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Hey! Welcome to my page! I'm currently a college student working towards my bachelor's degree in Computer Science, as well as a minor in both Math and Computer Information Systems.

As for who I am and my role on this site, I'm an Admin and Head of Ladder. Being an Admin, I can basically do anything on the site. Since I'm Head of Ladder, if you ever have an issue with the ladder, I'm the guy to talk to. As for my personality, I'm a fairly easygoing guy and fairly lenient when it comes to moderating the site. I always do my best to be fair with decisions, no matter if they're major or minor. I also tend to be fairly levelheaded regardless of the situation, and tend to use tough love methods over more traditional ones. Also, I really love sarcasm, and use it quite often, so be warned. icon_wink

Additionally, I really enjoy playing League of Legends. I main Support, so that's what you'll usually see me playing.

As far as Brawl is concerned, I don't really play it much these days. I'll occasionally still jump on wifi, so you're welcome to ask to play.

Feel free to leave me a shoutout or PM if you need something.

Life doesn't hurt until you think about how much things have changed, who you've lost along the way, and how much of it was your fault.
~Jamila M. Allen
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Jan 21, 2012:1st of 5 in Brawl Doubles, 2nd of 10 in Brawl Singles at Pathways Smash XII January
Nov 18, 2011:2nd of 9 in Sparkle Fight at The Tourney That Never Was II
Sep 24, 2011:1st of 10 in Brawl Singles at Pathways Smash XI September

Pathways Smash XI September
1st place Brawl Singles
Sep 24, 2011

Pathways Smash XI June
1st place Brawl Singles
Jun 18, 2011

Pathways Smash XI May
1st place Brawl Singles
May 21, 2011

Pathways Smash XI May
1st place Brawl Doubles
May 21, 2011

Cody wrote at 11:48 PM on Apr 22, 2014:
I lost to nairo
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 12:31 PM on Apr 22, 2014:
Mind If I pm ya?
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 12:16 AM on Apr 22, 2014:
Well I had a good idea how you may be able to do a small ladder till the 3DS & Wii U smash bros comes out >,>
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 10:43 PM on Apr 21, 2014: you reply?
Bstuk wrote at 9:45 PM on Apr 21, 2014:
I won vs LOE1 in the PM bracket
Waldo wrote at 7:52 PM on Apr 21, 2014:
AP won vs me in low tier ladder
Maleficent wrote at 4:41 PM on Apr 20, 2014:
Waldo won 2-1 low tiers.
Waldo wrote at 3:16 PM on Apr 20, 2014:
I lost to wadirob and happy easter
3ST Admiral Pit wrote at 9:48 PM on Apr 19, 2014:
Sigh, lost to Meekerz, but 1-2. -.- I hate my luck.
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 2:11 AM on Apr 19, 2014:
...just forget it...