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CloudRainZero's Smasher Score 1900
Gender: Male
Location: London, United Kingdom
Birthday: December 28, 1991
Joined: May 30, 2008
Favorite games:SSB, Dissidia, Blazblue, MvC3, SSFIV, SC4, ZOE2
Wii Number:2157 1964 9528 6165
Brawl Friend Code:2922 4746 3652
PSN Account:CloudRain78
July 28
CloudRainZero installed the game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. 5:07 PM
February 7
CloudRainZero left Singularity a shoutout. 5:03 PM
February 6
CloudRainZero uninstalled the game Naruto Shippuden: CONR3. 11:28 AM
Mar 27, 2010:7th of 18 in Brawl Singles at SmashGT2 (Melee + Brawl) March 27/28th UK National
Jan 01, 2010:2nd of 7 in London Monthly 30th January Pool, 13th of 16 in London Monthly 30th January Bracket at London Monthly 30th January
Aug 29, 2009:17th of 32 in Brawl Singles at London Monthlies! (Melee + Brawl)

HSAM Presents: The 5th Smash, Consented Rape
3rd place Brawl Doubles
Jul 22, 2009

Europe FTW!
4th place Singles
Jul 19, 2008

MissBlizzyWolf wrote at 6:56 AM on Jul 13, 2013:
Cloudy <3
MetaBowser wrote at 6:19 PM on Jan 15, 2013:
is your pokeball up for trade?
About me:The most important thing to me are my friends and family, ill walk through fire for them without hesitation.

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