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DRIG's Smasher Score 3100
Gender: Male
Location: England, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Birthday: July 26, 1992
Joined: May 3, 2009
Favorite games:Street fighter alpha 3, SSBB, Zelda, Mario, The Conduit 2, Quake 3 arena, unreal tournament 2004, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Age of Empire 2, Okami, Dynasty & Samurai Warrior series and other games
Wii Number:2540 0552 4869 0721
Brawl Friend Code:2063 1083 9960
PSN Account:l-DRIG-l
July 26
Today is DRIG's birthday! 12:01 AM
June 12
DRIG left tehDC a shoutout. 2:34 PM
June 11
DRIG installed the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 9:46 PM
DRIG installed the game Super Street Fighter IV. 9:37 PM
DRIG left StarShadowX a shoutout. 9:33 PM
May 15, 2012:9th of 16 in Singles at Connect 4
Oct 15, 2010:7th of 8 in Crews at Europe 3vs3 Brawl Crews Wifi
Sep 18, 2010:7th of 13 in Doubles at European Doubles 9

Eddy92 wrote at 10:03 PM on Jul 27, 2014:
Happy late bday! :D
Singularity wrote at 2:26 PM on Jul 26, 2014:
tehDC wrote at 5:36 AM on Jul 26, 2014:
Happy birthday Drig!
Foodies wrote at 12:08 AM on Jul 26, 2014:
Happy Birthday :)
Ayoub wrote at 8:12 PM on Jun 19, 2014:
How are you doing akhi?
tehDC wrote at 9:52 PM on Jun 12, 2014:
Thanks Drig!
Ayoub wrote at 5:33 PM on Jun 02, 2014:
Singularity wrote at 3:25 PM on Apr 23, 2014:
StarShadowX wrote at 8:11 PM on Apr 17, 2014:
Haha, you was there? And yeah I am that kid lol. Joined this site when I was 11 and now I'm gonna be 16 in July. Wow time has flown man, (started from the bottom now we here xD), I only remember cos I looked back at all my empty blogs and saw a comment from you. Brawl is ancient history for me too :(, I just don't get the refreshing feeling of it anymore, and just got more and more stale and I started playing it less. Was a good 3 years while it lasted though (y). Don't worry, I'll make a sig eventually <3.

Do you have skype? If yes, pm me yours please?
Hukster wrote at 5:03 PM on Apr 17, 2014:
I'll be sure to send you a friend request later today when I get back from school.
About me:
well what can i say. Im a great guy who likes to meet new people. I like to play video games, play sports, watch animes blah blah you'll know more if you talk to me ^^
just have fun.. win or lose =3

Also i dont give respect to those who dont give it first otherwise i'll just ignore you

okiee im a little bothered to play brawl from time to time and still playing other fighters now and still living life.. *wink wink* teehee

Skype: Drig786
Mah Deviant Art <- yush i like to draw c:
Mah youtube channel ;o

I'll Be there - Faber Drive <3

Got playstation Allstars? Add meh! o3o!

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by Saiga =D

by Mio4Eva icon_biggrin

By Noxity o3o