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Axis Tha Kyd (banned)

Axis Tha Kyd's Smasher Score 2650
Gender: Male
Location: Illinois, United States
Birthday: July 18, 1994
Joined: July 28, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:1249 0566 1768
July 24
Axis Tha Kyd posted a shoutout to 3skulls Brawling Rumble Returns. 8:49 PM
Axis Tha Kyd left Enrish a shoutout. 7:22 PM
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Mar 28, 2010:4th of 18 in Singles at Brawl Kombat vs Brawl Comics Tourney
Dec 11, 2009:7th of 16 in OBC Grand Opening at OBC Main Event: Grand Reopening

Brawl Kombat vs Brawl Comics Tourney
4th place Singles
Mar 28, 2010

About me:

1.NealPro Ball
2.Simna Ball
3.1UP ball
4.Home-Run Bat Ball
5.Fan Ball
6.Bob-omb Ball
7.Hothead Ball
8.Unira Ball
9.Soccer Ball
10.DBR Ball
11.Morph Ball
12.Weighted Companion Ball
13.Gordo Ball
14.Ally Ball
15.Homework Ball
16.T.O.A Ball
18.R.O.B. Ball
19.Thin Mint
20.Billy Mays Ball
21.Donkey Kong Ball
22.Intense Ball
23.Canada Ball
24.Eye Ball


My Live is [email protected]

Play me if you are pro, I'm a really good olimar and falco.