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Hey, everyone. I got a chance to sit down with 2nd place finisher at the MLG Dallas Championship tourney, Tyrant, for an interview on his performance, his views on MLG, and a few other things. Hope you enjoy the interview! Like, comment, and tell me if you'd like to see more interviews like this on AiB!

Original Image © MLG
MLG Dallas, the final tournament for the 2010 MLG Circuit, officially has its 16 top players. Throughout the MLG Circuit, 8 players have made it into the championship bracket based on their previous performances. To join them, 8 additional players have worked their way through the MLG Dallas open bracket. The final 16 seeds in order are:

Lee Martin
Nick Riddle
Rich Brown

Each player's first round opponent and the general bracket is shown below.

Now, for all you spectators keeping track of what's going on at MLG, here's your chance to give your predictions for how the top 16 will place! You can send in a list of your predictions for the final rankings of these players in order as a pm to Falln, and the the people with the three closest guesses will get a badge showcasing their knowledge of the top players at MLG. In addition, our good buddy Neal has offered to award the person with the most accurate list either a Virtual Console or Steam game on the PC of $15 worth or less if we get 15 or more submissions.
     Of course, in the interests of fairness, you must submit your top 16 predictions before the start of the championship bracket, which begins at Sunday, 10:00 am central time. Good luck, and let's see who comes closest for the top 16 finishers!

The Championship bracket at MLG Dallas features some of the most revered names in smash. Here is a quick preview of all the likely second round pro bracket matchups!
(Disclaimer: So far at these MLGs, NOTHING has gone according to plan, and with names such as Gnes, Dojo, and TKD all in attendance, you can pretty much count on upsets occurring. The following matchups are simply based on seeding points, and the assumption that the higher seed will advance to the second round of bracket.

1. Ally vs Fatal
Ever since Brawl’s release, Ally has been universally regarded as the best snake. Ally has been fairly consistent in the MLG circuit, placing 2nd twice, 8th once, and 17th another time. Recently, however, such a title has been put into question due to the recent success of Fatal. Fatal recently 2-0ed M2K at MGC in Vegas, and is looking to ride the momentum of his MGC performance, as well as his MLG DC performance (where he placed 5th out of 174, taking out names such as NinjaLink, Tyrant, and MikeHAZE). While dittos don’t mean everything, a win from Fatal would be quite a statement.

2. ESAM vs Atomsk
The MLG circuit has given ESAM, a relatively unknown pikachu prior to MLG Orlando, a chance to prove that he’s one of the best players in the nation. ESAM has consistently placed very high at every event, taking out names such as Ally, Tyrant, and Lee Martin along the way. ESAM has tons of tricky setups that he utilizes to trap his opponents into bad situations, which has helped him get as far as he has. Atomsk, on the other hand, has a variety of characters he knows how to play at a top level, including MK, ICs, and DDD. Atomsk has come very close to top 8 at every single MLG event, but hasn’t quite broken through. Will this be the time Atomsk finally gets a big win and launches himself into top 8, or will ESAM continue his dominant streak through MLG?

3. Lee Martin vs Nick Riddle
Lee Martin and Nick Riddle are both looking to bounce back strong after very sub par performances at MLG DC. Lee Martin’s MK is very unique. He opts for random opportunities to hit his opponents, and lands attacks in situations which you wouldn’t expect him to attack. Nick Riddle has a very similar style, and has developed an excellent pressure game with ZSS. This MU will simply come down to who’s spacing is better, and if ZSS can do a reasonable job recovering against MK without taking too much damage.

4. Tyrant vs Rich Brown
The last time these two players fought was at MLG Raleigh. Rich Brown was on the verge of winning the set, but Tyrant landed a clutch shuttleloop and took game 3. Rich Brown, fresh off beating M2K at MLG DC, is hoping to get revenge in Dallas. Tyrant will rely on a variety of clever setups to deal major damage to Rich Brown’s Olimar while he’s trying to recover, as well as try to land the gimps. This MU really just depends on mistakes and how good both players are with punishes. In the Olimar-MK MU, both characters can severely punish mistakes, so whoever is more alert that day will likely take the set. 

There you have it! Be sure to follow all the MLG twitters and updates, and be on the lookout for videos shortly after the event, as well as any bootleg streams which might be created!

MLG Dallas ( is going to be one of the biggest events in Smash history. Players from all over the nation, including M2K, Ally, ESAM, Tyrant, Lee Martin, and many, many more are all competing for a first place prize of $12,500. X factor players such as TeeKayDee and Gnes, coming in unranked, are also looking to stir things up. Buy your pass now at .
In order for smash to have a chance at being picked up again for the 2011 Pro Circuit, the event must sell out completely. If this event does not sell out, there is a good chance Smash will be dropped. Buy your pass immediately and help support the community!
MLG competitions are truly a once in a life time experience. Even outside the competition, you get to meet and play against the nation’s top players, and get all kinds of free stuff, including Dr. Pepper, Doritos, Hot Pockets, and my personal favorite: hand massages!
MLG Dallas is an event you absolutely have to be at. Buy your pass now and come experience the hype!
If you want a small taste of what MLG DC was like, here is Keitaro's MLG DC experience:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Are you a tournament fanatic? Do you like to travel across the country in search of easy money? Does the thought of hanging out with fellow fat and smelly gamers excite you? Look no further, because there are three terrific tournaments coming to a town near (or far away from) you real soon! Let's take a look, shall we?

Continue reading Triple Spotlight: Tournaments Galore

MLG Raleigh is just around the corner and it's time to remind everyone to register before the deadline closes! The event will kick off August 27th with the Brawl 1v1 Event and conclude on August 29th with the Brawl 2v2 event. The first two MLG events were a huge success, with all of the best players in the US in attendance. The matches were hype, the crowd was consistently going crazy, and everyone had a ton of fun. Raleigh is approaching fast, and the deadline to get in on the action is August 23rd - so make sure to click here to register for the event. Registration is only $35 ($45 including at-the-venue-only 2v2 Registration), which is a drop in the bucket compared to most Nationals.

Here is what has been said about previous MLG Events, in case there is any doubt about the amazing style and production of the largest and strongest competitive gaming company in North America:

The best tournament I have been to in my entire life! - Dojo

The tournament was run very smoothly and I had a great experience with the Refs. Really well done overall, amazing job! - MetalMusicMan

MLG was a terrific experience, probably the best tournament I will ever go to in my life.-Clowsui

Another MLG is in the books, and like Orlando, it didn't disappoint. -Mav

I would just like to say that this was the best tournament I have ever been to without a doubt. Not only will I try my best to come to Raleigh, but I think everyone else should do the same. -SnackAttack

The place is huge. It’s ten times the size of my house. They’ve got good systems, it’s very well run. Most efficient tournament I’ve ever been to. - ESAM

The venue is amazing and the crowd is a lot of fun. I’ve never had this much fun at a tournament before. I loved the crowd. It made things a lot more fun.-ADHD

This has best the best tournament I have ever been to in the history of forever. I am not kidding, real talk. -Sky

This is my first MLG...and not only has it fulfilled my dreams but it has supported everything I ever expected.-Pierce7d

I absolutely thought it was a great tournament. Seeding could have been better but I know that couldn't be helped. The event was really professionally done and it was a blast. Free Dr. Pepper. I really liked that TV's were turned off for finals to increase the hype of the event.-LeeMartin

This was one of the fastest and most efficiently ran events that I have been to in years. Amazing!-D1

MLG Orlando is one of the best tournaments I have been to. I love Brawl and I love the community.-Tyrant

Of course, maybe these testimonials aren't enough. Maybe you need even more reasons to attend MLG Raleigh this August 27th-29th. Well, lets check out the free stuff you get for just being at the event:

  • Free BIC Razors
  • Free Old Spice Deodorant
  • Free Hot Pockets
  • Free Doritos, all you can eat, all weekend long
  • Free Stride Gum
  • Free Jack Link's Beef Jerky
  • Free Dr. Pepper, all you can drink, all weekend long
  • Free MLG and Doritos branded hand towels
  • Free hand massages
  • Free MLG and Hot Pockets branded aluminum water bottles
  • Sponsor giveaways and contests for free merchandise, including Best Buy Gift Cards
  • A professional photographer taking photos of players all weekend long - pictures go up on the very day they are taken!

Of course, free food, free drinks, free merchandise, that is just part of the experience that MLG provides. MLG has gotten together just about every top player in the country to attend the event. Just who are we talking about?

  • Mew2King (Ohio) - Meta Knight
  • Ally (Canada) - Snake
  • TyraNt (California) - Meta Knight
  • ESAM (Florida) - Pikachu
  • NickRiddle (Florida) - Zero Suit Samus
  • LeeMartin (Louisiana) - Meta Knight/Lucario
  • Atomsk (New Jersey) - King Dedede/Ice Climbers/Meta Knight
  • DEHF (California) - Falco
  • Tearbear (California) - Meta Knight
  • ADHD (New Jersey) - Diddy Kong
  • Big Lou (Georgia) - Luigi
  • mikeHAZE (California) - Marth
  • CO18 (Florida) - King Dedede
  • San (New York) - Ike

Throw in others like Hunger, Kismit, Reflex, Anti, Fatal, Felix, and RichBrown and the competition is stacked. If you have ever wanted to play the best in the world, while getting tons of free stuff, MLG Raleigh is where it is at.

Of course, maybe Brawl isn't the only game you are interested in. That's OK. For Raleigh only, we will be bringing in a few Melee set ups to celebrate the MLG's 50th Event. In addition to that, you can watch the best players in North America and the world go head to head in four other official tournament titles:

  • Halo 3
  • Starcraft 2
  • Tekken 6
  • World of Warcraft

Still not enough? Well, if you can hang with the Pro's, then you can get your shot at a $7,000 prize pool paid out to Top 8. That is more money than any other national except for other MLG Pro Circuit Events! Here is the prize breakdown:

  1. $2,500
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
  4. $700
  5. $500
  6. $350
  7. $250
  8. $200

And at the National Championships later this November in Dallas, we get to see an event with $35,000 in prizes paid to the Top 8:

  1. $12,500
  2. $7,500
  3. $5000
  4. $3,500
  5. $2,500
  6. $1,750
  7. $1,250
  8. $1,000

The best players. The best sponsors. The best gaming experience. Come to MLG Raleigh and see all that competitive gaming has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Remember to register here for only $35! Do it today. Do it right now. Don't wait.

MLG will be offering coverage in the next week leading up the event, including interviews and a preview article. The first of these articles is already up on the site: Count interviews Apex 2010 Champion and MLG Pro Player DEHF. Click here to check it out!

Here is some additional, important information regarding the event:

Register now!

All Images Copyright Major League Gaming
MLG Columbus is coming up in a couple of days! So I decided to get an interview with a pro so you can better know him and talk about what he has up his sleeve for this tournament! You may know him as BigLou, one of the best Luigi mains. BigLou has been and is currently one of the strongest players coming out of the Georgia Region. He has a strong in-state performance, always taking top 3 if not winning. BigLou placed an outstanding 8th place in singles at MLG Orlando and sadly couldn’t participate in the 2v2 event due to having to leave Sunday morning. I sat down with BigLou to discuss what his big plans are for this upcoming MLG, his thoughts on upcoming competition and what he expects to do to maintain his spot in Columbus.
Allied: Thanks for participating and doing this with me mah du <3. Now since MLG Orlando how have you been placing in local tournaments and have you gained any notable wins since MLG Orlando?
BigLou: Well, in my state I am ranked number 2 and I have not travelled really since MLG. I place like I always do in my state, somewhere in the top 3 with our other top players (reflex, kismet, elev8, etc). I guess since MLG I haven't had any notable wins, but I guess that's because I haven't travelled since Orlando.
Allied: Oh that’s sick; any of these players give you a really hard time in general, or is it all 50/50 between the top players in your state?
BigLou: They all give me a hard time. More recently elev8 has started to give me a hard time with his Ice Climbers. I'm not very good at avoiding grabs haha. But that's something I have to work on. Kismet has been beating me for a while, he has the Luigi / Falco matchup down solid. I know Luigi can do that matchup, I'm just doing something wrong. Against reflex: he definitely beats me more then I beat him, but I still can take sets off of him. He's beaten me more times then him, but once in a while I'll beat him -- although it may be harder to beat him now since he recently picked up Wario again.
Allied: That’s interesting to say the least. Now I want to ask: what precautions have you taken to ensure you’ll place again at the next MLG? Is there a trick up your sleeve or are you confident enough to maintain what you have achieved and place higher?
BigLou: Well the only precautions that I feel I could take are to make sure I have played enough and that I keep a level head when I play tourneys. So it's not so much any tricks; it's more being ready and having played enough to feel comfortable sitting down and playing any opponents. I like to just have a good time when I play, so I don't ever feel any pressure in matches, which helps me out a lot. Hopefully I can play as well as I did before and place high in Columbus.
Allied: Any big time rivals at MLG that you are worried about or any matchup in particular that think can throw you off?
BigLou: I don't know really if I have any big time rivals; the people I play a lot are not going and they may have given me the toughest time seeing as how they know my style of play. I'm most worried about playing Meta Knights, but that's only because no one in my state plays him so I'm slightly inexperienced vs good MKs. I haven't had that big of chance to play many OOS people, so it's hard to say who will worry me the most. Maybe MD/VA players since they get to practice with Boss.
Allied: Ah Meta Knight xD. By the way, any chance of you doing teams this time around?
BigLou: Yes: since I don’t have to leave early this time, I’m teaming with Shugo.
Allied: Oh man lol, going to be some intense matches going on. So at MLG Orlando you lost to Ally in winners and Esam in losers; any plans this time around on what to do in the matchup to win?
BigLou: I always thought that I did pretty good against Snake, so really I lost more to the player then the character, but I still need to be careful when landing in Snake's close zone and only do so when I can land a jab. Against Pikachu I need to approach more carefully and mix up my options when I land near him. And to use more fireballs to stop his jolts (if my fireballs clank with it). I will be more careful and only attack when I see an opening, and try to kill earlier of course =p.
Allied: Wow seems like a lot of theory craft went into those matchups for you xD Anyway, final question for the interview: what do you have to say to fellow tournament goers, mid-tier mains all around and newcomers on attending tournaments with the characters they enjoy?
BigLou: Well I would say it depends what kind of person they are. Generally, people that play mid-tiers do so because they enjoy their character. A small handful of them actually believe their character is top or high tier. In the end it doesn't really matter who you play or for whatever reason you play them; make sure you are having fun while doing so. If you aren't having fun then you are in the wrong place. If you enjoy your character, keep entering and keep practicing them. You should avoid getting discouraged by bad matchups and try to find openings to your problems. It's a lot of fun and satisfying to accomplish.
Allied: Alright thanks again BigLou I’ll cya at MLG! :3, and good luck man!
BigLou: np allied <3
There you go: BigLou has a crush on me and hopefully should be returning strong for MLG Columbus! Cya there and make sure to follow my twitter all weekend for hot tweets and upsets, player stories and what's going down.
MLG: Columbus is coming up this week! To kick off MLG week, we sat down with DEHF, the nation's top Falco, and got some of his thoughts regarding the upcoming national event.

Rich: The first question is a simple one: Why Falco?

DEHF: He was my Melee character to start with, plus I tried other characters and Falco just seemed to click with me.

Rich: You’re widely considered one of the top 10 players in the nation. This also puts a target on your back and gives everyone extra incentive to beat you. How do you handle the pressure of being such a high level player?

DEHF: You get used to it. Eventually, the pressure becomes a driving factor into what makes you play better.

Rich: How do you feel about your performance at MLG: Orlando?

DEHF: I feel I could've placed higher; hopefully I do so in Columbus.

Rich: Tell me a little about your Orlando experience. What stood out in your mind from the trip?

DEHF: I think that was one of the most fun trips I had going to a tournament.

Rich: What made the tournament fun for you?

DEHF: Hanging out with smashers like Dekar, Arturito Burrito, HRNut, GDX, and everyone else staying there.

Rich: What’s your mindset going into MLG: Columbus? What goals do you have in mind?

DEHF: My mindset is to play like it were any other tournament. My only goal for the tournament is to win.

Rich: For a lot of players, this will be their first MLG event. What advice do you have for the first time players?

DEHF: Don't take it too seriously; going to an MLG for the first time can be very overwhelming and can make you nervous. As long as you remember that it's just like any other tournament you should be fine.

Rich: Is there anyone in particular you’re looking forward to playing?
DEHF: I'd like to play Ally again, I really enjoy playing against him.

Rich: What do you think the top 8 will look like? Do you feel any upsets happening, much like how Chaz, Esam, and Biglou came out of nowhere to take very high placings?

DEHF: I think that an Olimar player named Rich Brown and Shugo will do well.
Rich: Last question: Falco’s jab is stupid.

DEHF: That's not a question.

Rich: I know, it's a FACT. Hehe. Thanks for your time DEHF, and good luck at Columbus!
DEHF: No problem, see you at Columbus!

Get the latest MLG updates on AllieD's twitter. AllieD will be constantly giving bracket updates throughout MLG weekend!

As I’m sure you’re aware MLG is hosting its second Brawl tournament of the season next weekend in Columbus, Ohio. The last Brawl tournament held by MLG in Orlando in April was really hyped, and was in fact one the best tournaments (in terms of how it was run, and how fun it was) that I have ever attended. There were many upsets, in what many call the most stacked bracket that Brawl has had the pleasure of seeing. Here are the results of the top 16 players at MLG Orlando:

1: Mew2King

2: Ally
3: Tyrant
5: DSF
8: Big Lou
9: Atomsk92
10: mikeHAZE
11: NickRiddle
12: Fatal
13: LeeMartin
14: CO18
15: HRnut
16: Chaz

MLG features a guaranteed pot for their tournaments, the payout for singles at Columbus will be as follows:
1st = $2,500
2nd = $1,500
3rd = $1,000
4th = $700
5th = $500
6th = $350
7th = $250
8th = $200

Doubles will have 100% of the pot payed out to the player, with a 55%-30%-10%-5% pot split between the top four teams.
The tournament is taking place June 4th-6th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.
As of now, over 200 people have registered online. It is not too late for you to purchase your pass!

Registration closes May 31st at 11:59 EST.

Singles entry will cost you $35, but it is well worth the price since no tournament can ever really replicate the experience you will have at MLG. Along with your entry pass, the $35 gets you an array of free swag ranging from Bic Razors, MLG sports bags, unlimited Dr. Pepper, Hot Pockets, and even hand massages from a certified (more importantly, pretty) masseuse. If you don’t want to enter the tournament and would just like to spectate, the cost is $25 per spectator

MLG will also be hosting a doubles tournament, which takes place on Sunday for the small price of $10 per team member. Registration will take in person, inside of the venue sometime on Saturday. I will also add that priority for doubles bracket goes first to players whom entered the singles bracket, so you may be out of luck if you plan to spectate and only enter doubles.

Hotel housing is taking place at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Columbus. I have heard rumors of the hotel not having vacancy however, so along with the Crowne Plaza I’ll post an alternate well priced hotel that is also near the venue:
Crowne Plaza Hotel Columbus - Downtown.
33 East Nationwide Boulevard, Columbus
Hotel Rate: $119
Reservation Deadline: May 31, 2010

To make a reservation, please call (614)461-4100 and ask for in-house reservations. The discount code is "MLG" and they will honor that rate until they have run out of rooms.

German Village Inn Columbus

920 South High Street
Columbus, OH US

Rates start at $70 for singles, or $82 for up to four people. (sneak people in, I didn’t tell you this)
I called the hotel earlier this week, and they said the do have AV outlets on all of their tv’s, so you’ll be able to bring
To make a reservation, call toll free (866)656-7127. Press 1, and tell the operator you would like to book a room for the German Village Inn in Columbus, Ohio.

The schedule has Brawl singles for Friday and Saturday, with only doubles being done on Sunday.

Official Schedule

To purchase a pass, head down to the MLG Store and add the pass to your cart. Once you purchase this, you should receive an email with more instructions on how to complete the registration process.


Finally, click the following link to check out the complete rule set:
Official Brawl Rule Set for Columbus

I hope to see everybody there. I’m staying at the German Village Inn on Thursday, and the Hyatt Regency for the other nights (which was the first MLG hotel being offered but got completely book relatively fast) Hopefully I’ll run into all of you!


Brawl passes go on sale today, Wednesday the 17th, at 7:00 PM Eastern time. MLG passes sell out very quickly and with a start cap of 128, so be sure to be at your computer on the hour with your credit card ready if you want to attend.

In addition, we have some info for you.

Metaknight will not be banned in Orlando and Doubles will happen with door registration being taken after singles finish (they run Friday/Saturday, so finish Saturday night) with 100% pot payouts and singles placements used for seeding.

A performance enhancer; a drug that can separate the talented from the very best.  A sad truth, illegal performance enhancers are used in every single mainstream sport aside from NASCAR, and chances are your favorite athlete might be taking them; they just haven’t been caught yet.  An even more upsetting truth?  It’s just “the norm” in pro sports, in that since everyone does it, it isn’t a big deal.  Sure, congress blows up every now and then and calls a meeting about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that testing for things such as steroids aren’t as effective as they could be.  There are tons of other substances that mask a positive testing for performance enhancers, but for some reason there’s no testing system in place  for those particular substances.  

Continue reading Drug Abuse In Sports: The Future Of Pro Gaming?