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blog_img Mario Kart 8 Doubles Tonight
2:02 PM on Jul 25, 2014
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7:46 PM on Jul 24, 2014
gh3 glitch infinite song
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Cruel Melee
9 kills
Event Match 12
3.41 s
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Captain Falcon
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Shado Chim...




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The Very First Mario Kart 8 3v3 Ladder '14
W - L:1 - 0
Streak: 1 win

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Italian Falcon

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Jun 20:5th of 13 in Mario Kart 8 at Yoshi's Mario Kart 8 Surprise #1
Mar 02:5th of 11 in Singles at Finem Rixam #4: Queen of the Comets
Feb 07:7th of 9 in Singles at Finem Rixam #1: You Came To The Wrong Village

Falcon's Friendly Tournament #3: SAS Cup
1st place Retro Races
Sep 23, 2011

Falcon's Christmas Cup
1st place Christmas War
Dec 24, 2010

Falcon's Christmas Cup
1st place Miis Only
Dec 24, 2010

Falcon's Christmas Cup
1st place Toad and Toadette Grand Prix
Dec 24, 2010

MetaBowser wrote at 3:22 PM on Jul 28, 2014:
more vending machine cards are going to eventually be made.
MetaBowser wrote at 2:21 PM on Jul 28, 2014:
If you want more autographs to be made, you should post ideas for round 2.
Horsy wrote at 11:54 AM on Jul 28, 2014:
No problem, partner!
Horsy wrote at 11:52 AM on Jul 28, 2014:
In response to your private message:

"Yes sir, I can definitely do that.

I planned to host my tournament series on Sunday evenings, anyway, so it's no problem at all."

I had to post my response to you, in your shout-outs, because your message inbox is full.
Blue Ninjakoopa wrote at 8:04 PM on Jul 27, 2014:
SnicksPG wrote at 8:50 AM on Jul 25, 2014:
Lmfao 10 out of 10 story would read to my grandchildren
Ishmon wrote at 9:01 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
im just waiting for my 3rd person to reply btw
Ishmon wrote at 8:50 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
i gotta get my team firsta
SnicksPG wrote at 6:06 AM on Jul 24, 2014:
It's all good :D thanks for telling me what's up
Your PM box is full btw
Zork wrote at 2:22 AM on Jul 22, 2014:
Even with 3 people I can't enter the chat, it's broke.
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