Pokemon cards can only be acquired through forging a Pokeball or Premier Ball.  This is what I’d like to call “true rarity”. The true rarity can be determined by seeing how the card is acquired, and it should be considered over what the card says by itself; it is probably the most important thing to consider when looking at offers. Short list of cards whose true rarity is usually different than what is (or isn’t) displayed – Pokemon, Vending Machine, Promos, Keepsakes, and forging materials for hard to get cards.
Points – The point value of a card is usually related to its rarity. Commons typically range between 5-100 points, Uncommons from 100-300, Rares 300-600, Ultra-Rares (URs) 600-865, Legendaries 865-1000. Again, there are some exceptions: Red Charizard is an uncommon worth 95 points and Pichu and Poppant are rare cards worth -350 and 50 respectively. Some people are very picky about points, while others are not at all. Be sure to know who you are trading with when making an offer.

Quantity – The number of cards being offered. Not as important as the above two, but still something to consider. In some cases, you may find someone willing to trade an UR for a large number of non-UR cards. You also may have trouble trading a Jirachi for 100 S1 Marths even though the trade is clearly in the favor for the person receiving Jirachi (or is it?).
Dupes – Does the person have more than one of the card you are trying to trade for? Many people dislike trading cards they only have one of. However, non-dupe trading is still completely viable and quite necessary to get the harder to find cards. People are also less likely to accept a trade if it has cards they already have/they don’t need. You may have to over offer to get someone to trade their non-dupe or if you are offering cards they already have, but that goes both ways.               
Category – What category the card is in used to be more important (in the past people focused on completely specific category) but nowadays it does not matter too much. Sometimes you will still find people that only collect a certain category though (most likely characters). Characters are the most popular category so you may want to consider keeping a few of those around.

Series – Wait really? Yes. The main reason to consider this is as a more accurate judgment of card’s true rarity. If a series is just released the new cards are harder to find the cards that have been out for a while. Also, if a series has high demand cards (say, series 1 for Pokeballs and Smashballs), the other cards in that series become more common as people buy more and more packs. This means that even UR’s in that series drop in value. This usually doesn’t have a huge effect, and it does change over time.
It should be said that there is no perfectly equal trade other than trading the exact same cards to each other due to all the above differences. That does not mean people can’t come to an agreement (yay for stating the obvious!); Matching or balancing most of the above criteria usually results in an acceptable trade. The key to getting a trade done is knowing what the other person is looking for.

Stop! Example time!

Starting simple:
Fire Flower vs Food
In this case, almost everything about the cards is the same other than a 15 point value difference. The user with Food is losing 15 points in the trade, but if they are getting a card they need for something they have a dupe of, chances are the trade will happen.
That was so simple it felt like a waste of time typing it…next!

Name Entry vs Sector Z

These are both uncommons, but Sector Z has a much higher weight, and is harder to find than a Name Entry is. However, Name Entry can be used in forging! …which a lot of people don’t do. The 5 point difference is negligible. In general, this trade is in favor for the person trading Name Entry, but the person trading Sector Z is still likely to trade it if they have a dupe of Sector Z and/or they need a Name Entry.

Challenger Approaching vs S4 Galleom
In-depth analysis time! Both of these are URs, with S4 Galleom having 1 square higher weight and 30 more points. The trade seems to be in favor of the person receiving S4 Galleom, but I would argue that it’s pretty equal. Points on an UR shouldn’t matter as much because they shouldn’t be recycled anyway (but again, it depends on who you are talking to). Even though Challenger Approaching has less weight, the likelihood of getting it is lower than getting a S4 Galleom in a pack due to the fact that there are only 3 URs that you can get in a Series 4 special pack. Also, because Series 4 is a newer series, you are going to find people opening more of those packs compared to a Series 2. It’s easier finding someone with a dupe S4 Galleom than a dupe Challenger Approaching. But at this point in time, there are a few people who collects SSE bosses, so S4 Galleom has another pro going for it; on the other hand, there is also someone who wants a Challenger Approaching because it features Ness’ silhouette.  But most people don’t look so in-depth, so in the above case the person trading S4 Galleom could mention the weight and point difference and probably get the other user to add more cards to their offer.

Recycling/Buying Booster Packs
Recycling every dupe and buying packs is not the fastest way to get a complete collection (in fact, it is impossible), albeit it is the method to get most of the cards that takes the least amount of effort. Trading is exceptionally more effective than recycling, but there are some cases where it can be necessary to recycle. These cases are getting Ultra-Rare/Legendary cards and to pay for forging. But this is only if you can’t find someone to trade that has those, since Trading is forever better than Recycling!! Unless you happen to be super lucky, of course.  Just looking at statistics/using math, you can easily spend more than 5000 points trying to get a CD through packs, but you would probably get no offers if you tried trading a CD for 5000 coins. But for something such as newly released UR (where no one actually has it to trade for) it’s time to buy some boosters. It can also be a fast way to get a lot of cards in a new series, when you don’t have to worry so much about getting too many cards you already have (but trading is still better!).

What should you recycle?

Cards people do not want – This is subjective, but mainly commons and uncommons.  It’s usually not worth recycling a rare since you should be able to find someone that needs it, but sometimes people don’t feel like taking the time to do so.
Eh. A better question is what shouldn’t you recycle?
Cards that are used for forging – Something such as an Alloy is more useful as an ingredient than the 50 points it would give you.
Certain character cards – Quite a few people collect certain characters, so you will be able to get at least more points for them than you would by recycling. Keep an eye on the TCG group for these individuals.
URs, Legendaries, Promos - You can find someone that will trade more points for them quite easily.
Which packs should you buy?
The booster that has the UR card or wrapper you can’t find anyone to trade for- Self-explanatory. Look at Card Display to determine which series the card belongs to.
Series 1 Special Booster- For Pokeballs and Smash Balls, the two cards that are currently in the most demand. Assist Trophies are a slight bonus, as they are rumored to be needed for series 5.
Item Booster – For the items listed above. I find these to be worse than the series 1 specials, especially since s1 specials can also award a wrapper now, but if you are beyond lucky you may get multiple URs in a single pack. (Don't count on it, really.)

Series 4 Special Booster – For Smash Balls. There are only 3 UR cards in series 4, so it is more likely that you are going to get a Smash Ball from here than from any other pack.
Series 2 Special Booster – For SSE Bosses. Winged Tabuu is the rarest card you can get through buying packs so the S2 special gets a mention. SSE bosses are also somewhat popular.
The normal series boosters may give you a net point gain if you are lucky, but they don’t give URs so they are fundamentally not worth it (other than getting the wrapper for those boosters, but that goes under the first point).  I would also advise against recycling until you actually need to use the coins, as you never know if someone wants the card you just recycled. It’s better to have the card than to have some coins that are not enough for anything.

Forging is a great way to get specific cards, and sometimes the only way to get them. Each recipe has a cooldown, meaning the amount of time needed to wait before using the same recipe again. You can find a list of known forges in this thread. But certain forges are not actually worth it the cost. Sandbag’s Revenge for Sandbag, Home Run Bat, Home Run Contest, and 400 points? Ouch.  Here are the better ones:               
Pokeballs – Currently the only way to get UR Pokemon (1/6 chance).  Cooldown: 24 hours.

Smashballs/Chaos Emeralds/Varia Suit Pieces – The only way to get Final Smashes.  Cooldown: 24 hour.
Cheap Gift/Expensive Gift – The only way to get console keepsakes. Cooldown: 1 hour.
Promos- Promos were released to everyone before, but they have not been re-released recently, so they fall under the category of “the only way to get these” for now.  Cooldown: 24 hours.
Jyks – A rare and 300 points for an UR sounds pretty good. (However, this is a reported glitch that will probably be fixed later). They can also be used to make Smashballs, but 3 URs and 300 points for 1 UR (even if it is a Smashball) isn’t as appealing. Cooldown:  1 hour.

Premier Balls – The lesser version of Pokeball. There is no reason to forge these if you can find Pokeballs, but that’s usually the problem. Unfortunately, these only give up to rare Pokemon. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Team Characters – The value of the cards used in forging these is only slightly more (sometimes it’s equal or even less in one case!) than what you get out of them. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Rare SSE enemies – Arguably worth the slight point hike if one is feeling particularly lazy in finding other people to trade with. Cooldown:  1 hour.
There a few strategies that people use to try to complete the card collection, some of which are more deplorable than others. In any case, there are some listed below.

Red Paper Clip/Trading up –Start with a Wifi Waiting Room. Trade it to a person who needs it, and get another common; let’s say they had a dupe Red Marth they were willing to trade. Trade Red Marth to another person and get 2 Wifi Waiting Rooms. Ta-da, you have now doubled the amount of what you initially started with! (yes, even if it is just another Wifi Waiting Room) by doing reasonable trades. So just do this with better cards.
Stockpiler Delivery – Stockpilers are the people that collect multiples of the same card. Usually these people will collect multiples of the same character(s), but there exist stockpilers for non-character cards as well. They will usually give a fair (or better) trade for the card they’re stockpiling. Even better, you can usually go back to the same person for even more trades when you get more of the card they want.
Reputation – It’s not really a strategy as much as it is just something that can help (or hurt) you when trading. If you are well known, it will be easier for you to get trades. That would be with a good reputation, of course; if the general opinion of you is negative, it may be a bit harder. People are more likely to respond to you if you are not a nobody, but the user that logs on only every so often may not know famous (or infamous) people on the site, so this may not matter too much.  However, you should still be mindful of what you say and do on the site.

Misleading – It’s what it sounds like. Ex: trading a Mario Bros. card for a Munchlax and saying “They are both commons, but Mario Bros has a higher point value so it’s CLEARLY better and you should really do this trade!!11” This method preys on the other user’s ignorance about true rarity. Misleading other people makes you looks bad so use at your own risk.
A lot of users are turned off of completing the card collection because they feel they need to cheat others to get what they want. This is not the case. You can find people (who know values) willing to do “bad” trades. Here’s an example: Green Wario (95 point common) was recently released.  Several users were willing to use the S1 Wario, Green Alloy, and 500 points to forge the Green Wario. Just looking at values, why would anyone do that? People can be impatient or just want a card enough to over-trade for it. (Yes, this example was forging and not trading. But the idea is still the same: if Green Wario wasn’t able to be forged, you might find someone offering a rare for this common just to complete their character category). In addition, you always can be super-pro and get a lot of wins on the ladder or participate in offline tournaments to get more cards.

Other tips
~Even if the other person doesn’t accept your initial offer, negotiate!
~If you get banned, your rarest card will go poof. Follow the rules (but you shouldn’t need cards as motivation here right?)
~Having trouble sending an offer to someone with 3 or less characters in their name? Just type another character and delete it.
~If your proposed trade is straightforward, just send the offer right away to save time.
~If you want to offer more than 3 cards (let’s just say 4) for one card, send the first 3 cards in one offer and the last card along with a random card the other person has in a second offer. The other person should reply to the first trade with whatever card you wanted and the second trade with the random card you added. That way the trade is done without the other person trading more than they offered.
~On your birthday, you get an extra drop of 9 cards, one of which includes a UR/L. 

It will take quite a bit of time (and some luck) to complete the collection, but don’t give up! Also remember that the main purpose of the TCG is to have fun, so don’t get too stressed trying to complete it. There’s usually a lot of time between series after all.
I hope this has been a helpful or at least somewhat entertaining read for everyone. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. Happy card collecting!

Special thanks to: Volke Aeno for proof-reading and suggestions; TheEnigmaLiesBroken and nealdt for the card system. Also, thank you to everyone that has traded with me. I would mention everyone but it would probably take up a whole page (and the fact that I'd probably miss a few people).
Picture credit -お粥

Welcome to the sixth edition of Methodical Madness! This is Midnite here, cooperating with TheEnigmaLiesBroken to bring you a better series of Methodical Madness articles. Two heads are better than one, after all.

Say goodbye to the File Patch Code, and say hello to Riivolution!

Developed by AerialX, Riivolution is an extremely effective on-the-fly game patcher which allows the user to load hacks and swap files from the SD card over their Wii games. Its simple point-and-click interface is much more organized than having to cram all your files in your SD Card and loading through Gecko OS. It requires the game's original disc (we do not support pirates and neither does this program), an SD Card, and a simple homebrew application and you're ready to roll.

For Brawl, this program eliminates problems with music and SFX hacking, meaning that we can now use Japanese voices in our American copies of the game without worrying about irksome bugs.

Previous codes have been created in order to achieve a similar effect that this program does, but they weren't quite as effective and were limited by what type of SD card could be used.  The new Riivolution progam can utilize SDHC Cards, load more files than the previous hacks, AND give its user the ability to load more than one set of codes with a simple toggle switch, unlike the File Patch Codes!

Riivolution's user friendly interface makes switching between different codesets a breeze.

In the image above, this user (Midnite) has toggles to load different codesets for Regular Brawl, Brawl+, Brawl-, BBrawl, and Project: Melee.

It's obvious that he has switches to turn his custom textures off and on, music, japanese sound effects, and his game's intro movie.

There is no need to constantly arrange the files in your SD Card with Riivolution at hand. All it takes is one toggle of an option to swtich from the Brawl+ codeset to the Brawl- codeset. By using different directories for each version of your codesets, you're able to hold multiples on your single SD card without having to remove files or add them.

Riivolution has not only improved the way we use the current Brawl hacks that we have, but has also opened up new possibilities. Behold!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. No, it's not a Photoshop. It's not an edited video. This is the real deal. Riivolution makes custom cutscene movies possible! If you have, or can create, movie clips in .thp format, you can load them with Riivolution and replace the opening movie with it.

RiiFS Servers

As if the program wasn't appealing enough, the newest version of the program has given a server capability so that a user can set up their home PC as a mini-server to stream their own hacks straight from your hard drive to Riivolution. This means that a trusted friend can simply use the RiiFS feature on their copy of Riivolution, and when connected to the internet they can set it to search for your PC via your IP address, and their Wii console will temporatily load YOUR hacks onto their console without them ever having to install a single file onto their SD card besides the Riivolution program itself.

So, I bet you're probably wondering how the heck you're going to even use this, right? Luckily, I have written a guide on how to install and use Riivolution. It also covers how to set up your own RiiFS server. For those of you who are interested, Please feel free to look at the tutorials in our Smash Development section of the forums. We are available and willing to help anyone who wishes to set up this program.

Next edition of Methodical Madness: I will go in depth with the DasDonkey Vertex Box and model edits, and possibly interview Akari_Un, the creator of the Vertex box.

What are you waiting for? Switch to Riivolution today!

by E.Nigma Jun 29 2010, 11:15AM
Enigma here. The hacking world has come to a bit of a stand still as of late so I'm gonna take a new twist an teach you guys a thing or two about a little device that I think is underrated and quite useful.

"Dazzle sucks" "Dazzle doesn't work" "I can't figure that Dazzle crap out".

- These are all quotes that I've heard more times than I can count.

I posted an ad recently in an active blog of mine. This blog had a 1 day promotion on the Dazzle recording device.

Normal retail $80
Selling for $30.

As great of a deal as it was, there were many of you that asked me to explain exactly how the device worked after you purchased it. Most of you were interested in the fact that I said I use this device to stream games on websites like - I'm going to attempt to explain that right now.

I've heard it said many times before that the Dazzle device is garbage. This isn't as true as some people would like you to believe. I have been using this product for years and it has yet to let me down.

Just for the purposes of proving it, here are a couple of videos that I've personally recorded with the 480p version of this product:

Brawl Minus
Video displays a lot of camera zooming in and out

Guilty Gear
Video displays extremely fast paced gaming

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Video displays high color contrasts and how they look

If you've looked at any of the videos above, I would like for you to know that I recorded them on a low priority setting, with mid grade quality and a medium frame rate. The quality can get much higher, and the frame rate much cleaner.

Now: To explain some of it.

The Pinnacle Dazzle device comes with it's own recording program that allows you to record your videos straight from your console / DVD player / whatever. But I don't recommend using it unless you just don't feel like getting this next program.

I personally use

Adobe Media Encoder

This program is put out by adobe, obviously, and it allows you to record from any video device on your computer. The media encoder will recognize your dazzle like a web cam and it will allow you to use it as such.

It allows you to select higher resolutions, data windows, and many other options in order to allow you to give you the best recording experience you can with any selected device.

It records videos in .flv or .f4v formats, which are both easy to convert. Also, .flv format videos will upload directly to youtube with no need to convert (not so sure about .f4v but knowing youtube they probably have a converter for that built in too).

Online Streaming with Dazzle

A huge reason that many people say that Dazzle sucks is because of the problems that it's been known to have with online streaming. It's a well known fact that Dazzle has been known to not stream your sound live. Funny thing is, its actually built into the device for some reason. I can't get it to stream sound with ANYTHING other than the Pinnacle Studio program that it comes with.

So here's what I did.

First, use Adobe Media Encoder. It has a feature for streaming. You will have to go to the website you want to stream on and download their AME specific Meta.xml file so that you can stream to their site, then open it with AME. Ustream and support AME and have meta's available for download in their broadcast sections.

To get your sound to work (this could be irrelevant in newer versions of the Device) you will possibly have to purchase the following.

A component to 3.5MM Converter (about $4)

Recommended 3.5MM Extension cord (just for convenience)

1 Component cord Y-Splitter (Female input, 2 male output)

Basically what you will do here is plug your Video (YELLOW) component cable into your Y-Splitter. Plug half of the splitter into your Television, and the other half of your splitter into your Dazzle device. This is done specifically so that you can see your game on your TV without any lag. If you play your game only by watching AME you may experience subtle to heavy lag, depending on how high your quality settings are.

Next, plug your Audio Component cable (red and white) into your 3.5mm converter.

The 3.5MM is a microphone output that you can plug into the mic port on your computer. This way, you can hear your sound out of your computer speakers (or headphones if you choose, great for playing "Left 4 Dead") AND your Adobe Media Ecoder can pick up your mic port as a sound source to stream sound onto your computer or over the internet.

At this point, the 3.5mm extension cord comes in handy because of the amount of distance that's generally put between one's computer and their television.

That's basically it. Once you've got your video split between the Dazzle device and your television, and once you've got sound coming out of your computer's speakers, Adobe Media Encoder is a simple "click to start" option away from streaming your games online.

This tutorial may be a little rough. Sorry. I will try to clarify anything that you ask in the comments.

Happy recording!

My initial intention for this article was going to be to have BigSharkZ interviewed about his textures, vertex hacks, and everything else that he's done. But sadly, all of that hasn't gone down as smoothly as I would have liked it to.

SO! Today we will be talking about one of my new favorites, Brawl Minus.

What is Brawl Minus?

Brawl Minus is a hack that was designed to break the game, literally, in a sense of making each and every character so entirely broken that it somehow balances the game.

Did that work?

Oh yes. Yes it did.

Like an old rusty machine, they banged on Brawl with a rusty pipe wrench until it started pumping out more stuff than they could imagine. Basically, they took every character and turned them into Akuma from Street Fighter 2 Turbo...

Brawl- crosses the boundaries of the PSA program and does things that other hack projects would probably reject in horror. Several characters have a totally different play style, and some of them are so changed that they're hard to recognize.

Brawl- intends to be FAIR and it does a good job of it. There are no characters that are overpowered and none that should be underpowered. It incorporates fast game-play and speeds up the attacks of certain characters in order to give you that quick game-play style that people loved about previous smash games.

Some examples

Nearly ALL CHARACTERS were given character-specific techs to make their game-play more valuable.

Donkey Kong can use his regular Down Special, but if you hold the button instead of tapping it, he'll pluck a barrel from the air like he used to in the 1985 Donkey Kong games for projectile use.

Some characters can cancel out of their Side B attacks into any other A button attack.

Characters with slow lag time after certain attacks were given the ability to interrupt those attacks with other attacks in order to not leave them completely vulnerable (Peach's Toad, Sonic's Taunts)

Some characters were even given hitboxes DURING their taunts. Toon Link's Wind Waker taunt actually pushes the opponent outward away from him which can be used like Mario's F.L.U.D.D. or Squirtle's Water Gun.

Moves were beefed up or modified in ways that make the characters more effectively playable. Ganon's side B goes further. Toon Link's Up B makes him spin, and you can control him to spin across the ground like Luigi's Tornado attack. Link throws his bombs much faster and they fly further. Zelda can use Din's Fire in the air and STILL RECOVER.

Then other characters were given things that weren't even in the game at all.

  • Fox: He got his wavedash back

  • Zelda: Ghost hitboxes (her A attacks can hit close up and far away)

  • Sheik: Turns invisible when you dodge with her - Ninja ninja ninja

  • Link: His arrows randomly come out fire, ice (freeze effect), light (stun effect), explosive, and I think sometimes he shoots dark arrows too.

  • Bowser: Is flinch resistant to any attack that does less than a certain damage or knock back. He is NO LONGER a combo sandbag.

This project is amazing. It's fun, and all of the characters are so unique and techy that its fun to play as anyone rather than just have a couple mains. Everyone capable with Homebrew stuff should look into it.

It's hosted on:


oila! On this day you view the vociferations of a venerable videogame vagabond who's vowed to vivify the viewers through various versions of so-called vandalism. Virtue becomes vagary when the vivid possibilities of this virtual voo-doo are so vast. We vie on the verge of a victory, valiant and vindictive, to venture forth and variate from the vintage - our vigor never before so visible from any vantage - yet the voracious vultures continue to vex our voluntary innovation. This voyage, while vain yet valiant, has allowed us to vanish the vile venom that has violated our voice for variety. The only verdict is vengance, a vendetta held as a votive not in vein for the value and the varacity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous videogaming veterans!

(You guys should have heard me say that speech out loud. *Sniffle* It was sheer poetry.)

I thought we'd all sit back and enjoy a history lesson of sorts. As much as I hated history in high school, one can only assume that this must either be really good stuff or I'm losing my touch with reality and need to go in for an afternoon of shock therapy to get myself back on track. Well, I'm sitting here eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of a blindingly orange plastic bowl so obviously I'm not going crazy. I suppose that this little history lesson will be for everyone's benefit then! (By the way, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best cereal ever. If you don't like it, you are a Nazi and we are watching you.)

Today's issue of Methodical Madness will take a look back into the history of Brawl hacking, what it has done, what it can currently do, and then take a look at what it may potentially evolve into during days to come. I have a huge surprise for you all in today's article so please don't feel threatened by its length. However long this article is, half of it is a list that you can pretty much skim over and the part after that is a wonderful Christmas present drifting in a sea of economic crises.

Continue reading Methodical Madness: Vivification

Disclaimer: This is a Wii hacking article. All is Brawl will hold no responsibility for consequences that occur from users' modifying of their hardware.Users visit links and download files at their own risk.

ongratulations! Just by opening up this article you have become 25% more patriotic, and one step closer to helping make Brawl Hacks mainstream! You've also just made a huge decision that has the welcoming power, and the shocking sense of surprise, equal to that of walking in on Captain Falcon in the shower! What is that decision? You, as the reader, have now successfully agreed to consider expanding your horizons when it comes to making Brawl better for everyone, and you have also been hypnotized into giving me a dollar.

"But... who are you?" Indeed, a good question.

So there I was one night sitting all alone in my underwear, eating some "Spicy Sweet Chili" Doritos, sipping on a glass of sweet tea and scratching my itch for some company in AiB's social chat room (I wasn't going to say Krotch; get your mind out of the gutter) when all of a sudden Neal showed up and joined in on the conversation about my recent interest in hacked characters. After about 30 minutes, he told me that once I got my work finished, he would see about getting it posted on the front page of AiB.

Well, that didn't happen. Instead, I was talking about it a couple of days later when Staindgrey appeared and got in on the conversation. He took immediate interest in the situation, one thing led to another, and he told me to submit an application to the Content Team and his seeing about getting me on (then I asked him for Badge powers and he shot me down like a Pit main looking for arrow kills to put in their combo video)!

And here I am! TheEnigmaLiesBroken, at your service: Hax forum mod, regular visitor in Social Chat, Ex-Administrator of, Mewtwo, and apparently the deciding factor on whether or not the Brawl community of AiB gets the necessary information to possibly make hacks mainstream O_o (gulp).

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