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3:01 AM on Jun 29, 2014
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1:50 AM on Jun 22, 2014
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2:12 PM on Apr 23, 2014
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Hello, and welcome to my page. I'm one of the Admins here on the site, with my specific titles being Co-Head of Staff, Head of Ladder, and Head of Issue Resolution. Between being Co-Head of Staff and Head of Ladder, I have the authority to manage the entire site staff, so you're free to approach me if you have any concerns regarding anyone on staff. I visit the site pretty much daily, so I should get back to you fairly soon should you contact me.

Personality wise, I'm an easygoing guy, thus I tend to be fairly lenient when it comes to moderating the site. I'm generally levelheaded regardless of the situation, and tend to favor tough love methods over softer ones, as I feel they're more effective.

Lastly, a bit of a warning: I really love sarcasm, and use it quite often, so be warned. icon_wink

F.A.Q. Section

Q: Will you trade X card for X card?
A: No, I don't trade cards. Any requests will be promptly ignored.

Q: Can you change my name?
A: Yes.

Q: *anything involving a ladder dispute*
A: A Ladder Referee will contact you shortly.

Q: I think so-and-so is cheating on the ladder!
A: PM me with any evidence you have; someone else's word is not evidence.

Q: Can so-and-so be unbanned from the ladder?
A: So-and-so can contact me themselves, otherwise no.

Q: Can so-and-so be unbanned from the site?
A: So-and-so can post a thread in Issue Resolution if they wish to be unbanned. No, this doesn't guarantee they will be.
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Jan 21, 2012:1st of 5 in Brawl Doubles, 2nd of 10 in Brawl Singles at Pathways Smash XII January
Nov 18, 2011:2nd of 9 in Sparkle Fight at The Tourney That Never Was II
Sep 24, 2011:1st of 10 in Brawl Singles at Pathways Smash XI September

Pathways Smash XI September
1st place Brawl Singles
Sep 24, 2011

Pathways Smash XI June
1st place Brawl Singles
Jun 18, 2011

Pathways Smash XI May
1st place Brawl Singles
May 21, 2011

Pathways Smash XI May
1st place Brawl Doubles
May 21, 2011

Udu wrote at 12:26 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
I don't have you blocked, you have me blocked because I passed you a beachball.. I don't even know what the other half of that message is about, I've NEVER even played you. I'm not sure which friend you're talking about either? Unblock me if you want to talk about it instead of using your anger from what happened in playoffs where I wasn't even involved to spam Linkz's profile.
Blazer wrote at 12:16 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
@pug Its not even about that. You insulted me and my friend on a personal level, someone who's like 4 years younger than you. All because you got salty after losing in a wifi dubz. And this was after your apparent "past issues". I don't even know you or care what you do to other people, but I won't let you insult me or my friends and put up an act as if you're actually a good person now. From what I've seen from you months ago you just act like a decent person on aib, while you're still the person who deceives, subs, and flames people on skype. To me that isn't changed at all. You subbed before even when you were banned from the site for ladders/wifi tournys. And against me. You can state that it was the past but I and most people know how you really are, and eventually you'll just end up getting banned again for that. Cmon man you're like 23 according to your profile, flaming people still in high school? Pretty pathetic.

Sorry for using your profile to communicate linkz, we have each other bloc
Udu wrote at 12:05 PM on Sep 30, 2014:
sorry, i just don't get why Blazer is so angry towards me. I explained to him I didn't sub for Zak or Eden, and it was himself being a ***** and dragging out their set that got him disqualified. He has a grudge against me for no reason now. It's the past though, and I haven't cheated for god knows how long
Blazer wrote at 11:35 PM on Sep 29, 2014:
whats going on with the current ladder...?

and people on probation from the site shouldn't be allowed to join ladder for at least year. This dude will probably sub for people again V
Udu wrote at 1:36 PM on Sep 29, 2014:
c-can i be undisqualified for the upcoming 3ds ladder
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 5:33 PM on Sep 28, 2014:
We must talk regarding Smash 4 Ladder plans. I'm still trying to find a way proper rules can be made, and there may be some glitches that shouldn't be used that was found out, not sure.
BPF wrote at 4:11 PM on Sep 23, 2014:
y u no trade cards? :0
MetaBowser wrote at 1:04 AM on Sep 12, 2014:
Will a ready for smash badge be handed out?
_Mercury_ wrote at 3:09 PM on Sep 06, 2014:
It kinda hurts that i can't get a badge with my name on it, but alright. I really want it, but I'm not gonna be a badge whore. I'll just focus on other badges.
BPF wrote at 11:38 AM on Sep 05, 2014: