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Doubles Pro

Mahgnittoc's Smasher Score 4400
Name:Rad Heroman
Gender: Male
Location: Alabaster, Alabama, United States
Birthday: December 3, 1992
Joined: June 7, 2008
Favorite games:Dynasty Warriors, Smash, and others
Wii Number:8582 7159 7347 1771
Brawl Friend Code:2021 3126 4784
PSN Account:Mahgnitt
January 22
Mahgnittoc joined the group Alabama Smash League. 11:10 AM
June 11
Mahgnittoc is attending HASL: Huntsville Area Brawl League. 1:12 AM
May 16
Mahgnittoc left SlayerZ a shoutout. 6:09 PM
Jan 29, 2011:9th of 13 in Brawl Doubles, 9th of 30 in Brawl Singles at Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VII
Oct 03, 2010:7th of 22 in Brawl Singles, 7th of 12 in Brawl Doubles at Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VI
Feb 18, 2010:5th of 7 in Squads at I was bored Naruto Shippuden CONR3 SQUADS!!

Vulcan GameBox Brawl Tournament V
3rd place Doubles
Apr 18, 2009

Vulcan GameBox Brawl Tournament I
1st place Singles
Jul 19, 2008

Shinenzu Doubles
2nd place Doubles
Nov 21, 2008

Kithkin's... CREWS?!
2nd place Crews
Jun 30, 2008

Perfect_Edge wrote at 7:30 PM on May 30, 2013:
How's my favorite Mahg doing? :D
About me:

50% Humble and 100% ****y

I'll go ahead and let you know, I hate online Brawl. Offline is just so much better. I am sluggish online and I will not play what I don't see is fun. If I start johning hard just know that I"m not having any fun at all. That means no Sonics. Sonic players who actually play Sonic are dull. They do the same thing over and over and over. You can say" hey wait Mahg! You main Diddy. You spam bananas" I do not spam bananas. I use them as I see fit and if I'm playing a friendly i won't use bananas and I will not CG past 3 chains.

I'm a pretty cool guy. I want to get to Reflex status one day. I'm 16 so I'm getting to travel to many tournies or hang out in the smash scene. I'm a pretty laid back guy and just like to have fun. I'm more of a quite type of person and don't like being paid much attention too unless the time calls for it. I blast my music loud when driving.