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Nilik's Smasher Score 5610
Gender: Male
Location: Onett, Virginia, United States
Birthday: December 2, 1994
Joined: October 19, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:5370 0058 0247
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July 23
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July 22
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July 21
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Apr 13, 2013:1st of 9 in Unity (Brawl Doubles) at Unity (Doubles Tournament)
Nov 15, 2008:1st of 16 in Doubles at 1337PGN's Doubles (wii sharing only!)

Unity (Doubles Tournament)
1st place Unity (Brawl Doubles)
Apr 13, 2013

1337PGN's Doubles (wii sharing only!)
1st place Doubles
Nov 15, 2008

SketchLA94 wrote at 9:34 PM on Jul 21, 2014:
Message from Nilik: and red skins > Packers :)!

Yo jumbo campbell's chunky chicken noodle soup lookin' *** would say something like that... Peace *****...
num1IkeLinkTeam wrote at 3:06 PM on May 25, 2014:

were back baby ;)
LNIAD wrote at 12:03 AM on May 24, 2014:
No prob bro! Hit me up whenever you feel like it lol! You and sano stay safe dawgs ^_^
LNIAD wrote at 10:48 PM on May 23, 2014:
Werd bro that would of been mad fun lol! Reminds me the good ol gamefaqs/early aib days :D! and iight I gotchu right now :D!
LNIAD wrote at 10:35 PM on May 23, 2014:
Nilik!!! Wats gud bro! Man all the cool people are leaving AiB it seems and I wish we could have played one last time before wifi shut down or whatever but it's all good lol! Anyway the only thing I do have is a cell # of you wanna keep in contact! If you want I will PM you it :D! Let me know bro :o