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Farewell to Wii's WiFi/Brawl Online tournament
May 17, 2014
Hosted by Zork







Ladder Rankings

Brawl Winter Singles '14
W - L:0 - 1
Streak: 1 loss
Brawl Winter Doubles '14
W - L:0 - 0
Streak: 0 loss

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Mario Kart Wii

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Friend Code: 2795 0681 3166
Team Name:Diversity
Togekiss Umbreon
Dragonite Rotom-W
Chandelure Conkeldurr

In the Spotlight

Kimidori's Smasher Score 1850
Gender: Male
Location: Spokane, Washington, United States
Birthday: July 16, 1997
Joined: January 16, 2012
Favorite games:SSBB, Pokemon, Mario, Kirby
Brawl Friend Code:0000 0000 0000
Kimidori commented on one of InZanE ViZioNs's blog entries, "If you were to be a Pokemon who would it be?". 10:03 PM
April 5
Kimidori commented on one of Ragor The Hedgehog's blog entries, "why I left, why I came back". 2:53 PM
April 2
Kimidori left Wafty a shoutout. 6:08 PM
Kimidori commented on one of Tails's blog entries, "So I checked my cards...". 6:04 PM
April 1
Kimidori commented on one of Wafty's blog entries, "Damn, time flies...". 12:50 AM
Dec 25, 2013:13th of 31 in Last min Christmas tourny~ at Last min Christmas tourny~
Mar 03, 2013:7th of 20 in SHOCK 2 at SHOCK 1 & 2
Dec 30, 2012:9th of 9 in Brawl (singles), 1st of 4 in Brawl (doubles) at EWA Winter Bash

EWA Winter Bash
1st place Brawl (doubles)
Dec 30, 2012

EWA PR Tournament February
3rd place Brawl (Doubles)
Feb 14, 2012

Senobekim wrote at 6:13 PM on Apr 04, 2014:
Hi there, could you please trade me your "A Promos" promo card?
tsoki wrote at 10:16 AM on Feb 27, 2014:
okawa wrote at 9:37 AM on Jan 31, 2014:
Oh really? thank you, then I prepare to post about it!
MetaBowser wrote at 2:02 PM on Jan 20, 2014:
is your event match 18 up for trade
Gadiel_VaStar wrote at 9:28 AM on Jan 12, 2014:
Ok, I know Stridez personally so I'll give him a Skype shoutout. Thanks.
Gadiel_VaStar wrote at 2:03 AM on Jan 12, 2014:
Hey how do I log into the japanese smash site: smacon? I'm at the final page, but it says I need a mobile address, but what is that? I tried multiple emails, but it's not confirming. Is it possible that you can PM me your info so I can log in? I really want to read the Pit boards there and see if Masashi/Earth ever commented on anything.
MetaBowser wrote at 8:27 PM on Jan 08, 2014:
is your event match 28 up for trade?
tsoki wrote at 11:16 PM on Jan 03, 2014:
Yo less team for dubz ladder?
tsoki wrote at 4:16 PM on Dec 30, 2013:
Hmm i see
Zan wrote at 6:45 AM on Dec 30, 2013:
Gay *** avi
About me:*きみどり*

In Brawl I main Meta Knight/IC's.

In Melee I main IC's/Peach.

In SSB64 I main Kirby.

In Project M I main Kirby/Peach.

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