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2link121's Smasher Score 2450
Name:Garret Joseph
Gender: Male
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Birthday: November 8, 1990
Joined: September 14, 2008
Favorite games:LoZ: MM, LoZ: OoT, LoZ: WW, LoZ: OoA&S, LoZ: ALttP and pretty much the other LoZ games as well(have you checked my name out~?), Super Mario World(My very first game x3), Earthbound(blue blue), Diddy Kong Racing(best N64 racing game), Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack( I <3 bomberman), Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Billy Hatcher(thats right you read correctly I love that game), Mario Party(in general), and Smash.
Wii Number:3989 6725 7850 6589
Brawl Friend Code:1762 2753 2915
Xbox Gamertag:Twolink121
PSN Account:Two-Ell121
November 13
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Aug 14, 2011:65th of 128 in Brawl Singles at KTAR 6


I can never have too much x3

My second Rosie sig, animated~. Saffy made a blog about them and since she wouldn't make one for me, that drove me to try and make one of my own(I wasn't offended or anything lol). Modeled after her style a bit, but mostly my own touch~


My first ever Rosalina Sigature. Not fancy but I still love it~


An awesome Birthday present by my friend Dinah


An amazing gift to me by hevil93~


These two were made for me by Kishiru from SWF hahaha


Made by me, it was inspired by the style of Dark Pch. and Supa's avis on SWF