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            The Smash scene has always been something of a mystery to those outside the community. It is often isolated from other gaming communities and as a result few realize the draw and staying power the games have had for over half a decade. One of the staples of the Smash community are the occasional community run, grassroots national tournaments. The roots of these tournaments go all the way back to 2003, when Matt Deezie ran the very first Smash national tournament, TG4. Since that time dozens more have occurred and a few tournaments have even risen to the international level in scope. 

            One of these tournaments is coming this weekend. As I mentioned a few weeks ago in “Super Smash Bros. Thriving Across the Country” over at, in just a few short days the Smash scene is looking forward to the international tournament Apex 2012. The last international tournament occurred in the summer of 2011 with over 400 people attending and over $22,000 in prize money. At that tournament, Genesis II, a Melee player from outside the United States won for the first time ever. The player Armada, hailing from Sweden, had traveled to the United States repeatedly over the years but until 2011 had not finished higher than second in singles at a major US tournament. Unlike many other competitive games, the US has typically dominated the international scene and is often considered the best at both Brawl and Melee. This history goes all the way back to former world champion Ken Hoang winning the Jack Garden tournament in Japan in 2005.

Many players outside the United States have proven they can achieve great heights, but until Armada’s victory six months ago none had proven they had what it took to be a champion. At Apex 2012 the saga will continue, with Armada once again coming to the United States –only this time he will not be the underdog, but the defending champion. Apex 2012 will have a plethora of high-level players attending for both games. Melee, having such a long history, offers an interesting diversity in talent. At the top of the list are all former and current national champions. Dr Peepee, the Falco main who won Pound 5 in early 2011, is by many considered the favorite to challenge Armada. To win though he will have to overcome other champions like Hungrybox and his Jigglypuff. Hungrybox’s time at the top has been steady for years; he won Apex 2010 and is typically in the top 3 at major national tournaments. Probably the most electrifying Melee player though will be Mango, considered at one point to be the most dominant player after Ken, he has won multiple national tournaments since 2009 and he is considered a threat with many characters.

Moving past these national champions though are former Melee players and legends in their own right. Isai, former Major League Gaming Doubles National Champion in 2004, 2005, and 2006 and widely considered the best Smash 64 player ever, will be attending. MLG 2006 National Champion PC Chris should also be showing off his, possibly rusty but certainly thrilling, skills. Other players from the days that MLG held Melee include Chillin, KoreanDJ, and Azen—two of which won MLG tournaments in 2005 and 2006. Captain Jack has reportedly booked his flight from Japan, he had placed top 3 at MLG’s 2004 National Championship.  Looking at these players, the talent at Apex 2012 is almost surpassed by the long and storied history and it is anyone’s guess who’ll come out on top. 

For Brawl the event looks to be just as exciting. Apex 2010 winner, DEHF, is set to defend his crown and shake off what was likely a bit disappointing 2010 MLG season. The player currently considered the best at Brawl will surely give DEHF one of his biggest obstacles in defending his crown. Since taking 4th place at MLG’s 2010 National Championship, Ally has been on a rampage, winning over 20 tournaments in the last year alone, including the national Pound 5. He is the first player since Brawl’s release to overtake Mew2King in the SWF Rankings, a catalogue of over 4,500 unique players and 500 tournaments occurring in the last year alone. Other challenges to DEHF include Mr. R, considered one of the best Marth players and the best player from Europe.


While the competition will be fierce from all the aforementioned players, probably the most exciting matches will come from the Japanese. So far over ten Japanese players are slated to travel to Apex 2012. Among them was the Apex 2010 Runner-up, Brood, who showed the US players that Olimar can compete on an entirely different level. He stands as one of the only players to ever defeat both Ally and Mew2King in the same tournament. Another Japanese player, Kakera, is believed to have a Meta Knight that rivals Mew2King’s and many are looking forward to a potential showdown between the two. Finally, there is Nietono, who’s Olimar is held as the best in the world and who is frequently referred to as the best player in Japan.

All of these international players will be fighting a slew of American goliaths. The best of the US includes ADHD (Diddy Kong), Anti (Meta Knight), Atomsk (everything), NickRiddle (Zero Suit Samus), and ESAM (Pikachu). Many of these players are considered the best in the country with their character. 2010 MLG National Champion and winner of $12,500, Gnes, will grace the tournament and hopes are high for his and other Texas’ player’s attendance. Likely the odds-on favorite to win the tournament is Mew2King though, who despite a surge from Ally is still the most consistent Brawl player of the last four years. Mew2King has mentioned Apex 2012 may be his last tournament and a competitor at his level will always want to go out on top. He will be entering both Brawl and Melee and stands to win upwards of $10,000 if he performs well in both games.

Though the tournament is just three days away and already records have been set. With 410 Unique Brawl entrances it will be the largest Brawl tournament in history. The experience lasts three days from January 6th-8th, and aside from all three Smash games will also include competitions for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and even Pokemon Black/White. If you live near the New Jersey area and don’t wish to enter a tournament but want to check it out, spectator passes are a mere $10. Registration will be taken at the door for Super Street Fighter IV AE, Ultimate Marvel v Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and Pokemon. This is huge considering the recently EVO2k12 announced that Apex 2012 will be its kickoff event for their Road to EVO. 

  • 410 Brawl Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 330 Melee Entrants (2nd Largest Ever)
  • 64 Smash 64 Entrants (Largest Ever)
  • 84 (and counting...) Traditional Fighting Games
  • 3 Days
  • Over $15,000 in prizes
  • Professional quality stream so all the action can be watched from home
  • First Smash tournament to also be an EVO qualifing event
Brackets and Pools
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Interested in Apex 2012? Post who you think will win in the comments!

*Photo Credits: PBnJ,,

A Look Into Genesis 2

I will let my video do most of the speaking, but I have a  few quick things I'd like to say first. This is not a full write-up of the tournament. This is just a way to see what Genesis 2 was like, and to relive the awesome moments the tournament  brought. First off, I had an absolute blast at Genesis 2! Most importantly, the venue was great and the tournament ran quite smoothly. There was easy access to food and drinks all day,  and the Smashers did a great job keeping everything hyped! For my first out-of-state tournament experience, this was incredibly amazing. Special thanks to the DBR crew for running the event, Red Bull for sponsoring it, and everyone who came out for supporting it! Now sit back, and enjoy the video! Look back on all the great moments if you were there, and if you weren't, be sorry that you weren't.
With love,
GhaudePhaede010: Does this man need an introduction? Most likely not. Would any intro do this amazing player justice? Probably not. Am I going to try anyway? Definitely! I am joined today by Super Smash Bros. Brawl best player. The standard, the epitaph, the zenith, the man, the legend, the wonderkin, the benchmark for all of us. If you are not him, you basically dream of beating him every day, every time you fire up this game. He is a multi-time national tournament winner, he has earned more than anyone else playing the game, he has won on multiple continents, been at the top of Melee, is the Ghaude of Brawl. The man's name is synonymous with Metaknight. A man of as much controversy as contribution and earnings. I have on thee other side of this interview, the one and only MEW2KING. HOLY **** MEW2KING!!!! Mew2King, congratulations on winning Genesis 2 singles and doubles. You freaking raped everyone and everything and thank you so much for keeping your word and doing this interview.
Mew2King: Thanks =D Glad to do it.
GhaudePhaede010: I am going to go straight at the biggest and most talked about subject of Genesis 2 right off top. It seems it would not be a National event without Mew2King having some sort of controversy. At Genesis 2, most of the talk was about if you were deserving of a, "red card" over the fact that you sandbagged a match against Sade in pool play. Now in my opinion, pool play is like the, "regular season" to brackets being the, "playoffs" in competitive gaming. Meaning, once you have secured your spot, you can play how you want to because you have earned the right to relax and enjoy some of the tournament. You are not entitled to play hard so the next player can get through. That job is on each player individually. The backlash was severe though and I wonder how you felt knowing about this and do you regret any of your actions regarding this situation?
Mew2King: I don't see the big deal honestly. It's not like I had any malicious intent. I was guaranteed 1st seed at that point no matter what happened. At Clash of Titans 5 Ally went Wolf in pools and got 2nd seed because of it but no one made a big deal of it. I already apologized to Kirinblaze for that anyway.
GhaudePhaede010: Since we are on the topic, I know the MLG crap is now a figment of the past and I am not going to try to pry my way into thee inner workings of that situation. What I want to know is in retrospect, is there anything you would have changed about yourself in that situation?
Mew2King: Lets not talk about this as it brings bad memories. That was my year's goal and I really needed the money and both got ruined.
GhaudePhaede010: Like I said, I am not here to pry anything so we can move on. The Unity Ruleset is one that disappoints me to no end. I am very adamantly against it usage and see it as counterproductive and very elitist in its implementation. How do you feel about this ruleset and if you had the power, what would you adjust and why?
Mew2King: Honestly, I don't really care much either way. The ruleset does not affect me too much.
GhaudePhaede010: I constantly feel like you are personally upheld to a hypocritical double standard. Because of your persona, people feel like you are too, "robotic" and far too introverted. On thee other hand, if you do something that comes off as, "natural" and even, "normal" you end up being penalized for that as well. Do you feel the double standard and how do you handle those situations?
Mew2King: Anything I do gets hated on a lot. I might have my problems and be a weird kid but so what?
GhaudePhaede010: Everyone of us has problems and is just a taste weird. Like I said, I feel too many people uphold you to that double standard. It is easier to do that to you than say, step up themselves. Anyway, most people shudder in fear when they find out they will have to play you. I know you are pretty much at the top of the game but is there anyone that you truly feel pressure or nervousness when you know you will have to play them?
Mew2King: I don't go into most matches thinking I'll win. I go into them thinking I'll lose so that I don't **** around and I can try my best
GhaudePhaede010: But since you win all the time, I find myself cheering against you because I enjoy rooting for thee underdog and you are basically never thee underdog. Does it bother you that people like me never want you to win anything? Do you have anyone that you personally root against for whatever reason?
Mew2King: I don't like cheering against people. Oh hell yeah that gets annoying but you have to get used to it. I'm kinda used to it (even though it sucks =/ ).
GhaudePhaede010: I understand it sucking and I hope you understand, I do not root for the Yankees for the same reason. Every year the Yankees are involved and it is nice to see other teams, faces, and fans earn it over the top dog. This next question is as much for Melee as it is for Brawl. Is there any player that you have never beaten that you would like to have gotten one last shot at?
Mew2King: I guess a rematch with Armada? Maybe some day...
GhaudePhaede010: A rematch with Armada would be pretty ****ing amazing. You two should just do a high dollar money match because I think everyone would want to see it. I prefer doubles to singles as most people already know. One of the main reasons is that you can team with other great players and see them for a short period as an ally and not your cut throat nemesis. Everyone I interview wants to team with you because most people agree that you are the best doubles player out there. So my question is, who is the best doubles partner for you and what does it take to get you to partner with someone?
Mew2King: If people take me to tournaments or do me favors, I'll team with them. It's easiest to win with Anti or Ally in my experience but I do well with a lot of people.
GhaudePhaede010: As far as traveling goes, you have been to some amazing places including Australia, the one place I really want to go for gaming. Where have you been that you would never want to go back to? Where would do you like to revisit? And where would you like to go that you have never been?
Mew2King: I'd rather not answer negative things, but I really enjoy going to California. And NJ/NY is good too (and convenient for me). Oh yeah, and I wanna go to Japan.
GhaudePhaede010: Semi on this topic: You have seen a lot of cities, states, and even other countries. Where is your absolute favorite spot to eat?
Mew2King: Hmmm. I don't know... Chipotle and In N Out are really good, or any good chicken or asian food places are generally really good as well.
GhaudePhaede010: I am partial to Del Taco and Jack in the Box. Oh how I miss Jack in the Box. We are all men and mostly all of us love women. So I think we all want to know what kind of women does Mew2King want to b-air, d-smash, and JV 4-stock?
Mew2King: Asians! >_>... what the **** I'm not answering this specifically LOL.
GhaudePhaede010: Wow so many men love the Asian *****es. I guess Asian *****es dabess... Because you were basically always on the road, there was a period where I thought you did not have a home. When not on the road, what do you do to relax?
Mew2King: I really like sleeping. Traveling is also really fun, because it's always a new adventure. I enjoyed doing this because I want to live life to the fullest instead of wasting it, but I believe I'm going to start going to college again soon and settling down more from now on and as time goes on.
GhaudePhaede010: In all thee interviews I have done, nobody has ever said they really enjoy sleeping so that is a first. Since starting to play competitive Smash, do you have a rough estimate of how much money you made?
Mew2King: 50k at most. But I've had a lot of bad luck and it should have been a lot more. My total right now is about 10k, and a lot of it (vast majority by far) goes to helping my family. I'm not lying at all.
GhaudePhaede010: May I please borrow a hundred dollars?
Mew2King: No! <_< but I do lend out money to my friends a lot. Except, I found out a lot of them aren't even friends, but people who just took advantage of me and don't intend to pay me back. niceness is my weakness I think.
GhaudePhaede010: Aiight, so from now on my goal is not to be the best Smash player out there; rather, to become your friend. Aside from basically ruling the community and raping the competition, what keeps you coming back? Is it all about the money? The celebrity? The whores? Is it something else that I could never understand?
Mew2King: It used to be about proving myself to be the best. Now that I've reached that (Even though me and Ally are essentially equals depending on who's playing better that day) it's for money. It's also kinda fun. Sometimes it isn't fun at all, but Genesis 2 was extremely fun to me.
GhaudePhaede010: I think only you, dmbrandon, and Fatal are openly willing to admit that money is a strong motivation. It is like other players are ashamed to admit they want the money. I think we all want money though. Going into Genesis 2 you did not seem very confident you would place first. Why was that and do you think agreeing to do this interview had anything to do with you performing so well (I like to think of you wanting to do this as a turning point)?
Mew2King: I don't go into matches thinking I'll win as I said. I simply try my best to make sure I do. I don't underestimate my opponents or sandbag them. When I lose I was usually either outplayed or just playing bad, but if it's a big tourney I generally don't like to underestimate my opponents.
Mew2King: And no, agreeing to the interview had nothing to do with it XD
GhaudePhaede010: Man come on now... I know agreeing to this interview had a little something to do with your success. You know in the back of your mind you were thinking, "I cannot let GhaudePhaede010 down. Gotta win for that interview" right? Heading into a big national event like Genesis 2, do you feel any extra hype or is it more of a, "business as usual" approach for you these days?
Mew2King: It is a combination of both, really.
GhaudePhaede010: You never played Wifi and I have to wonder why... were you part of that elite group that would alienate online players when at in person tournaments?
Mew2King: No, I was not. But it's just too laggy that's it.
GhaudePhaede010: A player was robbed at gun point after Friday's conclusion. Besides thinking the community is full of **** for reacting the way they did (really community, a guy gets robbed and somehow it is HIS fault? Really? Think...), your sandbagging was somehow more important and news worthy than this. I did not see one blog on the front page and other than a twitter post, I was basically thee only person actively trying to pursue information. While blogs about you sandbagging were reaching huge numbers of replies (which I did voice my opinion on), there was very little about this bit of unfortunateness. Did you hear about this and how does it make you feel to know that you sandbagging was more important to the community than the safety of the players?
Mew2King: This Brawl community is incredibly immature I would like to say first off. All most of these kids do is gossip or start and/or spread rumors, whether they are true or just plain made up or simply something they want to believe or doing it for attention. That's the main reason I rarely bother with this website hardly anymore. Stealing money or threatening people is ****ing rude. As someone who is actually owed about 7000 dollars from various tournaments not paying out (Winterfest SNES Pound5 Activegamers and I forget the rest) and being robbed (in 2007 I housed a bunch of people and they stole over 1000 dollars from my room just before FC:Diamond, and many other occasions I have had of similar times being robbed but I'd rather not think about it but in my life it's several thousands easily) I know what it feels like to get robbed (not gunpoint but the robbed part definitely). However, that doesn't mean you should do bad things back to other people, and what most people do is they take the bottled up anger that they have, and because of their sadness they enjoy making others sad or doing greedy things. I even used to be like that at one point but I think the older I get the more clear this becomes. This may sound stupid but one of the reasons I don't really like doing bad things is because, if heaven does exist, you don't go there if you do a lot of bad things . Also, I generally feel a lot of guilt if I were to do bad things (lying, stealing, hurting people, are all things I greatly dislike). I know this isn't part of the question you asked but it's stuff that I wanted to say anyway.
GhaudePhaede010: Oh my Jeebus that was totally not an answer I was expecting. But for the most part, you are correct. In my short interviewing career, I have gotten to interview UltimateRazer, Fatal, dmbrandon, ADHD (on my daughters birthday. THANK YOU ADHD), and now you as big names go. You are about as big as they get so who would you like me to interview next and why?
Mew2King: I really do not know. Someone you really want to interview is probably better than anyone I could tell you to interview. Hmmm... maybe Ally, Anti or Tyrant though lol.
GhaudePhaede010: Mew2King, thank you so much for taking the time out to do this interview. I totally love you, appreciate you, and wish you so much luck and wealth and *****es in the future. Will you please buy me a boat? If you have any shout-outs or e-hate, please feel free to send it out now.
Mew2King: thanks =D. And no wtf LOL. I'll buy you a toy boat that squirts water though. And for shout-outs I don't like naming specific people so I won't but the VAST majority of the rumors about me are not true and that is the truth. Reason I don't really use this site much anymore is cuz caring about it is unnecessary stress that I'd rather have ignored or out of my life. For the few that are true I'll just fix them, but the immature smash community making a big deal of everything I do (and HAVEN'T done but they think is true) and hating so much is absolutely unnecessary.
GhaudePhaede010: I normally do not add anything to the beginning or end of interviews (with ADHD being thee only exception) but there are a few things I feel I have to say. First of all, I feel like king of the world getting to interview amazing and not so amazing players and legends simply because they are people and I want to know about them as much as anyone else does. Second, I want to give some special shout-outs because this interview right here has earned me the freelancer badge and when I started out, I was not sure I would stay around long enough to get this far so here goes:
GhaudePhaede010: I want to shout-out the following people in no specific order: numonezeldafan for being my first interview and helping me develop this style. Vermanubis for basically showing the world that an amazing interview is not solely based on name recognition. dmbrandon and Inui because even when I disagree with either of you, you are both men and you understand what it takes to be real and stay integral. Neither of you sell out and I respect both of you so much for always being yourself even when we do not see eye to eye. Plus, you both raped when I interviewed you. Patg and Kyleisreal because you both take care of me. Always reading, supporting and watching since near the beginning. I would definitely not be near where I am today without you two specifically as fans. Most of the people in free play for keeping my skills sharp since I do not have the time to play like I used to. My wonderful girlfriend for giving me so much to talk about, and helping me out by asking so many important questions. A lot of the stuff I ask, especially the funnier, more eccentric stuff comes from her. My baby's momma for being so drama free and supportive (and telling me to mention this next person). Miles, my editor for putting up wth, looking over, and posting my interviews despite length, or brutal editing processes. He is a gift to me and he does so very much to contribute to this website. I feel ashamed that my baby's mother had to point out that I needed to give you this shout-out, but she is 100% correct in not letting me submit this without giving you the praise, love, and respect due to you. Thank you. My brother for being my brother. Most people have family that will support them no matter what, but not me. My brother is not a nut rider and like dm and Inui, you have to earn his respect and once you have it, the doors open. He gave me absolutely nothing in terms of respect but now he reads as much as anyone. Lastly, everyone else I have interviewed. All of you hold a special place in my heart, even if it did not go well or I did not like thee interview. Every experience is a special one and it has led to me getting big name players, and much love and respect from the community. I will never turn my back on players on that level. I appreciate every one of you. Thank you all.
GhaudePhaede010: For Iyolah! For Eternity!
by Rich Brown Jun 29 2011, 12:36PM
Genesis is in just 3 weeks! (July 15th-17th). Registration ends on June 30th! That's just tomorrow! Follow this link: and sign up today!

Genesis 1 brought some of the most hype sets in both Brawl and Melee history. Genesis 2 will be featuring all the top players from around the nation, including household names such as M2K, Ally, Tyrant, and DEHF. In addition, RAIN and EARTH will be making a special appearance all the way from Japan! Words can't describe the amount of hype and energy that will be in the building in 3 weeks. This is a must have experience for every smasher out there.

Register today! And if transportation/housing is an issue, fear not! Here are some very helpful links which will assure that everyone who wants to go to Genesis can find a way to be there.

Transportation: ,


Also, for those wanting to get in some last minute practice before Genesis, be sure to come out to E4J: Champion ( ) the week before on July 9th! M2K and TKD will be in attendance!
MLG Dallas ( is going to be one of the biggest events in Smash history. Players from all over the nation, including M2K, Ally, ESAM, Tyrant, Lee Martin, and many, many more are all competing for a first place prize of $12,500. X factor players such as TeeKayDee and Gnes, coming in unranked, are also looking to stir things up. Buy your pass now at .
In order for smash to have a chance at being picked up again for the 2011 Pro Circuit, the event must sell out completely. If this event does not sell out, there is a good chance Smash will be dropped. Buy your pass immediately and help support the community!
MLG competitions are truly a once in a life time experience. Even outside the competition, you get to meet and play against the nation’s top players, and get all kinds of free stuff, including Dr. Pepper, Doritos, Hot Pockets, and my personal favorite: hand massages!
MLG Dallas is an event you absolutely have to be at. Buy your pass now and come experience the hype!
If you want a small taste of what MLG DC was like, here is Keitaro's MLG DC experience:
Part 1:
Part 2:

MLG Raleigh is just around the corner and it's time to remind everyone to register before the deadline closes! The event will kick off August 27th with the Brawl 1v1 Event and conclude on August 29th with the Brawl 2v2 event. The first two MLG events were a huge success, with all of the best players in the US in attendance. The matches were hype, the crowd was consistently going crazy, and everyone had a ton of fun. Raleigh is approaching fast, and the deadline to get in on the action is August 23rd - so make sure to click here to register for the event. Registration is only $35 ($45 including at-the-venue-only 2v2 Registration), which is a drop in the bucket compared to most Nationals.

Here is what has been said about previous MLG Events, in case there is any doubt about the amazing style and production of the largest and strongest competitive gaming company in North America:

The best tournament I have been to in my entire life! - Dojo

The tournament was run very smoothly and I had a great experience with the Refs. Really well done overall, amazing job! - MetalMusicMan

MLG was a terrific experience, probably the best tournament I will ever go to in my life.-Clowsui

Another MLG is in the books, and like Orlando, it didn't disappoint. -Mav

I would just like to say that this was the best tournament I have ever been to without a doubt. Not only will I try my best to come to Raleigh, but I think everyone else should do the same. -SnackAttack

The place is huge. It’s ten times the size of my house. They’ve got good systems, it’s very well run. Most efficient tournament I’ve ever been to. - ESAM

The venue is amazing and the crowd is a lot of fun. I’ve never had this much fun at a tournament before. I loved the crowd. It made things a lot more fun.-ADHD

This has best the best tournament I have ever been to in the history of forever. I am not kidding, real talk. -Sky

This is my first MLG...and not only has it fulfilled my dreams but it has supported everything I ever expected.-Pierce7d

I absolutely thought it was a great tournament. Seeding could have been better but I know that couldn't be helped. The event was really professionally done and it was a blast. Free Dr. Pepper. I really liked that TV's were turned off for finals to increase the hype of the event.-LeeMartin

This was one of the fastest and most efficiently ran events that I have been to in years. Amazing!-D1

MLG Orlando is one of the best tournaments I have been to. I love Brawl and I love the community.-Tyrant

Of course, maybe these testimonials aren't enough. Maybe you need even more reasons to attend MLG Raleigh this August 27th-29th. Well, lets check out the free stuff you get for just being at the event:

  • Free BIC Razors
  • Free Old Spice Deodorant
  • Free Hot Pockets
  • Free Doritos, all you can eat, all weekend long
  • Free Stride Gum
  • Free Jack Link's Beef Jerky
  • Free Dr. Pepper, all you can drink, all weekend long
  • Free MLG and Doritos branded hand towels
  • Free hand massages
  • Free MLG and Hot Pockets branded aluminum water bottles
  • Sponsor giveaways and contests for free merchandise, including Best Buy Gift Cards
  • A professional photographer taking photos of players all weekend long - pictures go up on the very day they are taken!

Of course, free food, free drinks, free merchandise, that is just part of the experience that MLG provides. MLG has gotten together just about every top player in the country to attend the event. Just who are we talking about?

  • Mew2King (Ohio) - Meta Knight
  • Ally (Canada) - Snake
  • TyraNt (California) - Meta Knight
  • ESAM (Florida) - Pikachu
  • NickRiddle (Florida) - Zero Suit Samus
  • LeeMartin (Louisiana) - Meta Knight/Lucario
  • Atomsk (New Jersey) - King Dedede/Ice Climbers/Meta Knight
  • DEHF (California) - Falco
  • Tearbear (California) - Meta Knight
  • ADHD (New Jersey) - Diddy Kong
  • Big Lou (Georgia) - Luigi
  • mikeHAZE (California) - Marth
  • CO18 (Florida) - King Dedede
  • San (New York) - Ike

Throw in others like Hunger, Kismit, Reflex, Anti, Fatal, Felix, and RichBrown and the competition is stacked. If you have ever wanted to play the best in the world, while getting tons of free stuff, MLG Raleigh is where it is at.

Of course, maybe Brawl isn't the only game you are interested in. That's OK. For Raleigh only, we will be bringing in a few Melee set ups to celebrate the MLG's 50th Event. In addition to that, you can watch the best players in North America and the world go head to head in four other official tournament titles:

  • Halo 3
  • Starcraft 2
  • Tekken 6
  • World of Warcraft

Still not enough? Well, if you can hang with the Pro's, then you can get your shot at a $7,000 prize pool paid out to Top 8. That is more money than any other national except for other MLG Pro Circuit Events! Here is the prize breakdown:

  1. $2,500
  2. $1,500
  3. $1,000
  4. $700
  5. $500
  6. $350
  7. $250
  8. $200

And at the National Championships later this November in Dallas, we get to see an event with $35,000 in prizes paid to the Top 8:

  1. $12,500
  2. $7,500
  3. $5000
  4. $3,500
  5. $2,500
  6. $1,750
  7. $1,250
  8. $1,000

The best players. The best sponsors. The best gaming experience. Come to MLG Raleigh and see all that competitive gaming has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Remember to register here for only $35! Do it today. Do it right now. Don't wait.

MLG will be offering coverage in the next week leading up the event, including interviews and a preview article. The first of these articles is already up on the site: Count interviews Apex 2010 Champion and MLG Pro Player DEHF. Click here to check it out!

Here is some additional, important information regarding the event:

Register now!

All Images Copyright Major League Gaming

So as we gear up for the tournament in just a few days here lets take a look towards some storylines for SuperCon.

1. Mew2King vs. DEHF

With Mew2King coming off his first Brawl tournament in pretty much forever without a 1st place finish to show for it will he bounce back with a win? And what about the man himself, DEHF, he not only beat M2K at Apex but went on to win the tournament. Can he defend his title and post back to back wins heading into MLG Raleigh?

2. Ally

While 99% of smashers would be thrilled with a 5th place finish, AiB celebirty Ally is not one of those. Its a finish below his normal standards and this is a guy who takes loses pretty hard. Will he bring it back with a force in Colorado?

3. How will the bonus money for using only mid tier characters down impact the tournament?

There has never been a smash tournament that has put bonus money into the pot trying to throw the mid tiers down a bone. Taking the players that rocked the characters that were not at the peak of the tier list and tried to reward them for their efforts. But how will it impact things? Might you see Ally playing Falcon or other top players use this as an occasion to break out their lower tiered characters? Will the old guard of tried and true real lower tier mains represent and have one of their own take down the bonus? I know Hug's samus will have his eye on the prize for Melee, but with other strong players playing characters like Gannon and Luigi we will see if he can. And Axe certainly has his eye on it for Brawl. How will it all go down? Only time will tell.

*For the Record you may switch within this group, but if at any time in singles you use a character not on this list you become ineligible.*


Samus, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Mario

Link, Pikachu, Young Link, Roy, Zelda, Game and Watch

Ness, Yoshi, Bowser, Mewtwo, Kirby, Pichu




Pit, Toon Link, ZSS, Kirby, ROB, DK, Peach, Fox, Luigi, Wolf, Sheik, Pokemon Trainer, Sonic, Ness, Bowser


Lucas, Ike, Yoshi, Mario, Falcon, Samus, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Link, Gannon


4. What is the Melee Tournament going to look like and how is the evolution of the metagame going to be on display?

Last, but certainly not least, is Melee. Its incredibly interesting to see the Melee scene and metagame continue to evolve and progress this far into the games life cycle. And especially coming off a massive tournament the week before where I am sure everyone got loads of smash in, how will this be on display at Supercon? Will big names represent? Will it impact character choices? Will we see some progression in play styles?


Its all going down in Denver Colorado August 13th-14th, with the AiB BBQ/Pool hang-out on Sunday the 15th.

So a fairly big tournament in Las Vegas (S.I.N. 2) just happened and I’m interviewing 2nd place finisher X, one of the best Sonics! Mah du beat mad people getting to 2nd place so I’m going to be talking about the struggle of a Sonic main, his hardships, life story, if he likes me, etc.
Allied:  So X, thanks for coming with me Mah Du<3 So we are here talking about Sin2, but let's backtrack a bit. How have you been doing in tournaments prior to Sin2?
X: Well, In Utah I always place 1st and when I lived in California for a few months I would place top 10! I've placed high in multiple OOS tournaments before :D.
Allied: All Sonic as well?
X: I've never EVER played anyone else in my entire life!! :D.
Allied: Ever feel held back as playing Sonic or not at all?
X: To be honest, I feel like Sonic has so much potential; that being said, it makes me feel like I can take him to new height, so no, not at all :-)
Allied: That’s interesting. So, with all your accomplishments, are you power ranked in your state?
X:  I sure am! 1st in state :-) and I'm very happy about that accomplishment! I've got to keep my game up if I want to be 1st in Utah :-D.
Allied: That’s impressive. So now, let's talk about Sin2. Do you know how in particular you were seeded? Were there pools, and who did you face on your way to the top?
X: Well, I was seeded very low ha-ha! But no, there weren’t any pools and if I remember correctly, I went against FOW, Tyrant, DSF and M2K and boy, that was one hard bracket! Haha!
Allied: So for each match against FOW, Tyrant and DSF, how did you feel you were going to do and what was your general plan?
X: Well, FOW is an amazing Ness -- the best I’ve fought! I thought I was going to do okay but not too well. Just as I had hoped, I won! Oddly enough he went Meta Knight on me after I beat his Ness. I really hope he doesn’t switch to a Meta Knight main!
Tyrant -- boy, my mind was set on losing all the way! Tyrant has such a great Meta Knight but somehow I pulled together and managed to 2-0 him! I was very surprised and happy!
DSF -- I was feeling pretty good about going against him; after beating Tyrant I thought to myself that maybe I can do this again! And luckily I managed to 2-0 him as well! To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for winning any of those matches! But I ended up winning them all! :D
Allied: Now you had to face M2K in Winners finals: how did that go?
X: Well, he RAPED me! 3-0ed baby! Hahaha his MK had so many tricks I was like WTF! But yeah, I was overwhelmed with his skill level and he trashed me.
Allied: In Losers Finals you managed to face Tyrant again. Did he have any tricks up his sleeve to deal with you this time around?
X: Well this time Tyrant came back with vengeance and took me to the 5th game! It was last stock, last hit and 10 seconds remaining on Rainbow Cruise but I somehow managed to win! I can gladly say I didn’t time him out :D.
Allied: Now I saw on the Stream that you managed to win the first 2 games against M2K. What was going through your mind as you had a 2-0 lead?
X: I was sooooooooooo happy! I could not believe that I had a 2-0 lead! I mean come on, its M2K! I was thinking that maybe I can actually win, maybe this could be the day where a Sonic main beats M2K! But from what I heard from Jason, he said he had gotten mad that I had a 2-0 lead, so he went on and beat me in the last 3 matches and those were some great matches! I was happy that I was able to take him to last stock on most of the games!
Allied: Do you feel he adapted to your play style or did you slip up? What exactly happened?
X: Well at first I started adapting to HIS play style, but when he got angry he started reading me a lot better; I surely did not slip up. He read me way too well; I might have spammed a few moves that were easily punishable, but other than that I was an open book! I’m still just glad that I actually took him to game 5!
Allied: Well congratulations on 2nd on such a tough tournament mah du and almost beating M2K -- you definitely deserve the props. Any future tournaments that maybe I can see you at like MLG Raleigh, Apex and Supercon?
X: Thank you, I sure tried my best at SIN2!, And well my friends and family have been trying their best to get me to an MLG, the thing is I’m just too poor! ;(. I really want to travel out of state a lot more, but I’m so limited by my financial status. I was so lucky to make it to SIN2! It was funny because my car actually blew up on the way to Vegas, but one sweet call to MIMI and she had helped me and my brothers and friends with a ride and thanks to Hebrew Hammer for picking us up!
If for some reason I have money this summer, I will try my best to enter all of those tournaments! And I should be confirmed for Supercon! I love CO and it’s pretty close to me and I know my friends have my back so I’m not worried!
Allied: Well I’m sorry about what happened on the way there and I’m glad it ended up all ok, Any last words for your Sonic fans and Sonic players?
X: Wait… I have Sonic fans!?! I hope I do! And yes this is not only for the Sonic fans but my great friends and family.
I want to take this time to thank you all for the support!! Everyone on live stream, everyone behind me on my matches, MIMI for always being by my side in every match.

And just all of you who believe in me!!!!
Utah of course!! My good friend YAZ who taught me all about the Meta match up!
My brother LADA who helped me succeed in teams with SONIC AND ROB!! My brother StaZ who supported me from Cali with my dad!! My brother Kang! Who came and gave me SUPER SUPPORT!!
ZETH who is my second hand man!!!
my brother Dai-A who taught me all there is to know about smash!!!
my little brothers Ian and Randy who help me practice the game at home!
My dear sweet mom!
DarkRyu who gave me instructions to do this weekend!! ahaha!!
Also Steph who came with us!
Mr.E for the housing and also XERO!!!!
Dakota and the gang!!!
Gangsta kirby for being the troll
BJ caver for being my hero!
Savannah kennedy!
Stephen stout for picking us up from out of nowhere!!
Utah for helping me get this good and achieve my goals!!
Allied for interviewing me! And being my SEXY FACEBOOK BUDDY!!! (LOL)
M2K for giving me such great matches!!
Just EVERYONE!!  I can't thank you guys enough! I really wish I had more to give.....
You guys are the best! I LOVE YOU ALL!! :-D

Well there you go, hopefully we will all see X around soon enough, thanks everyone for reading this! I'm going to go troll singles chat some more! peace! <3

mikeHAZE: After writing up the last Tournament Analysis article, I quickly realized that I couldn't do this alone, so I had to bring someone with me!  Please welcome our East Coast Representative, AlliieD.
AlliieeD: Hey, what's up all?  This is Allied from New York and  I'll be reporting to you about the hottest tournaments this side of the US.
We're a little late this week, please forgive us; we'll be back to a normal schedule on the next article.
This past weekend, East Coast Brawl attended Super DSO 2, a tournament being run by ChiboSempai who is a well known host as well as a great player in the Smash community.  
The tournament ran Singles and Doubles for both Brawl and Brawl+.
Brawl Singles:
1: Atomsk
2: Squall
3: Ninjalink
4: Inui
5: Malcolm
5: ChiboSempai
7: MintyFlesh
7: Izumi
Brawl Singles had some pretty interesting results.  Atomsk placed first, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but the battle to first place is something to be talked about.
As you see, Squall got second place.  If you're unfamiliar with Squall then let me enlighten you.
Squall is considered PA's best player (I don't know if it's official yet).  Last weekend was disappointing for him: he placed 17th at Asylum, losing to Deltacod, who is New Jersey's best Yoshi. Squall was kinda depressed at DSO, questioning even entering the tournament, but with some support from Vex Kesrani and I he decided to enter. 
Squall had an INSANELY tough bracket.  He showed us that he's a force to reckoned with. In winners bracket, he took out players like Nasty, Will - who is considered the best Donkey Kong, Ninjalink, Inui, and then finally in Winners' Finals he took out Atomsk.
Stacked bracket if you ask me.  
In the losers' bracket, Atomsk took out Ninjalink for second place.  Ninjalink, who got 3rd, had an impressing killing spree in losers' bracket after being knocked out by Squall early on in the tournament.  In losers' he defeated Xzax, Mintyflesh, Inui, and Malcolm before losing to Atomsk. 
Ninjalink definitely showed off his amazing Diddy Kong once again in the tournament, as well as his surprise guest: Pikachu.
Surprising results, and a very fun tournament. As far as tournament hosting, let's give shout outs to Chibo! He did a very good job. And special shout outs to Alex Strife for making a guest hosting appearance. 
mikeHAZE: Yo guys, this is mikeHAZE and I'll be bringing you the scoop on what happened on West Coast's regional tournament this past weekend - TourneyPlay #5.
This was the fifth tournament being run by GCguy (Chris), owner of Gameclucks - a gamestore residing in Washington.  GCguy has been known for hosting some well run, well hyped tournaments, so it was good to see him out in Southern California running a regional outside of his comfort zone.
The two day tournament saw a plethora of different games: Brawl, Melee, Halo 3, Super Street Fighter 4, Call of Duty: MW2, and TVC.
Brawl had 79 entrants for singles, which included players from all over the West Coast, as well as a special Midwest guest - Mew2King.
Singles Results:
1: Mew2King
2: Tyrant
3: mikeHAZE
4: DSF
5: Darklink
7: Rich Brown
7: Warpstatus
The first question you may ask yourself: Who is Darklink?  Well first, he doesn't main Link.  Darklink is a Meta Knight player, who is also considered the best player in Arizona.  In the winners' bracket, he defeated Tyrant, Erow, and was then sent to losers' bracket by mikeHAZE in Winners' Semifinals.
Warpstatus and Rich Brown did really well as you can see.  They actually played each other first match of Pro Bracket, with Rich Brown taking the win in a close 2-1 set.  Rich also took out Zex before being sent to losers bracket by Mew2King.
Warpstatus had a good run considering his loss vs. Rich in the first bracket match.  In losers bracket he took out Brent, Tearbear, FOW, and CPU before losing an intense, last match set vs. DEHF.
DEHF took a early loss in the winners' bracket after losing to mikeHAZE 2-1, and was later taken out by DSF when they met in losers'.
In winners' finals, mikeHAZE played Mew2King.  Unfortunately (yes, I'm biased) Mike lost to Mew2King 3-1. 
In the losers' bracket Mike faced Tyrant, who made quite a comeback in losers' bracket despite his early defeat.  After his loss vs. Darklink, he defeated: Typh, Oki, Fiction, Rich Brown, Darklink, DSF (who forfeited), then finally faced and defeated mikeHAZE in Losers' Finals 3-1.  Tyrant met Mew2King in grand finals where he lost 3-0.
Mew2King dominates once again.  With MLG coming up pretty soon everyone is wondering if he will be able to stay static with his wins.
by BFAA Inui Sep 29 2009, 2:47PM
Inui: So, I've got ADHD here, who's known as the best Diddy Kong in the world at this point after dethroning a few other contenders like NinjaLink and Gnes by scoring bigger wins and just outperforming everyone besides Ally, Mew2King, Dojo, and Tyrant in tournaments these days. I remember when you first entered the scene and I watched you improve faster than anyone else. How did you improve so quickly? How does being at the top of your character's metagame feel?

Continue reading Talkin With ADHD!

Check out t0mmy's video montage of some fantastic players at EVO 2k9:

Continue reading SMASHScene: EVO 2k9 Montage

For all you all coming into Vegas for Evo we will be throwing a little Poolside AiB get together. Everyone is welcome to come, hang out, mingle with your fellow gamers and AiB staff (Neal, AZ, and I will all be there). We will be meeting at 12 noon Thursday July 16th in the lobby of the Hard Rock Casino. You will see some dudes in AiB shirts :P. If you are interested in coming but will be coming in after noon shoot me a pm so I can get you my cell and u can give me a call when u get in.

The Hard Rock Pool is incredibly sick and far and away one of the best pools on the strip. Here is a little blurb about it.

"The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Beach Club truly is an oasis in the desert, selected by the Travel Channel as one of the top 10 pools in the world. The pool’s Caribbean-blue water meanders almost a mile while lapping up to real sand beaches. Sprinkle in sunbathing beauties, a dash of swim up blackjack, and garnish with a water slide through generously landscaped rocks and palms. It’s the recipe for a perfect Hard Rock day!"

Which brings us to the greatness that will be Evo. Brackets should be up tomorrow. We will also be bringing you near live bracket updates, sending the occasional pro to a tournament chat room to take questions with those of you at home, hopefully working in some videos, and more cool things. More details to come, but make sure you set your browsers to AiB for yet another weekend of hot tournament coverage with the best players out there in attendance. We are talking Mew2King, Ally, SK92, Lain, Judge, and much more! Can Mew2King avenge his Genesis loss to Ally is just one big back-story coming in??? Tune in Friday and Saturday to find out.

by nealdt Jul 14 2009, 4:49PM

Looking for a single-post wrapup of (most) everything that went down at GENESIS this past weekend? Look no further! (For full brackets and results see the AiB tournament page.)

Top Brawl stories:

  • Singles event size: 294 entrants, the second largest Brawl tournament ever.
  • Ally takes Brawl singles after losing the winners finals match to Mew2King. After moving the grand finals matches back to the hotel, Ally triumphs in two sets over M2K to take top placing of GENESIS Brawl. Videos are available here!
  • In similar fashion, Mew2King and Fiction come back from losers bracket to beat Ally and Sean in two sets to win doubles grand finals. (Still waiting on videos!)
  • Only 3 of the top 8 placings were from Metaknight mains, and those placings were from arguably the 3 best MKs in the nation.
  • A big argument/controversy over excessive stalling broke out during the losers bracket set between DEHF and Dojo. The Smash Back Room held a private discussion and held a vote to give the set to Dojo.
  • Due to the delay over the DEHF/Dojo incident, the tournament did not finish at the venue. The singles and doubles grand finals had to be played out back at the hotel.
  • Several crew battles were run during the 3 days but no conclusive winner was found. Pacific Northwest (OR/WA) lost to Puerto Rico and Midwest beat NorCal. SoCal and Atlantic North had to stop due to time constraints but Atlantic North later forfeitted. South demolished the International team.

Top Melee stories:

  • Singles event size: 290 entrants, the largest Melee tournament in history.
  • Armada lives up to the hype with flying colors, taking winners bracket sets against DaShizWiz, Mew2King, Mango, and others. His incredible Peach -- a character that no one has considered a tournament winner in a very long time -- impresses greatly and will likely inspire a new generation of Smashers.
  • Mango bounces back and takes grand finals from Armada in two of the greatest sets ever played in Melee. 
  • East Coast defeats West Coast in crews, Canada beats International, and South takes out Canada. EC vs. South doesn't happen because no one feels up to it after the amazing singles grand finals events.
  • Mew2King and Jman come back from losers bracket to defeat Scar and Darc in doubles grand finals, giving East Coast the top 2 doubles placings and Mew2King a clean sweep of the doubles events at the tournament.
  • The Mew2King/Armada winners semifinals match is marred by controversy when the two players play a best of 3 set when the rules call for a best of 5. DBR decides that the match stands, as in general any game played with improper rules can only be objected to during the game/set and not after. (This is a summary argument; both sides of the debate had excellent points and this tournament organizer is glad he did not have to make the final decision, and would also like to thank all parties involved for (mostly) keeping their cool during the discussion. Just watch out for Tonberry, that dude is scary when he's angry :))
  • Zhu later defeats Mew2King in losers bracket, making him only the second West Coast player to take a set off off M2K in the modern Melee scene. Zhu ends up placing fourth overall.
  • Florida represents with a ton of talent at the top of the Melee bracket, including dark horse Hungrybox at 3rd.
  • Tope ruins the Silent Spectre vs. darkrain hype by defeating SS in bracket. GOOD GOING TOPE :P.
  • Melee videos are slowly being released via this YouTube channel.

Top community/miscellaneous stories:
  • Ramada Inn Antioch is overrun by Smashers. Other guests flee the area facing the onslaught of foul-mouthed teenagers. Miraculously, no one is arrested.
  • Douchebag pricks who are likely from this very community break into Idaho/Churro's car in the parking lot and steal several TVs and Wiis. Rot in hell you pieces of trash.
  • CreepyFingers' prosu burgers sell like wildfire, with people having to wait up to 30 minutes for their order to come in.
  • Registration for 500 people takes about 90 minutes thanks to 7 registration stations and some tio additions to support multi-laptop event registration.

Thanks to everyone who attended!
A lot is riding on the results of Genesis. Players will be flocking from all over to prove their might.
Among these players stand the best of the best, the pros. M2K, Ally, Tyrant, FICTION, NinjaLink, Typh, and many others will be attending. There will be so much talent all in one place. Anything can happen!
Will M2K once again rise above all others? Will Ally knock him down?
Today I bring you an interview with three top players. Two come from the East and one from West!

Atomsk-Don't get grabbed!
Zolga: To start things off, who are you?
Atomsk: I'm Atomsk. I'm mostly known for my King DeDeDe but I'm trying to play the Ice Climbers more because I find them more fun.
Atomsk: I still have a very good King DeDeDe though. People tell me I look like I'm thinking really hard when I play him.
Zolga: You put on your serious face; Brawl is serious business remember?
Atomsk: I guess you could say that.
Zolga: Now to a topic that we all are interested in. How do you feel about the huge amount of Brawl talent that will be attending Genesis?
Atomsk: I think it will be an interesting experience.
Even when I was just starting out, I always wanted to meet out of state players. Just to meet new people. I loved to see the difference in playstyles.
Zolga: Thats good, do you feel you made a good impression?
Atomsk:Yeah, I'm glad that most people have liked me so far.
Zolga: Spread the love Atomsk.
How do you feel the international players will do?
Atomsk: For Brawl?
Zolga: Both Melee and Brawl please.
Atomsk: I believe that the ones playing Melee will do well, but I'd expect America to out place most of them.
Japan scares me though.
Zolga: Do you think our talent will be too much for them?
Atomsk: Whenever you go into enemy territory its natural to feel overwhelmed. As long as you keep calm and play smart you will do just fine.**
: What do you think about the low tier mains?
Atomsk: To be honest I know I'll get hate for this.
Low tiers are nothing but gimmicks in this game.
Few low tier characters have potential.
Zolga: You know I main a low tier *ANGER*
Zelda/Shiek kicks butt.
Atomsk: Good, I think that they are underrated.
Zolga: Most low tier mains moan and whine about how high tiers are cheap. Personally I like the challenge.
Atomsk: Most of them are scrubs. To be honest in this game being challenged by characters like Meta Knight, Diddy Kong, Wario, and the Ice Climbers are actually really fun.
Zolga: I love playing Meta Knights actually.
Atomsk: Me too, NJ has so many scrub Meta Knights.
Zolga: I feel that to beat high tiers you just need to learn the matchup.
Atomsk: Yeah, if you don't feel like putting in the effort to learn matchups you shouldn't call anything cheap.
Zolga: My fellow low tier mains will hate me for this, Go learn a high tier! Stop crying and moaning!
Atomsk: That'd honestly be a good thing.
Zolga: What do you think about the Melee talent?
Atomsk: I think there will be a good amount of it.
I want to see M2K beat Mango for once.
I gotta believe in my East Coast buddy.
Zolga: East Coast for the win!
Zolga: Which region do you think brings the most to the tournament?
Atomsk: In Brawl, I think EC is bringing a lot of talent.
In Melee WC is bringing the skill.
Zolga: Who do you think will triumph in Brawl Singles?
Atomsk: M2K or Ally to be honest.
I hope I do well though.
Zolga: A couple more then we are done.
What do you prefer Brawl or Melee?
Atomsk: I like both equally, I'll play Brawl more only because I am better at it.
Zolga: What do you think are the chances of some unknown player rising to the top?
Atomsk: For Brawl it's possible. Often WiFi players do good in tournaments.
Zolga: Last one.
Will Genesis even finish?
Atomsk: Hell no.
Zolga: Any shoutouts?
Atomsk: I love you Mike Haze! Eggz and his "ADD"!
I'm looking forward to meeting FICTION.
Zolga: Thank you for taking time to be interviewed.

Jem-Fear the Tornado!
Zolga: Let's get this started! Who are you?
Jem: I'm Jem, a MetaKnight main from Washington.
Zolga: A MetaKnight main? How original!
Jem: PLAY TO WIN! No, I'm kidding he is just fun.
Zolga: How do you feel about the boatload of talent that is going to be at Genesis?
Jem: I think it will be really exciting. Every character has a few really good representatives. Even the low tiers, I have a feeling that a lot of the top tier players will be caught off guard. It's cool that even Australians are coming.
Zolga: What about our players?
Jem: I'm very excited for Ally/M2K/DSF/Tyrant/DEHF/Fiction and all the other pro talent to be at one tournament to see who's the best.
Zolga: How do you think the international players will adapt to our style?
Jem: I personally haven't kept up with the out of country talent. I know Japan is really good, but I'm not sure if Australia is any good. I guess we will find out. I feel that our talent will be too much for them though.
Zolga: What do you think about the low tier mains?
Jem: I think because most low tier mains study the high tier matchups, they can cause some upsets.
Zolga: I'm a low tier main myself, but even I don't think they have much of a chance agianst the high tiers.
Jem: M2K, Ally, DSF, and Tyrant are too good.
Zolga: At the top of the crop we have your very own main, MetaKnight. How do you feel the non-Meta players will do?
Jem: Everyone studies the matchup so it's hard to win even as a MetaKnight main like myself
Zolga: I just feel if you learn the matchup you have a shot at winning; don't whine about how they are so cheap
Jem: Yeah that's pretty much how I feel too. A lot of people just want tournaments to be easier. I still don't see Metaknight getting banned though even if he wins. Sure some of us play this at or near a pro-level, but there's never been a character ban in Smash before. Everyone knows Smash is considered a party game forced competitive, so I don't see it happening, its still fun.
Zolga: What do you think about the Melee talent?
Jem: I think that the Melee talent is incredible.
I personally don't see anyone beating Mango though. I am rooting for some underdogs, particularly from Washington. I hope Silent Wolf and Eggz do well. I see M2K maybe taking a set in finals if Mango sandbags, but not the final set.
Zolga: Which region do you think brings the most skill to the tournament?
Jem: California, hands down. California has the best melee player in the world, and arguably the best brawl players(s) in the world. I think most the regions showing up to Genesis are strong, considering all that's on the line. We're about to show you that Washington is a strong region too.
Zolga: Gotta represent your region.
Jem: I love Washington!
Zolga: Do you think M2K will rape singles?
Jem: I've been talking with M2K lately. I think it's fifty-fifty on if he'll win. Ally proved it's possible to beat M2K, even when he's trying. I know DSF has been practicing hard to reach the top again. I'm going to go ahead and say that I do think M2K will win singles. Though I think a few can give him a good run for his money.
Zolga: A few more questions.
Do you prefer Brawl or Melee?
Jem: I prefer Brawl but I think Melee is the better game.
I'm pretty good at Melee too and I do think it is more fun.
Zolga: I like that attitude; I feel both bring different things to the table.
Jem: Absolutely. It's too bad the communities hate each other.
I'm a big fan of both.
Zolga: I suck at Melee but I still think it's fun.
Last one.
Zolga: Do you think Genesis will even finish?
Jem: I predict it will finish at 4 AM in the morning.
Better reschedule those Sunday morning flights.
Jem: I'm confident in Sidefx and D.B.R. to do a good job.
Zolga: Thanks for taking time to talk with me. Do you have any shoutouts?
Jem: Shoutouts to Eggz, Washington, my SoCal friends, and everyone who's rooting for me! Thanks a bunch and everyone COME TO GENESIS. And come to TOURNEYPLAY in October! Tyrant/M2K/DSF are coming! You'll have fun in Washington!

Inui- Master of Doubles
: Let's get going! Who are you?
Inui: Inui (Lucas DeLorenzo), I main Meta Knight, Snake, and Ike.
Those are the characters I use in tournaments.
Zolga: I heard you prefer doubles to singles; Why is that?
Inui: I find doubles to be a lot more fun, so I'm more motivated. I think it takes a lot of actual skill instead of just abusing top tier characters and camping the whole time. I like teamwork and having a lot of things happening at once.
Zolga: Who would you say has been your best partner?
Inui: Mew2King and Atomsk by far. I almost always team with Atomsk. We have opposite play styles and know the other's style so well. It works out. I can play any role and team with anyone good and be pretty successful, though. I've been with ksizzle, ChuDat, teh_spamerer, Bum, to name a few.
Zolga: What are you excited for at Genesis?
Inui: Brawl doubles and regional crews. I'm the captain for Atlantic North, so there's a lot of pressure on me to lead my team to victory. I'm worried that if we lose, West Coast will think they're better even though we're using a lot of B team players and are deprived of many powerhouses while they won't be. In Brawl doubles, I need to make cash because I'll be far in the hole if I don't make my money back.
Zolga: What do you expect from Brawl Singles?
Inui: No idea, really...I'm going to actually try this time, even if it means camping and being all boring. I'm hoping Atomsk, NinjaLink, Mew2King, ADHD, and the other powerhouses from my region do well. I'm especially hoping they stop the Meta Knights from taking all of the top spots. I expect Mew2King to win and for Ally to place extremely well, but everything else is up for grabs between the top players.
Zolga: What about Melee Singles?
Inui: I really hope Mew2King finally beats Mango, but he probably won't because he plays way too much Brawl.  Mew2King needs to realize that his 2007 skill won't beat Mango. So, I'm expecting Mango to win and for Mew2King to take second. After that, I don't have any idea. I want to see Kage win because I love Ganondorf and admire the way Kage plays and his sportsmanship.
Zolga: What do you think of all the international players coming to Genesis?
Inui: I'm really excited about that!  I want to see how they stack up against us. I got into the SBR not too long ago and got to know and interact with some of the best minds in Europe and Australia. I'm looking forward to meeting them.  Their metagames are different, so I want to see how they play.
Zolga: Do you think that any international players will place well?
Inui: I don't really expect it, to be honest. They might, and I'm not saying they're bad, but I just believe that the skill level here is higher. Their lack of high level Meta Knight experience may hinder there ability to place.
Zolga: Speaking of Meta Knight, how do feel about his potential ban?
Inui: I'm extremely anti-ban. I'm even working hard on the anti-ban team in the SBR right now. Because I see him lose so frequently to other characters here, I don't believe he should be banned. I'm hoping that our Meta Knight slayers take out all of the Meta Knights at Genesis to prove it. Go Atomsk, ADHD, NEO, Pierce, Vex, Malcolm, and NinjaLink!
Zolga: Meta Knight slayers, the community will love that.
You don't expect any Ganondorf's to be winning?
Inui: Um...he's the worst character by far. All of his moves are slower than reaction time, meaning he can't ever win against anyone with a brain. It's really sad since he's my favourite character ever. At least he's usable in Melee.
Zolga: Which region do you feel brings more to the tournament?
Inui: West Coast because it's their home region. They will have all of their powerhouses there and have a big advantage.  Mew2King also said their top players are a bit better than ours. I'm excited to see what happens. I hope Atlantic North brings a strong anti-Meta Knight metagame to their attention and wins.
Zolga: What do you think are the chances of some unknown placing well?
Inui: It's almost impossible. The established top players are too good and too numerous
Zolga: Do you even think Genesis will finish?
Inui: Yeah. The hosts seem to really know what they're doing, and I'll gladly help them if they need it.
Zolga: Which game do you prefer?; Melee or Brawl.
Inui: I have more fun playing Melee, but Brawl has more people and more money right now.
Zolga: What do you think of people calling Brawl a party game?
Inui: It is. Just like Melee and 64. They're all party games than we limited and created rules for in order to make them competitive by our own definition of competitive.
Zolga: That was a very well thought out answer. I expected you to go into "rage mode".
Inui: I try to be logical.
Zolga: Well we are done here, do you have any shoutouts?
Inui: Well... I've already shouted out my Atlantic North homies, no? I'm looking forward to meeting people like Praxis, Fiction, SK92, and other West Coast pros. I'm super excited for this weekend.  SHOUTOUT TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY!  LET'S MAKE THIS THE BEST TOURNAMENT EVER!

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Special thanks to UmbreonMonarchy for proofreading this.