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Jun 20:13th of 13 in Mario Kart 8 at Yoshi's Mario Kart 8 Surprise #1
Jun 09, 2013:17th of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
Apr 19, 2013:4th of 11 in Doubles at Brawl For Fun #6

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney #3
2nd place Mystical Singles
Jul 06, 2012

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney (Doubles)
2nd place Brawl (Doubles, Online)
Aug 13, 2012

Uprising Elites Clan Dubz Tourney
3rd place 2v2 Doubles
Aug 21, 2012

MCB singles #1
3rd place MCB sinles
Apr 07, 2012

Taft wrote at 12:37 AM on Sep 16, 2014:
Oh,no.the roster thing were you put your main.
MetaBowser wrote at 12:11 AM on Sep 16, 2014:
I hope so too.
MetaBowser wrote at 12:04 AM on Sep 16, 2014:
By all means insult them if they get out of line.
MetaBowser wrote at 11:51 PM on Sep 15, 2014:
I'll invite some friends of mine to join aib once the game comes out in America. One of them already made an account but his computer charger broke afterwards. He'll return at some point.
Taft wrote at 6:26 PM on Sep 15, 2014:
Ok,well I don't see the smash roster being updated for the main part on here.
Bass wrote at 12:58 AM on Sep 15, 2014:
Yes you should, since I bet you've been so much busy
Im kindly gonna stay up since I have to do hw(the feeling when doing it last day lol XD)
Night foodies c=
Bass wrote at 12:40 AM on Sep 15, 2014:
Lol, you've been busy alot, I need to sleep meow XD
But yea im good, doing hw...again, in Sunday's XD lol It sucks for me but its also hilarious
Bass wrote at 12:35 AM on Sep 15, 2014:
Hows it going n.n
Our Last Night On Earth wrote at 12:17 AM on Sep 15, 2014:

Can you like, unlock this blog so I can delete it? :v
Calm wrote at 11:38 PM on Sep 14, 2014:
Can you guys end ladder and give us our prizes already my gawd....