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The Tourneyplay 5 livestream is up right now!

Top players from the West Coast are in attendance, including Tyrant, DEHF, DSF, and many other players, including top players from Vegas, Washington, and Nor Cal. M2K has also come over from the East Coast for his first So Cal tournament since September. Who will come out on top? Will there be any major upsets?

Watch the action live here:


TourneyPlay5, the biggest West Coast Smash event so far this year, is this Saturday. I took a moment to sit down with GameClucks, the host for this event, and ask him a few questions about what to expect this weekend.

Rich Brown
: What inspired you to become a TO (Tournament Organizer) for Brawl?

GameClucks: It started when I bought GameClucks back in Jan of 2006, so pre-Brawl. In February 2006, Silent Wolf and Tori (now known as DJ Combo) called me up and asked if I wanted to do Melee tournaments. We worked on it and I have run Smash events every month since then. So when Brawl came out, it was a natural transition to run events for it as well.

Rich Brown: Everyone has to start somewhere. How did you get these GameClucks/TourneyPlay events from a phone call from Silent Wolf/Tori all the way to a national level event?

GameClucks: For whatever reason, running tournaments happened to be something I was sort of a natural at I guess, at least that is what I was told by Counter Strike players, Halo players, Smash players... within a couple of months of buying GameClucks, I already had a repuation in WA of being a quality TO.  So I started to grow the GC scene and held the GameClucks National in Sept 2008. Shortly after that the original creator of TourneyPlay gave me the company name and I decided to start running events for the West Coast using the TourneyPlay name. This event in May will be my first out-of-state TP, so it has taken a couple years of planning to get it done, but after TP5, it’s going to explode I think.

Rich Brown: The previous 4 installments of TourneyPlay have all been held in WA. What made you decide to bring the event to So Cal?

GameClucks: I have wanted to "test" myself by doing something outside of GameClucks; the GCN did that as it was in a hotel, and a couple of Sakura-Con events helped with this process also, but they were all still in the same area. Since I want to be a West Coast e-sports provider, I have to get to places other than Seattle. GCN and Sakura-Con let me know I can do this outside of GameClucks, now I need to do this in a different state. It’s part of the evolution I think of becoming a force for gaming on the West Coast. So why SoCal? Because of the huge base of gamers. It’s the natural first place to go I think.

Rich Brown: Let's talk about the venue. How big is it, and how many setups and attendees do you expect to have for Brawl?

GameClucks: The Learning Center in Irvine has two rooms. One is about 2400 sq. ft., the other is about 1400 sq. ft.. We will use the 2400 sq. ft. one for Smash, TvC and SSF4. We will use the 1400 sq ft one for Halo3 and MW2 (and maybe SSF4 there depending on layout). As for setups, we are still getting a count on that, I am really looking to Champ from 2GG for a lot of help on that, and the SoCal regulars as well. My partner in this, Arthur from WestCoastLANs has the Halo and MW2 setups on lockdown, I think we have about 20-25 Xboxs and TVs for that. For SSF4 and TvC those communities are bringing a couple of sets ups as well.  I would like to have 20+ Brawl and Melee set ups for the tournaments. (Note from Rich Brown: PLEASE BRING SETUPS!)

Rich Brown: What are your keys to running an efficient tournament?

GameClucks: Organization; well, my version of organization anyway. While I am a pretty organized person, I also count on a lot of quick, on-my-feet decision-making as well. I leave a lot of things to be decided or executed until last minute, but in my head I know how they should go.  I have done a blog series about some of my thinking on how I go about running events, the GC Guy Theories of Tournament Organization (Note from Rich Brown: I think I have written about 5 or 6 blogs about it so far and there is still a lot left to put down.  The KEY for me, is believing in me and knowing I will make the right decision when I have too. My years of business background and, believe it or not, college education have helped me a lot with this.

Rich Brown: Apart from the Brawl tournament, what else is there to do at TP5?

GameClucks: We have a couple of sponsors lined up that plan to attend the event and hang out, talk, and do whatever else sponsors do. So I am hoping we have some activities related to them going on. I am working on that aspect tomorrow and Monday. Other games we have, a LOT. Melee 1v1 and 2v2, Halo3 4v4 and an FFA, MW2 4v4 and an FFA, TvC 1v1 (and unofficially a 2v2 also I think) and Super Street Fighter 4. A LOT. It is going to be a busy weekend.

Rich Brown: There will most likely be a lot of players coming to this event who have never been to an in-person tournament before. What advice do you have for these first-time players? How should they go about maximizing their tournament experience?

GameClucks: If you are a first-timer (actually everyone, even veterans should do this), find the players that are at the top of the game you are coming for and try to talk to them. Watch them play also. Check out all of the games as well. Even if you are not at all interested in, say, Halo 3, watch a couple games. Just because the game is not your game does not mean there is not something to learn from it. Talk to pros from all the games. They all have valuable apsects to them. For truly first-timers, I think the biggest thing is understand that regardless of how good you really are at the game you are playing, an in-person event is a completely different world then online or playing your friends. So while you need to play your best, do not get discouraged if you lose. Its part of the process and it’s important that you view your performance at this event as a stepping stone.

Rich Brown: Almost all of the West Coast’s top players will be at this tournament. Who do you think will place top 8 in singles?

GameClucks: I am not really into predictions. I have seen some crazy things in five years of running events. With M2K coming, we can count on a top 2 or 3 placing for him. Tyrant, mikeHAZE, Havok, DSF - cannot count any of them out either. I think everyone has seen that Felix from Washington is REALLY GOOD, so do not be suprised if he takes a top spot. Jem from Washington - I think this is his time also, I think he will suprise some people. FOW is solid also. So many great players, I am sure I will make someone mad by not mentioning them, but there is a handful of people that could be top 8 anyway.

Rich Brown: And finally, which region has the best looking smashers?

GameClucks: Hmm.. Really? WOW. Washington.

Rich Brown: Hahaha. Thanks for your time GC Guy, looking forward to a fantastic event!

GameClucks: Thank you, and I can not wait to get down there and do this!! ALSO Turtle Racing for the Over 21 crowd at Brennans in venice Beach area on Thursday! It’s a good time!
October 16th.
This is the day TourneyPlay 3, a national tournament in Washington, is run. Appearing shortly after
the other national tournament Active Gamers, and judging based off of the results there, this tournament will be one not to miss! I interviewed the Game Clucks (or GC) guy on this to help shed more light on the tourney.

Falln: Alright, let’s get started. What exactly is TourneyPlay?

GC guy: TourneyPlay is an event company that specializes invideogame tournaments, specifically smash. TourneyPlay sets up, organizes, and runs the events. TourneyPlay in that regard sponsors the tournaments, but it  looks for outside sponsors to help drive players to the tournaments. My LAN Center (GameClucks) is one of these.

Falln: Ah, so if I am not mistaken, this is the third TourneyPlay. When exactly is it?

GC guy: Yes, this is the third large event TourneyPlay has run. In the past, we had a tournament circuit in a national game store chain, but in the last two years we have reorganized the company and so over the last 12 months we have run larger events. TourneyPlay 3 is on October 16th through the 18th, with the first day being for friendlies.

Falln: Does anyone help you run these tournaments?

GC guy: In the legal and business ramifications, I am responsible for the events, but I reach out and ask local Washington
players to assist in the event. The live stream is set up and managed by Dr. Mario 12, Eggz helps with recruiting and housing, Praxis and Jamnt0ast help with getting people to the event, etc.

Falln: So many tournaments have different goals. Some are just for many smashers to get together, some are to determine who’s the best from what region, some are for profit, and the like. What’s the goal of TourneyPlay?

GC guy: I would like to see Smash become a large tournament game, a large professional tournament game that is, and I think I can do that. Obviously not on my own, and maybe not even as just TourneyPlay, but I think Smash can be HUGE, it just needs someone or a group of people that want to take it and run with it. I am one of those people.

Falln: A common fear of large tournaments is that it will not finish in time. Does your tournament have a particular method to speed it up?

GC guy:. Each TourneyPlay event has got better at running efficiently I run three monthly events through the LAN Center, but signing 40 people up and seeding the event is a lot easier then 80-120 people. At TP3 we will have a more organized "front counter" system for sign-ins. I chose to not go with pre-registration again, so all sign-ins will be at the door. Once players are signed in, I will get two or three of the most "player knowledgeable" people at the event and we will take 10 minutes to look at seeding. I also do not like Pools personally as a TO, so for Brawl 1v1 we will use a multiple bracket system to get to our top 32 for the Pro Bracket. Also, the top 16 players will be moved instantly to the Pro Bracket. That way no one ends up having to face someone like M2K i the qualifier rounds. So we will advance the top 16 players to the Pro Brawl 1v1 bracket. We will then divide everyone else up into 4 qualifier brackets and play those out, taking the top 4 from each of those to arrive at the top 32 players for the Pro Bracket. Seeding for Brawl 2v2 and then all of Melee will likely go straight to the one and only bracket for that event, which will be seeded based upon the best available information we have.

Falln: It’s a good thing you bring up seeding. What is the primary goal of the seeding: to space out different regions or to strictly seed based on skill?

GC guy: As far as players from same areas, we will do our best to avoid 1st round match ups, but I am pretty well known for seeding a bracket based on 1st round and quarter finals. If possible we will work through 2nd round also, but my primary goal is 1st round and quarter finals. I try to seed as fairly as possible. Where we will get complaints is in the 32 man Pro Bracket... but in that the ONLY goal is fairness. It’s the top 32 players at the event. There is no "easy" match. Friends and such are not a concern at that point because now its 100% for money. The Pro Bracket is all about the tournament. Meeting your friend in round 1 is not a concern at that point.

Falln: Ah. Pertaining to the rules, will you use the SBR ruleset or make your own?

GC guy: The SBR.

Falln: Also, what is the venue fee of the tournament going to be like, considering TourneyPlay is a company?

GC guy:  With TourneyPlay, we have a venue fee and then tournament fee's. event fee's go to the prize pool. Venue fee's pay for the venue and any profit the company would make. At this point in our company life, we are looking to break even and provide a quality event, but since we are a company, profits are something we would like to see in the future. But right now, we want a quality event and to build the community. Profit will come from that growth, but tournament entry fees are 100% prize pool.

Falln: So this tourney will be used to give future tourneys more of a business stance?

GC guy: Yes. I want to be able to take TourneyPlay into 4 or 5 large cities every year and start a country wide circuit. At that point, you almost can not help but be making money icon_smile

Falln: Haha, money’s always a nice thing to have. What is the turn out expected to be?

GC guy: Washington, Norcal, Oregon, Socal, Canada, Vegas, maybe Reno, Midwest (or more specifically, Mew2King), and a couple other regions. I’m expecting around 100 players in brawl and with other events a total of 200-250 players.

Falln: That sounds great! Well, that’s about it. Thank you for your time and I wish you luck for TourneyPlay 3!

GC guy: No problem. Thanks for the interview!