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GhaudePhaede010: Does this man need an introduction? Most likely not. Would any intro do this amazing player justice? Probably not. Am I going to try anyway? Definitely! I am joined today by Super Smash Bros. Brawl best player. The standard, the epitaph, the zenith, the man, the legend, the wonderkin, the benchmark for all of us. If you are not him, you basically dream of beating him every day, every time you fire up this game. He is a multi-time national tournament winner, he has earned more than anyone else playing the game, he has won on multiple continents, been at the top of Melee, is the Ghaude of Brawl. The man's name is synonymous with Metaknight. A man of as much controversy as contribution and earnings. I have on thee other side of this interview, the one and only MEW2KING. HOLY **** MEW2KING!!!! Mew2King, congratulations on winning Genesis 2 singles and doubles. You freaking raped everyone and everything and thank you so much for keeping your word and doing this interview.
Mew2King: Thanks =D Glad to do it.
GhaudePhaede010: I am going to go straight at the biggest and most talked about subject of Genesis 2 right off top. It seems it would not be a National event without Mew2King having some sort of controversy. At Genesis 2, most of the talk was about if you were deserving of a, "red card" over the fact that you sandbagged a match against Sade in pool play. Now in my opinion, pool play is like the, "regular season" to brackets being the, "playoffs" in competitive gaming. Meaning, once you have secured your spot, you can play how you want to because you have earned the right to relax and enjoy some of the tournament. You are not entitled to play hard so the next player can get through. That job is on each player individually. The backlash was severe though and I wonder how you felt knowing about this and do you regret any of your actions regarding this situation?
Mew2King: I don't see the big deal honestly. It's not like I had any malicious intent. I was guaranteed 1st seed at that point no matter what happened. At Clash of Titans 5 Ally went Wolf in pools and got 2nd seed because of it but no one made a big deal of it. I already apologized to Kirinblaze for that anyway.
GhaudePhaede010: Since we are on the topic, I know the MLG crap is now a figment of the past and I am not going to try to pry my way into thee inner workings of that situation. What I want to know is in retrospect, is there anything you would have changed about yourself in that situation?
Mew2King: Lets not talk about this as it brings bad memories. That was my year's goal and I really needed the money and both got ruined.
GhaudePhaede010: Like I said, I am not here to pry anything so we can move on. The Unity Ruleset is one that disappoints me to no end. I am very adamantly against it usage and see it as counterproductive and very elitist in its implementation. How do you feel about this ruleset and if you had the power, what would you adjust and why?
Mew2King: Honestly, I don't really care much either way. The ruleset does not affect me too much.
GhaudePhaede010: I constantly feel like you are personally upheld to a hypocritical double standard. Because of your persona, people feel like you are too, "robotic" and far too introverted. On thee other hand, if you do something that comes off as, "natural" and even, "normal" you end up being penalized for that as well. Do you feel the double standard and how do you handle those situations?
Mew2King: Anything I do gets hated on a lot. I might have my problems and be a weird kid but so what?
GhaudePhaede010: Everyone of us has problems and is just a taste weird. Like I said, I feel too many people uphold you to that double standard. It is easier to do that to you than say, step up themselves. Anyway, most people shudder in fear when they find out they will have to play you. I know you are pretty much at the top of the game but is there anyone that you truly feel pressure or nervousness when you know you will have to play them?
Mew2King: I don't go into most matches thinking I'll win. I go into them thinking I'll lose so that I don't **** around and I can try my best
GhaudePhaede010: But since you win all the time, I find myself cheering against you because I enjoy rooting for thee underdog and you are basically never thee underdog. Does it bother you that people like me never want you to win anything? Do you have anyone that you personally root against for whatever reason?
Mew2King: I don't like cheering against people. Oh hell yeah that gets annoying but you have to get used to it. I'm kinda used to it (even though it sucks =/ ).
GhaudePhaede010: I understand it sucking and I hope you understand, I do not root for the Yankees for the same reason. Every year the Yankees are involved and it is nice to see other teams, faces, and fans earn it over the top dog. This next question is as much for Melee as it is for Brawl. Is there any player that you have never beaten that you would like to have gotten one last shot at?
Mew2King: I guess a rematch with Armada? Maybe some day...
GhaudePhaede010: A rematch with Armada would be pretty ****ing amazing. You two should just do a high dollar money match because I think everyone would want to see it. I prefer doubles to singles as most people already know. One of the main reasons is that you can team with other great players and see them for a short period as an ally and not your cut throat nemesis. Everyone I interview wants to team with you because most people agree that you are the best doubles player out there. So my question is, who is the best doubles partner for you and what does it take to get you to partner with someone?
Mew2King: If people take me to tournaments or do me favors, I'll team with them. It's easiest to win with Anti or Ally in my experience but I do well with a lot of people.
GhaudePhaede010: As far as traveling goes, you have been to some amazing places including Australia, the one place I really want to go for gaming. Where have you been that you would never want to go back to? Where would do you like to revisit? And where would you like to go that you have never been?
Mew2King: I'd rather not answer negative things, but I really enjoy going to California. And NJ/NY is good too (and convenient for me). Oh yeah, and I wanna go to Japan.
GhaudePhaede010: Semi on this topic: You have seen a lot of cities, states, and even other countries. Where is your absolute favorite spot to eat?
Mew2King: Hmmm. I don't know... Chipotle and In N Out are really good, or any good chicken or asian food places are generally really good as well.
GhaudePhaede010: I am partial to Del Taco and Jack in the Box. Oh how I miss Jack in the Box. We are all men and mostly all of us love women. So I think we all want to know what kind of women does Mew2King want to b-air, d-smash, and JV 4-stock?
Mew2King: Asians! >_>... what the **** I'm not answering this specifically LOL.
GhaudePhaede010: Wow so many men love the Asian *****es. I guess Asian *****es dabess... Because you were basically always on the road, there was a period where I thought you did not have a home. When not on the road, what do you do to relax?
Mew2King: I really like sleeping. Traveling is also really fun, because it's always a new adventure. I enjoyed doing this because I want to live life to the fullest instead of wasting it, but I believe I'm going to start going to college again soon and settling down more from now on and as time goes on.
GhaudePhaede010: In all thee interviews I have done, nobody has ever said they really enjoy sleeping so that is a first. Since starting to play competitive Smash, do you have a rough estimate of how much money you made?
Mew2King: 50k at most. But I've had a lot of bad luck and it should have been a lot more. My total right now is about 10k, and a lot of it (vast majority by far) goes to helping my family. I'm not lying at all.
GhaudePhaede010: May I please borrow a hundred dollars?
Mew2King: No! <_< but I do lend out money to my friends a lot. Except, I found out a lot of them aren't even friends, but people who just took advantage of me and don't intend to pay me back. niceness is my weakness I think.
GhaudePhaede010: Aiight, so from now on my goal is not to be the best Smash player out there; rather, to become your friend. Aside from basically ruling the community and raping the competition, what keeps you coming back? Is it all about the money? The celebrity? The whores? Is it something else that I could never understand?
Mew2King: It used to be about proving myself to be the best. Now that I've reached that (Even though me and Ally are essentially equals depending on who's playing better that day) it's for money. It's also kinda fun. Sometimes it isn't fun at all, but Genesis 2 was extremely fun to me.
GhaudePhaede010: I think only you, dmbrandon, and Fatal are openly willing to admit that money is a strong motivation. It is like other players are ashamed to admit they want the money. I think we all want money though. Going into Genesis 2 you did not seem very confident you would place first. Why was that and do you think agreeing to do this interview had anything to do with you performing so well (I like to think of you wanting to do this as a turning point)?
Mew2King: I don't go into matches thinking I'll win as I said. I simply try my best to make sure I do. I don't underestimate my opponents or sandbag them. When I lose I was usually either outplayed or just playing bad, but if it's a big tourney I generally don't like to underestimate my opponents.
Mew2King: And no, agreeing to the interview had nothing to do with it XD
GhaudePhaede010: Man come on now... I know agreeing to this interview had a little something to do with your success. You know in the back of your mind you were thinking, "I cannot let GhaudePhaede010 down. Gotta win for that interview" right? Heading into a big national event like Genesis 2, do you feel any extra hype or is it more of a, "business as usual" approach for you these days?
Mew2King: It is a combination of both, really.
GhaudePhaede010: You never played Wifi and I have to wonder why... were you part of that elite group that would alienate online players when at in person tournaments?
Mew2King: No, I was not. But it's just too laggy that's it.
GhaudePhaede010: A player was robbed at gun point after Friday's conclusion. Besides thinking the community is full of **** for reacting the way they did (really community, a guy gets robbed and somehow it is HIS fault? Really? Think...), your sandbagging was somehow more important and news worthy than this. I did not see one blog on the front page and other than a twitter post, I was basically thee only person actively trying to pursue information. While blogs about you sandbagging were reaching huge numbers of replies (which I did voice my opinion on), there was very little about this bit of unfortunateness. Did you hear about this and how does it make you feel to know that you sandbagging was more important to the community than the safety of the players?
Mew2King: This Brawl community is incredibly immature I would like to say first off. All most of these kids do is gossip or start and/or spread rumors, whether they are true or just plain made up or simply something they want to believe or doing it for attention. That's the main reason I rarely bother with this website hardly anymore. Stealing money or threatening people is ****ing rude. As someone who is actually owed about 7000 dollars from various tournaments not paying out (Winterfest SNES Pound5 Activegamers and I forget the rest) and being robbed (in 2007 I housed a bunch of people and they stole over 1000 dollars from my room just before FC:Diamond, and many other occasions I have had of similar times being robbed but I'd rather not think about it but in my life it's several thousands easily) I know what it feels like to get robbed (not gunpoint but the robbed part definitely). However, that doesn't mean you should do bad things back to other people, and what most people do is they take the bottled up anger that they have, and because of their sadness they enjoy making others sad or doing greedy things. I even used to be like that at one point but I think the older I get the more clear this becomes. This may sound stupid but one of the reasons I don't really like doing bad things is because, if heaven does exist, you don't go there if you do a lot of bad things . Also, I generally feel a lot of guilt if I were to do bad things (lying, stealing, hurting people, are all things I greatly dislike). I know this isn't part of the question you asked but it's stuff that I wanted to say anyway.
GhaudePhaede010: Oh my Jeebus that was totally not an answer I was expecting. But for the most part, you are correct. In my short interviewing career, I have gotten to interview UltimateRazer, Fatal, dmbrandon, ADHD (on my daughters birthday. THANK YOU ADHD), and now you as big names go. You are about as big as they get so who would you like me to interview next and why?
Mew2King: I really do not know. Someone you really want to interview is probably better than anyone I could tell you to interview. Hmmm... maybe Ally, Anti or Tyrant though lol.
GhaudePhaede010: Mew2King, thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. I totally love you, appreciate you, and wish you so much luck and wealth and *****es in the future. Will you please buy me a boat? If you have any shout-outs or e-hate, please feel free to send it out now.
Mew2King: thanks =D. And no wtf LOL. I'll buy you a toy boat that squirts water though. And for shout-outs I don't like naming specific people so I won't but the VAST majority of the rumors about me are not true and that is the truth. Reason I don't really use this site much anymore is cuz caring about it is unnecessary stress that I'd rather have ignored or out of my life. For the few that are true I'll just fix them, but the immature smash community making a big deal of everything I do (and HAVEN'T done but they think is true) and hating so much is absolutely unnecessary.
GhaudePhaede010: I normally do not add anything to the beginning or end of interviews (with ADHD being thee only exception) but there are a few things I feel I have to say. First of all, I feel like king of the world getting to interview amazing and not so amazing players and legends simply because they are people and I want to know about them as much as anyone else does. Second, I want to give some special shout-outs because this interview right here has earned me the freelancer badge and when I started out, I was not sure I would stay around long enough to get this far so here goes:
GhaudePhaede010: I want to shout-out the following people in no specific order: numonezeldafan for being my first interview and helping me develop this style. Vermanubis for basically showing the world that an amazing interview is not solely based on name recognition. dmbrandon and Inui because even when I disagree with either of you, you are both men and you understand what it takes to be real and stay integral. Neither of you sell out and I respect both of you so much for always being yourself even when we do not see eye to eye. Plus, you both raped when I interviewed you. Patg and Kyleisreal because you both take care of me. Always reading, supporting and watching since near the beginning. I would definitely not be near where I am today without you two specifically as fans. Most of the people in free play for keeping my skills sharp since I do not have the time to play like I used to. My wonderful girlfriend for giving me so much to talk about, and helping me out by asking so many important questions. A lot of the stuff I ask, especially the funnier, more eccentric stuff comes from her. My baby's momma for being so drama free and supportive (and telling me to mention this next person). Miles, my editor for putting up wth, looking over, and posting my interviews despite length, or brutal editing processes. He is a gift to me and he does so very much to contribute to this website. I feel ashamed that my baby's mother had to point out that I needed to give you this shout-out, but she is 100% correct in not letting me submit this without giving you the praise, love, and respect due to you. Thank you. My brother for being my brother. Most people have family that will support them no matter what, but not me. My brother is not a nut rider and like dm and Inui, you have to earn his respect and once you have it, the doors open. He gave me absolutely nothing in terms of respect but now he reads as much as anyone. Lastly, everyone else I have interviewed. All of you hold a special place in my heart, even if it did not go well or I did not like thee interview. Every experience is a special one and it has led to me getting big name players, and much love and respect from the community. I will never turn my back on players on that level. I appreciate every one of you. Thank you all.
GhaudePhaede010: For Iyolah! For Eternity!
Hello AiB! I hope everyone has been doing alright, and I hope the ladder has been challenging and enjoyable. With the upcoming Spring Break and with us drawing closer and closer to the end of this season’s ladder, there is still time to join if you haven’t already, and maintaining your score so that it won’t stale too much from inactivity.  Or if you have a goal to get top ranked in singles/doubles/both, now is a good time to work on that.

Something I also want to bring up is the matter of the character mains listed for the people mentioned in these updates. I want all of you to understand that how this works is, your main gets listed by your ladder feedback and the character mains you have listed on your profile. The more specific you are with who you main, the easier it is for your mains to get listed here correctly. If your mains are not getting listed here correctly, then go to your profile and show what characters you have been using by installing the 'Super Smash Brothers Brawl'. Or send me and Trish a PM with the characters you wanted listed for the update, that way we can be as accurate as possible. Thank you.

In the spectator's corner, we finally have a ladder video for you, sent by Neitzel. It is a doubles ladder match, and I must say, this one has been a good fight! Enjoy!

Neitzel (Meta Knight) / Raffi-X (R.O.B.) vs. FOW (Meta Knight) / M to the Ekos (Lucas)

As usual, I want to remind everyone that if you have any replays of your best ladder matches and you’d like to share it and have it featured on here for the ladder updates, feel free to send them to me or Trish via PMs. Depending on how much we get, we will pick a max of 2 videos to post for both the singles and doubles in the next ladder update. Finally, here is our fifth ladder update for this season.

Side-note: These top rankings have been taken on 10:15 pm CST on Friday [03/11/11].
Disclaimer: Thanks to Diska for helping me get these rankings done much faster than I would have done, due to my recently busy time schedule.

Current Rankings


[01] | [01] : Salem (47 - 4) → Zero Suit Samus
[02] | [02] : ADHD (192 - 18) → Diddy Kong
[03] | [06] : Raffi-X (99 - 64) → R.O.B.
[04] | [05] : Atomsk (33 - 3) → King Dedede
[05] | [03] : lorD timeouT (68 - 17) → Peach
[06] | [08] : -DracoBlaze- (79 - 26) → Meta Knight / Snake / King Dedede
[07] | [04] : Flame (24 - 5) → Snake
[08] | [09] : Zebra (128 - 39) → Wario
[09] | [16] : MeroKnight (102 - 29) → Zero Suit Samus / Random?
[10] | [11] : Jules (146 - 46) → Meta Knight / Olimar
[11] | [07] : ANTi (46 - 14) → Diddy Kong / Snake / Marth / Random?
[12] | [24] : Mcpeepants (53 - 13) → Wolf
[13] | [10] : Waft (64 - 16) → Wario
[14] | [NR] : eeVeeT (36 - 4) → R.O.B. / Meta Knight
[15] | [27] : Alphicans (83 - 49) → Mr. Game & Watch
[16] | [12] : YoshQ (94 - 41) → Luigi / Meta Knight
[17] | [20] : SlayerZ (34 - 7) → Peach
[18] | [13] : FOW (10 - 0) → Meta Knight
[19] | [21] : burntsocks (78 - 23) → Pit / Snake / Yoshi / Meta Knight
[20] | [14] : Zero Heart (147 - 25) → Zero Suit Samus
[21] | [15] : Ramona Flowers (30 - 2) → Meta Knight / Snake / King Dedede
[22] | [19] : Koolaid (72 - 8) → Meta Knight / Snake
[23] | [32] : Anuar (70 - 13) → Olimar / Meta Knight / Snake
[24] | [29] : Phoenix vX (85 - 23) → Sonic
[25] | [NR] : L_Cancel (20 - 4) → Olimar
[26] | [NR]: Waymas (19 - 0) → Wario
[27] | [NR] : xxpatgxx (15 -2)  → Zero Suit Samus
[28] | [NR] : Vermanubis (29 - 12) → Ganondorf
[29] | [NR] : Super Saiyajin (44 - 6) → Meta Knight
[30] | [NR]: MintyFlesh (22 - 11) → Marth / Meta Knight
[31] | [NR] : So Fatal (20 - 2) → Snake
[32] | [25] : Aegis Angel Admiral Pit (84 - 29) → Pit


[01] | [01] : Flame's team [Flame / Loopmaster] (44 - 4) → Meta Knight
[02] | [02] : DLK [FOW / M to the Ekos] (29 - 4) → Ness / Lucas
[03] | [NR] : Bettar den u [Raffi-X / Neitzel] (12 - 0) → R.O.B. / Meta Knight
[04] | [15] : Just fartin in the dark [Chimpakt / Waft] (9 - 0) → Diddy Kong / Wario
[05] | [03] : we throw our controllers when we lose [Solid Soul / Jules] (16 - 1) → Snake / Meta Knight
[06] | [04] : Muramasa baby! [Amaterasu Okami / TearxXWolf] (20 - 2) → Snake / ?
[07] | [08] : Team Red [SuperMarioMC / SkOaRaAn] (21 - 9) → Mr. Game & Watch / Marth
[08] | [09] : Fiendnation [Bo X7 / 7F0] (24 - 14) → R.O.B. / Wario
[09] | [07] : Chinchilla Bros [megafox112 / DatWavyBoyDev] (19 - 7) → Fox / R.O.B.
[10] | [10] : Green Team Reborn [BF-Doogi / joe ST] (13 - 5) → Ness / Meta Knight
[11] | [11] : The Uno of Novaa [Uno_Gelp_Beast / SupaN0vaa] (11 - 3) → ? / ?
[12] | [12] : We both lost to Wolf [Atomsk / MJG] (3 - 0) → Random? / Toon Link?
[13] | [13] : The Ragnell Legends [-BlazeLeaf- / Shai] (8 - 2) → Ike
[14] | [14] : Desu Forever!~ o3o [-Randum- / SlayerZ] (4 - 1) → Lucas? / Peach
[15] | [16] : we r gud [Super Saiyajin / lorD timeouT] (3 - 0) → Meta Knight / Peach
[16] | [NR] : TEAM TIMOTEI [Zetty / Izumi-Chan] (4 - 1) → ? / ?



- Salem remains in the lead with his Zero Suit Samus. In fact, ZSS seems to be getting decent representation for this ladder. MeroKnight, Zero Heart, and xxpatgxx have also been a great job showing off our underrated, agile bounty hunter.
- FOW (10 – 0) and Waymas (19 – 0) have a winning streak with no losses. Will they be able to maintain that streak?
- We have eight people join us for this ladder update, and they weren’t on the last ladder update: eeVeeT, L_Cancel, Waymas, xxpatgxx, Vermanubis, Super Saiyajin, MintyFlesh, and So Fatal.
- Vermanubis makes it to the top rankings with Ganondorf. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Let the King of Evil relish in his moment of glory for a change. Good job, Verm!
- Zebra and Waft continue representing their Wario, respectively. Waymus joins in as well.
- Top Five Players with the Most Wins → ADHD (192), Zero Heart (147), Jules (146), Zebra (128), and MeroKnight (102).


- Flame’s Team leads the doubles rankings with double Meta Knight.
- Two teams have been added to this ladder update, and they weren’t in the last: Bettar den u and TEAM TIMOTEI
- Team ‘Just fartin in the dark’ went from being 15th place in the last update, to being 4th on this one. Nice job catching up, Chimpakt and Waft.
- The Ragnell Legends maintain their position with their double Ike team.
- Top Six Teams with the Most Wins → Flame’s Team (44), DLK (29), Fiendnation (24), Team Red (21), and Muramasa Baby! (20).

This season’s ladder ends on March 31st.. There’s still time to catch up on your score if you’re behind on decay, and to join the ladder if you haven’t already. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the ladder. Keep working hard, and have a great Spring Break everyone =)