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Low-Tier Brawlers
HawksTown, Michigan,
Apr 25, 2014
Hosted by Hawk
0.0 / 5.0 rating
Event Match 23
11 points
Home Run Contest
4230.0 ft


Leo Itou

PupPy ROcKs




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Jan 18, 2011

SeductiveBunny wrote at 1:04 AM on Apr 20, 2014:
rundas1234 wrote at 1:03 PM on Apr 19, 2014:
hey! can i offer you an uncommon cameo for your uncommon trophy lottery sticker?
Senobekim wrote at 1:41 PM on Apr 18, 2014:
Can I trade you for your Pokemon Stadium - Ice Stage card? You have a duplicate.
Izumi-kun wrote at 3:26 PM on Apr 17, 2014:
Im actually trying to collect x2 of everything. =x Thats why I asked for those ones. So Im not really willing to trade what you asked for it. Anything I have thats x3 that youre interested in? If not I can maybe offer more in your favor if thats ok?
Izumi-kun wrote at 12:36 PM on Apr 17, 2014:
Trade me your extra Laughing Dog and Hungry Yoshi VM cards for something? =)
GOG wrote at 12:26 AM on Apr 15, 2014:
I thank you very much!
GOG wrote at 9:40 PM on Apr 14, 2014:
Whew! I think I sent you all the offers you offered me.
Take your time!
GOG wrote at 9:13 PM on Apr 14, 2014:
Ah, I will!
Sending you offers.
GOG wrote at 6:36 PM on Apr 14, 2014:
I'll trade them for Cards I don't have.
NiteNinja wrote at 5:52 PM on Apr 13, 2014:
I got it.
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Zelda Majoras Mask 100%

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Super Mario Sunshine 100%
Resident Evil Remake 100%
Resident Evil 4 100%
Sonic Adventure 2 100%
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 100%

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