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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door · I'm competitive but I can have fun too. · taunting is fun · I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · I collect star bits in Mario Galaxy even though all my Lumas are already fat · The Low Tier Respect Group · The We Main all Brawl. · I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · I Love Video Game Music · People that can't avoid hitting the sandbag while waiting for your online match to begin · People who can't draw worth a **** · The Tripping Has To Stop · i just wanna spike you · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · People Who Get 3-Stocked By the Sandbag While Waiting for your Online Match · yoshi's tongue should be a teather grab. · All is Mario Kart Racers of AIB · GameFreaks · I Beat Someone In Supersmash Brothers! · Toon Link Gods · Toon Link Masterzzz · The Legend of Awesome · Mario Party Players! · The Official Mario Series Group · Mario Strikers is the Most Obscene "Mario" Game to date! · All is Mario Strikers · TOON LINK IS MAH HOMEBOI · smashville is the best stage · West Coast · Washington Smashers · I still cry when Ash turns into Stone · YOUTUBE POOPZ!!!! · Billy Mays Fan Group (R.I.P.) · Who loves orange soda? · LINK MAH BOIIIII · Stupidest "John" You've Overheard · The Official Eruption Fan Club!!! · I like playing people I probably won't beat · Smash Machinima · Yoshi should be higher on the tier list. · Yoshi eats MK · People who don't know how to properly use Captain Falcon annoy me. · Toon Lio Fan Club · I'm a Toon Link player and I've been gayed by my own boomerang. · Tlink link and Zelda/shiek Gannon mainers!! · I've had to explain that Link is a guy and isn't named Zelda. · I make up random combos that shouldn't ever work but somehow do. · Smashing since N64. · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · Beginner/Intermediate HRC · The Ness Fan Club · Ness is pwn · I Shout PK Starstorm when using Ness / Lucas Final Smash! · Ness could kick Goku AND Supermans *** !!!! ...BLINDFOLDED. · Toon Link, Kirby and lucas players and mains · The Lucas Group · ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IM SICK OF THESE MOTHER****ING SNAKES ON THIS MOTHER****ING WEBSITE... · MOTHER 3 · youtubers of AIB · Why so serious?? · Respectful Smashers · I had to explain that Sheik is a girl, and Zelda doesn't turn into a guy. · fox31897 blog series fans · I just lost the game. · Alternate Colors FTW · The Yankees Won The World Series · Soda Lovers · Allisbrawl needs badge alerts · Mario Strikers! · Doubles FTW · i hate homework · the "i'm really mad that the Gamecube controller has been discontinued," group. · The Yoshi Mains · I love how younger users seem more mature than the older ones · OFFICIAL Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Group · The new active blog system was a good idea! · I John even when I win · Christian Gamers · Movement to clean-up All is Brawl · I only use a specific color of my character. · I thought I was good at Brawl until I joined AiB. · I Like To Commit Suicide At The End Of A Match · INSANE FFA'S!!!!! · Super Mario Galaxy 2! · Nintendo's 2010 E3 Conference was the best! · All is Brawl Smash Trivia

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Ceiling Lizard

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Name:Nick, but call me C.L.
Gender: Male
Location: Bellevue, Washington, United States
Birthday: February 4, 1996
Joined: May 16, 2009
Favorite games:Brawl AC City Folk Mario Kart Wii Grabbed by the Goulies Mario Stikers Charged The Paper Mario Series The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Earthbound and Mother 3 Mario Party and other Spinoffs Team Fortress 2 Left 4 Dead 1&2 and pretty much any Mario game you can think of
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February 4
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Jan 29, 2010:9th of 15 in Free For All at Mario Kart Wii New Beginning Tourney
Nov 06, 2009:7th of 11 in Free For race at MKW Race till Winter
Sep 06, 2009:9th of 17 in Singles at SilkySnake's Singles Special #5

About me:Well, Hi, I'm Nick...
I main Yoshi and second... idk, It's Kirby at the moment. I'm mainly a fan of the Mario Series, but Zelda, Kirby, and Donkey Kong Country are up there. You may also see me around steam (maybe) under the name Yakko. I enjoy finding new people to talk to, and I like to think I'm a nice guy to be around... so if you see me around, say hi, or maybe even send me a friend request.

I've been here for about a year, so I'm fairly well versed in how things work around here, and I'm open to questions if you may have them. Just shoot me a PM!

I'm not particulary good at brawl, but I play for fun, not profit. It's a game, remember icon_wink

Click here to level up my card!

I'm pretty sure by now that you're tired of reading this so I wont waste any more of your time. Have a nice day icon_biggrin