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Pwneroni's Smasher Score 4350
Gender: Male
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Birthday: March 1, 1990
Joined: June 14, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:4598 1754 1636
Xbox Gamertag:Pwneroni
PSN Account:BlueMacaroo
November 2
Pwneroni earned the smart badge. 1:31 PM
September 30
Pwneroni posted a shoutout to Go For It #2. 6:25 PM
Pwneroni is attending Go For It #2. 6:24 PM
Aug 25, 2012:1st of 13 in Brawl (Singles) all ages, 3rd of 11 in Melee (Singles) all ages, 2nd of 18 in Brawl (Singles) 21+, 1st of 7 in Melee (Singles) 21+ at Go For It
Apr 03, 2011:7th of 16 in SSBB 1v1 at GameClucks Monthly - April 2nd 2011
Mar 10, 2011:3rd of 10 in Brawl 2v2, 5th of 22 in Brawl 1v1 at LOST 3

Beaverton Brawl Tournament I
1st place Singles
Aug 17, 2008

GC Monthly - Season Final - Sept 11th 2010
2nd place SSBB 2v2 Qual
Sep 11, 2010

Rose City Brawl #3
3rd place Ditto Doubles
Jun 28, 2008

Maverick Mayhem #2
4th place Doubles
Nov 29, 2008

Deathnote wrote at 8:36 AM on May 26, 2013:
Hey, do you have the brawl replays for our tournament match from waaaay back?
Zael wrote at 10:43 PM on Apr 17, 2013:
Are your Meta Crystal, Promos, & Masterpiece mode up for trade? :)
t0mmy wrote at 2:00 PM on Feb 09, 2013:
About me:
All You Need is Love icon_smile

I hate the word hate, which is all it deserves. We don't need more hate in the world.

I always keep my word, I believe strongly that honor is very important.

I'm super easy to get along with! I'll usually be the one to walk up to a new person and chat it up a bit, learn their name etc.

I'm not afraid to be loud and proud. I will often loudly be commentating matches and going "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!" like this vvv

I believe anything can be good in moderation, namely recreational drugs.

I'll try anything once. Fear is something that holds back life experiences.

I'm trying to get my life straightened out. Going back to college this fall and getting a new job are top priorities.

I love to have fun! You only live your life once, I feel that being too serious just brings me down.

I always look at the positive things. A glass half full kinda person ya know? Being positive can only lead to better things.

I love my family!! I wouldn't trade them for anything in the whole wide world icon_smile

This is my Wario AT Guide on Smashboards.com. I'm very proud of it! icon_smile