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Winter '14 Playoffs Brackets!
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If we ever have a complete site overhaul, what features would you most want?
A complte makeover of the site's layout and an overall improvement on how everything combines. (188)
Revamp Chat rooms for Better Ladder / Match Making. (95)
An open events calendar that shows more than just the upcoming tournaments. (12)
A Clan system that works similar to groups, where you can only join 1 at the time, make challenges, and keep scores. (119)
A live stream feature that lets users post their streams, click 'online' and have recommendations to appear front page. (61)
More Customizable user options, profile options and widgets. (77)
A Rating of approval, or reputation system for users and mods alike. (32)
A Shop system where users can spend their points on items for decorative purposes in chat, fourms, profiles, etc. (92)
A revamp on how blog recommendations work, giving users and moderators new options on recommending and featuring. (13)
Just fix what's broken right now. Mini profile links, whoops pages, group PMs, bad requests, Upload failures. (231)
Blog of the Century

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service ending on May 20 [Wii. DS]

Nintendo wifi servers are shutting down :( Hotdogturtle gives some of the details in this blog.

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AiB Pokémon League - 6th Generation
The new official group for the AiB Pokémon League. Use it to arrange matches with the gym leaders and earn the league badges!
staff slayer
Staff Slayers have played & defeated an All is Brawl staff member in an online Brawl match through the AiB chat room or on our Brawl Singles Ladder.

Kirby, 999999999 points

Break the Targets Level 4
Pikmin & Olimar, 14.30 s