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Whis (banned)

Whis's Smasher Score 3050
Gender: Male
Location: Qatar
Birthday: March 14, 1997
Joined: December 27, 2011
Favorite games:Tekken, Asura's Wrath, Pokemon, Borderlands 2, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, Elder Scrolls V.
Brawl Friend Code:3998 7167 3407
Xbox Gamertag:Never.
April 20
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December 17
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December 16
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The_Great_Black_Star wrote at 12:16 AM on May 21, 2014:
Lol, wtf is happening to everyone I used to know? inb4GOTYE
Lady Hiro wrote at 5:42 PM on Mar 03, 2014:
Miss ya Wolfy..
Fighter5kills wrote at 5:16 PM on Dec 26, 2013:
Hey!! where ya go.....come back....
Kami wrote at 9:55 PM on Dec 19, 2013:

i stand by my statement you are the worst alt maker ever
even lights beats you and that saiz something
King Legyt wrote at 10:32 PM on Dec 16, 2013:
Deceive wrote at 8:44 PM on Dec 16, 2013:
Kayron wrote at 11:24 PM on Dec 14, 2013:
Getting money and trying to reach goals. Other than that just staying out the way.
Kayron wrote at 2:31 AM on Dec 13, 2013:
What's goin on man?
Kami wrote at 3:51 PM on Dec 12, 2013:
Im scared 2 but ok
AngelicWolf1 wrote at 10:39 PM on Oct 17, 2013:
Yo Dante! I may be getting hired at Office Depot, just took the final step and passed :D
About me:I'm your one-way ticket to Hell.