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Brian H

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FOX16's Smasher Score 5400
Gender: Male
Location: California, United States
Birthday: October 2, 1992
Joined: July 27, 2008
Favorite games:ssbb of course pokemon d/p
Brawl Friend Code:4596 9328 6781
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Apr 28, 2011:2nd of 7 in SSBB Pools, 13th of 26 in Pro Bracket, 3rd of 15 in DOUBLES at E4K:CHAMPION
Apr 16, 2011:3rd of 5 in Brawl Pools, 7th of 21 in Pro Bracket at E4K: Lance
Feb 12, 2011:13th of 28 in Brawl Singles at KakunaRattata

3rd place DOUBLES
Apr 28, 2011

2GG Brawl Triweekly feat. ChuDat
3rd place pokemon
Apr 24, 2010

2GG Presents: Champs Brawl Triweekly feat. Pokemon
1st place Pokemon
Apr 03, 2010

Quiznos presents Brawl IV
3rd place Crews
Oct 25, 2008

About me:Ac. wrote at 12:32 AM on Apr 26, 2010 :
ill let you slap me with fox16's glasses every time i pause the button

This is the player i played offline
Captain Falcon- Dribbles88
Diddy Kong- Dao ,jebus,itswillyo,
Donkey Kong- Jmex,M7H
Falco-DEHF, SK92
Fox- Champ
Ganondorf- ?????
Ice Climbers-Typh
Ike- Nyjin
King Dedede-Junk
Kirby- Twilight kirby,
Link- jebus
Lucario- Inspire
Lucas- Oats
Luigi-Brain H Ultra Luigi
Mario- Vato_breaker
Marth- mikehaze havok
Meta Knight- ,Tryant,DSF,Zero_69
Mr. Game and Watch-Leepuff Enigma,Oki
Ness- FOW
Olimar- RichBrown Brian H
Peach- Raz,Edrees
Pit- Koolaid,Awsome
Pokemon Trainer-typh
R.O.B.- shadow
Zero Suit Samus- Warpstatus Kokaloo
Snake- SuSa MoJoe
Sonic- X X X X X X X X
Toon Link- spyral, edrees
Wario- Fiction Futile
Wolf- shiro Jebus
Yoshi- who plays yoshi
Zelda- Awsome