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Aeramis's Smasher Score 6550
Gender: Male
Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States
Birthday: April 3, 1987
Joined: September 24, 2007
Favorite games:#1 Favorite:SSBB, SSBM. Others:All Final Fantasy, KH1,2,&CoM, Legend of Zeldas, Halo, Fifa13, Deus Ex:HR, AOE3, RE4-6, GTA, Rock Band 3, Mario Kart, Rainbow Six, LoD, TH3, Soul Calibur1-3, Dino Crisis, PEve, Lunar1&2, & any good RPG, RTS, FPS, Arcade, or Horror games
Wii Number:1961 3133 7163 8767
Brawl Friend Code:4899 1293 7517
September 27
Aeramis voted on the poll Who do you think will win Big House 4? (Oct 4-5). 4:58 AM
September 25
Aeramis posted a shoutout to the group Official TCG Trading & Support Group. 2:52 PM
September 24
Aeramis left hnic95 a shoutout. 1:56 AM
Aeramis left hnic95 a shoutout. 1:49 AM
Aeramis left hnic95 a shoutout. 1:16 AM
Aug 12, 2009:2nd of 7 in Singles at SilkySnake's Singles Special #2
Mar 15, 2009:4th of 21 in Singles at AIB's BEST SERIES~Best Mario~
Mar 08, 2009:4th of 16 in Singles at 9001 Power Level Singles

Bleek's WPC (Wii Point Challenge)
3rd place Singles
Feb 28, 2009

Hats off to you sir!
3rd place Singles
Jul 21, 2008

4th place Singles
Mar 15, 2009

9001 Power Level Singles
4th place Singles
Mar 08, 2009

BPF wrote at 11:49 AM on Sep 24, 2014:
hnic95 wrote at 1:19 AM on Sep 24, 2014:
Oh I don't see why not. Let me have a look through your cards and I'll try to get back to you fairly quickly.
BPF wrote at 9:00 PM on Sep 24, 2014:
iz your dupe earthbound masterpiece up for trade?
MetaBowser wrote at 8:00 PM on Sep 15, 2014:
Gardy wrote at 5:18 AM on Apr 25, 2014:
Trade me Gardevoir and something to balance out the trade and the Promo is yours.
MetaBowser wrote at 10:03 PM on Apr 08, 2014:
are you going to use those trivia points?
Snake Master wrote at 11:39 AM on Apr 06, 2014:
Lalo wrote at 3:43 PM on Apr 03, 2014:
Happy Birthday dude!! :D
-Taylor- wrote at 12:43 PM on Apr 03, 2014:
Happy birthday.
hnic95 wrote at 9:07 PM on Apr 03, 2014:
Happy birthday dude, have a great one
About me:--My Profile--
Smash name: ERAz
Bio: I'm pretty good at smash or at least some would say. I've been lag canceling since the N64 days. I love to play skilled players and I'm pretty friendly for the most part but I don't like sore losers, trolls, or disrespectful people in general. ->No Johns<- Humble pros gain my true respect. ^^