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Beay's Smasher Score 3700
Name:Beay シ
Gender: Male
Location: Pittsburg, California, United States
Birthday: July 13, 1992
Joined: February 22, 2010
Favorite games:Phantasy Star Universe
Brawl Friend Code:1505 6103 9958
Xbox Gamertag:Ask
September 9
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August 22
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Beay left LordMix a shoutout. 1:04 AM

BrendanLee wrote at 4:20 PM on Sep 12, 2014:
I still dnt have a WiiU :/ hopefully before December i shud
Multy wrote at 6:09 PM on Sep 04, 2014:
O damn your on here still?xD
898 wrote at 1:38 PM on Aug 29, 2014:
kokomo wrote at 1:58 AM on Aug 29, 2014:
LordMix wrote at 2:31 AM on Aug 22, 2014:
plz everyone plays now theres even a ladder up
LordMix wrote at 12:29 AM on Aug 22, 2014:
bruh u dont play anymore? i i got rlly god
LordMix wrote at 4:33 PM on Aug 21, 2014:
beay why am i bess mk&snake?
Amene wrote at 7:20 PM on Aug 20, 2014:
i voted getting both
SOS wrote at 10:42 PM on Aug 18, 2014:
Ima get it on both. Ima wait til around November prolly to get the wiiu for the other smash. Bro I'm too hyped to play with my old friends again lmao, you, king, popo lame ***, Eliza, aura weak *** lol, and some more ppl I can't remember atm til I see them. You better add me first *****! Lol famous ***
SOS wrote at 10:35 PM on Aug 18, 2014:
Bro you know it lmao XD. Nah I got a 3ds tho! Haha idk if I can still add you from there but give my your wiiu numbers and I'll try to add you my 3ds numbers is 2423-4391-0306
About me:Ranked 7th best Snake on AiB

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I've been off this site for about 8 months and i still get freind request, messages, & shoutouts, like im active. People love me