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7:29 PM on Apr 28, 2010

Next tournament

Falcon Kart Finale
The End, Connecticut,
Dec 1, 2014
Hosted by Italian Falcon


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August 16
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August 14
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Aug 21, 2010:17th of 26 in Singles at Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #13
Aug 13, 2010:17th of 20 in Singles at Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #12
May 23, 2010:3rd of 17 in Brawl Singles at Another Just because Tornament

Another Just because Tornament
3rd place Brawl Singles
May 23, 2010

lightlanayru wrote at 10:02 PM on Aug 16, 2014:
Replace the 'allisbrawl' part of the url with 'nintendodojo' and you should be able to access fine. (Though you'd have to log in on the forums to do that.)
Zork wrote at 12:16 AM on Jul 29, 2014:
Happy Bday
erasmo700 wrote at 12:09 AM on Apr 24, 2014:
Its been a long time since we've talk. xD
erasmo700 wrote at 1:17 AM on Apr 08, 2014:
I've been great bro! And you?
lightlanayru wrote at 10:48 PM on Apr 05, 2014:
Ah yeah, I feel ya there. College life is a thing for me, too. ;w;
Do take your time, and let me know whenever you want to try again. xP
lightlanayru wrote at 10:43 PM on Apr 05, 2014:
Whelp, GG again. xD Still did better than I expected, imo. lol
One thing I really need to tell you though, your Celebi's moveset needs fixing asap.
Without an actual attacking move, you're bound to get Taunted. >.<
lightlanayru wrote at 10:06 PM on Apr 05, 2014:
Oh yeah, I'll be ready very soon. I just need to have my battle box swap to my gym team. xD
lightlanayru wrote at 10:38 PM on Mar 29, 2014:
Alright, sounds good. You probably should try to spend time to improve your team a bit, if need be. o.o
Still looks fairly solid to me, but the movesets could use just a little bit of adjusting. lol
And of course, you can still add/swap some teammates around since you haven't gotten any gym wins yet.
lightlanayru wrote at 10:30 PM on Mar 29, 2014:
Oh man... that burn on the first turn, and the crit on Drain Punch. xD
And I always seem to keep forgetting about the Tailwind support. lol
Another good game, though. ^^ I assume you still want to try again next weekend?
(Won't be able to take challenges tomorrow and Monday anyway.)
lightlanayru wrote at 9:52 PM on Mar 29, 2014:
Okie dokie, the time has come again. lol
We're scheduled to battle on 3DS in 10 mins. Hope you're ready. :3
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