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blog_img Skyrim just got real.
4:37 PM on Apr 23, 2013
blog_img Sheik, anyone?
7:53 PM on Mar 4, 2013
blog_img Glitch in Ladder
5:55 PM on Oct 19, 2012



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Favorite games:Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age series, Fable series, Red Dead Redemption, Monster Hunter series, Zelda series, Pokemon series, and Smash series.
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July 24
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Nov 18, 2011:5th of 9 in Sparkle Fight at The Tourney That Never Was II
Aug 19, 2011:9th of 31 in Singles at El tournament
Feb 06, 2011:25th of 43 in Elites Of The New Generation at Elites Of The New Generation

Pokemon Tournament #3 (Doubles)
1st place pkmn doubles
Jun 13, 2010

Pokemon Tournament #1
2nd place Singles
Jun 08, 2010

Scraptastic! Doubles
3rd place Doubles
Jun 06, 2010

Foodies wrote at 9:22 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
Okay, thanks :) Another thing on the list of glitches haha.
Foodies wrote at 6:48 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
I meant: were you getting sent emails about your alerts when you had the box checked? I wanted to verify if the email function was still working or not. Ex: you check your gmail and see the alerts there. Sorry if the question wasn't clear lol.
Foodies wrote at 2:11 PM on Jul 24, 2014:
Before you turned off email notifications so that you would get alerts, were you still getting email notifications?
Viola wrote at 8:13 AM on Jul 20, 2014:
Notice me senpai ;-;
Samsora wrote at 9:45 PM on Jul 19, 2014:
Luv your avi
Viola wrote at 8:28 PM on Jul 19, 2014:
My love...
Milky wrote at 5:24 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Milky wrote at 5:24 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Foodies wrote at 5:15 PM on Jul 18, 2014:
Testing for you :v
Viola wrote at 4:54 AM on Jul 17, 2014:
About me:

Current Status:

As usual, I don't play this game much anymore, let alone will I have an ample amount of time to play many games in the near future.

Still looking forward to Smash 4, and I hope Snake will return ;-;