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by nealdt May 16 2008, 7:28PM
I would like to apologize for the periods of downtime today.

Take a list of problems that a web administrator might run into... then check them all off. That's basically what happened this afternoon.

Then add 95 degree weather and a few hours of slaving to find a bug in a giant heap of otherwise functional code.

I really need a drink.

But No Johns. To apologize, here's two new-ish features to enjoy
  1. Tournament owners can now download a pre-made tio data file from their tournament page. This file will have all your tournament information pre-loaded as well as player entries for everyone who's signed up as planning to attend your tournament. Obviously not everyone is going to make it who wanted to... but for those who do, you now have their AiB account names and city/state for Location-based seeding ready to go. Might save a little time.
  2. The Tournaments page will show events from Certified Hosts first among tournaments with the same date. Just another benefit for passing a certification test!
That's all.

No Wednesday Update yesterday because I have finals this week and next, but I did manage to get a few updates up and running throughout the week without really announcing them. Here's a brief list:
  • Our Tournament Host Certification program is up and running and we've already had 4-5 people complete their certification tests. This is a badge I added last Wednesday that goes to quality tournament hosts who demonstrate that they're responsible, knowledgable, and mature enough to deliver a consistently awesome tournament experience for players. Besides earning a nice badge, certified hosts get priority advertising for their events (including a higher likelihood of being selected as a Featured Tournament) and see special notices about their certification anywhere their tournament is displayed (on the forums, the Tournaments page, etc.). Apply today!

  • Tournament hosts outside the US and Canada should once again be able to create and update tournaments without getting messages about missing a State. Sorry about that.

  • I've put up two guides to some neat features of tio tounament organizer that you might not know about: Five things to know about tio [smaller features that every host needs to know how to use], and tio multi-monitor support [how to use a laptop + an external monitor to make an amazing tournament setup].

  • In case you missed it: check out a sneak-peak of an upcoming tio feature, the Metrics Calculator!

  • Groups and tournaments can now use forum-style formatting code in their Description, Announcements, and Rules sections. This lets you put images and special formatting ([b], [i], [color], etc.) in those descriptive areas.

  • Finally, we double the amount of space for your Favorite Games and About Me profile sections.

  • Almost forgot! Featured Tournaments now show up on the front page along with dedicated boxes for each Featured Content type. We'll also be giving badges to anyone who attends a featured tournament, so get out there and start going!
by nealdt May 7 2008, 5:59PM
Every Wednesday our programmers spend some time fixing small issues that bug our users. These Wednesday Updates offer a great opportunity for the administration staff to interact with our users and hopefully make some changes to improve your All is Brawl experience. Each week we pick a theme and ask for suggestions for bug fixes and additions regarding that theme; once we gather your input, our staff pick out five suggestions to work on for the next update and give badges to those whose suggestions were chosen!

This week's focus was on our badges. We've added lots of new badges and some exciting related features, so read the full news article for a full list of the changes!

We'll be taking a week off from updates next week so we can focus on our next huge side addition (still under wraps!). Thanks to everyone who participated this week!

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