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Location: Glendale, California, United States
Birthday: February 23, 1989
Joined: January 5, 2009
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Nov 13, 2011:3rd of 8 in brawl at Halo 13 Presents: Taking a shot at Brawl #1
Aug 27, 2011:4th of 12 in rpd, 9th of 19 in SSBB Pro Bracket at E4H: Glacia
Jun 18, 2011:1st of 7 in Single Pools at Mach's Tourney

Ministry Of Smash Presents: Brawl #3
2nd place Doubles
Aug 30, 2009

BROW DOWN Tournament Sat Feb 13
2nd place Play N' Trade Singles
Feb 13, 2010

MOS Presents: Ministry Cup 1
2nd place Brawl Singles
Jan 16, 2010

BeaVeR's quick training tourny 2
2nd place Singles
Mar 04, 2009

Luckytime wrote at 10:32 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
This is the internet. You think you matter but you don't. KA'BLOCK.
Luckytime wrote at 6:29 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
One more time and you're blocked.
Luckytime wrote at 1:11 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Please stop spamming my blog. Thanks.
t0mmy wrote at 12:13 AM on Jul 09, 2014:
Thanks, it really means a lot
{EBK} Ju-Fu wrote at 10:31 AM on Jul 05, 2014:
Thank you for the add
luigimaster51 wrote at 7:26 PM on Jun 29, 2014:
I know that lol. I did the hackless thing so I can still play.
PentaSalia wrote at 2:08 AM on Jun 21, 2014:
Bestest of friends
luigimaster51 wrote at 8:44 AM on Mar 23, 2014:
We need to play sometime before WiFi is cut.
SMF546 wrote at 1:45 AM on Mar 22, 2014:
Awesome. Definitely let me know.
SMF546 wrote at 9:21 PM on Mar 20, 2014:
My bad for saying it three times by the way
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