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The 2010 Winter Ladders have come to an end, and we're currently about to start the playoffs! We would like to congratulate our champion of the singles ladder, Ally; and the champions of the doubles ladder, Tearbear and Choconaner of "One of us is gay and the other is Tearbear"! That was nicely done! Okay, I know that all of you that made it this far should've already earned your badges (which is determined by rank, by the way), but I would like to re-cap on those badges that are distributed.

  • 1st Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Champion
  • 2nd to 4th Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Top 4
  • 5th to 8th Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Top 8
  • 9th to 16th Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Top 16
  • 17th to 32nd Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Top 32
  • 33rd to 64th Place → 2010 Winter Ladder Top 64


  • 1st Place → 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Champion
  • 2nd to 4th Place → 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Top 4
  • 5th to 8th Place → 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Top 8
  • 9th to 16th Place → 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Top 16
  • 17th to 32nd Place → 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Top 32

Mostly applying to the singles ladder, for all those who finished in the top 8 will be given invitations to the AllisBrawl Pro Lounge, and the top 3 will have beach balls made with their name on it. Lastly, the top 4 players and top 2 teams will receive first round byes as they participate in the playoffs. Anyway we had 3,025 players on the singles ladder; and 559 teams (1,118 players) on the doubles ladder! That must have been a heavy competition, hasn't it?

Let's check out the statistics for both ladders!

Winter Ladder Statistics

  • Total Participants → 3,025 players
  • Best Streak Among the Top 60 → 78 wins
  • Most Wins in Top 60 → Cheese (458 wins), Raffi-X (375 wins), Illmatic. (256 wins), SS13 (225 wins), Atomsk (219 wins)
  • Most Losses in Top 60 → Cheese (127 losses), Raffi-X (116 losses), Illmatic. (105 losses), Renegade TX2000 (84 losses), Player-1 (79 losses)
  • Most Matches Played → Cheese (585 matches), Raffi-X (491 matches), Illmatic. (361 matches) llodownedu (264 matches), Atomsk / SS13 (254 matches)
  • Least Matches Played → Orion (18 matches), junebugx (20 matches), Master-R (23 matches), FOW (28 matches), Zen / Anther (29 matches)
  • Highest Low Tier Placings → flameleon (27th with Mario), Master-R (34th with Link)
  • Highest Mid Tier Placings → MJG (7th with Toon Link), llodownedu (9th with Peach)


  • Total Participants → 559 teams (1,118 players)
  • Best Streak Among the Top 32 → 54 wins
  • Most Wins in Top 32 → ~T3h ChuK33b33z~ (108 wins), ♥Sexy & Smexy♥ (72 wins), 大神! (68 wins), AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEE, DIS TEAM IZ ON DA WEEKLY LADDER UPDATE 8 icon_biggrin ! (63 wins), DA POPPIN'S, MIKEGAY4 MAD CAUSE HE HAS NO SKILLZ (57 wins)
  • Most Losses in Top 32 → ~T3h ChuK33b33z~ (71 losses), Too Lazy (40 losses), Sexy Beasts! (32 losses), we green u host strike bf ps1 (31 losses), ♥Sexy & Smexy♥ (29 losses)
  • Most Matches Played → ~T3h ChuK33b33z~ (179 matches), ♥Sexy & Smexy♥ (101 matches), 大神! (90 matches), AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEE, DIS TEAM IZ ON DA WEEKLY LADDER UPDATE 8 icon_biggrin ! (88 matches), Sexy Beasts! (84 matches)
  • Least Matches Played → BTA (8 matches), Shinin' Down The Block / Da Cerberuz (9 matches), WE DA BESS MAYNE!!! (10 matches), Unholy Allies / ~Team Dreamland!~ (14 matches), OLD man with a body guard (19 matches) 

Winter Ladder Final Rankings

We send our huge congratulations to Ally, who earns the 2010 Winter Ladder Champion badge, which brings his earnings to a total of 4 singles ladder champion badges! We also send our huge congratulations to the team "One of us is gay and the other is Tearbear", in which they earn the 2010 Winter Doubles Ladder Champion badges! Here are the final standings of this season's ladders.


  1. Ally (40 - 3): Snake
  2. Atomsk (219 - 35): King Dedede
  3. HolyNightmare (123 - 24): R.O.B.
  4. dabuz (82 - 14): Olimar
  5. Raffi-X (375 - 116): R.O.B.
  6. SS13 (225 - 29): Falco
  7. MJG (107 - 41): Toon Link
  8. addy (172 - 39): King Dedede
  9. llodownedu (208 - 56): Peach
  10. xxpatgxx (64 - 3): Zero Suit Samus
  11. Hyro (38 - 13): Toon Link
  12. Amethia (205 - 25): Zero Suit Samus
  13. Player-1 (165 - 79): Diddy Kong
  14. ADHD (57 - 7): Diddy Kong
  15. Mango254 (106 - 57): Falco
  16. Chimpakt (94 - 19): Diddy Kong
  17. mikeray4 (104 - 35): Snake
  18. Samus_Aran (41 - 20): Zero Suit Samus
  19. NAKAT (60 - 4): Fox / Meta Knight / Luigi
  20. Flame (48 - 21): Snake / Wolf
  21. Tearbear (38 - 4): Random?
  22. Kain (105 - 74): Wolf
  23. Negga (72 - 4): Diddy Kong
  24. Gamemastersuperstar (45 - 8): Olimar
  25. Zen (28 - 1): Falco
  26. MegaPlox (42 - 23): Fox
  27. flameleon (114 - 30): Mario
  28. Waft-OLi (49 - 12): Wario
  29. LiKanG (44 - 11): Snake / Falco
  30. Koolaid (48 - 9): Meta Knight
  31. FOW (25 - 3): Meta Knight / Ness
  32. Pikabunz (61 - 33): Pikachu
  33. Anther (26 - 3): Pikachu
  34. Master-R (21 - 2): Link
  35. Toronto Joe (69 - 45): Meta Knight
  36. Rakan (74 - 11): Meta Knight
  37. san (28 - 10): Ike
  38. Sake (78 - 18) Snake
  39. Orion (16 - 2): Meta Knight / Falco
  40. John12346 (94 - 56): Lucario
  41. Pentasalia (85 - 40): Mr. Game and Watch
  42. DOOM PUERTO RICO (33 - 14): Snake
  43. junebugx (17 - 3): Lucario
  44. Vato_break (80 - 30): Mario / Meta Knight
  45. L_Cancel (41 - 13): Olimar
  46. Dking (34 - 2): King Dedede
  47. Trevonte (56 - 32): Snake
  48. Krystedez (51 - 25): Wario
  49. -Coco- (77 - 50): Olimar
  50. YoshQ (60 - 26): Luigi
  51. Illmatic. (256 - 105): Peach
  52. Rayquaza07 (21 - 4): Snake
  53. Sparta Kick (65 - 35): Snake
  54. Dr. Grandpa (49 - 65): Donkey Kong
  55. blackanese (29 - 11): Meta Knight / Mr. Game and Watch
  56. Renegade TX2000 (100 - 84): Ike / Snake / Marth
  57. Cheese (458 - 127): Ice Climbers / Meta Knight / King Dedede
  58. Takeover1806 (81 - 59): Snake
  59. chucknasty (76 - 23): Meta Knight
  60. Waymas (33 - 2): Wario
  61. KiraFlax (157 - 82): R.O.B. / Pit
  62. Jumpman__ (90 - 21): Wolf
  63. ScAtt7 (30 - 10): Snake / Luigi
  64. raidos (187 - 55): Ice Climbers

  1. One of us is gay and the other is Tearbear [Tearbear / Choconaner] (54 - 0): Meta Knight / Diddy Kong
  2. Wifi sucks balls [Waft-OLi / Debom] (29 - 2): Wario
  3. AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEE, DIS TEAM IZ ON DA WEEKLY LADDER UPDATE 8 icon_biggrin ! [SS13 / Raffi-X] (63 - 25): Meta Knight / R.O.B.
  4. Midwest's Best [Flame / Kain] (25 - 6): Snake / Wolf
  5. Renegade TX2000's team [Renegade TX2000 / Master Raven] (24 - 6): Meta Knight
  6. ~T3h ChuK33b33z~ [ChibiIceClimberz / HyperKeeby] (108 - 71): Kirby
  7. !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! !~_~! [Azure-Kenny / -Malcolm Duck-] (19 - 2): Falco? / Meta Knight
  8. DA POPPIN'S, MIKEGAY4 MAD CAUSE HE HAS NO SKILLZ [mikeray4 / Bizkit] (57 - 20): Snake
  9. OhMyLLOD!! [Smash God / llodownedu] (16 - 6): Meta Knight / Peach
  10. WE DA BESS MAYNE!!! [MeroKnight / Chimpakt] (9 - 1): Meta Knight / Diddy Kong
  11. chained bondage shoryuken [YoshQ / MJG] (14 - 6): Luigi? / Toon Link?
  12. OLD man with a body guard [Dr. Grandpa / san] (15 - 4): Donkey Kong / Ike
  13. 大神! [Amaterasu Okami / TearxXWolf] (68 - 22): Snake / Zero Suit Samus / Meta Knight
  14. Da Cerberuz [junebugx / Key - The Dragon of the South] (9 - 0): Lucario / Olimar / Meta Knight
  15. we green u host strike bf ps1 [Jmo292 / Yummy 275] (44 - 31): Kirby / Wario?
  16. 8-bit Porn [FK1 / chucknasty] (28 - 10): Mr. Game and Watch / Zero Suit Samus
  17. Unholy Allies [HolyNightmare / Ally] (11 - 3): R.O.B. / Snake
  18. BTA [Acedude / Mango254] (7 - 1): Captain Falcon / Random?
  19. One of us is gay, and the other is kramcakess. [kramcakess / Boba Tapioca] (16 - 5): Captain Falcon / Meta Knight
  20. [=gringo=] [jesus owns / chris owns] (51 - 17): Mr. Game and Watch / Snake?
  21. ~Team Dreamland!~ [PHaZeHyuga / Adrostos] (12 - 2): Kirby / Meta Knight
  22. Green Team < /3 [BF / Sake] (31 - 17): Ness / Snake
  23. ♥Sexy & Smexy♥ [Amethia / jarvitz] (72 - 29): Zero Suit Samus
  24. The Hart of a Pimp [The Princess of Doubles / Lionhart] (28 - 8): Falco? / Meta Knight
  25. Shinin' Down The Block [MegaPlox / NAKAT] (8 - 1): Snake / Meta Knight
  26. IMBALANCE [LiKanG / xNSANEx] (17 - 3): Snake / Marth
  27. Too Lazy [CaptainSnorlax / Legit] (29 - 40): Snake / Zero Suit Samus? / Meta Knight?
  28. Todays forecast: Pikmin&Tornadoes [-Coco- / Ace_Chase] (18 - 10): Olimar / Meta Knight
  29. Sexy Beasts! [AfroTwist BlueberryPie / Gardex] (52 - 32): Link / Mr. Game and Watch
  30. snaaaaaaaaaaake [dsBUH / CtL] (20 - 14): Diddy Kong / Toon Link
  31. Somo [ccst / xzx] (19 - 11): R.O.B. / Wario
  32. Banana Puffs [Arban / BlazerKirby] (40 - 21): Diddy Kong / Kirby
*Side-note: Since this is my first newspost, I would like to say that it was a little challenging for me to determine what characters everyone used most of the time on the doubles ladder, which explains the question marks I left. But the least to say, I hope I got more or less correct. ^-^;

Closure / Playoffs Info

These players and teams listed above have made it to the playoffs, and will be competing for over $375 in prize money. Most of the playoffs information and the singles/doubles brackets have been posted in The740's recent newspost, so you will have to refer to that. Also, just to put in a few similar reminders, it is mandatory for all participants to be on time for their matches and to send PMs of their results to their respective hosts (The740 for singles; Enrish for Doubles)! If for some reason some of you cannot make it to the scheduled times, then you should send a PM to your host and your opponent about your situation. To conclude this, we congratulate every participant once more for making it this far! We wish you all the best of luck! Have fun~! :3
What is your approach?

It seems as if many of the people I talk to lack certain perspectives when it comes to learning something - that is, they haven't quite learned how to learn.  When trying to get good at videogames, I see a lot of people do the same exact thing over and over again without any improvement (DERP), and wonder what's going wrong.  I see it a lot when it comes to stuff besides videogames, but that's outside the scope of this website.

You can get quite far on just practicing and being gung-ho, but if that isn't doing it for you, break it down and actually THINK.  I don't mean "what am I doing wrong?"  You should already be thinking that, as well as "What am I doing right?"  You need to think about every aspect of everything, really learn what you're trying to accomplish.  When you're playing a videogame in competition, it's the same as playing football in the NFL, Curling at the Olympics, or playing Chess - know the freaking game.  Know what your limitations are, know what the rules are, and learn every thing you can before you think you can win.

However, some of you make this sort of effort and are still having trouble.  You put in time and effort, but no results.  What's going wrong?  Break it down.  There are many aspects to each game - you'll learn faster from the start if you know what to learn, and you'll improve faster if you know what to improve on.  Those of you that have prior experience are at an advantage.

Does knowing how to play other games really make a difference?
Yes.  Your skills will transfer over.  This is why TheMasterer in PurePwnage says "You must pwn at all games."  Being great at Halo won't help you play Brawl as much as being great at Melee would, but at least you'll know what to look for.  And if you ever play another FPS, you already know what to look for.  When it comes to FPS, once you learn the properties of the weapons and the maps, the skill of getting a headshot is transferable.  You can't transfer that over to Melee, but maybe your reaction time will have improved - that's a plus.  Maybe you're experienced with mindgames/yomi at this point - they know you have a positional advantage if you do this, so they expect it and counter, so you move somewhere else to counter that counter - that transfers to other games.  Maybe you played Starcraft?  Different controller for sure, but your intense button micro should help you to pick up Melee faster.  You can focus on the ins and outs of the game play without worrying too much about your technical skill holding you back since you'll pick it up quickly. 

I want you to try thinking in terms of individual skill sets that you can practice, so that you'll realize what activities will help you to practice which skills, and what practice will do more or less for you in the long run - you'll be more efficient that way.

It is at this point that I want to tell you all that this article has been rewritten.  As a whole, it was too long to be put on the front page because few people like to stare at a wall of text.  For those of you that want to read the original version, you can go here:

Now, since my 2 examples of ways to approach learning a new game have been cut out (they will be posted at a later date on the front page, so don't worry), I feel that I need to give you something more substantial than "Don't be stupid, learn the game, suck less." 

I wonder, what is the first thing you do when you pick up a new game that you intend to be really good at (like, top 10 tournament placing good)?  Have you ever thought about it yourself?  Do you just pick up the game and start playing?  Do you go into training mode?

There's no right answer, but the best answer definitely depends on your prior experience.  I do think you'll get more out of just starting the game up and playing it, but how long you're just messing around playing arcade mode or vs comps or whatever the hell you want to do is what matters.  Once you've learned the basic barebones mechanics from playing the game, whether it be learning that you can airdodge in smash or learning what a burst is in BB, you need to at least look into the specifics.  I don't mean reading framerate data for a few hours once you learn what the buttons do - I mean making an effort to learn that first character you decided you're going to start with, and at this point it doesn't even matter who that is or if you're going to change your mind in 30 minutes.

I'll just pretend we're picking up Brawl for the first time here, and that we've never played before (hard to imagine since I've been playing Smash since SSB64 came out).  Let's go right into versus mode because we're assuming you want to get as good at the competitive aspects as possible, as fast as possible.  You pick a character... let's say Link (because he's Link, and he's cool).  You turn on a comp, set it to lvl 3 because that's the default.  Turn off items because you know its convention, pick battlefield.

So if you're like most young kids when you start, you're just holding the analog stick towards the comp and pressing buttons because you want to win your first game.  If you're trying to learn what you're doing, you're pressing the buttons to see what they do ("how do I jump?  How do I attack?  How do I shot web?  O lookie, I can roll!").  You're probably getting hit by the comp every few moments, but you're probably hitting the comp back as you figure out what attacks you have.  Maybe you notice you have F-tilt, your smashes, grab, and some of the B moves, but odds are you don't realize what's making certain things happen right away.  You might just barely realize what tilts are by the end of the first match, and you've probably SDed at least once because you don't fully know how fallspeed and recovery work.  You play again and start paying closer attention to what your character does and how the moves work.  Now you start actually trying to kill the computer.  You win a match, switch characters.

You pick Wario.  The game starts and "Whoa, I move fast!"  Yeah, compared to Link, you're moving pretty damn fast in the air.  Then you notice that the comp Marth you're playing against keeps hitting you through your moves, and maybe you get frustrated.  You know it's because he has a sword and you don't, but you don't know what his moves are like that well to be able to punish them, or what your own are to know what your best options are, so you start messing around again.  Your tools are totally different, you move faster and are harder to control, Marth has his sword which is "cheap" compared to your bare hands (assuming you'd be quite scrubby if you've never played a fighting game before), and you have no projectiles.  Wario sucks, let's pick someone else.

You go through the character roster looking for someone you like, and once you find that character, you just start playing.  You want to be the best like no one ever was, but you're off to a slow start.  That character you picked is working well for you, but you don't even know why.  You just know that he/she is good, so you're trying to get good with him/her.

Let's say you start the game up having played some Guilty Gear and entered a few local tourneys.  You don't know what Brawl is like, but you were competitive at another fighting game, so you have an advantage.  No idea who you want to main, but you played Millia (just using her for a specific example since I actually know how she works), so you're looking for similar tools since that'll be familiar.

You pick Link at first, and you set up vs a lvl 3 comp because that's the default setting.  You start up and hit each button once to see what they do, realize you've only done like 4 different moves (jab, neutral B, jump, and grab, besides blocking).  Wow, there's a separate block button.  WOW, I don't have hp???  Wtf, there's only one gatling (his jab combo) and they can escape it?  No moves link together?  Wtf is this?  How do I kill the guy?
You you mess around until you learn the fundamentals of the game.  You realize you win by ring out - not by damage.  You realize that you have a dodge mechanic, and you realize that it's not the standard 2D fighter you're used to (instead of front/back movement, it's full on left/right).

So at the back of your mind, you think "I wonder if there's any move that I could use to kill at lower damage", and with good reason.  You start trying to gimp the computer instead of working on your spacing game.  You win because it's a stupid comp.

Now, you go into training mode.  With a few minutes, you realize how tilts work, and you figure out your other B moves.  "Ok, I have a projectile, and... oh lookie, Bombs!"  You have a move that's a separate hitbox that you can throw upwards into the air and have it come back down as you're doing something else.  "Oh dude, a boomerang?"
At this point, you realize you have something similar to Millia - her 236H move was an attack with delayed startup that you could activate and then have pressure while you did something else.  You keep going and see how grabs don't have instant startup, and overall learn all your moves.  You don't like Link because he's way too damn slow compared to Millia.

You switch to Wario to see if he's any faster (because you'd like a character that actually has endurance compared to Millia, lol).  You jump around, see that he's freaking fast in the air (Millia is a rushdown character with 2 airdashes), so you decide to actually learn this character first.  You go through and learn all of his moves.  "Whoa, he has a motorcycle, that's pretty cool."  You realize you can throw it into the air and it'll come back down and bounce multiple times, while staying an active hitbox.  You figure this guy is perfect to start with because he fits the bill.  He has an active hitbox which is separate from yourself (similar tools), he's fast in the air (like Millia), and he's heavy (cool bonus).  You also notice his bite, which is a grab, and that it can be held out for a while.

You play another match with a computer, crank the difficulty up to 5 because 3 wasn't an issue, even though you didn't really know what you were doing.  Now, things are quite different even though you have similar tools - you're not just trying to cause knockdown so you can set the bike up for pressure because no such method to do so exists for this character, and even if it did, you realize this game has teching in it.  You're resourceful, so you get the comp off the stage, pull a bike, and throw it off.  Success!  The comp is too stupid to recover correctly, wastes its jumps trying to get past the bike, and dies.  Repeat X2.  Wow.

One more game, crank it up to 9 because this feels too easy.  Now you're having a hard time getting the comp off the stage, and it's smarter, so it's not just getting gimped every time you do so.  It seems to have perfect blocking and dodging, and it always punishes you.  Maybe you shouldn't have cranked it so far so quickly, but you keep going, landing hits once in a while.  At this point you've noticed that the comp isn't comboing you very much either - I guess that's just the way this game is?  Instead of going for a safe poke and then getting the highest reward possible out of it, you have to build damage with whatever works, and then make an effort to send them past the blast line.  However, you do notice that some moves do link together just barely, no matter how fast you try to airdodge away, so maybe some 2 hit combos are possible.  The comp lives till like 200% because you're not used to it.  You lose, but you took off a stock.

As you're playing this time, you notice that moves are doing less damage and knockback as you do them over and over (you're Dair spamming since it seems to work well vs the comp - they perfect block the first hit, but get hit by the rest, or if they keep their shield up, you Bite them), so you come to realize that's how the game works.  Now you're looking closer at the moves, trying to see exactly what properties each one has.  Maybe some have the ability to link into something else, maybe some do low damage but are kills, maybe some do high damage but suck for killing - you don't know yet, but you're working on it.

At this point, let's stop and break it down.  With this prior experience, you're getting further, but for what reason exactly?
First off, you know that a crucial tactic is to find the safest way to deal as much damage as possible, or maybe in this case, the safest way to kill without doing much damage (why do damage when you don't have to?).  You haven't found any combos, but you know they could exist.  You've noticed that stronger moves tend to be a bit slower overall, but if you can combo into them, even if it's just that 2nd hit, it's rewarding - once they're ready to die, why risk that Dsmash by itself when you can Fair into Fsmash?

You know you punish shields with a grab, and you know you get around grabs with a dodge, but having played Wario, you know a more effective move - you use the bite instead of a grab, it punishes dodges too.  You know you can throw the bike for that long lasting hitbox, and if they block, you can try to grab to punish anyway - though it is risky to pull the bike out.

The biggest difference here is that you had a feeling of where to start and where you were going next.  You still have a lot to learn, but your foundation is solid from the first time you started playing.

Anyway, I have a feeling this is longer than it originally was, so I have to cut it off here.  There are certain aspects to quick improvement that expand beyond seeing the basics faster and learning the game - if you know what okizemi is at the start, you know to look for tools to utilize it, and if you're playing a game that actually supports it (like transitioning from Guilty Gear to BlazBlue), the improvement is astronomically faster - you don't have to work at spacing right from the start to land hits if you know how to keep oki in your favor from your first knockdown.  Think rock paper scissors, only guessing right gets you another combo, guessing wrong means you have to back off and approach again, and both of you guessing wrong could go either way (you see it faster and keep the advantage or your opponent sees it and takes it from you).

Think of it this way - if you don't know what moves you have to space around with, but you know how to knock the guy down repeatedly and continuously do damage, you're still winning.  Once you learn to space, and that's your main focus at this point, you now know how to get that first knockdown.  The whole match isn't dependent on you getting a single knockdown so that you have a chance to win - now it's an even match, but if you get a knockdown, you have a serious advantage.  Make sense?

If you play Brawl (or any game) and are wondering why you're not getting better, I encourage you to take a second look at how you're approaching the game.  The rabbit-hole goes much deeper than this... you'll get more info out of me in the coming weeks.

And if you want something to read while you wait, look up Sirlin's "Playing to Win".

It’s that time again for another fantastic article of Tricks, Glitches & Combos! I hope everyone is enjoying the burst of articles getting pumped out by the amazing content team! Were better than ever and so is this weeks article! This week we’re all about the Black Hole glitch and I don’t mean the one in melee! We also have some QuACing to finish the day! Enjoy :)

Every game has its Tricks, Glitches and Combos and Brawl is full of the shtuff! Upon its release nothing was known about the game and the secrets it held, but now they’re used by the bundle in every match and every set played! Some are used very seriously and some are used merely for fun. That’s why we’re here to show you what’s up even if it’s just for laughs! Let’s spice up your day with some SMASH! =D

Continue reading Tricks, Glitches & Combos! VI