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For all you all coming into Vegas for Evo we will be throwing a little Poolside AiB get together. Everyone is welcome to come, hang out, mingle with your fellow gamers and AiB staff (Neal, AZ, and I will all be there). We will be meeting at 12 noon Thursday July 16th in the lobby of the Hard Rock Casino. You will see some dudes in AiB shirts :P. If you are interested in coming but will be coming in after noon shoot me a pm so I can get you my cell and u can give me a call when u get in.

The Hard Rock Pool is incredibly sick and far and away one of the best pools on the strip. Here is a little blurb about it.

"The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Beach Club truly is an oasis in the desert, selected by the Travel Channel as one of the top 10 pools in the world. The pool’s Caribbean-blue water meanders almost a mile while lapping up to real sand beaches. Sprinkle in sunbathing beauties, a dash of swim up blackjack, and garnish with a water slide through generously landscaped rocks and palms. It’s the recipe for a perfect Hard Rock day!"

Which brings us to the greatness that will be Evo. Brackets should be up tomorrow. We will also be bringing you near live bracket updates, sending the occasional pro to a tournament chat room to take questions with those of you at home, hopefully working in some videos, and more cool things. More details to come, but make sure you set your browsers to AiB for yet another weekend of hot tournament coverage with the best players out there in attendance. We are talking Mew2King, Ally, SK92, Lain, Judge, and much more! Can Mew2King avenge his Genesis loss to Ally is just one big back-story coming in??? Tune in Friday and Saturday to find out.