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Jun 20:13th of 13 in Mario Kart 8 at Yoshi's Mario Kart 8 Surprise #1
Jun 09, 2013:17th of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
Apr 19, 2013:4th of 11 in Doubles at Brawl For Fun #6

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney #3
2nd place Mystical Singles
Jul 06, 2012

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2nd place Brawl (Doubles, Online)
Aug 13, 2012

Uprising Elites Clan Dubz Tourney
3rd place 2v2 Doubles
Aug 21, 2012

MCB singles #1
3rd place MCB sinles
Apr 07, 2012

Senobekim wrote at 3:41 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
Makes sent. Trying a new offer, 3 rares that you have less of.
Ryu wrote at 3:03 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
Oh, so i say, my 1st main, then 2nd and so on. Huh... I've been saying it wrong this whole time. lol
Ryu wrote at 2:58 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
That "!""?" aren't connected. It looks like, !?. lol? 'o.o
And people don't say third, or fourth? Just second?
Ryu wrote at 2:54 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
So what, I call anyone (Ike for example) a secondary main?

Like, I main Wolf, my secondary main is Ike, my third is Toon Link and Kirby is my fourth!?
Ryu wrote at 2:35 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
Probably not. I never asked anyone how it should be said. It doesn't matter to me unless the person I say it too is confused. Are you confused? ;P
BrendanLee wrote at 2:32 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
I made Sakurai add Lucina just for you, no need to thank me <3
Ryu wrote at 2:28 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
I main atleast 7 characters, only a few are shown on my page. I main Wolf, Ike, Toon Link, Kirby, Lucario, Marth and King Dedede.
Ryu wrote at 12:45 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
I swear, nearly every mod i've come across has a birthday in March. EVEN you. lol
Izumi-kun wrote at 12:28 PM on Jul 22, 2014:
FOODIES! Trade me cards =3
I want varia suit legpiece and super metroid masterpiece and 1p mode keepsake maybe? =0
Ryu wrote at 11:46 AM on Jul 22, 2014:
Is it possible?