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Carls493's Smasher Score 11800
Name:<- Red, Yellow, & Double the Blue!
Gender: Male
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Birthday: April 1, 1993
Joined: June 28, 2009
Favorite games:Platformers, Fighting Games, JRPGs, Racing Games, Action-Adventure, Hack 'n Slash, Real-Time Strategy, Third-Person Shooters, etc.
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Carls493 commented on one of Zork's blog entries, "Shulk Trailer+Xenoblade for 3DS+Any other news from JP Direct". 7:36 AM
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Nov 29, 2012:17th of 48 in Brawl (singles), 17th of 28 in Brawl (doubles) at Phoenix Saga 5
Nov 09, 2012:9th of 12 in Doubles, 3rd of 32 in Singles Pools, 7th of 32 in Brawl Singles at SPAU2
Feb 11, 2012:9th of 14 in Doubles at Saturday Doubles

FW clan tourney 3- some what low tier singles
1st place Singles
Apr 03, 2010

Owned! [2.0]
1st place Brawl Singles
Mar 27, 2010

The Return of Hanenbow Singles!
1st place Singles
Oct 25, 2009

FW Doubles
2nd place FW Doubles
Feb 12, 2010

Alan Oeao wrote at 11:43 AM on Aug 29, 2014:
id never buy a non nintendo consol/handheld lol
Alan Oeao wrote at 12:05 AM on Aug 29, 2014:
and im STILL not gettin a 3ds XD
Karaoke Man wrote at 9:07 PM on Aug 28, 2014:

How's it goin' son?
AbsoluteZer0Nova wrote at 8:57 PM on Aug 27, 2014:
Yeah and another thing that comes to mind is if Dr. Eggman or the Deadly Six (maybe just Zazz because his place is Windy Hill and he's a boss in Sonic Dash) will appear as a boss like the Yellow Devil.
AbsoluteZer0Nova wrote at 8:34 PM on Aug 27, 2014:
I was just thinking about the Smash 4 music for the 3DS version with Sonic... I hope we get Generations 3DS's Big Arms boss music.
Limit wrote at 2:56 PM on Aug 27, 2014:
Have you tried streaming with it?
Limit wrote at 12:43 PM on Aug 27, 2014:
You have an elgato capture card right?
Queen wrote at 7:16 PM on Aug 26, 2014:
Alan Oeao wrote at 12:06 AM on Aug 26, 2014:
u buy anything?
Alan Oeao wrote at 12:05 AM on Aug 26, 2014:
ill be waiting for that day XD

right now Kancolle is the hype
About me:

Cute Mother Sprites

Cool Nomura Sprites

1800+ Gameplay Videos
Recorded by Emulator, Dazzle, or Elgato

My Brawl Vault

Some of my textures.

My Mains

I want to keep meeting Smash's offline community, but I have a full-time job, now. So I can't travel as often as I want to anymore.

Don't just stay on AiB! Earn money, travel to different cities & states, and go to offline tourneys & smashfests when you can.
Hang out with other Smashers at these events! You will become a better one this way!

I also like Street Fighter, Marvel, Skullgirls, & more!

Super Fighting Robot! MEGA MAAAAN!!!

Kenshiro > Fei Long

Strong leadership is the key to victory!
You lose that key, you lose control!


Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, & Pac-Man.

I'm pretty sure Snake is gone at this point, but I think Rock & the Pac more than make up for him! I even get to keep Sonic!
No wonder these 3 weren't in Project X Zone!

SAVOR THIS CROSSOVER! Because Smash 4 will probably be the last time this ever happens!

Have a Nice Day