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Jun 20:13th of 13 in Mario Kart 8 at Yoshi's Mario Kart 8 Surprise #1
Jun 09, 2013:17th of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
Apr 19, 2013:4th of 11 in Doubles at Brawl For Fun #6

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney #3
2nd place Mystical Singles
Jul 06, 2012

Mystical Swordsmen Tourney (Doubles)
2nd place Brawl (Doubles, Online)
Aug 13, 2012

Uprising Elites Clan Dubz Tourney
3rd place 2v2 Doubles
Aug 21, 2012

MCB singles #1
3rd place MCB sinles
Apr 07, 2012

Ryu wrote at 7:57 AM on Jul 13, 2014:
So the first thing I said? xD
Good morning btw.
Uber wrote at 9:48 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
i was losing to stall too hard :o
Uber wrote at 9:43 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
im catching up ive made my team better as well
Uber wrote at 9:26 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
hit 1500
Ryu wrote at 4:24 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
He edits the sites layout and features and can add or delete any/all that he chooses? Or can he only add and edit things?
Ryu wrote at 4:17 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
Ryu wrote at 4:16 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
It's a pretty big site so it may take a while. And is Mouse the second in command in brawl? (I call it a Global Administrator, second only to the creator)
Ryu wrote at 3:55 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
You forgot to say "think". [i]If I don't think they are good ideas.
And yes I knew. But I am not affected by insults or any negative comments delivered to me.
I know that the login info on NintendoDojo will be the same, I was wondering when it will be finished?
Uber wrote at 3:16 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
there really isn't a counter to mixed thundy you are gonna hurt switching into it as any mon
Ryu wrote at 3:11 PM on Jul 12, 2014:
I'm sorry if you didn't like my ideas, but I am only trying to help make the site better. I don't come on here to earn badges, I come on to try and help the site more fun and to meet more people.

I will stop sharing my thoughts if it makes you uncomfortable.