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6:35 PM on Jul 14, 2011


Beay's Smasher Score 3700
Name:Beay シ
Gender: Male
Location: Pittsburg, California, United States
Birthday: July 13, 1992
Joined: February 22, 2010
Favorite games:~Call Of Duty~ (Black Ops)
Brawl Friend Code:1505 6103 9958
Xbox Gamertag:Ask
July 16
Beay left Asphyxia a shoutout. 5:43 AM
July 15
Beay and Linus de Blade are now friends. 1:33 PM
July 13
Today is Beay's birthday! 12:00 AM
June 30
Beay is attending Pandemonium~ Rise of CenCal. 6:39 AM
June 14
Beay left Riku-Chan a shoutout. 9:26 PM

Linus de Blade wrote at 11:22 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Hey wassup Beay I here you a really good Snake? Is it true?

This is one of the almighty Blades btw.
Ryuga wrote at 8:55 PM on Jul 16, 2014:
Asphyxia wrote at 12:31 PM on Jul 16, 2014:
Tank youuuuuuuu
Asphyxia wrote at 11:12 PM on Jul 13, 2014:
Happy birthday!
Cold Hearted MC PE wrote at 6:12 PM on Jul 13, 2014:
Happy birthday
Hawk De Blade wrote at 12:25 PM on Jul 13, 2014:
Happy birthday Beay
Riku-Chan wrote at 5:11 PM on Jun 24, 2014:
Yes I have wii u but I like mainly play my 360 more
Riku-Chan wrote at 10:53 AM on Apr 24, 2014:
kokomo wrote at 11:09 PM on Apr 16, 2014:
Nope all I know is that cloudflare aint ****
kokomo wrote at 1:34 AM on Apr 16, 2014:
I took your game to hell. Must be ok it must be hell. McDonalds checker megurine. joker happy meal recline. mazdae mazdae cape crash bandicoot, soft n' light. Dosa No sofa de milkey delight! kordie ordin kaiiiiii. I took your game to hell
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