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mikeHAZE: After writing up the last Tournament Analysis article, I quickly realized that I couldn't do this alone, so I had to bring someone with me!  Please welcome our East Coast Representative, AlliieD.
AlliieeD: Hey, what's up all?  This is Allied from New York and  I'll be reporting to you about the hottest tournaments this side of the US.
We're a little late this week, please forgive us; we'll be back to a normal schedule on the next article.
This past weekend, East Coast Brawl attended Super DSO 2, a tournament being run by ChiboSempai who is a well known host as well as a great player in the Smash community.  
The tournament ran Singles and Doubles for both Brawl and Brawl+.
Brawl Singles:
1: Atomsk
2: Squall
3: Ninjalink
4: Inui
5: Malcolm
5: ChiboSempai
7: MintyFlesh
7: Izumi
Brawl Singles had some pretty interesting results.  Atomsk placed first, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but the battle to first place is something to be talked about.
As you see, Squall got second place.  If you're unfamiliar with Squall then let me enlighten you.
Squall is considered PA's best player (I don't know if it's official yet).  Last weekend was disappointing for him: he placed 17th at Asylum, losing to Deltacod, who is New Jersey's best Yoshi. Squall was kinda depressed at DSO, questioning even entering the tournament, but with some support from Vex Kesrani and I he decided to enter. 
Squall had an INSANELY tough bracket.  He showed us that he's a force to reckoned with. In winners bracket, he took out players like Nasty, Will - who is considered the best Donkey Kong, Ninjalink, Inui, and then finally in Winners' Finals he took out Atomsk.
Stacked bracket if you ask me.  
In the losers' bracket, Atomsk took out Ninjalink for second place.  Ninjalink, who got 3rd, had an impressing killing spree in losers' bracket after being knocked out by Squall early on in the tournament.  In losers' he defeated Xzax, Mintyflesh, Inui, and Malcolm before losing to Atomsk. 
Ninjalink definitely showed off his amazing Diddy Kong once again in the tournament, as well as his surprise guest: Pikachu.
Surprising results, and a very fun tournament. As far as tournament hosting, let's give shout outs to Chibo! He did a very good job. And special shout outs to Alex Strife for making a guest hosting appearance. 
mikeHAZE: Yo guys, this is mikeHAZE and I'll be bringing you the scoop on what happened on West Coast's regional tournament this past weekend - TourneyPlay #5.
This was the fifth tournament being run by GCguy (Chris), owner of Gameclucks - a gamestore residing in Washington.  GCguy has been known for hosting some well run, well hyped tournaments, so it was good to see him out in Southern California running a regional outside of his comfort zone.
The two day tournament saw a plethora of different games: Brawl, Melee, Halo 3, Super Street Fighter 4, Call of Duty: MW2, and TVC.
Brawl had 79 entrants for singles, which included players from all over the West Coast, as well as a special Midwest guest - Mew2King.
Singles Results:
1: Mew2King
2: Tyrant
3: mikeHAZE
4: DSF
5: Darklink
7: Rich Brown
7: Warpstatus
The first question you may ask yourself: Who is Darklink?  Well first, he doesn't main Link.  Darklink is a Meta Knight player, who is also considered the best player in Arizona.  In the winners' bracket, he defeated Tyrant, Erow, and was then sent to losers' bracket by mikeHAZE in Winners' Semifinals.
Warpstatus and Rich Brown did really well as you can see.  They actually played each other first match of Pro Bracket, with Rich Brown taking the win in a close 2-1 set.  Rich also took out Zex before being sent to losers bracket by Mew2King.
Warpstatus had a good run considering his loss vs. Rich in the first bracket match.  In losers bracket he took out Brent, Tearbear, FOW, and CPU before losing an intense, last match set vs. DEHF.
DEHF took a early loss in the winners' bracket after losing to mikeHAZE 2-1, and was later taken out by DSF when they met in losers'.
In winners' finals, mikeHAZE played Mew2King.  Unfortunately (yes, I'm biased) Mike lost to Mew2King 3-1. 
In the losers' bracket Mike faced Tyrant, who made quite a comeback in losers' bracket despite his early defeat.  After his loss vs. Darklink, he defeated: Typh, Oki, Fiction, Rich Brown, Darklink, DSF (who forfeited), then finally faced and defeated mikeHAZE in Losers' Finals 3-1.  Tyrant met Mew2King in grand finals where he lost 3-0.
Mew2King dominates once again.  With MLG coming up pretty soon everyone is wondering if he will be able to stay static with his wins.