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New Heads of Staff
About a month ago, E.nigma stepped down from the position of Head of Staff due to time constraints from real-life obligations. The Head of Staff position has always been a rather important and stressful one (as Enigma put it: “that ****’s too annoying to handle by yourself”), so we have decided to try something new. Linkz (Edward Elric) and I will be the site’s new Co-Heads of Staff. We hope that having two people at the helm will give us better perspective of the current staff and future staff applicants, to help us make better decisions overall. It will also serve as a backup in cases where one of us goes inactive.

As a reminder, if you are having troubles with a staff member or want to just share your thoughts about staff, please feel free to PM either one of us or post in Issue Resolution.  We care about the community and want to improve the site, and your feedback is important. 

New Department - The Welcoming Committee
With the site making a transition to Nintendo Dojo and Smash 4 in the near future, we have created a new department. The job of the welcoming committee is to greet new members and help them get accustomed to the site. We hope that given more attention, new users will be encouraged to remain on the site and take part in the community. Similar to the content team, we are opening spots up to non-staff users. If you are interested in joining the welcoming committee, contact GOG through PMs. There's still a few months before Smash 4 comes out, which means this department probably won't see much activity right now, but there's no harm in getting ready early!

Content Team Hiring
In addition to looking for people to help new users, we are also looking for people that want to contribute content for the front page. This includes interviews, tournament coverage/offline scene news, guides, and more.  We are opening to posting anything if it’s relevant, interesting and well written.  If you are interested in joining the team, contact either me (Foodies) or Trish (lightlanayru) through PMs. If you can, include a sample of your writing so we can better judge if you are fit for a position.

We hope to continue improving the site and bring interesting content to keep everyone entertained. If you want to give us any feedback or suggestions, head to the site feedback forum. I hope people are excited for this upcoming era of the site and Smash 4!
After taking in feedback from the public and discussing possible methods of reconstruction, we have finalized results. The league is now separated into two divisions: 3DS and Pokémon Showdown!

Each division consists of 5 people: The Elite 4 and the Champion. You must battle the members in a pre-determined order, similar to the Pokémon game. Once you beat the first person, you are allowed to move on and challenge the second person. To keep roughly the same difficulty as the previous league (since there is a reduced minimum number of battles), there is a penalty for losing matches. You will get 2 attempts against the same person. If you lose twice to the same person, you will be bumped down on the elite 4 "ladder" and will need to win against the previous member again to continue. Of course, you may challenge the first person as many times as you need to win.

In addition to the penalty, Elite 4 members now have the option to use Dual-type teams or the original monotype wildcard setup. Dual-typing means a leader's team will consist of all pokémon with at least one of the two selected types. Each member's preference will be noted in their thread title, so you will know what you are getting into.

And now, a summary of who is actually participating in the league, and the types they are representing. Note that they are also listed in the order they should be challenged.

3DS division:
Faketime - Mono-Bug Type
Volke Aeno - Dual Dragon/Fairy Type
Lightlanayru - Dual Psychic/Flying Type
Midnite - Dual Steel/Water Type
Zanryo - Mixed Types

Showdown division:
Horsy- Mono-Dragon Type
iSpin - Dual Grass/Steel Type
Yoshinendo - Dual Water/Electric Type
Foodies - Mono-Ghost Type
Hamek - Mixed Types

We are aware that in this format, there's the possibility of progress being clogged by an inactive member. In the case that a member does not respond in 3 days, another member of the league will be allowed to sub for them. Post in the substitution request thread for these cases.

Depending on how many players can beat the league and how lazy the content team is, we may be doing "Pokémon reporter" interviews for everyone who completes the challenge. These are for fun and you are free to decline, of course. Your achievement will also be recorded into the Hall of Fame so everyone will know of your amazing Pokémon trainer skills!!! Exclamation point.

And for those who don't know or don't remember, a refresher on the prizes!

Badge name - name color : requirements
Pokémon Master badge –  pink (existing) : For completing a normal league challenge
Pokémon Prodigy badge – purple (existing) : For completing a monotype or UU league challenge
Elite trainer – Yellow with Blue outline (exclusive!) : For completing a UU monotype league challenge


Everyone who wants to challenge the league must join the official group. Remember to read all the rules and information first! 

I hope this newly restructured league gives the flexibility and motivation for more people to participate! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below or in the group shoutouts.
The Smash 4 Demos at Best Buy last Wednesday and Saturday sparked a lot of conversation and speculation from the community about the new game. Many users have already blogged about their opinions (Thanks for sharing!). Now, a few members of the content team have also gotten together and have posted their thoughts here!

Foodies' thoughts:

I got there about 30 minutes early and there was already a huge line. I ended up waiting 4 hours to play 4 minutes...ew. At least during parts of the 4 hours I was able to spectate a few matches. Nothing really stood out other than the fact that every time there was a sudden death people started screaming.

Anyway, for the first match I chose Marth (obviously). The match was on the Coliseum, one of the stages I wanted to play on because it's from Fire Emblem (another obviously). In retrospect, I should've voted for a stage with ledges so I could test those mechanics. The first thing I noticed was that fair did not link to dtilt very smoothly at low% as it did in Brawl, most likely because of the increased landing lag on fair people have mentioned. I also tried out dancing blade and was able to pull it off successfully on the first try, meaning the timing was similar enough to Brawl or I just got lucky. I didn't actually hit anyone with it though. I wonder what spectators thought of me just being off to the side spamming random moves and not hitting anything. Unfortunately, my testing time was cut short when a gust bellows item decided to blow my way. I spent what felt like half the match flailing against the windboxes. Note: when the item is thrown, it continues to spout air annoyingly.

Marth's ftilt seems to have gotten stronger, and I was able to get a kill from the center of the stage with it. Nair and bair appeared unchanged. I couldn't tell if I got tippers or not on the new game though. Movement in general was a bit awkward, mostly because I was not use to the Wii U pro controller. Despite this, I managed to win the match with +4 which was a surprise since I wasn't actively try to kill people. There was the fact that I only died once though - regular DI is still in the game.

Game 2, I decided I was going to try a newcomer and went with Greninja. I wanted to play Rosalina/Luma for the mechanics, but I didn't know the buttons to press to summon Luma so I decided not to take that risk (I later find out she apparently spawns with Luma, so derp). The second match was played on the boxing ring. If I could predict the future, I would have voted against this stage. Guess who spent a significant part of the match trying to fight, but getting messed up by the stage?

If you guessed Foodies, you win! Every time I tried jumping into center stage, I would accidentally hit the edges of the ring and the ropes would bounce Greninja up to the lights, where no players were. I tried to attack the lights so they would fall down, but I was doing something wrong because nothing happened. Commence more flailing. Greninja in general seems pretty fast but I really couldn't learn much about the character given my circumstances. Should've just gone with Marth game 2, rawr.

Due to more circumstances, I wasn't able to play any games on the 3DS, which was disappointing. I did get a Smash pin and really cheap Super Mario 3D world kitty ears as memorabilia. That made up for everything (not). Still, I pre-ordered both versions of Smash - I am really excited to play the finished game! ...hey, October isn't summer! >:U

Yoshinendo's Thoughts:
The game felt a bit more faster compared to Brawl but slower than Melee, so I guess what Nintendo was saying about how they're keeping it in between as true. There appeared to be more hit stun in this game so comboing was seemed easier. At time it felt stiff though, probably because I was using the WiiU Pro controller.

Character thoughts:
Marth: First character I picked. He seemed a lot more weaker in this game. Most of his kill moves seem to lost a lot of knockback and I had trouble killing. I sadly didn't get any tipper hits because I was too busy getting bombarded with items.

Olimar: His pikmins die easily now. His new Up-B seems pretty good but with Purple pikmin in tow it's blah. I wish I could say more but my pikmin was dying way too fast. I guess they're like Nana/Luma now.

ZSS: Had a blast using her. She seems more jumpy than before but she's fun to use. She seems very combo-oriented with how hit stun work in this game. Can't wait to try her in the full game.

Zeldalina and Luma: She's basically Zelda with a luma. Her down B didn't seem all that useful albeit the opponents were Megaman, Lil Mac and Villager. Some of her aerials seems similar to Zelda, like her Fair and Uair. I had some trouble controlling the Luma though, apparently you had to use the C-Stick which I learned after the match.

Yoshi(3DS): The character I was able to study the most because I used him in Smash Run so I had CPU characters instead of humans. Nothing seems really different except for he seem to do a bit more damage and have more knock back. His Up-B (Egg toss) was sorta difficult to control on the circle pad and it seems I can't toss an egg backwards now. He also seems more heavier now compared to Brawl and Melee.

jarvitz Thoughts:
Ok: Things I've learned:
1. Items fall at the same speed as in brawl (was able to kill someone by throwing a ray gun from a far distance over the edge) (see
2. Smash run is ok, 1 minute, 2 stocks at the end.
3. Being first in line, I got to see how the demo was loaded, it was loaded via USB. I also got the big sign on top of the display.

Character Specific Stuff from characters I've played:
1. Zero Suit Samus (Wii U): Short Side B, Down Smash is nerfed. Airials are better, and up B is nice. The Jet boots are very nice and powerful. Overall like how she moved and felt. Made it to sudden death.
2. Villager (Wii U): His projectile wasnt the greatest, the recovery left me like a sitting duck. Overall I didn't like him too much, but still made it to sudden death.
3. Yoshi (3DS): I didn't get as much time with Yoshi as I did with the others, he seemed overall better and since he stands up he can attack better. Not too sure on move specifics, other than he can up smash out of shield.
4. Sheik (3DS): Her down B and side B are good. Her other moves seem to have less lag on them. Overall Improved. Her up air is like Samus' where it chains into itself and knocks them away at the end.
5. Greninja (Wii U/3DS): I was able to compare the difference between versions when a kid gave me the 3ds as greninja after I already was him on Wii U. Conclusion: Near no noticeable difference between them. I liked greninja's playstyle, as it was very unique. However, I didn't like his recovery, as I was unable to control it or know how long it could go. Made it to sudden death in the Money match.
6. Bowser (Wii U): I really loved bowser. He is super strong and fast. His neutral air is basically a kirby neutral air where he throws his arms and legs out and was super powerful. I also like his dropkick. My favorite character for sure. Won the money match because based bowser.
7. Zelda (Wii U): She didnt seem the greatest. I think her Fair and Bair hitboxes were smaller, and smash attacked seemed weaker. The down B was nice and strong however, and her side B seemed to be more controlled.
8. Samus (Wii U): She has great kill power, however, she has a very bad ability to rack up damage. Her charge shot charges in less time. Where attacks to kill were buffed, every attack to just build up damage was nerfed.
9. Pit (3DS): His new moves are pretty cool, and his up B is easier to use. His sword is a lot bigger and is I think stronger?
10. Toon Link (3DS): Literally a port from brawl, I could not find anything that was majorly different.
11. Olimar (Wii U): He was ok, a lot of his moves were similar. His up B gives him more distance but also makes him like a sitting duck.
12. Rosalina and Luma (Wii U): Super Floaty. I think you can double jump, up B and kill yourself. Also luma is hard to control, as it is impossible to know in just one game (Although Luma did kill me in sudden death as greninja when i was doing a jab combo on rosalina). She is also super super SUPER tall which is bad because of obviously due to being hit everywhere. I also wasn't that fond of her range, but that could be changed if I knew how to use Luma.
13. Little Mac (3DS): Fun to play as, very powerful on the ground, but weak in the air. I was able to do well because of his ground game being very strong.
14. Wii Fit Trainer (3DS): Fun character. She was good up front and had some strong smashes. I feel like she has some potential.
15. Mega Man (3DS): He was very projectile based, which wasn't my thing, but I was able to use his up close moves very well. I feel like he will be limited in his options due to only being able to throw his projectiles straight. His up air is also nice for killing off the top I found.

A final note is that the smash 64 music played on the results screen. Also from the video we took, and my experiences, there is no SDI.

Final thing: Most items (except obvious ones) are version specific. Bombchu, star rod on 3ds, etc.

lightlanayru's Thoughts:

I got to my local Best Buy about an hour before the demo started. The line was already extending around the infrastructure, and I was afraid I might not be able to get a chance, given my plans for the rest of the day. Thankfully, I was given an opportunity after meeting up with a few fellow AiB users! Personally, Best Buy should've provided more than one TV set-up, but that unfortunately wasn't the case here. I got to play on WiiU, but not on 3DS; and we were only allowed one chance, so I decided to be my main (Link). Controller johns aside, while I lost the free-for-all on Battlefield, I was able to study Link as much as I could during the full two minutes.

All I can say is, I love how Link is much smoother to play now. His recovery with the spin attack got boosted, and it has Melee's power while still maintaining the charge ability from Brawl. His dash attack and up-aerial were visually changed a bit. I was told that his down-aerial has a potential meteor smash at the tip of his sword, but I haven't been able to experiment that very well; however, I did see that there was less lag after the ground impact. His smash attacks got a little stronger, and I noticed a huge significance where Link's overall attacks have less lag. Regular Directional Influence seems to be the same.

While I do wish I expanded my experience in the demo, I did get a Smash pin to remind myself of this said experience. I had a great time, regardless! And of course, I'm very excited and  looking forward to the upcoming release of these games~

P.S. Shoutout to Link14 for helping me cut my waiting time to 2 hours and being victorious in the free-for-all. :3

And there you have it. Are people still excited for the game? Disappointed? Or something else? Let us know in the comments!
Reporter: "Hi! Today I'm visiting the area where dreams are mostly crushed, the AiB Pokémon League! We turn our lens on the challenger Foodies. There's something about this Trainer that piqued our interest. What was it? The fact that she was the first challenger to defeat the champion, Hamek, in both the normal and underused monotype league challenges! How do you feel to be the first to accomplish this?”

Foodies: “It felt great to have my planning pay off, though I got lucky (somewhat necessary for a win when you are using a handicapped team). I had to challenge Hamek and some gyms multiple times, but there’s no penalty for losing after you defeated each gym leader once. As for being the first, it’s not anything special when there was only one other person, Progfox, who seemed to be serious about getting to challenge the champion…which is why you are here to get some coverage!”

Reporter: “That’s my job! It sounds like you had quite a journey trying to collect all the badges. Which one of your Pokémon was the most valuable in the challenge?”

Foodies: “For the most recent challenge, I’d say my Aerodactyl. Meteor. His speed and wide variety of offensive coverage was indispensible for this venture. Though it still bothers me how stone edge seems to miss the times I need it. Another honorable mention is my Emolga, Kimmy. I was debating putting her on the team at all at first – I finally did because I couldn’t think of any other Pokémon that would be better. She did what she was supposed to do (absorb electric attacks) well, so I’m very glad I included her.”

Reporter: “Meteor - a flying rock, I get it, haha. Kimmy sounds familiar… Anyway! If I remember correctly, you are also the ghost-type gym leader. Why did you choose to take the challenge with a monoflying instead of monoghost? It appears as though you have a pretty impressive win-loss record for challengers as well – I hear that some people consider the ghost gym to be the hardest. Care to share some secrets to beating your gym?”

Foodies: “Pfft, nah. But I will say there is a certain Pokémon that can completely sweep my team (aside from wildcard). Challengers can think about that one. Being the type with the least amount of species, there were only a few ghost Pokémon that meet the restrictions of underused, and I did not want to limit myself that much for the challenge. As for being the hardest gym, it really depends on the types of Pokémon that challengers bring.  Each gym brings its own obstacles – but if I had to pick, the Fairy, Electric, and Water gyms gave me some trouble (and not just because I was running an underused flying monotype!). Gardy’s double format forces people to get a bit more creative, while Yoshinendo and Zanryo have good typing and nice choices of wildcards to work with.

Reporter: “Fascinating! All challengers make a note to look out for those leaders. Do you happen to have any advice for any hopeful challengers to the league?”

Foodies: “Take some time planning out your team before challenging the league, since you can’t change the list without forfeiting prior wins. For Pokémon recommendations for the normal challenge (or wildcards for the harder challenges), I’d suggest Rotom-W and Excadrill. Rotom-W is an all-around reliable choice, while Excadrill’s makes fights with quite a few gym leaders much easier (Volke, why are you crying?). And really, just try! Even losses will allow you to gather information about the gym, which you can use to win the next time around. If it is any motivation at all, I just started competitive Pokémon a few months ago, and I was able to overcome this challenge.”

Reporter: “Well that’s about all the time we have right now. Can you give us a succinct, one word summary of your experience?”

Foodies: “No.”

Reporter: “Mmm! That’s deep! There’s deep significance behind that quote! Next time, we hope to interview some other gym leaders and possibly some challengers to the league. Go on, set up some times to face the gym leaders! There are badges to be earned and it could be you interviewed next time! -- oh wait, hold on. I’m getting a message from our manager. Before I conclude this segment, it looks like the league’s very own Psychic mistress will be hosting a Pokémon wi-fi tournament in less than a week from now, as a commemoration to the recent game announcement of the Gen III remakes, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! And yes, you heard me correctly, this isn’t a simulator tournament. Do check out the tournament page for more details! Anyway, until next time, see you!


This is also a note to say that the Pokémon league badges now have name colors attached to them for added motivation!
Pokémon Master badge –  pink (existing)
Pokémon Prodigy badge – purple (existing)
Elite trainer – Yellow with Blue outline (new!)


If you are interested in watching the UU Monotype battle, it is here:

by -Ness- May 5 2014, 9:00AM
Wow time flys by so quick huh? Already on #10 for Scavenger Hunt! Now for our last contest, lightlanayru, hotdogturtle, and person13nebur were the winners! Foodies and Senobekim were so close by some points, but unfortunately they didn't have enough points to win, but don't worry, you still have a chance for this next contest! Or do you?

But first:


1. You are only allowed 1 chance, to prevent people from guessing until they get it right.     
2. You are to send me your answers to my AiB Inbox. You are not to post your answers on here. They will be deleted and I will not accept any more answers from you. Any message you send me, whether it having 1 answer or all 10, counts as 1 chance!     
3. All the answers are found on AiB only! Not on any other Allis website.     
4. I will not tell you if you won or not. You will find out when I post the results.     
5. First 5 who get all the questions right win.    
6. DO NOT message me for hints.     
7. If something happens the day this is posted that affects the answers I have, I will use the most current answers available, but if you submitted your answer before any changes are made and it matches the old answer yours will still be correct.     
8. You only have until 12:00AM PST to turn in answers. Anything after that will not be accepted.

Blah blah blah these rules take up a lot of space huh? xD Oh and one more thing, the Bonus question is hard, but it is found somewhere on aib. First user who answers the bonus correctly and get 10 or 11 questions right will get 2-3 points(Depends how you answer this one however) Anyways:


1. Who is currently the champion for Project M Ladder?
2. Who became a new administrator/moderator of aib? (I squeak)
3. "Which number will appear?! The suspense is 15 frames long." Is a reference to what?
4. "Sandbag has suffered years of abuse. Why does he do it? Here we uncover the secrets sandbag has been hiding from us." Where is this description from? (This has a picture of Sandbag, Crazy Hand and Master hand on it)
5. "His Love is a Precious Island in a Tumultuous Sea" Where is this title from?
6.  Which tournament (online) first got the "Certified Host" award? (This owner is a character from SSBB, cept with 3 R's in it.)
7.  Name all the characters that are on the Pink, Blue, Mewtwo, Rising Sun and Red/Black banners.
8.  List all the games you can put on your profile.
9. Who has the highest/total score in SSB Brawl "All-Star" mode?
10. "I am not a...a spicy tuna roll!" Is a reference to what?

Bonus: "!@~, DEF, Nature" where is this information found? *You must be specific with this one c:<*

I feel like these question are harder than they should be...wait I'm not suppose to give out hints right? Oh well :3 Have fun! Don't forget to join our Scavenger Hunt group for more information and answers!
After a month or so of planning and annoying some people to get their teams and threads settled, I would like to announce the revival of AiB's Pokémon League! The league is open to anyone to participate in, even if you do not have a 3DS. In fact, a majority (but not all) of gym leaders would rather you challenge them on Pokémon Showdown.

The league consists of 10 gym leaders and the champion. Challengers need to defeat at least 5 of the gym leaders to earn the right to challenge the champion. If you manage to defeat the champion you will earn the Pokémon Master badge! If you complete the process with a restricted team, you can earn the Elite trainer and Pokémon Prodigy badges! This time around, we will also be implementing a rule where if you manage to beat 10 of the gym leaders, you will not need to re-challenge 5 gyms again to regain access to challenge the champion if you lost previously.

So who are these people anyway? Here's a list!

Gym Leaders
- Type
Foodies - Ghost
Gardy - Fairy
Horsy - Dragon
iSpiN - Grass
lightlanayru - Psychic
Midnite - Dark
TM Mango - Flying
Volke Aeno - Poison
Yoshinendo - Water
Zanryo - Electric

Hamek - Mixed

Everyone who wants to challenge the league must join the official group. Remember to read all the rules and information first! 

I hope everyone who is interested takes a look and tries it out! If you have any questions, feel free to post below or in the group shoutouts. Have fun~
Hello, everyone~! Yeah, I know; it definitely has been awhile, right? You're probably wondering, "What's this, a Pokémon article? This ain't All is Pokémon!" To backtrack... all I can say is, where have you been four years ago when Pokémon tournaments and weekly article analysis were a thing? Oh, and let's not forget the existence of the Pokémon League. THAT was also a thing back then, too.

Now let's come back to the present. You see the title of the article? You may have heard some rumors going around about the revival of AiB's Pokémon League. I can confirm these rumors are true. With Generation VI upon us with the release of Pokémon X and Y last October, it is time we take this idea out of the dusty shelves and revive it. After weeks of discussion, it has been decided that the majority of the league will be run by our very own staff again (with two non-staff). And of course, when certain requirements are met, there will be the distribution of the Pokémon Master, Pokémon Prodigy, and Elite Trainer badges! We will give you more info when every detail on the Pokémon League is finalized.

But wait... there is one more thing to mention...

We are incomplete. In fact, we are short by one person. You know what this means? Oh yes, I am not kidding; we have an open spot for the position of Gym Leader! However, here's the thing. We cannot just give out this position freely. The best way to remedy this situation is that Yoshinendo and I will be hosting a Pokémon tournament. The winner of this tournament will gain this Gym Leader position guaranteed. If you are interested, please continue to read here for further details!

Date of the Tournament: February 22nd, 2014 (Optional to extend to February 23rd, depending on how long it takes.)
Starting Time: 5:00 PM PST (8:00 PM EST)

Tournament Rules:
- It will be a double elimination tournament; best 2 of 3 throughout all battles.
- All battles will take place on Pokémon Showdown.
- Once you enter with a team, you are allowed to change teams mid-tourney. However, you are only allowed six extra Pokémon to substitute in. We'll be keeping an eye out on these.
- We will be following Smogon's XY Standard OU Ruleset:
  • Endless Battle Clause: Any moveset on any Pokémon that is capable of intentionally causing an endless battle is banned from competitive play. (e.g. A Pokémon holding a Leppa Berry and carrying Recycle/Pain Split/Fling at the same time; A Pokémon carrying Recycle and holding Leppa Berry in conjunction with self-healing moves.)
  • Evasion Clause: Minimize and Double Team are banned; Sand Veil and Snow Cloak are also banned.
  • Moody Clause: Moody is banned.
  • OHKO Clause: Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold are banned.
  • Self-KO Clause: The one who uses a move that causes all remaining Pokémon to faint (e.g. Destiny Bond, Final Gambit) is deemed the loser. However, in the case of losing all remaining Pokémon through recoil-damage moves, the one who takes the recoil damage is deemed the winner. This clause is used to prevent ties.
  • Sleep Clause: Only one Pokémon can be put to sleep. Rest is exempt from this clause.
  • Species Clause: Two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number cannot be on the same team.
  • Banned Pokémon: Arceus, Blaziken, Darkrai, Deoxys, Deoxys-A, Dialga, Genesect, Giratina, Giratina-O, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Kyurem-W, Lugia, Mewtwo, Palkia, Rayquaza, Reshiram, Shaymin-S, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zekrom
  • Banned Items: Gengarite, Kangaskanite, Lucarionite
That's about all. This should give you about a week to experiment with your teams and strategies, and come prepared. If you want to be the very best and battle for the remaining Gym Leader position, then come join this tournament!
If there are any other questions, feel free to post your inquiries here or send Yoshinendo or me a private message.
Otherwise, we'll see you there~ :3

As our continued effort to improve in 2013 we have added some high level staff members. The individuals are all motivated and have ideas and goals to further things around here. Each of them have provided introductions to let you, the community, know about a bit about themselves and things they want to accomplish. 

Next to each of their names below you will find their department/realm. If you guys have ideas, feedback, or thoughts for their department I strongly encourage you to communicate with them. PMs, wall posts, interpretative dance, whatever works for you. Each of them cares about improving and wants to hear from the community as to ways we can do that. 

Also, in keeping with this improvement in 2013 theme we have a couple ways for you to get involved and or provide feedback. At the bottom on the page you will find a general staff applications and content team application procedures. We are looking for new people that have the desire to make a positive contribution and get involved in staff. If thats you head to the bottom of the page to apply now. 

We also have a Ladder Survey. Since our new ladder format announcement there has been some solid feedback that has given us additional things to think about and talk over. So prior to finalizing our full on ladder plan for the upcoming season we wanted to solicit some additional feedback. Let us know what you think here.

Staff Introductions 

TheEnigmaLiesBroken- Head of Staff

Dear Members,  

It is a priviledge to introduce myself as the new Head of Staff of All is Brawl. As a longtime member and somebody that has benefited immensely from the community which has gathered here over the years, I am looking forward to this new role as an opportunity to try to give back.    

I've been fortunate enough to work with several amazing people over the last 4 and a half years here. During that time, I have gained a ton of rewarding experience interacting with the Smash community, it's higher level players, tournament operators, smash modders, and those of you who just appreciate the series in general. During that time I've helped expand and maintain sections of the forums, created a skin for the site, managed a huge trading card game, helped organize certain events, wrote tons of guides in Smash Development, and had the opportunity to be a part of several other things across the site. Along the way I've become friends with a number of amazing people and I can't be any happier with the community as a whole.    

My new, expanded administrative role as Head of Staff will hopefully allow me to accelerate that momentum and carry us into a fulfilling beginning of the next generation of Smash and the next generation of AllIsBrawl.    I'm a firm believer in setting SMART goals and sharing those goals with the people that help us get there. That means YOU, AIB. I find that sharing goals is a great way to stay accountable and focused. There is no such thing as magic wand that we can wave and change the community without the help of our members. I feel like sharing the goals with the community and making a site wide group effort to achieve those goals will make it possible to achieve anything we want. 

I want to help strengthen our community by perhaps applying a new outlook on staff members ability to work together to help expand our sphere of influence, be organized and stay in the know with our members.    

Staff Factions - I want to try to organize our staff in such a way that is isn't impossible to reach higher level moderators whenever there is an emergency that needs to be handled. I want to try to create an environment where AIB users can feel free to approach staff openly without feeling like they're over stepping their boundaries through a chain-of-command type system that will allow quicker communication between the users, the staff, and the higher management so that we can get things done.    

Technology - At this point I can safely say that your pleas for change have been heard and I will do all in my power to help those wishes get granted. Slowly at first, but over time we aim to improve the community and make it easier for users to feel like their activity and contribution to the site are valuable to us and see their efforts rewarded. User name colors, more attention to the ladders and freeplay chats in an effort to prevent spam, fights, and other disruptive chat abuse from happening before it starts. Rewards for participation, community events and more. Your requests have been heard and I will be doing all that I can to help make those dreams a reality.    We want to attract new users to the site, bring a new spark of life to the ladders and the forums. 

We want to be an attractive community for users and possibly sponsors, which allows for better prizes from the ladder, creating a win-win for everyone involved. But at the end of the day, we can't come close to achieving these ambitious goals without you. Remember guys, the biggest help to the AIB community is, and will always be, the AIB community. You are our backbone. Without your input, your suggestions and your willingness to keep this place clean, we can only do so much. I want you all to want to improve the site, not just want someone else to do it for you.  

Please consider my inbox or the Site Feedback forum as an open line of communication and continue letting us know what we're doing right and what we could be doing better to make All Is Brawl a better site for you all. I will make it a habit to check the feedback forum each and every time I log in right alongside my now habitual checking of the Issue Resolution forum.    I'm looking forward to working with each and every one of you in the future.    


Linkz- Head of Ladder

Fellow All is Brawl Users,

I’m very elated to introduce myself as the newest site Administrator, and more importantly, your new Head of Ladder. I’m looking forward to paving the way towards what will hopefully be a new chapter for the site ladder.

I’ve been involved with the ladder since my early days on the site and eventually joined the site staff as a ladder referee. From there, I worked my way up the staff ranks to ladder administrator, super moderator, and now administrator and Head of Ladder. I’ve gained a large amount of experience throughout my time on staff, and plan to use it to hopefully bring back some hype to Singles, Doubles, and any future ladders we may or may not add.  

I know that as of late the ladder has been the subject of much controversy, for lack of a better word. The overall idea of the new playoffs structure received far more negative feedback than was originally anticipated. I’m here today to tell you that your concerns have not gone unheard. I'm currently working on tweaking the system we presented to you in order to better suit everyone’s likes and dislikes.

Seeing as how the ladder is for everyone, it’s only natural that everyone gets to give some input on how they think things should go. This article contains a link to a survey in which you can provide further feedback on the ladder structure. Please take this as an opportunity to voice your opinion and possibly leave your mark on how the ladder works.

Of course, I don’t want your feedback limited solely to public announcements. If at any point you have a comment, concern, or if you even want to pitch a brand new idea for the ladder, whether it be for playoffs or for a new ladder altogether, please speak up.

The Site Feedback Forum and my Inbox are the best ways to make sure your opinions reach me, as I check both of those pretty much daily. As Head of Ladder, I also oversee the ladder staff, so if you feel someone isn’t doing their job properly (say you feel your dispute wasn’t handled correctly), please come talk to me about that as well. You can either PM me, or we can set up a time to meet on Skype.

I look forward to running the new ladder for you guys.




lightlanayru - Head of AiB Content 

Greetings to the AiB community,  

For those who may or may not know me, I am lightlanayru (mostly referred to as Trish). I have been working with the AiB staff for a little over three years now, and I have observed the many changes that have taken place over the years. Along with the rest of the higher-ups and staff, I will assist them in strengthening the site and its community as a whole through my duties. As Enigma stated, sharing goals is a great way to stay focused and connected with one another. Today, I would like to introduce myself as two of the main site positions I uphold onto: Head of Tournaments and Head of the Content Team.   

Tournaments → I watch over everything in the site regarding tournaments; from the hosting of tournaments, the beta testing of Tio Tournament Organizer and TioPro, to the uploading and processing of tournaments and its brackets. Yup, you name it! We will also find better uses of the tournament chats, too. If you have questions regarding on how to host tournaments, technical issues with the TioPro program or with your tournament's page, or if you have a request for us to process the results of your tournaments... you may message me, or I can direct you to a tournament admin of your tournament's region. We do not bite at all, and I promise you that it's a short process. 

Content → Since the retirement of Invinciboy and the inactivity of Miles of SmashWiki, I was the last one standing in what used to be the triumvirate of the Content Team. As the current site movement will go under way, I am announcing another Content Team open call! There's always more room to add to the flow of content. If you like to write to your heart's content, be creative, keep track of the ladder or the smash scene, or even host site contests for the community, this is the section for you. While we already have tournament coverage writers filled, we're definitely on the lookout for those who want to share new ideas and let the creativity flow! So if you are interested, follow the application process below!  

I believe that is all I can present to you. But hey, we all have our goals to accomplish here that will keep this site as lively as it should be! If you really wish for this site to improve for the next generation, we cannot do it alone. There is a reason why a community exists, and that is to work together. Believe me, your help will be very much appreciated and can definitely push AiB to the right direction. I will now conclude this with a certain lyric to keep in mind. (Props to whoever can figure out where this came from. xP)  

"Each of us holds the key to the Power of One." 

Yours truly,



Staff Applications - We have a staff application for you to fill out here. Simply do so by Wednesday April 17th and you will hear back from our new Head of Staff Engima within a week of the deadline. 

Content Team Applications - We are looking for people that want to contribute content. Videos, interviews, written pieces, and more. Any content that the community wants to see, we want to provide. You can provide content of your own ideas/creativity or our content team leaders can help provide direction in some content you could create. To apply simply email one example of a video or written piece you have done, your AiB username, and why you want to join the content team to [email protected] Submission Deadline- Wednesday April 17th

Ladder Survey - Use the following link to let us know what you think about the ladder going forward.Give us your ladder feedback here 

Hello fellow AIB users new and old, you heard right! I am reviving the contest known as “Who’s that User?”, originally created by Invinciboy aka Vince. For those that do not know, this used to be a weekly contest about a year ago -- sadly, Vince became too busy and had to leave the site. Now I am stepping up to the plate so you guys have a chance to experience this contest. I hope many of you are excited as I am, because I shall be hosting WTU every two weeks on Sundays.

Rules (taken from past contests):
  1. I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your WTU Featured User badge. 
  2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this. 
  3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.) 
  4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer. 
  5. Everyone has until 9:00 tonight (EST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted. 
  6. The first five that send the correct username get the WTU Winner badge! 
Here’s the first message to start the contest off!

“I first found AiB through a link posted on Smashboards. After making an account, I completely forgot about it until a few months later, when the site was mentioned again. I found matches in Free Play at times but never was very involved in the site. However, when the TCG came out, I started collecting the cards and exploring more of the site's functions. Eventually, I joined ladder in an attempt to improve at Brawl. I'm happy to say that I have since then, but there's still a lot more I can work on. I like sushi.”
In addition to the message above, this user... 
- is in the group  ♪ 
- mains a character in the B tier list according to the Brawl v7 tier list
- joined the site in winter 2009
- has the letter “d” in their username
And the questions you need to answer are as follows: 
  1. Who does the person main?
  2. When exactly did the user join the site?
  3. How many blogs has this user written?
Well, go find that user! And good luck! The answer to this week’s contest and next WTU will be posted in two weeks.
P.S. If you want to be featured in an article of “Who’s That User?”, just send me a PM with a short paragraph about yourself, your hobbies, something interesting that has happened to you, etc. Just make sure it can’t be found anywhere on your profile (About Me, videos, blogs, tournaments, etc.) If you are chosen, your message will be featured and you shall receive the WTU Featured User badge after the conclusion of the contest. So what are you waiting for? Send in your entries! ^^
Hello everyone, hope you've been having a good new year so far. As far as ladder goes, that hasn't changed much. Just as ladder has been dead, so has the productivity of the ladder articles. Despite this though, I put up an update for all of you, because I believe some of you still care about them. I have also decided to opt for something new, in which instead of me putting the names of the characters used, I put the little icon/image of them. Let me know if you guys like it this way, or if you prefer the names in text. 

*NOTE* If your main is not listed on here correctly, please post on this thread so that the update will be more accurate. 

I want to remind everyone that if you have any replays of your best ladder matches and you’d like to share it and have it featured on here for the ladder updates, feel free to send them to me or Trish via PMs.     

Side-note: These top rankings have been taken on 8:00 pm CST on Sunday [02/10/13].      

Current Rankings


[01] WaDiRob | Score: 2239 | Win/Loss Ratio: 40 - 1 | →   
[02] Raffi-X | Score: 2081 | Win/Loss Ratio: 59 - 31 | →       
[03] Iota | Score: 2068 | Win/Loss Ratio: 32 - 9 | →   
[04] CT ZeRo | Score: 2048 | Win/Loss Ratio: 16 - 1 | →      
[05] ikari Team hyuga | Score: 2010 | Win/Loss Ratio: 41 - 8 | →   
[06] Ryo_Guikido | Score: 1995 | Win/Loss Ratio: 20 - 4 | →  
[07] shadow1pj | Score: 1994 | Win/Loss Ratio: 15 - 2 | →     
[08] Mr.Eric | Score: 1991 | Win/Loss Ratio: 60 - 28 | → 
[09] Pentasalia | Score: 1986 | Win/Loss Ratio: 39 - 13 | →    
[10] Carne Asada Fries | Score: 1964 | Win/Loss Ratio : 32 - 7 | →     
[11] Anuar | Score: 1943 | Win/Loss Ratio: 40 - 5 | →      
[12] Inui | Score: 1939 | Win/Loss Ratio: 12 - 4 | →    
[13] Crow. | Score: 1929 | Win/Loss Ratio: 70 - 34 | →  
[14] WaDiKong | Score: 1919 | Win/Loss Ratio: 142 - 90 | → 
[15] The Legend of Henry | Score: 1859 | Win/Loss Ratio: 46 - 17 | → 
[16] promise | Score: 1855 | Win/Loss Ratio: 31 - 14 | →    
[17] Denti | Score: 1840 | Win/Loss Ratio: 15 - 3 | →     
[18] Maize | Score: 1821 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 0 | →       
[19] JpIsCrAzY | Score: 1808 | Win/Loss Ratio: 50 - 10 | →     
[20] Prey | Score: 1805 | Win/Loss Ratio: 46 - 10 | →     
[21] Meek | Score: 1803 | Win/Loss Ratio: 17 - 9 | →     
[22] Black Heart | Score: 1781 | Win/Loss Ratio: 73 - 25 | → 
[23] SuperGirlKels | Score: 1766 | Win/Loss Ratio: 21 - 0 | →  
[24] KiraFlax | Score: 1763 | Win/Loss Ratio: 33 - 14 | → 
[25] Pargol | Score: 1761 | Win/Loss Ratio: 50 - 19 | →     
[26] Legit | Score: 1759 | Win/Loss Ratio: 11 - 8 | →      
[27] LOE1 | Score: 1757 | Win/Loss Ratio: 28 - 12 | → 
[28] HolyNightMare | Score: 1743 | Win/Loss Ratio: 9 - 0 | →    
[29] BrawlMasterX | Score: 1726 | Win/Loss Ratio: 90 -77 |  →      
[30] Raptor | Score: 1724 | Win/Loss Ratio: 24 - 8 | →     
[31] Royal James | Score: 1723 | Win/Loss Ratio: 21 - 5 | → 
[32] Remi | Score: 1714 | Win/Loss Ratio: 16 - 2 | →     


[01] Zip Zap and a Hoe [Crow. / Raffi-X] | Score: 1840 | Win/Loss Ratio: 29 - 3 | → +     
[02] -Dynamic Duo- [Zodi / Negger] | Score: 1588 | Win/Loss Ratio: 20 - 9 | → + 
[03] FOR THE MONEY [WaDiRob / Meek] | Score: 1471 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 2 | → +   
[04] Sonic_BladeZ [True Blue / Ryo_Guikido] | Score: 1419 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 1 | → + 




- Maize, SuperGirlKels, and HolyNightMare currently have no losses so far. How long will they be able to keep it up?                   
- WaDiKong has played 232 matches so far, the most matches played in this ranking.  
- Lots of Warios this season.    
- Ryo decides to do more than just beast offline. He's now entered ladder with his Ike. Be afraid.
- There are two notable low tiers who are in this ranking. Congratulations to both promise (Zelda) and Raptor (Yoshi) for putting in the good work, and keep it up!                                  


- As you have noticed, only top 4 is listed here instead of top 16. This is because Doubles Ladder is so dead, that there isn't really anything to say. Come on people, step it up.     
- If you're still having problems joining Doubles Ladder, please check out Mar's blog on how to get around the glitch until further notice.    


Remember, this season’s ladder ends on March 31st. There’s plenty of time to join up if you haven't done already. We could definitely use more activity this season, so please join up and congratulations to everyone who has participated so far.
Hello, AIB! With Apex just around the corner, I know many of you can't contain your hype. To further increase this hype, I designed a skin dedicated to Apex (which was turned down due to miscommunication) so everybody could view the "newer" looking AIB, and have access to an awesome skin. Because I'm a man of my word, I will be removing the limited access on the Apex skin now, meaning everybody can use it. Before we get started on this, I'll just post a few things you should know about:

The New Skins Group:

*This group has been revamped for 2013 and will contain all of the new skin information. Available skins will be located here as well as a how-to list of instructions. New skins will be released periodically; there will be a poll on this soon so be sure to join the group and vote!


*For those of you that don't want to read through the group page (for whatever reason) I'll go ahead and post the instructions here. First download the Stylish extension for Google Chrome (Firefox is still being worked on, don't worry). It's completely free and it's going to be our tool for redesigning.

*Next, download a created skin (the list can be found in the group page).

*Finally, in the top right (or bottom left for firefox) there will be an extension with the letter S. Click on that to reveal the available skins you have downloaded and the ability to enable/disable them.

That's it. I'd like to thank my team of people for helping me out on this, as well as everybody else who assisted me. Special thanks goes out to Yoshinendo, DramaKiDD, Faye Valentine, lightlanayru, Zero Flare, Kakashi of the Sharingan, and especially JV.

If you guys run into any issues or have questions, feel free to message me and I'll get on it right away.
The unnatural howling of the wind comes to an abrupt halt, as the eerie creaking of the stairs slowly fade away - a reminder that Halloween has come to an end. With that, powers go out in the East Coast due to the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, and the presidential debate gets caught up in its own storm. But ladies and gentlemen, no one could possibly be prepared for the next dramatic event of November. And that is... The Ladder Update. I bring to you our fourth episode on this season's Fall 2012 Ladder. So without further ado, pull out your popcorn and coffee favorite beverage, as we witness how this saga will continue. 

I want to remind everyone that if you have any replays of your best ladder matches and you’d like to share it and have it featured on here for the ladder updates, feel free to send them to me or Trish via PMs.    

Side-note: These top rankings have been taken on 6:30 pm CST on Monday [11/05/12].     

Current Rankings


[01] nostalgia ULTRA. | Score: 2283 | Win/Loss Ratio: 55 - 2 | → Meta Knight / Marth / Toon Link  
[02] Dark Buttercup | Score: 2182 | Win/Loss Ratio: 33 - 7 | → Diddy / Meta Knight   
[03] Nairo | Score: 2167 | Win/Loss Ratio: 22 - 1 | → Meta Knight / Donkey Kong / Wario
[04] CT ZeRo | Score: 2096 | Win/Loss Ratio: 34 - 3 | → Meta Knight  
[05] Sync. | Score: 2045 | Win/Loss Ratio: 24 - 2 | → Meta Knight 
[06] Megafox. | Score: 2036 | Win/Loss Ratio: 21 - 3 | → Fox / Marth / Snake 
[07] Negga | Score: 2021 | Win/Loss Ratio: 25 - 1 | → Diddy / Mr. Game and Watch / Kirby 
[08] Denti | Score: 2012 | Win/Loss Ratio: 27 - 3 | → Olimar 
[09] M to the Ekos | Score: 1982 | Win/Loss Ratio: 26 - 10 | → Lucas 
[10] Fierce Deity Deku | Score: 1951 | Win/Loss Ratio : 53 - 18 | → Meta Knight 
[11] Jtails | Score: 1950 | Win/Loss Ratio: 43 - 16 | → Meta Knight 
[12] Mr.Eric | Score: 1927 | Win/Loss Ratio: 120 - 120 | → Marth 
[13] Syco | Score: 1893 | Win/Loss Ratio: 47 - 20 | → Olimar 
[14] R-XYZ | Score: 1873 | Win/Loss Ratio: 38 - 17 | → Rob 
[15] Red Roy | Score: 1864 | Win/Loss Ratio: 131 - 120 | → Donkey Kong / King Dedede 
[16] SlayerZ | Score: 1850 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 0 | → Peach 
[17] RaiKameUme | Score: 1847 | Win/Loss Ratio: 30 - 35 | → Meta Knight / Kirby/ King Dedede 
[18] Iota | Score: 1825 | Win/Loss Ratio: 52 - 19 | → Wario / Meta Knight 
[19] K-DOTox | Score: 1803 | Win/Loss Ratio: 69 - 34 | → Pit   
[20] JpIsCrAzY | Score: 1763 | Win/Loss Ratio: 71 - 15 | → Diddy / Meta Knight 
[21] Yujiro of The Sun-Woo Clan | Score: 1753 | Win/Loss Ratio: 18 - 2 | → Meta Knight 
[22] Melanoid | Score: 1751 | Win/Loss Ratio: 42 - 19 | → Peach / Meta Knight  
[23] Toon Sage Naomi | Score: 1742 | Win/Loss Ratio: 43 - 22 | → Meta Knight / Zero Suit / Ice Climbers / Peach 
[24] Jbandrew | Score: 1740 | Win/Loss Ratio: 18 - 7 | → Meta Knight 
[25] Triple R | Score: 1734 | Win/Loss Ratio: 38 - 14 | → Kirby 
[26] KHL | Score: 1727 | Win/Loss Ratio: 32 - 27 | → Meta Knight / Falco 
[27] K9s | Score: 1727 | Win/Loss Ratio: 57 - 37 | → Meta Knight  
[28] Z | Score: 1717 | Win/Loss Ratio: 69 - 29 | → Falco / Donkey Kong / Random 
[29] Patrick Bateman | Score: 1704 | Win/Loss Ratio: 9 - 2 | → King Dedede 
[30] ×MÁR× | Score: 1699 | Win/Loss Ratio: 16 -16 |  → Diddy / Meta Knight 
[31] Saruhebi | Score: 1695 | Win/Loss Ratio: 85 - 37 | → Snake / Diddy / Toon Link 
[32] Ame | Score: 1694 | Win/Loss Ratio: 33 - 26 | → Sheik / Falco  


[01] Basura [nostalgia ULTRA. / Dark Buttercup] | Score: 1926 | Win/Loss Ratio: 31 - 0 | → Meta Knight / Toon Link  
[02] Double Ultimate Avatar State [M to the Ekos / Nairo] | Score: 1756 | Win/Loss Ratio: 13 - 2 | → Lucas / Meta Knight 
[03] NO DUB MK? WHO CARES!? TOP 4 WE IN THERE! [Dilemma. / Negga] | Score: 1744 | Win/Loss Ratio: 31 - 7 | → Meta Knight / Diddy / Kirby / Mr. Game and Watch 
[04] Lets do this!!!!! [RaiKameUme / Maize] | Score: 1709 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 1 | → Meta Knight / R.O.B. 
[05] doesnt matter [Uno. / WaDiRob] | Score: 1572 | Win/Loss Ratio: 12 - 2 | → Mr. Game and Watch / Wario 
[06] Dial M for the Monkey [×MÁR× / Masho] | Score: 1528 | Win/Loss Ratio: 5 - 3 | → Diddy / ? 
[07] club bashin [Fierce Deity Deku / Melanoid] | Score: 1513 | Win/Loss Ratio: 18 - 7 | → Meta Knight / Marth / Peach  
[08] What the **** is "Time"? [Wafty / Yujiro of The Sun-Woo Clan] | Score: 1296 | Win/Loss Ratio: 15 - 10 | → Wario / Meta Knight 
[09] ~Royal Kawaii Princesses~ [The Truth / Eclipse.] | Score: 1230 | Win/Loss Ratio: 8 - 1  → Pikachu / Kirby / Marth   
[10] There will be cake [Fubuki Shirou / Foodies] | Score: 1155 | Win/Loss Ratio: 10 - 2  → Kirby / Marth  
[11] Silent Assassins [-DaVe- / kizzykash] | Score: 1128 | Win/Loss Ratio: 4 - 1 | → Ike / Toon Link 
[12] Loeser's team [Loeser / KHL] | Score: 1126 | Win/Loss Ratio: 2 -0 | → Wario / Meta Knight 
[13] Somo [xzx / ccst] | Score: 1103 | Win/Loss Ratio: 5 - 3 | → Wario / Rob 
[14] mk2 [Katon / DracoBlaze] | Score: 952 | Win/Loss Ratio: 1 - 0 | → Marth / Meta Knight 
[15] NOW! [Edge of Tomorrow / iiSuperEnjoi.] | Score: 933 | Win/Loss Ratio: 5 - 3 | → Marth / Meta Knight 
[16] The Great Warriors [Prey God of all Saiyans / LNIAD] | Score: 929 | Win/Loss Ratio: 5 - 1 | → Rob / Meta Knight / Ike 



- SlayerZ returns with Peach and is currently on a 7 win streak and no losses so far.               
- Red Roy has played 251 matches so far, the most matches played in this ranking. 
- M to the Ekos is back to put in some work with Lucas for singles and doubles both. 
- Denti's score is 2012. He's had his new year's resolution all planned out.                               


- nostalgia ULTRA. and Dark Buttercup lead doubles ladder with 31 wins and no losses so far.  
- Ike/Toon Link isn't a team you see everyday, but -DaVe- and kizzykash prove otherwise.  
- Despite both ladders picking up more activity, Doubles Ladder in particular could still use a boost. Perfect Week helped bolster the activity, but it's still not enough. 
- If you're still having problems joining Doubles Ladder, please check out Mar's blog on how to get around the glitch until further notice.   


Remember, this season’s ladder ends on November 30th. There’s plenty of time to join up if you haven't done already. We could definitely use more activity this season, so please join up and congratulations to everyone who has participated so far.

Hey guys! You may have already been preparing your house with spooky decorations and pumpkins, buying loads of candy for the innocent trick-or-treaters, but make sure you don't forget your costume because Halloween is right around the corner, which makes this the perfect time for our annual Halloween Costume Contest!

The rules are simple. Put on a costume of your choice, take a picture, and submit it to one of the judges on our panel. It's that easy!

For simply participating, you will receive the Participant badge. If you costume is good enough to make it to the finals, however, you will receive the Finalist badge. Lastly, if you're the chosen winner out of our group of finalists, you will receive the Costume Contest Winner badge.

We will be grading each of the costumes on the following categories. Make sure you meet all of the following criteria so you can make it to the finals!

Originality: Is it a costume you made yourself? If you're cosplaying, how well do you look like the person you're cosplaying? In other words, try to be creative, don't just be another vampire/zombie/mummy (though a mummy would be pretty cool).

Flexibility: Is this a costume that anyone can wear, or is it something restrained to skinny people, fat people, tall people, etc? Dressing in pieces instead of layers will help you accomplish this.

Appeal: Is it pretty or ugly? Or rather, is it interesting to look at, or will people turn away because it's hideous? When you're thinking about this, try to remember something along the lines of "kids and adults" so you don't do anything drastic.

Panel of Judges:
SVK Skyviper

All entries must be submitted by 10/31 at 11:59 PST. Any entries after that will not be added. To submit an entry, PM one of the above judges with the subject line as "costume contest" or something along the lines of that.

Hey everyone! I’m here to bring you another Bi-Weekly Ladder Update for this season. Before we get into the rankings I would like to remind you that the ladder will close at 11:59 PM on November 30th, which gives you just over 5 weeks to play the ladder and get the placing you’ve always wanted! As of now, the ladder hasn’t been too active, so if you still want to get your games in, now is the time to start preparing for that. Be advised that there is a minimum number of matches required to both get the badges and to qualify for playoffs, unlike past seasons. 

I’d also like to remind everyone that the Perfect Week for Doubles Ladder began yesterday. The details of this event are discussed here, but the reward will be a badge worth 750 points. There’s also a Doubles Weekend event scheduled for this coming weekend - this will also reward participants with a badge if they fulfill the requirements, so now is the time to get started with those. Don’t delay! 

If you have any questions, please send a message to Mocha or Lightlanayru. If I haven’t listed your character(s) correctly, please post here to make sure that we get them correct next time. That being said, let’s get to the rankings (Note: these were taken at 6:10 PM CST on Oct. 22). 

*Additional Note* Due to Content delay, these rankings were taken as of yesterday.

Brawl Singles: 

[01] nostalgia ULTRA. | Score: 2329 | Win/Loss Ratio: 46 - 1 | → Meta Knight / Marth 
[02] Dark Buttercup | Score: 2127 | Win/Loss Ratio: 29 - 7 | → Diddy / Meta Knight 
[03] Sync. | Score: 2026 | Win/Loss Ratio: 23 - 2 | → Meta Knight 
[04] Megafox. | Score: 2015 | Win/Loss Ratio: 16 - 1 | → Fox / Marth / Snake 
[05] CT ZeRo | Score: 1998 | Win/Loss Ratio: 27 - 3 | → Meta Knight 
[06] Mr.Eric | Score: 1959 | Win/Loss Ratio: 96 - 90 | → Marth 
[07] Syco | Score: 1950 | Win/Loss Ratio: 45 - 18 | → Olimar 
[08] Udivine | Score: 1945 | Win/Loss Ratio: 25 - 0 | → Mr. Game & Watch / Meta Knight / Random? 
[09] Denti | Score: 1922 | Win/Loss Ratio: 24 - 3 | → Olimar 
[10] Iron Fist Raffi-X | Score: 1904 | Win/Loss Ratio: 36 - 15 | → R.O.B. 
[11] Red Roy | Score: 1888 | Win/Loss Ratio: 118 - 98 | → Donkey Kong / King Dedede 
[12] Iota | Score: 1867 | Win/Loss Ratio: 51 - 17 | → Wario / Meta Knight 
[13] Toon Sage Naomi | Score: 1785 | Win/Loss Ratio: 43 - 22 | → Meta Knight / Zero Suit Samus / Ice Climbers / Peach 
[14] M to the Ekos | Score: 1779 | Win/Loss Ratio: 16 - 5 | → Lucas 
[15] _Quest_ | Score: 1769 | Win/Loss Ratio: 11 - 3 | → Marth / Toon Link 
[16] K9s | Score: 1767 | Win/Loss Ratio: 54 -35 | → Meta Knight 
[17] Jbandrew | Score: 1766 | Win/Loss Ratio: 14 - 5 | → Meta Knight 
[18] JpIsCrAzY | Score: 1758 | Win/Loss Ratio: 65 - 13 | → Diddy / Meta Knight 
[19] Seagull Joe | Score: 1725 | Win/Loss Ratio: 23 - 10 | → Meta Knight / Wolf / Donkey Kong 
[20] ven | Score: 1722 | Win/Loss Ratio: 29 - 10 | → Zelda 
[21] RaiKameUme | Score: 1719 | Win/Loss Ratio: 14 - 10 | → Meta Knight / Kirby 
[22] Strato Quake Angel Admiral Pit | Score: 1718 | Win/Loss Ratio: 31 - 7 | → Pit 
[23] Saruhebi | Score: 1713 | Win/Loss Ratio: 77 - 35 | → Snake / Diddy / Toon Link 
[24] KHL | Score: 1697 | Win/Loss Ratio: 26 -18 | → Meta Knight / Falco 
[25] Uno. | Score: 1692 | Win/Loss Ratio: 25 - 9 | → Mr. Game & Watch / Meta Knight / R.O.B. 
[26] Z | Score: 1689 | Win/Loss Ratio: 56 - 26 | → Falco / Donkey Kong / Random? 
[27] Ame | Score: 1676 | Win/Loss Ratio: 20 - 12 | → Shiek / Falco 
[28] ×MÁR× | Score: 1670 | Win/Loss Ratio: 13 -11 | → Meta Knight / Diddy 
[29] Massimo Corteleoni | Score: 1635 | Win/Loss Ratio: 207 - 55 | → Olimar / Zero Suit Samus / Meta Knight 
[30] Yujiro of The Sun-Woo Clan | Score: 1634 | Win/Loss Ratio: 13 -1 | → Meta Knight 
[31] LOE1 The Legend | Score: 1634 | Win/Loss Ratio: 65 - 50 | → Wario 
[32] Scizor | Score: 1630 | Win/Loss Ratio: 32 -13 | → Meta Knight / Falco 

Brawl Doubles: 

[01] Basura [nostalgia ULTRA. / Dark Buttercup] | Score: 1878 | Win/Loss Ratio: 20 - 0 | → Meta Knight / Toon Link 
[02] NO DUB MK? WHO CARES!? TOP 4 WE IN THERE! [Dilemma. / Negga] | Score: 1677 | Win/Loss Ratio: 20 - 6 | → Meta Knight / Diddy / Kirby / Mr. Game and Watch 
[03] Whackamole [PentaSalia / Udivine] | Score: 1580 | Win/Loss Ratio: 6 - 2 | → Mr. Game & Watch / Meta Knight 
[04] doesnt matter [Uno. / WaDiRob] | Score: 1550 | Win/Loss Ratio: 10 - 2 | → Mr. Game and Watch / Wario 
[05] We Runnin' back to the Top! [Fierce Deity Deku / FF Ori_bro] | Score: 1227 | Win/Loss Ratio: 6 - 5 | → Meta Knight / Olimar 
[06] Somo [xzx / ccst] | Score: 1131 | Win/Loss Ratio: 5 - 3 | → Wario / Rob 
[07] There will be cake [Fubuki Shirou / Foodies] | Score: 1043 | Win/Loss Ratio: 7 - 2 → Kirby / Marth 
[08] ~♥~Double Deadly Divas!~♥~ [SlayerZ / Silly Kyle] | Score: 876 | Win/Loss Ratio: 3 - 0 | → Peach / Peach 
[09] The Great Warriors [Prey God of all Saiyans / LNIAD] | Score: 875 | Win/Loss Ratio: 4 - 1 | → R.O.B. / Meta Knight / Ike 
[10] KiraFlax’s Team [KiraFlax / K9s] | Score: 828 | Win/Loss Ratio: 4 -5 | → Pit / R.O. B. / Meta Knight 
[11] HooDaBessBladez [GameofThronesFan2 / YingYangMasta] | Score: 683 | Win/Loss Ratio: 2 - 3 → Diddy / ? 
[12] Iota’s Team [Iota / Serynder] | Score: 655 | Win/Loss Ratio: 2 -1 | → Wario / Meta Knight 
[13] -YosMFD-‘s Team [-YosMFD- / ToxinTANK] | Score: 591 | Win/Loss Ratio: 1 -2 | → Falco (?) / Pit [14] PK Misfire! [Koolzone / Hukster] | Score: 540 | Win/Loss Ratio: 2 - 3 | → Luigi / Ness 
[15] kid craft 24 sonic master’s team [kid craft 24 sonic master / Atari1x8] | Score: 509 | Win/Loss Ratio: 1 - 3 | → Sonic / Ness 
[16] Yes! No. Yes! [Ant / Sync.] | Score: 450 | Win/Loss Ratio: 2 -1 | → Sonic / Meta Knight 


-Singles Ladder primarily features Meta Knight players, with at least 18 of the top 32 players using Meta Knight. At least there’s some variety otherwise, with Zelda, Lucas, Toon Link, Wolf and other characters making showings. 
-nostalgia ULTRA. is far ahead of the crowd, over 200 points above the next in line, Dark Buttercup (though Kirsi [DracoBlaze] will probably resurface from his 'withdrawn' status soon). 
-We have a new addition to the rankings since the last update: Udivine, with no losses and 25 wins. 
-nostalgia ULTRA., Dark Buttercup, M to the Ekos, Saruhebi and Dilemma are usually known as FOW, MJG, Mekos, Stridez and Zodi, for those of you who were wondering what their true identities are. 
-M to the Ekos is the highest ranked player in singles right now who is using a low tier - Lucas. 
-nostalgia ULTRA. and Dark Buttercup take 1st in Doubles Ladder with 20 wins and no losses. 
-Not much else to note about Doubles Ladder other than a reminder to pick up the activity. 

Well, that’s it folks! Keep up the laddering.

Hello, AIB! It's been a while since I last made an announcement, but I can assure you I've been working on a LOT of new things along with the rest of the wonderful staff. As far as things that have been announced in the past, I promise they're coming. We've had Series 5 take off not too long ago and now we're going to have a collaboration event featuring several contests thrown together from AIB Ladder and TCG. I'm talking of course, about The Perfect Week! For those of you that missed out on the announcement, The Perfect Week is an event that takes place 7 days straight. The goal of the event is to beat 1 NEW/DIFFERENT opponent every day in the ladder, which is slightly modified from Barney's Perfect Week (if anybody here watches HIMYM). The same rules apply to Doubles Perfect Week. On top of all of this, it will be the same week as Singles Weekend and Doubles Weekend!


Oct 15- Oct 21: Singles Perfect Week 
Oct 19-Oct 21: Singles Weekend 
Oct 22-Oct 28: Doubles Perfect Week 
Oct 26: Doubles Night 
Oct 26-Oct 28: Doubles Weekend 



The Perfect Week: Beat 1 DIFFERENT person, every day, for 7 days straight and you will be rewarded for The Perfect Week.

Singles Weekend Warrior: Play 2 matches, every day, during Oct 19-21. You do not have to win these matches.


The Perfect Week: Same rules above apply; beat 1 DIFFERENT team, every day, for 7 days straight and the badge is yours.

Doubles Weekend Warrior: Play 2 matches, every day, during Oct 26-28. You do not have to win these matches.

Doubles Night: Play 3 matches on Oct 26. You do not have to win these matches.

***Staff teams will be showing up from 7-9 EST.

We are very limited on staff members, so we have another special announcement! If you manage to beat a team of staff members (regardless if they are teamed in doubles ladder) you will receive the Double Danger badge. This is mainly because most staff members are on teams with a regular member and aren't able to hand out this badge specifically for this reason. LADDER RULES APPLY; this means you may only challenge once per day, 2/3, etc. We are keeping a list of the people that we will play, so we'll know if you try to switch teams to steal the badge away (when you could just practice overnight and try again ;P lol).

SVK Skyviper and Foodies will count as staff members for this event!


You may play YOUR respective timezone and still qualify for the badge. This is mainly addressing England, Germany, Norway/Sweden, and other EU territories, but people in USA can still do it. AIB is hosted from the west coast, so we have to go by west coast time on pretty much everything (ladder updates, daily cards, etc). I want this to be a fair event, and I would like it if everybody is able to be a winner. There's a 5-12 hour difference depending on where you live, and what part of Europe you're referring to; pretty much, I don't want them up at 7am the next day trying to get the badge just because AIB is biased.

Next up, Foodies has an announcement on behalf of all you card folks out there!


There will also be card rewards for this event! Completing each event will give the following rewards:

Singles Perfect Week - series 5 cards: 3C, 2UC, 1R
Singles Weekend - 6 cards from all series (chance of what you get depends on rarities).
Doubles Perfect Week - series 5 cards: 9C, 6UC, 3R
Doubles Weekend - 18 cards from all series (chance of what you get depends on rarities).
Doubles Night - 3 cards from series 5 (Rarities by % chance)


Singles Perfect Week
Doubles Perfect Week
Double Danger
Double Dater
Singles Weekend Warrior
Staff Slayer
Doubles Weekend Warrior
Wifi Warrior

***All badges will be given out at the end of each week. If you qualify for a badge and have not received it, please PM Mocha, Sakram3nt, SVK Skyviper, lightlanayru, or Foodies. Please provide your ladder history as well. 

That's all on our end, and we hope to see all of you at the event!