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12:18 AM on Jul 23, 2014
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Ladder Rankings

Brawl Singles WiimmFi Ladder #1
W - L:20 - 25
Streak: 1 win
SSB64 Singles Ladder
W - L:0 - 0
Streak: 0 loss

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-Champ-'s Smasher Score 9760
Name: Champ
Gender: Male
Location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Birthday: February 13, 2014
Joined: April 19, 2011
Favorite games:Legend of Zelda Series
Wii Number:8385 5762 0285 0170
Brawl Friend Code:5413 4711 4447
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August 31
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Apr 06:17th of 23 in zxl 8 mid tiers at ZXL Monthly VIII (Mid Tier Singles)
Apr 05:13th of 16 in Singles at ZXL Monthly 8 (Low Tier Singles)
Dec 30, 2013:13th of 30 in Finale Day 1 at The Finale: Day 1 (Brawl Singles)

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney (Doubles)
1st place Brawl (Doubles, Online)
Aug 13, 2012

Zelda Crew Battle
3rd place Zelda Crew Battle
Jan 26, 2013

-Champ- wrote at 10:13 PM on Sep 01, 2014:
1. I'd like you to edit this TL banner so the colors are more full and less blurry. And maybe try a different background.
2. Champ
3. Youtube's banner size
MetaBowser wrote at 6:10 PM on Aug 25, 2014:
dangit champ.
-Champ- wrote at 5:04 PM on Aug 25, 2014:
Going camping, be back Friday :p
Senobekim wrote at 2:07 AM on Aug 24, 2014:
I never really heard back from you. Can you trade me Cyndaquill? It's one of the last two I need.
LNIAD wrote at 8:36 PM on Aug 23, 2014:
iight bro no prob! I will send more replays if I find more :D
iSpiN wrote at 11:42 AM on Aug 23, 2014:
Empty your mailbox.
Ryuga wrote at 6:48 PM on Aug 22, 2014:
yeah good games scrub
MetaBowser wrote at 4:26 PM on Aug 22, 2014:
how's that brainstorming?
Multy wrote at 1:57 PM on Aug 21, 2014:
Pretty good aside from college and work lol Life aint easy
Horsy wrote at 10:08 AM on Aug 21, 2014:
Your message inbox is full, so I'm writing my response, down below: v

That decision is not at my discretion.

You would have to talk with Foodies; secondly, Orange Fox is currently slated to write the next ladder update.
About me:

[x] Defeat a Top 5 Toonlink
[x] Become a recognized TL user
[x] Get top 32 in ladder
[x] Finish my combo video
[x] Go to a large offline tourney
[ ] Get Correspond Badge


I have mained Toonlink for about 4 years now and I would say it would be impossible (for me) to not main him lol. It all started when Loz:Ww came out ( wind waker). And ever since that game came out, I fell in love with him xD. I wont go all out at all unless you ask me to, or if im in ladder or tourney. In that case, I might have to own you since I'm pretty competitive d: I am also curently the 4th in my city. Im also aiming to be a Top 5 Toonlink everywhere, im pretty sure I can do it..and I also like to fish lol

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