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Carls493's Smasher Score 11800
Name:<- Red, Yellow, & Double the Blue!
Gender: Male
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Birthday: April 1, 1993
Joined: June 28, 2009
Favorite games:Platformers, Fighting Games, JRPGs, Racing Games, Action-Adventure, Hack 'n Slash, Real-Time Strategy, Third-Person Shooters, etc.
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PSN Account:CPR1736
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Nov 29, 2012:17th of 48 in Brawl (singles), 17th of 28 in Brawl (doubles) at Phoenix Saga 5
Nov 09, 2012:9th of 12 in Doubles, 3rd of 32 in Singles Pools, 7th of 32 in Brawl Singles at SPAU2
Feb 11, 2012:9th of 14 in Doubles at Saturday Doubles

FW clan tourney 3- some what low tier singles
1st place Singles
Apr 03, 2010

Owned! [2.0]
1st place Brawl Singles
Mar 27, 2010

The Return of Hanenbow Singles!
1st place Singles
Oct 25, 2009

FW Doubles
2nd place FW Doubles
Feb 12, 2010

ExJackSilver wrote at 9:35 PM on Sep 17, 2014:
Question: Did you buy Gunvolt? And if you did, did you get the Mighty Gunvolt game? I'm asking cause I didn't and I'm trying to figure out what happened.
Black Star - Pavel wrote at 7:41 PM on Sep 15, 2014:
We should have a five vs five in SSB3DS with our main/secondaries when we get all the characters.
Our Last Night On Earth wrote at 1:39 PM on Sep 15, 2014:
Taigakan wrote at 11:02 PM on Sep 14, 2014:
Kayo Goutokuji

Seimei (SK)

i knew i noticed something XD

then again theres several sk chars like that
AbsoluteZer0Nova wrote at 7:36 AM on Sep 13, 2014:
Silver the Hedgehog is apparently Sakurai's favorite Sonic character... the reason he made the silver alt skin in Smash 4. http://smashboards.com/threads/his-world-sonic-moveset-analysis-speculation-thread-updated-9-10-14.366545/ - Palette Swaps section
RakanIsReal wrote at 5:16 PM on Sep 12, 2014:
Hey carls if you get the demo (which you probably will) can you spare one?
Taigakan wrote at 2:36 AM on Sep 11, 2014:
Taigakan wrote at 12:31 PM on Sep 10, 2014:
Black Star - Pavel wrote at 11:19 AM on Sep 10, 2014:
Yeah, it's something i remembered of you when i realized the amount of characters i wanted to use. Then again, i might reduce it eventually.
Taigakan wrote at 1:56 AM on Sep 10, 2014:

About me:

Cute Mother Sprites

Cool Nomura Sprites

1800+ Gameplay Videos
Recorded by Emulator, Dazzle, or Elgato

My Brawl Vault

Some of my textures.

My Mains

Earn money, travel to different cities & states, and go to tourneys & smashfests! Hang out with other Smashers at these events, and you'll become a better one yourself!

I also like Street Fighter, Marvel, Skullgirls, & more!

Super Fighting Robot! MEGA MAAAAN!!!

Kenshiro > Fei Long

Strong leadership is the key to victory!
You lose that key, you lose control!


Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, & Pac-Man.

3 of the most iconic 3rd-Party heroes in gaming.
All together in the same game as Mr. Video Game, himself.
No wonder they weren't in Project X Zone!

This will probably be the last time this ever happens.

What's that, now? Shulk's in this game, too?!
Smash 4 has the best roster, ever!


Have a Nice Day